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Thread: Subscription only
02/05/2007 16:01:00
I've just had a look at the Oxalys articles - are the others the same? i.e. just a slight rework of the magazine articles.

If so, what's all the fuss about and why bother doing it?
Thread: Poll - what % of your flying is electric?
02/05/2007 15:42:00
Straight questions - straight answers:

1. 8.3333 infinity% of my fleet is electric

2. 2% of my time in the air is electric powered

3. Electric flight might kill the traditional hobby & bring a new dimension but prescence in the air, sound & handling just doesn't amount to the same as or a replacement for IC.

4. Electric type content in RCM&E - is

b/ too much
Thread: Subscription only
02/05/2007 15:14:00
I'm happy that there is a little extra for subscribers, it's a fair return for my loyalty. Furthermore it's a fact that many magazines would go under if it wasn't for subcriptions.

As for the moan from people who buy it retail every single week without fail and then complain, well it's your choice! I can see the argument about supporting your local retailers & that's good - I exercise that preference too with some things - BUT it is by CHOICE and the other option is to subscribe and what do you get for it?
1. You pay less for a very good magazine due to the subscription discount
2. Often there is some sort of freebie (my knife set is in frequent use)
3. You get a little extra content on this site (though to be honest I haven't seen it yet but I doubt it's worth falling out about).

Mutual benefits all around so far as I'm concerned.

The way I see it I have made my choice and I am satisfied that I have selected the option that is right for me.
Thread: Futaba 6EXA
01/05/2007 13:22:00

I know it was a bit long winded but my answer was Yes!

Most of the extra information I gave would apply if the mix was preprogrammed anyway, i.e. how much mix, ground testing & flight testing - it will never be automatically right.

You could always have a trial go at setting it up on a spare memory on your 6EXa

Cheers, Ian
30/04/2007 12:14:00

First a quick apology - there is no preset ailerin to rudder mix.

However on p12 (of my 2003 instruction manual) are the instructions for "P.MIX - programmable Mixer" and the example shown is an aileron & rudder mix. There are two things that you will need to be aware of in relation to that example:

1. The example shows the ailerons (Ch1) as the master channel and Rudder (Ch4) as the slave, the application you have in mind may require them to be the other way round perhaps (i.e.Rudder as master)?

2. The example does not show how much mix to put in or if it should be positive or negative. The answer to this lies in what it is you wish to achieve and the installation in your aircraft and you will only get the answers by ground testing first, this is not optional, then air testing with small amounts of mixing added until you get the right setting.

So typicaly then, you have a biplane which you wish to control turns by aileron input but really to get a decent turn or with some biplanes at very low speed to get any turn at all you need some rudder input as well. Best first step is get an experienced biplane pilot to assist you, then do the following.Set up the P.MIX as detailed in the example then add in small amounts of mix, say +5%. When you have done this observe the effect on the ground and ask yourself, how far did the rudder move and did it move in the correct direction - left aileron, left rudder.

If the rudder moved in the wrong direction change the mix to -5%.

If when the aileron stick is moved to it's maximum extent the rudder moved a tiny amount, say 1/8" to 1/4" then test fly with that. If there was no visible movement then check you have followed the instructions correctly and try 10%, you should definately see something happen by then.

Test fly on this very low setting and carry out subsequent tests and adjustments until you get the effect you want. DON'T OVERDO IT. Too much rudder mix with your ailerons will have it rolling over and pitching down before you know it.

For what it's worth, I don't use any mixing on my biplane (SE5a), I put in the required amount of rudder myself. That way I can chose the type of turn I want. For example a big shallow turn can easily be acheived with just a little rudder, a little rudder & a little aileron can give a tighter banked turn but for a tight flat turn a handfull of rudder and some compensating opposite aileron works well. I also know of some people who only put in a little rudder to initiate the turn then complete the rest of it on ailerons. The point being that if you can already achieve or have the opportunity to learn these different types of turns without risking your aircraft, then perhaps you might ask yourself why you need the mix?

Of course you may be an experienced pilot already and I've just gone on & one like a know it all, apologies if that is the case.

Was that any help?

Thread: Pick a Plane: the winning model!
30/04/2007 10:17:00
Apologies for slow reply (been flying jets with Paul Heckles but that's another story).

Model size? I would prefer pretty well dead on 60" because that is a usable size and I will be able to fit it in my hangar.

Power? I would prefer a 4st glow for sound (unless a noisy sound effects unit is to be fitted - if so what's the point of going electric anyway?)& realistic handling. I can't stretch my pocket to a petrol engine.

Free Plan? I had presumed this was to be a free plan as I suspect would many others. Having said that I wouldn't mind paying a few quid.
Thread: Futaba 6EXA
30/04/2007 02:56:00
Yes you certainly can, either:
Using a preprogrammed mix
Programming the mixing of channels 1 & 4 yourself.

I will submit another post with more detail soon.
Thread: Pick a Plane: the winning model!
27/04/2007 11:11:00
Great, my first choice so one satisfied customer here. Could this be a winter build on the way then?
Thread: Galaxy Scorpion Twin - info request
27/04/2007 01:22:00
Too right and one of the modifications will be to fit bigger fuel tanks I think I'm only goping to get 8 minutes out of the ones fitted at present. Another modification will be to re-instate the steerable nosewheel - that's all it would have needed to prevent it from rolling into the battery box the other day, fortunately no harm was done but just taking out a prop could have ended the day's flying unnecessarily.

Not everyone agrees with me but I think learning to land properly is far better than locking off the nosewheel. The gains of having this steering by far outweighs the losses of nose legs and fuselage noses. Many new flyers damage this steering mechanism because of landing nose heavy and sometimes this is caused by setting the CG too far forward. The advice "better a little nose heavy than tail heavy" tends to end up as being nose heavy is OK, well it isn't. It makes the final glide and in some case the flare for a gentle landing impossible. Some people even convert to tail draggers so they don't damage the nose leg which by the sheer absence of a noseleg is bound to work (even if it does nose over & stick the prop in the strip) but anyone who can actually do a proper three pointer on a tail dragger should be able to land on a tricycle under carraige easily.

Anyway the "maintenance" isn't too serious but will take a good few hours to do properly and as you will see in due course, I have a few other things in the development hangar at the moment so delays are inevitable.

Have you had a look at yet?
23/04/2007 13:59:00

At least you saw it fly!

The maintenance schedule following rigidy testing may take a little while.

Hopefully it will be airworthy soon.

Oh also - let me have your email address next time I see you - the club list is very hard to read and I think that is why none of my emails seem to be reaching you.

Bye, Ian
Thread: Next stage model required
20/04/2007 11:28:00
The Seagull PC9 is fine on a 46 (mine is an Irvine) and this gives decent performance without being mad. If you find that it's hard to slow down when landing you might like to set the CG back 10mm from the instructions. It flies great out of the box but I've done this shift on 4 of these PC9s without adversley affecting normal flying (2 were mine & 2 belonged to others with favourable remarks). However it does allow a slower glide making the 'plane easier to land. By the way I know of PC9 with a 52/tuned pipe combination and goes like stink!
Thread: Fruitless flipping...almost
20/04/2007 11:02:00
I have had an SC52 FS for about 3 years. It's been great but the first start of a session has been critical.

The way I start mine is similar to some of the other suggestions but with a small variation. The issue is knowing when the engine is suitably primed and it's done by listening very carefully:

1. Fuel up
2. Set main needle 2.5 turns out
3. Turn the prop by hand until it has just gone past compression (makes it easier for the starter to spin up from this position)
4. Fully open throttle
5. Apply the starter (without glow clip attached) and listen, if you can see the fuel supply to the carb watch that too.
6.When the fuel reaches the engine the sound of the engine turning will become more muffled and the lubrication this provides will cause an increase in the speed it turns over. (If you can see the fuel being drawn along the fuel pipe into the carb that will give you a good clue this is about to happen.) As soon as this happens stop turning over the engine and...
7. .... immediatly apply the glow clip and turn over the engine with the electric starter.
8. At this point you should be smiling!
9. Follow previous advice on running in and setting needles.

Sometimes I don't use this engine for a while and I forget to follow this routine, it doesn't get properly primed and it will not start.

As mentioned elswhere though, the cautionary note is not to hydraulically lock the motor. If at any point you suspect that it is locked or the starter stops turning the engine remove the the glow clip and follow the advice already given for a locked engine. NEVER touch the prop with the glow clip connected.

Hope this is a useful addition to the good advice already offered.
Thread: Galaxy Scorpion Twin - info request
14/04/2007 06:22:00
Hi Gareth,
I hope to clock up another flight this weekend and post some flying photo's soon after. If I can get some video done I'll put in a link to it.

Hey what's this? Gareth P? If I'm not mistaken you will be seeing the real thing at a field near you!
Thread: Got My A Cert Today
04/04/2007 13:36:00
I've had a look at the Tucano, good looking and as far as I can see quite solidly built. I'm getting a Tucano shortly myself, the Overlander model intended for electric motors but I'm going to put an OS25 in it. I expect the handling will be similar to the PC9 althouth the Phoenix Tucano wing looks more true to life than the Seagull model of the PC9.
03/04/2007 22:57:00
Hi shaun and well done.

My second 'plane was a Seagull Pilatus PC9 and I'm still flying one 3 years on. Have you seen the review on this site? (RCME PC9 Review).There are several being flown down at my club and everyone is happy with them, here is a photo of a couple of them..
Thread: Seagull Pilatus PC9
03/04/2007 22:54:00
Mine flew fine out of the box too but the landings were much improved by the slight adjustment and it didn't compromise the general handling of the aircraft.
Thread: Pick a Plane: shortlist
26/03/2007 23:25:00
Here's my three:
* DH Hornet
* Hawker Hurricane
* Hawker Typhoon

The Hornet because it represents the pinnacle in twin piston engined aircraft. Twin .25s could probably power a decent aeroplane (note the spelling for airplane :) A twin would be a great project. It's British too.

The Hurricane because without it we would have lost the Battle of Britain and though spits are great a Hurricane would would be a nice change. Oh, and it's British too.

The Typhoon because the chin scoop could lend itself to a nice juicy almost inverted 4 stroke. Fantistic sight, fantastic sound, fantastic flying. It's British. What more could we want?

In the interests of economy for the masses I think that a target engine size of a 46 could produce a decent aircraft and at the same time the plans wouldn't be so big to to be uneconomical to publish.
Thread: Futaba 6EXA
08/03/2007 22:12:00
Hitec make the Eclipse7 which is suitable for gliders, powered fixed wing and helicopters. Loads of options, including model naming. 7 channnels & 7 memories. TX only can be bought for about 104.00 - that's a lot of trannie for your money!
Thread: Galaxy Scorpion Twin - info request
08/03/2007 21:59:00
Any info or tips regarding control surface movements or flying characteristics greatfully received.
27/03/07 - update maiden flight made, great to fly with both engines running. Rudders not very effective - anyone any experience with this?
04/03/07 New rudders have had desired effect. Photo's I upload some days ago have not appeared yet.
Thread: Seagull Pilatus PC9
08/02/2007 18:35:00
I've had two of these and know of two others. All flew much better and could be glided in for a slower landing by setting the CG back 10mm further than stated in the instructions, i.e. 90mm. My first PC9 and one other I know of crashed becuase the elevator horn sheared of at it's root so consider beefing that up. All were great to fly.
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