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Thread: Looking for a ARTF Trainer - non-foam
27/11/2017 15:59:38

IMHO by far the best trainer is the Irvine Tutor 40/Tutor 40 II. This one model can take from absolute beginner, through the A & B tests and beyond. A very close 2nd is the Seagull Boomerang. Both of these models have semi-symmetrical wing section accompanied by just the right amount of dihedral to make them straightforward to fly the basics yet reasonably capable of all the basic aerobatics. Models you can reliably go back to when training is completed and have loads of fun.

Behind these there are other very good trainers, the rest of the Seagull trainer range in particular (but see next paragraph), some of which have been mentioned, then the there's the WOT 4 and similar.

Then there's the good trainers. They are good but I would be less inclined to recommend because of their flat bottomed wing section, the Seagull Arising Star being one such example. They fly exceptionally well and very easily in fairly calm conditions but are more tricky in the wind and not so good with aerobatics as the aforementioned. Compare flying an Arising Star inverted with A Tutor 40 II, provided they are properly balanced the Arising Star will do it but the Tutor 40 will do so much better.

On the subject of balancing, I'll get on my usual hobby horse, don't balance a little on the nose heavy side, "a little" is about the same length as a piece of string and often results in a model that flies well but lands badly, for which the undercarriage usually gets the blame. The instructions provide you with a balance point that works, so work to that.

One final point, if you already have foam trainers then the likelihood is that you already have at least a little flying experience with very easy to fly models, so it might a good time to consider one with a semi-symmetrical wing section whether it's one I suggest or not.

Thread: Guns in Society
26/11/2017 00:59:07
Posted by Tony Harrison 2 on 25/11/2017 13:56:49:
Posted by stu knowles on 25/11/2017 13:13:52:

Maybe in the UK the point is that the box lid is kept closed.

That box lid is only closed to the law abiding, and has never had any discernible impact on criminals - as I've already pointed out, a short look at the stats shows that (a) gun crime pre-WW1 when we had practically no real restraints on gun ownership was at lower levels than today (yes, allowing for the fact that our population was half today's), and (b) as gun laws have become ever more restrictive (i.e. continually bigger & tighter "box lids", so gun crime has simply grown in parallel. Gun laws and gun crime are not connected: criminals do not obey laws - that's why they're criminals. They certainly don't obey gun laws. Why would they?

rgds Tony

"Gun laws and gun crime are not connected: criminals do not obey laws - that's why they're criminals. They certainly don't obey gun laws. Why would they?"

Shot yourself in the foot with that one Tony! If there were no guns then no law would be required and there'd be no opportunity for criminials and others to misuse them (remember the opening post for example).

Furthermore your reasoning will not help anyone that has been injured or killed through the use of fireaerms whether lawfully held or not.

The self protection or protection of ones home is poor argument as it's just not possible for you to produce statistics that show a high enough percentage of home owners are at risk of being faced by criminals with firearms to justify that stance. What's shown in the bias of the arguments you put forward are that they are more political motivated than reasonable protection the average person.

26/11/2017 00:44:00
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 25/11/2017 22:58:50:

A post above mentions people blowing their brains out with guns.

My brother in law is an undertaker in the Crewe, Cheshire area. Crewe is a major rail junction and people jumping in front of trains is a regular occurrence. According to my brother in law, cleaning up body parts from half a mile of track is not a pleasant experience.

Suicide with a gun would seem to make it much more simple for those that have to deal with the clean up.

Yes it's very unpleasant indeed but bullets can be quite messy too, as for shotguns Tom, you should see the mess they make at close quarters, bits all over the place. I was just about to describe it but thought I'd better not.

25/11/2017 14:37:46

It doesn't matter how high your horse is or on which side it's ridden, the purpose of a firearm is to kill, that does not apply to all the other analogies that have been made. That there are now also sporting uses for firearms is beside that point as the more firearms there are; the more suffering there is because of them.

I've had the opportunity to try a few firearms from time to time and been surprisingly good at it but I do not think that justifies any further interest in them on my part.

Edited By Ian Jones on 25/11/2017 14:38:41

Thread: 2018 Mass Build - Voting Thread
23/11/2017 19:58:34

The Mass build is an excellent idea and I have taken part in the past. I would do so again but I have so many models and such a slow build rate that it's not practical to join in every time, as much as I would like to. I would certainly have preferences amongst the models mentioned but it wouldn't really be fair if I cast a vote with no intention of following it through.

Unless I'm mistaken, this forum isn't as active as it was in the days of the early mass builds so that may account for the low take-up rate to some extent.

Although MB build blogs here are the norm, I wonder if a timely build featured in the magazine would help?

I also wonder if returning to some of the original concepts would have any influence on the take-up, e.g. to donate to a charity, a build suitable for absolute beginners and a quick one at that?

Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
02/11/2017 01:16:37
Posted by Itisme on 01/11/2017 20:59:41:

Stearman PT-17 KaydetFinally finished and flown, it needed the motor assembly moved forward by 10mm to get it to balance properly. Surprisingly there’s were no nasty surprises for it maiden flight.

Fantastic !

Where did you get the build files? What filament did you use, how much does it weigh, got any video? Questions questions!

Could tell all in another thread if you want, I'm sure lots of us would like to know more.

31/10/2017 10:56:42

LOL, I'm sure it will Tony.

30/10/2017 12:50:57
Posted by Geoff Gardiner on 28/10/2017 12:12:26:

I designed this after losing my battery hatch on my Wot4 Foam E.

I also added some air vents for better cooling.




I have posted it on Thingiverse here if anybody is interested.


Nice work Geoff, thanks for posting it to Thingiverse, I'm sure others will find it useful.

30/10/2017 11:21:03
Posted by Tony Bennett on 27/10/2017 08:44:27:

The machine gun is for my 1/4 scale hawker fury.

this is my latest.

9th scale figures for the Lancaster refurb.


Tony B

Graet guns Tony, the Lanc. is going to be well kitted out. Could do with something similar for my SE5a.

Not to too sure about the lycra looking trousers though wink 2.


Edited By Ian Jones on 30/10/2017 11:21:34

Thread: Hobby King costings
27/10/2017 00:17:37

It's a pain isn't it, noticed that recently too.

I think their website has improved a little over the years but it still isn't something I'd put my name to.

Thread: PETG
27/10/2017 00:01:17

Glad you mentioned retraction Robert, I thought I had mine high as it was, having been printing with ABS, however I am getting some stringing with PETG so will try more retraction.

Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
26/10/2017 23:58:40

Here's my most recent:


1/4 scale pilot printed from "Gary" on Thingiverese. I printed it with ABS (suitably masked up) on a PEI sheet. To try and improve the finish I tried a cold acetone vapour bath. My container wasn't sealed well enough and it was to cold in my garage for it to vapourise properly, so it didn't make much difference, though the pilot did end up looking at his instruments! A technique I need to do some more work on!

26/10/2017 23:52:42

That's gorgeous Tony, where's it destined?

Edited By Ian Jones on 26/10/2017 23:58:51

Thread: 3 D printing why bother if you have a CNC mill
26/10/2017 23:13:41
Posted by Chris Walby on 30/06/2017 09:31:56:

Some people think we have too much spare time...perhaps not?


Could always put it on my Christmas list!

Amazing Chris, I didn't quite follow how the top layer of aluminium was fastened on.

Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
26/10/2017 23:07:33

You are so right about getting the first layer adhesion right, ABS can be a real pig that respect.

I recently printed a pilot from a Thingiverse file "Gary" . I just fed it into the Windows 10 3D Builder, split the model just below the shoulders, then scaled it to suit (1/4 scale actually). Sliced and 3D printed it with simplify 3D. It could be probably be improved however the recipient of the print, Martyn Kinder, was more than happy with it at the first attempt.

Incidently I printed it with ABS (suitably masked up) on a PEI sheet and to try and improve the finish I tried a cold acetone vapour bath. My container wasn't sealed well enough and was to cold make much difference, though the pilot did end up looking at his instruments! A technique I need to do some more work on!

Thread: Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
24/10/2017 11:51:24

It appears that we still tend to categorise people by how the build/acquire/assemble their models, the main division still being those that are "real aeromodellers" and the rest.

However the only conclusion that I can draw from responses in this thread is that those categories are pretty much nonsense these days. There will always be those that adhere to plan building only, kits only etc. but it seems to me that generally the models we have are the ones that meet a particular desire at the time, regardless of the degree of building required. So where we started and where we are now is not necessarily a progression towards what's best, more of a case of an acceptance of the wide range options available with a particular choice being made to suit the occasion.




Edited By Ian Jones on 24/10/2017 11:52:26

Thread: Build logs - a dying art?
23/10/2017 21:17:20

I've done several build blogs, got one or two unfinished (because the models are unfinished... one day dont know)

I have always found good support, the weakness has always been my getting on with the build, rather than the blog, no build = nothing to blog. In my defence I haven't had the best of health the last year or two, all the same I have some stuff in the pipeline that I fully intend to build blog within this very forum in the not too distant future.

By blogging the build others can learn from it and just as importantly the blogger can learn from others, it creates a great exchange of ideas and information so please keep 'em coming.

Thread: New request for a 'like' button
23/10/2017 12:42:46

thumbs down Sorry to disagree, I think this is a lot noise about nothing very important.

So far as I'm concerned this forum does what it's suppose to do.

Thread: Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
19/10/2017 00:58:37

Just realised I voted incorrectly.

When I were a lad my dad bought me a free flight glider, apart from clipping on the wings it was ready to fly. So that's where it all started.

As a young teenager I built a model from a kit, rubber motor powered, it hadn't flown more than a few feet testing for CG when I over wound the motor. My then very short short model went on the scrap heap.

Fast forward many years and to the answer I gave, I started RC flying with an ARTF trainer as the primary drive was to get flying. These days, kits, plans, ARTFs and a little DIY modification to any of them are all in the mix.

Thread: Paul Heckles - Excellent training session!
11/10/2017 23:47:57
Posted by Percy Verance on 11/10/2017 08:06:23:

I got my "B" about 30 years ago, and I've never owned a jet Ian........ smiley

HI Percy, don't think I'll ever own one either, even if I could afford it, it would probably mean focusing just on that one aspect of model flying and I I don't want to give up the favourites I already have.

So far as paying for instruction goes, at the time I was the only instructor in my club, we had one member with a B and he said he'd passed it so long ago he didn't feel he could help. My options were somewhat limited!

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