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Thread: the forum Glossary
14/09/2017 12:36:21
Posted by kc on 08/03/2017 14:43:33:

I knew the glossary was there somewhere so I just searched everywhere. so ......

goto Home

then Main features

then RCME Extra

then Glossary

on the way note the ' Extra Photos' and 'Downloads' in the RCME Extra 's because they may come in handy sometime

As new features come along all this changes though.


Ah, I see where you were going now Kc, currently it's

goto Home

then More features (scroll down to)

then (scroll down some more to) and select RCME Extra

then The Model Flying Glossary


Edited By Ian Jones on 14/09/2017 12:50:31

Thread: Had my first full size flying lesson!
13/09/2017 20:19:45

You've got choice of a couple of Spitfire T9s you can have a go at there too!

Thread: Anet A8
13/09/2017 20:11:54
Posted by Masher on 14/08/2017 11:11:29:

If anyone is about to buy one of these, mine is going up for sale.

Nothing wrong with it (just bought it for a play), very low use, reel of black PLA included. All built & tested. Pick up only from Hereford, £100 no offers

Wish I needed it, that's an offer hard to refuse.

Thread: How do you keep track of model repairs!
11/09/2017 14:07:16

I've been using an Access Database to keep all my data, inspired by an article in RCM&E by Andy Ellison quite some years ago now.

Includes a critical note field in red regarding fitness to fly etc.

rc logs 2017

You wouldn't need Access to do this these days, Apache OpenOffice database can be used, I started a version for wider circulation but didn't finish it as there seemed to be little interest.

rc logs aoo.jpg

Both are relational databases so they easily allow additional data to be added for each model.

Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
08/09/2017 18:00:11

The Jeti telemetry sounds good, I've been using HiTec for years though. Very happy with it.

08/09/2017 01:19:16

A GPS module might be worth considering, I have one on my telemetry and it seems pretty accurate.

Thread: Convert to taildragger
18/08/2017 13:44:22
Posted by Andy48 on 18/08/2017 12:46:06:

I've got a Musketeer, though mine's electric. I think the answer to your problem is very simple, much easier than converting to a tail-dragger, move the CofG back very slightly so you can flare it out properly. Fitting larger wheels will help too. Just 5mm made all the difference for me.

Have to agree thumbs up.

Thread: Sheep Eating Cars
17/08/2017 19:51:59

Yep, one of the clubs I'm in that sheep problem applies to. Their little deposits are a horrible smelly mess and sometimes we get them making excursions onto the strip (we use an electricfence too but that doesn't stop some of them when we are using the strip). I'm not aware of the sheep ever consuming car parts.

Thread: AOL users, is this a scam?
17/08/2017 19:01:25

Sorry if that looked like a dig at you Peter, that wasn't my intention at all.

17/08/2017 18:31:24

Before this descends into which ISP is best I'd just like to point out that Talk Talk does not own OATH and has never owned AOL. OATH is part of an American company, Verizon.

Edited By Ian Jones on 17/08/2017 18:31:47

Thread: Malyan M180 3D Printer Thread
07/08/2017 17:46:27

Thanks Tom

Thread: Wanhao i3 Duplicator V2
07/08/2017 17:44:44

Surprised that the filament would break, though PLA is reported to be brittle compared to other plastics and does seem like a reasonable conclusion.

Thread: Fusion 360 for modellers
07/08/2017 17:42:40
Posted by BobW on 20/05/2017 15:19:33:

hi Ian

What I was wanting was to have the first post with all the guides on it and add to it as and when I completed them but it doesn't seem to work like that. When I realised I'd made a couple of simple mistakes and corrected them and resaved the file the link then goes dead. So you need to look for my last post about the guides, currently on the end of page 1, and all the guides are there. What I should have done is have a link to a folder on Google Drive and I could have done what I was wanting. Hope this helps


Hi Bob, Sorry I missed this post and thank you, I'll have a look at page 1.

Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
07/08/2017 17:40:59

Yep DF, I think you are right, next time!

Thread: Wing Construction Testing and ABS Warping
07/08/2017 17:36:06

Hi Robert,

Interesting info and I agree they do seem to be a very helpful lot at Rigid Ink. Holidays etc interfered with progress a little here, should be back on track soon now though.

I've bought in the PETG I need from Rigid Ink and got some other hardware for my next project. Hope to tell you all about it in the not too distant future.

Thread: Seagull PC-9 46 size.
07/08/2017 17:31:48

What do you ARC? length, width, height will be easy enough, the diemnsions at various point along the curve of the canopy might take rather more doing.

Thread: Hitec's HPP22 Interface for Firmware Upgrade
22/07/2017 09:22:40

Hi Mike,

I doubt the switch will make any difference other than being easier to juggle the fingers, I often don't use one for binding.

I've never noticed the Rx warming up.

Buy a cheap compatible for testing?

Faulty servo?

Live near South Cheshire?

Thread: Sound system speaker interference?
21/07/2017 14:51:59
Posted by John Stainforth on 21/07/2017 13:20:14:

An alternative solution is to fit a thing called an i.c. engine to the front of your plane. This has the advantage of providing power and noise all in one package with little opportunity for interference with the radio system. Oh, and it also provides something of smoke machine at the same time. (And, I love the smell of glow fuel in the morning!)

thumbs up Hehe devil.

Oops, we'd better not start that again!

Thread: Hitec's HPP22 Interface for Firmware Upgrade
21/07/2017 14:38:12

I have been using a 35 Mhz Eclipse 7 with the SPECTRA module for years and it's been faultless, the two Tx's are pretty much stablemates. I also have some OPTIMA 6 Rxs and they have been excellent too. I take it you must have found the servo lead type connector on the module as you have updated it.

Some good news, you do not have to upgrade your OPTIMA 6 firmware. The reason you do not have to upgrade the firmware is simply that unlike the other OPTIMA Rxs, the OPTIMA 6 cannot and does need to be upgraded.

The bad news then is that your problem must be somewhere else. Hitec's instructions may be to blame, they try to be thorough but sometimes they are just confusing, so I'll try and help if I can. (You may recall that I criticised this in an article in RCM&E re the ECLIPSE 7 Pro some years ago).

I do recall (as Ken mentions earlier) that sometimes it can appear not to have bound, especially as in the right conditions it happens extremely quickly, so quick that it's bound before you have chance to check if the appropriate LEDs have illuminated.

So, first thing, do you have any servos connected? If not I suggest you connect at least one then go through the binding process, if it responds to your transmitter inputs after that then it's bound, there's no halfway house, either it is bound or it isn't.

Let's take another look at those Tx LEDs though.

  • When you hold the bind button on your Tx and switch it on and release the bind button, the red LED should flash on it's own, if it's a blue LED flashing on it's own then with the transmitter still switched on press the bind button again, for 2 seconds and the red LED should then illuminate on it's own.
  • If the blue LED on the module continues to flash, did you hear two beeps before you released the bind button? If so then you held the bind button in for too long and the transmitter has gone into scan mode, you might want that but whether you do or not this will mean the Rx will need rebinding.
  • If both the red and blue LEDs are flashing together then you are not in the binding process, just at the moment I can't think of anytime that should happen, however check carefully, are they really flashing together or is there some "bleed through" from the adjacent LED making it appear as if they both flashing?
  • If you have a steady red LED and a flashing blue LED on the Tx module then it has bound, perhaps as I suggested earlier, quicker than you may have expected.


  • When you power on the Rx (after the Tx as above) quickly release the bind button after a short time both BLUE & RED LEDs should glow l steady.
  • At this stage do not try and make any inputs, IIRC you will be disappointed to find nothing happens - this is because the process is not finished...
  • ... switch off the Rx then the Tx.

Anyway that should do it, so Tx on first as usual, then Rx , the RED LED on the Tx module and the red LED on the Rx should glow steady in normal status. I don't recall if these are different in scan mode. Check to see if inputs drive the servo(s).

Hope there's some help in there somewhere, if not I confess I'd be struggling but shout up anyway, there may be something lost in the old grey matter that still has to be triggered by the right question disgust.



Edited By Ian Jones on 21/07/2017 14:44:22

Thread: Caption this...!
15/07/2017 16:15:47
Posted by Ian Jones on 14/07/2017 12:47:18:

GPS telemetry did help these pilots keep track of their models.

Oops, of course that was supposed to say:

"GPS telemetry didn't help these pilots keep track of their models."

Edited By Ian Jones on 15/07/2017 16:16:06

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