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Thread: Caption this...!
14/07/2017 12:47:18

GPS telemetry did help these pilots keep track of their models.

14/07/2017 12:43:24

"Is there anyone already flying Joe",

Joe, "Not that I can see but I forget my specs too".

14/07/2017 00:37:43

There they go off into the distance again, at least we brought spares this time.

Thread: Clubs on the Wirral
08/07/2017 17:48:58

Well Tony you are spolit for choice, looks like a good move smiley.

Thread: A Depron Sea Vixen.FAW2
08/07/2017 15:22:11

An efficient ducted fan is one of the 3D printing projects on my list. I don't have the design skills (yet!) so I will be watching very closely.

Edited By Ian Jones on 08/07/2017 15:24:00

Thread: Clubs on the Wirral
08/07/2017 15:17:23

I beleive your nearest will be Deeside Model Aircraft Club:


Thread: Castor Oil
14/06/2017 23:54:44
Posted by Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 14/06/2017 20:11:20:

You could use some "After Run" oil to initially lubricate a "dry" engine Chris....available in small quantities (250ml or so). Be careful not to put to much in though lest the engine should experience a hydraulic lock when you try starting it again.

I agree with most of the other chaps in that castor oil has long been surpassed by modern oils....thumbs up

Yup, that's what I use. Since I always use it at the end of every flying session (except on the odd electric only day wink 2), then I always have it available. If I'm not going to use an engine for a while I just put in a few extra drops. Before using the engine again it'as a quick check for hydrualic lock, fuel up and they nearly always start first time. Had my first bearing failure a few months ago after 14 years of using this method.

Thread: Anet A8
13/06/2017 19:52:44

thumbs up Fantastic job DB, which filaments did you use? I quite fancy trying some of those metalised ones.

It would be great if you uploaded the files for us.

Thread: Set up problems
12/06/2017 23:43:57

Hi Olly,

Good to hear from you again.

Thread: Unwelcome Visitors
02/06/2017 00:44:52

Not what I wanted to read just before going to bed sad. My phobia is that bad! Hope you get 'em sorted soon BEB.

Thread: Weston Park 2017
02/06/2017 00:39:13

Hey Simon, I remember you, nice to see you back.

Thread: Wing Construction Testing and ABS Warping
25/05/2017 00:43:32

I bought a sample from details:

        Product Code:	HDG-RED-1.75mm
         Description:	HDglass™ 1.75mm 10 Meter samples by FormFutura - Diameter:1.75mm, Filament Colour See Through Red, Filament Weight:35gms
          Item Price: 	£ 3.29
                 Qty: 	1
               Total: 	£ 3.29

That doesn't appear to be available at the moment though. I now need a full reel and will almost certainly go for this which is available in various lengths, including 10metre sample for £3.95. I have exchanged emails with several of the people at and I like the informal but dependable responses I've been getting.

Clogging? I didn't get any. I believe that you should be able to clear it by heating the nozzle to the highest recomended temp for the filament you are using then feed in more filament to push the "plug" out. Perhaps this link will be useful for you.

Edited By Ian Jones on 25/05/2017 00:44:11

Edited By Ian Jones on 25/05/2017 00:45:30

22/05/2017 16:31:51
Posted by onetenor on 20/05/2017 23:15:14:

Get a fan at least if not a proper extractor unit. Those fumes are carcinogenic. Please take care . We don't want to lose anyone

Thanks, until I get something sorted out ABS is out of the door.

Posted by MaL on 21/05/2017 17:24:11:

Have you tried PETG? It is supposed to be stronger and less brittle than PLA, easier to work with than ABS and odour free!!

Great minds...


I haven't hit the sweet spot with the settings yet but I'm getting there. It's true, it's very strong, flexible, doesn't warp or smell. There's other materials I want to have a go at but at the moment this is going to get all the attention. It's naturally transparent too, well in thin layers it is. Could look really good.

20/05/2017 22:04:28

Cracked it!

With the help of a sheet of PEI plastic as a build surface, Simplify 3D as a slicer and the very helpful, friendly people at I was able to find the right temperatures and most importantly first layer height to ensure good adhesion to the bed and no warping.

The key settings then:

Setting extrusion multiplier to 1.03
First Layer Height 80%
First Layer speed 20%
Bed Temperature 100c (I prevoulsy used 110c and it took me ages to get the print off)


Although I'd had some success in past, I wasn't able to get ABS to consistently print well, until now. This half scale wing panel test is still prototype quality but it works:


So does this mean I'll be using ABS to print my first aeroplane?

Hmm, well it gives off alot of horrible fumes, that give me a sore throat and headache. The search goes on, but for now the matter of being able to print an ABS wing panel is settled and I call that a major success.

Thread: Fusion 360 for modellers
20/05/2017 13:54:26
Posted by BobW on 12/03/2017 17:24:13:

Well I've got step 2 finished. That took a bit more time than I thought and for some reason I can't edit my original post to add it there!!!! If you're reading this Ian, any thoughts?


Sorry I missed this one, you probably know by now that posts are only editable for a short period, 15 mins I think.


I'm finally getting around to closely following your tutorials but I can only get guide3 to open, the others return:

"Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the file existed."


Edited By Ian Jones on 20/05/2017 13:54:48

Thread: Introducing 3D Printing
20/05/2017 10:37:42

Quite a few pop up fairly frequently Zoe, if you look here you will see some threads specifically for certain printers.

Thread: Simplify 3D
20/05/2017 10:34:29
Posted by MaL on 29/04/2017 11:21:02:

That, along with the software only connecting to Flashforge printers, will be so you can only use the software if you have purchased one of their printers...which is fair enough... Perhaps someone with one of these printers could answer a question...

Is there an option to append additional gcode to the sliced file once you have connected a printer? This is IMHO a requirement as it allows you to amend the printers behaviour pre and post printing.

Doesn't look like there's any provision for additional gcode to me.

I've used Simplify 3D quite a few times now. For me it's been a help because is comes with built in support for many printers including mine. It seems to have all the features I could want and has certainly helped me to finaly print ABS without warping. I may have acheived that with other slicers but to me making adjustments to the first layer seemed easier to understand. I received some help with this from the very friendly people at Rigid.Ink too.

So, to sum up, S3D isn't cheap but it fairly intuitive to use and based on the results so far it looks like it will be the slicer of choice for me. Worth the money? Well it's helped me progress and ensure that my 3D printer doesn't end up in the loft.

Thread: Where are we with 3D printers now?
20/05/2017 10:07:44

I don't know how good they are Robert, at several thousand pounds I would hope they are very good, out of my league though.

Thread: Malyan M180 3D Printer Thread
20/05/2017 10:03:10

Further to the above, I have just printed a transmitter stick guard which needed to accurately printed so that it would fit on the transmitter. I was very pleased to find the fit was excellent. Well to be honest the second attempt was excellent, on the first one some fool couldn't use a ruler a ruler properly and specified the wrong dimensions, which the of course the printer duly reproduced.

So if it's any help, I sized the model using the measurements shown in MS 3D Builder (comes as part of Windows 10 by the way). I then used Simplify 3D to slice and produce the X3G file.

Simplify 3D has built in support for the Malyan M180.

Thread: Somewhere to share our own 3D designs
20/05/2017 02:07:53

Another remix. I printed a couple of transmitter guards and scaled them up a little to fit my Hitec Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro. I then added in the bridge to make them more secure. Needless to say the design is now at RC flying models.


Edited By Ian Jones on 20/05/2017 02:08:51

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