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Thread: Identity help please
08/01/2015 21:03:35

Got the plans for the Ridge Runt but the top line of the fuze doesnt look right, the canopy is too bulbous compared to the plan, the wing should be about 54'' and one piece, fairly thin section flat underside, rounded LE with an almost flat rise to the main spar then rounded to a flat after-surface to the trailing edge, on yours the aileron is much longer than the plan.

If I hadnt broken up and scrapped my old Ridge Runt just a couple of weeks ago I could give you a better comparison, is the after-deck curved aft of the trailing edge?...

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
08/01/2015 17:08:17

Anybody into electronics or need fibreglass sheet for u/c anchors or engine mounts etc... have a look at Ebay

301345833078, ten sheets of PCB board 100x70x 1.2mm for less than three quid,good stuff too...
Thread: Depron working.
04/11/2014 21:00:35

One other thing I have found with Depron is that there is a 'bend' side and a 'break' side and if you look carefully at the surfaces of the two sides you will see there is a slight difference.

Cut a couple of 4'' squares then try to bend them using thumb pressure, it will either give a little allowing you to work a bend into the Depron or it will fracture, whichever surface allows a bend to be formed is well remembered for future reference.

01/11/2014 23:00:04

When working with white depron I have had problems with fracturing from sharp angles, cutting a hole with 90 degree corners may well cause fractures starting at the point of the angle, now I radius the corners if possible using a 1p piece, the small radius is enough to stop fractures.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
04/09/2014 13:59:09

Two mates are sitting by the canal fishing when a funeral courtage' passes over a bridge, one of the blokes stands up,removes his cap and bows his head, after the cars have passed he replaces his cap,sits down and carries on fishing.

His mate says'you know Fred that is the most respectful thing I have ever seen you do' and Fred just says 'well its only right really, we were married for 35 years...........'

30/08/2014 16:32:41

Got all the 'paperwork' done for the Ta152 but have had a load of bits arrive at long last to convert all my airbrushes over to 1/8th BSP with quick release fittings on the hoses so I can change brushes in seconds rather than unscrewing things and particularly with a couple of them changing hoses as they have 5mm fittings.

Why some airbrush manufacturers persist with 5mm and other fits when it would be so easy for them to standardise on 1/8 BSP I dont know, 1/8 BSP means a larger bore hose and delivers more air faster than those small bore 5mm things and your compressor doesnt have to work so hard either.

The air receiver is about 4 litres and made from an old Co2 fire extinguisher bottle so good thick steel, I tapped and fitted three 1/8th BSP male/male fittings on the side with the input where the outlet used to be at one end of the bottle, the centre fitting has a 3 way adaptor so plenty of outputs,saves having to stop to clean brushes when you want to change colour.

The hoses can be left connected to the bottle as the quick release fittings on the other end have a screw valve to stop the air flow when the brush is disconnected which again is a great help and time saver.

27/08/2014 12:09:54

As Cosford is only ten minutes away the way my missus drives I will probably go over again over the next two or three weeks and get some more photos of the 190, not sure how much it will help me as I am weighing up the idea of a Ta 152H-0 long wing as a PSS bird at 1/12th scale.

26/08/2014 16:20:26

Been many years since anyone got this close to the FW190 a-8 that used to hang from the ceiling in the Imperial War Museum, now on display at Cosford I think it has found a proper home with many other WW2 aircraft and better still in the centre of the country where more aircraft enthusiasts from the north and midlands can get to see it'

It has undergone a good examination and refurbishment although the glossy finish doesnt look quite right but we cant have everything......





Thread: Slippy airbrush?
16/08/2014 10:23:45

Just sorting out my airbrush setup, used an old Co2 fire extinguisher bottle and fitted a 1/4 BSP into the neck to connect to the compressor and three 1/8th BSP into drilled and tapped holes along the side, this gives a much more balanced air supply.

For cleaniing your airbrush get one of these off Ebay ; 171275246368, they have an inbuilt filter to cut down on polution, I have just taken delivery of one of these and a bargain at the price;191243329798, it has three needles and knozzles at 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 sizes and is very well made, its a bit fiddly changing knozzles but as I have four other airbrushes that isnt a problem.

I made a bid on an Aztek 1000S of a fiver or thereabouts which was only used a couple of times for a demo and won it much to my surprise, beauty of it is I have the 470 in the wooden presentation box I won in a comp years ago and all the knozzles and cups etc fit the 1000S so thats a bonus.


14/08/2014 12:38:18

If like me you use an airbrush the chances are it is chrome plated and hard to grip, I cured mine with electrical shrink tube, a couple of pieces shrunk onto the body gives a much better grip and cost almost nothing to do...

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
24/06/2014 15:11:08

One thing I remember about 1976 was that long hot summer when the temp hit the mid-90's every day for weeks on end, I was working for a glaziing firm building an order for 100 four- panel patio doors destined for a big hotel in Iran, the temp in the assembly shop hit 110 every day and we had to work in it.

The doors were four panels tinted and double glazed and each panel was 1500mm wide, they were all shipped out to Tehran and fitted by one of our teams sent out specially for the job, six months later the Iraqi Air Force bombed the hotel and destroyed the lot.

23/06/2014 14:08:01

Now, why cant we have front covers ike this now? get fed up with all those look-alike hairybatick things........


09/02/2014 21:06:09
Sorted! and here is the how and why - some forms of XP have more odds and sods welded on than others, mine is a late version and down by the icon bar at lower right I noticed two letters 'BR' so I clicked on it and got a box pop up with two versions 'American English' and 'United Kingdom'.
If you click on 'language bar' a bar opens up at top right showing the version of English you are using, click on the little arrows at the end of this box opens another listing both versions of English so, click on 'United Kingdom' so it is displayed in the bar then go to the box and delete 'American English', it wont do it if this version is displayed in the box, you must have UK English displayed then U.S English is not in use and you can delete it.
09/02/2014 17:13:10

Hi Folks,

still around and getting ready for spring, (another) 3 metre+ powered glider on the build and just sorting the plans for a Fornier RF4 if my flamin' computer will just play ball.

It all started just after christmas when a relay in the HDD went beresk , it just kept clacking away trying to latch but couldnt, the sound travelled through the case framing so as the machine was 7 years old and couldnt be upgraded any further I fitted a new 4 ghz motherboard, 4 gigabyte of memory and a new 2 Tb hard disk.

Problems now is that although my 1 Tb external is recognised by the system and appears in the hardware list it doesnt appear in the 'my computer' list where I want it so I can format it.

One other litttle problem that is doing my head in is when I type the '@' sign I get '' instead, any cures for this greatfully received because I cant get into any of my lists with the rebuilt machine if the want my email addy.

Thread: What to get my 8 year old to learn to fly?
27/11/2013 23:03:14

have a look at the Hobbyking Atom, less than thirty quid and ARTF, just needs a r/x and virtually indestructable.

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
06/11/2013 21:24:05

Well, just to let folks know I am still around, struggling but still here, bought up some stuff from the estate of a friend who passed away recently, a Norfolk & Goode Splatfire which hasnt been in production for some years and a Ripmax Evolution powered glider.......... the kit was virtually untouched and went together (with a few changes) quite easily,

It had a strange setup of a tray with the two tail end servos that slid into the tail fin, this went in favour of servos up front under the wing and snakes to move weight forward, tried and tested method.

The Lightspeed 600 motor went in favour of a brushless but still had to use 4 oz of lead with the motor to get the CoG in its proper place, good point was the brushless has an extra 80w over the LS600, overall I managed to trim 2.5 oz off the all up weight so not so bad


Thread: WW11 German bomber
18/10/2013 22:56:21

I think 1942 was too early for a He 177 to be operational, I have a plan for one somewhere, twin electric about 4 foot span, also I think on my hard drive is a nice plan for the 177 if anybody wants it...

Thread: hole saws , lightening holes
18/10/2013 22:47:36

I use diamond edge tile hole saws, cheap off Ebay and do a good job, if they get clogged just burn the stuff off and scratch brush it, use them in a pillar drill and you can set them just off the table by a few thou and use them for shaping ribs.

Thread: Foam Fing - can you make something with this?
13/10/2013 21:47:30

I know exactly what to do with two of them David, the sketches and basic plans are sitting looking at me..........

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
28/09/2013 23:07:16

Is David around? I am sure Ebay item 190909679791 has a copyright issue somewhere, it appears he is copying the plan and supplying the write up on disk, there are a lot of sellers doing this now on Ebay and its about time Ebay cracked down on it.

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