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Thread: Cold weather storage
18/01/2013 13:47:09

I think any problem is likely to be caused by humidity / condensation rather than low temps. In which case a dehumidifier is going to be cheaper to run than an electric heater. I use one.

Thread: Is it possible to open adverts in a normal window?
18/01/2013 13:30:54

Open Control Panel and then Internet options.

On the General tab, click Settings on the Tab line (just above Accessibility)

in the group "When a pop-up is encountered" select Always open Pop-ups in a new tab.

That will then do what you want with IE and Chrome, and may work with FF or Safari.

Thread: Microphone info please
18/01/2013 13:02:38

Any cheap "PC" microphone ought to do. The only trick will be finding a cheap one with a long lead. It will terminate in a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug. I've seen mikes on Amazon for less than £3.

Thread: Is it possible to open adverts in a normal window?
18/01/2013 12:56:21

WHich browser are you using? I'm using Chrome and if I click on an advert it opens in a new tab.

Thread: the best aeromodelling books?
18/01/2013 09:27:04

Model Aircraft Aerodynamics, Martin Simons. £9.56 from Amazon

Thread: Can silver coloured covering affect radio signal?
16/01/2013 09:36:14
Posted by John Olsen 1 on 16/01/2013 08:11:10:

The shiny metallised covering will certainly shield a radio, it is conductive. You should be able to detect this with a multimeter, although only on one side.

There is a way of checking if something is a good low loss dielectric...toss a sample into a microwave oven and zap it for a few minutes. If it comes out unharmed it is a pretty good dielectric. If it turns into a gooey mess it was not.


1. Not if it has an insulating layer on BOTH sides.

2. I seem to remember reading that operating a microwave oven with nothing in it to absorb the microwaves (such as a glass of water) was likely to destroy the magnetron.

Thread: A Dedicated Model Plane Foam!!
12/01/2013 12:44:14

Customs Duty will not be levied as the value is less than £135, but 20% Import VAT will - plus a handling charge by the carrier. Import VAT is payable on goods worth more than £15.

If it's sent USPS then my GUESS is that it would be delivered by Royal Mail Parcels. If that's the case then the handling charge will be £8.

Thread: Open source remote control system
12/01/2013 12:04:14

I think this is vapourware. The following was posted on the "where to buy" page on Xmas Eve 2012:

"For now i guess this is all the news, nothing to show i am afraid since everything new is still on paper or in design stages."

Thread: Esc problems
12/01/2013 11:57:55

It's not 35 MHz versus 2.4 GHz. It's just that Tx A has different pulse lengths at throttle-min and throttle-max from Tx B. That's why you need to calibrate. ALWAYS.

Thread: Hard Case Lipos
12/01/2013 11:51:43

Maybe a good idea to check they really are LiPo not old-type Li-ion. What shape are they? If they are old-style cylindrical Li Ion cells then they may have very low C rating.

Thread: Wanted
11/01/2013 17:38:14

GreatPlanes do a similar sized one and I think sell spare canopies. Might fit?

Thread: Can silver coloured covering affect radio signal?
11/01/2013 17:15:47

It would if it formed a Faraday Cage. Wikipedia describes this as follows:

A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material.

Your covering is NOT a conductor so NO.

Thread: COG for circular 'plane
11/01/2013 14:55:51

YOu say ABOUT 16" dia and ABOUT 3" cut off the front and back. If those numbers are right then the length of the cut edge at the front should be 13". Same at the back, and the distance between the 2 cut edges should be 10". I would go for 2.5" back from the front cut edge, which should be 2.5" in front of the centre of the circle.

Thread: Changing email address
11/01/2013 10:50:09
Posted by RC Plane Flyer on 11/01/2013 10:06:23:

Not same problem but some how my screen has remembered an incorrect spelling of my e mail and password. if i type in my correct e mail and password i am unable to log in so i have to use the incorrect email address amend it and i can log in ?? Question is can I clear the the error and start again I Have tried various things in my account but not resolved it as yet Many thanks if i get assistance

I don't follow what you are saying. If you type in your CORRECT Email address and password, does the correct Email address appear in the box? If not then does it e.g. have an extra character added on? If that's the case then your browser is remembering the wrong Email address. You awy you are using Windoes 8 but you don't say which browser you are using. If it's IE then I suggest you do this (I'm using IE8, IE9 is probably similar):

1. Make sure the Menu bar is dispayed at the top. If not, right-click on a clear space next to the Tab at the top and a drop-down menu appears. Then ckick Menu.

2. Click Tools / Internet Options / Content / Autocomplete Settings and click Delete Autocomplete history. I would clear the Forms and Usernames boxes to stop this happening again.

If yur problem is that you really DO need to log in using the wrong Email address and password then Log in and click My Account at top left and change the Email address AND password there.

Thread: A frustrating technical issue on the computer with the flight simulator.
08/01/2013 16:11:41

I have sent you the 7 files and instructions by Email. There are 6 files that FMS interprets, covering sound and appearance, and how it flies.  The 7th is a readme.

Here's a link to a Spitfire, but I'm not sure if it's just the skin. Look for FMS models and then page down ntil you find it.

Edited By John Cole on 08/01/2013 16:12:07

08/01/2013 10:04:24

What you have are the standard models issues with alpha 8. None of them is good for starting to learn; they are all too difficult to fly. There are lots of websites with models that you can download.

FMS is quite a reasonable simulator, but many people complain that the models don't fly realistically. That's true but it's because the MODELS are badly written - inaccurate aerodynamics files. And the aerodynamics files have often been copied from another model.

Quite a good one to try is the HZ-Supercub 4 channel version, written by Gary Gunnerson. If you send me a Private Message with your Email address in it then I'll send you the files. All you do is to copy them into the FMS\Models folder and the next time you start FMS it will be there. My version includes a more-accurate aero file (which Gary now has).

07/01/2013 19:33:23

It's NOT a flight simulator, it's a MODEL flight simulator. And if you stay away from Cockpit view it's similar to flying a real model by radio control.

If you push the RH stick forward, the plane should dive (down elevator).  If you push the RH stick to the left the plane should roll (bank) to the left.  If you push the LH stick forward you shold have more power.  If you push the LH stick left, the model should swivel (yaw) to the left, and turn left if it's taxi-ing on the ground.  This is the usual way of using the controls, called Mode 2.  There are alternatives.

Edited By John Cole on 07/01/2013 19:38:25

07/01/2013 17:51:30

I'm glad you have it working. I find Switzerland is the easiest Landscape to use. What models are available? A Spitfire is not the one to learn on: too difficult.

07/01/2013 10:47:07

I'm still on XP. On 7 it might be slightly different. I right-click on My Computer and choose Properties. Then Hardware / Device Manager / Ports and see if it lists COM1.  That's the Serial port.

If you still have your old XP box then run FMS on that!

Edited By John Cole on 07/01/2013 10:49:47

07/01/2013 09:13:14

The version you are trying to run does I believe need a serial port. If your PC doesn't have one then install a virtual one from e.g. this link.  Or download the previous version.  That doesn't need it.

Edited By John Cole on 07/01/2013 09:13:58

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