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Thread: Futaba 6EX exchange programme
21/07/2008 14:47:00

Steve: why don't you just register the set with Ripmax for exchange, then tell the Stoke model shop you'll be bringing in the old one in September?  I expect they'll hold it for you until then.

18/07/2008 11:11:00
Timbo: if you contact Ripmax / Futaba Service (Jim Meier) and explain how far you are from a model shop I think he'll agree to your sending yours in by post - but don't forget to remove (and replace) the Ripmax Serial.  Of course, you may be equally far from a Post Office!
17/07/2008 19:38:00
Old NiCad is transferred. 
17/07/2008 14:46:00

Michael: this information is from the Futaba USA site and it seems it may not apply in UK.

The above says TM-7 modules with serials 08xxx.. will all be OK and by implication don't have the I sticker.  If you look at the Ripmax TM-7 recall notice (no longer easily found on their site as it seems it's been withdrawn, but is at  ) then the TM-7 shown HAS an I sticker even though its serial is 08xxx...

The position seems to be the same with 6EX, as again the OK 6EXs have I stickers even though the one pictured has a 08xxx... serial, but the USA notice says 08xxx... Txs don't havve I stickers.

Faulty 7Cs were never sold in UK, according to Ripmax.

17/07/2008 09:52:00
Dave Bran: removing and replacing the Ripmax serial: my LMS owner told me this. 
16/07/2008 15:46:00

One detail not spelled out on the recall notice is that the Ripmax serial of the replacement will be the Ripmax serial of the old one: you must peel it off the old set and stick it on the new one.

The Futaba serial will of course be different, and so the FASST ID is different.  For this reason you will of course need to re-bind the new Tx to your old Rxs.

Thread: FMS-Flying Model Simulator
22/04/2008 10:46:00

In Alpha 8 the aerodynamics are improved and you can apply wind/gusts.  But the full value only comes if you run  Alpha 8 models, as these have a much more complicated aerodynamic description.  If the .par file is 2k then it's a Beta 7 model.  Having said that, few of the models I've imported really take advantage of the extra scope for realism.  Most people seem to be more interested in what the mdels look like than how they fly.

 If it's an Alpha 8 model and specified as IC then note you must have the throttle slightly open when you load the plane or the engine speed at load-time will be zero.  Like a reasl IC moter, opening the throttle does not start it!  This foxed me for some time.

The FMS Forum is full of hints, and points to thinks like .par and landscape editors.  You may be able to see how to contact the site manager, to tell him of the current problem of access.

21/04/2008 15:03:00

Thye best place to go for help on this is the FMS Forum (on the official FMS website)

but this seems to be broken at present and has been for the last couple of weeks.

I run V2 Alpha 8 on XP SP2 Home Edition with no problems, and have V2 Beta 7 loaded as well (against all the warnings) and have had no problems.  Two thoughts:

I seem to recall from when I last looked at the FMS Forum website that a lot of the problems were caused by old video drivers.  Might be worth checking yours is up to date.

You say you "deleted" V2 Beta 7.  If that's really what you did then that may be the problem.  You should UNINSTALL the old version then INSTALL the new one.  This deletes the old Registry entries and creates new ones.  If that's what you did then UNINSTALL the new version and INSTALL the old one and see if that works.  If it does then UNINSTALL the old one and INSTALL the new one.  BUUT keep copies of the old-version aircraft as they work fine on the new version.

Thread: Futaba FAAST: important announcement (from Ripmax website)
13/04/2008 16:21:00
The TM-7 exchange programme in UK has been announced by Ripmax.  I guess the 6EX programme will follow shortly:
Thread: FMS-Flying Model Simulator
01/04/2008 17:43:00

But have you de-installed FMS and then re-installed it now that d3drm.dll is in place?

 Looking at the FMS forum  lots of people using Vista have made it work, but there are more problems than the missing .dll.  Do you know if your PC has a COM port?  If you don't know then right-click on My Computer and select Properties.  Then click on Device Manager, then at the bottom you'll see Ports with a + to the left of it.  Click on the + to expand that section and you'll see what ports you have.  Should be two: Communications Port (COM1) and ECP Printer Port (LPT1).  Well, that's the way you do it in XP and I expect Vista is similar if not identical.  If you don't have COM1 the FORUM says FMS won't run.

 However, you have not explained exactly what goes wrong or what error messages you are seeing.  You just say "it does not seem to want to load up this d3drm.dll.   That makes me think you haven't de-installed / re-instaled, but you could also try putting a copy of the dll in the FMS folder itself (and de-install / re-install).

I take it you're running a 32-bit version of Windows, or you would not have a system32 folder but a system64 one.  As I've said, I know nothing specific about Vista.

31/03/2008 18:48:00

It's difficult to see exactly how some people have made FMS work with Vista and others not as most people give too little detail on whatthey've got PC-wise and what exactly they've done.

John: I'm not able to give you Vista-specific advice as I run XP.  But if you post your query / request for help on this or the FMS forum looking for others to help you should say which version of FMS you are trying to make work, and what your PC environment is: specifically which version of Vista you are using and (from what I've seen) what resources are on your PC (how much memory, which video card or chipset, which  video driver and how much video memory).  Also it helps if you give the exact error message you see (copy/paste it) and at exactly what point in the process this message appears.  It seems that with Vista there may be issues of your "status" when trying to run the program or its installer (basically always do this stuff as Administrator to get the full level of privilege).  You may also find it helps to make clear your level of PC expertise.

 I sent you a version of dr3drm.dll.  I assume that if you now look in c:\windows\system32 you can see that it's there (sort by type: it's an application extension).  If not, you have not placed it there, even though you think you did.  Good to check.

You don't make clear in your original note if the error message comes up when you try to install the program or if it seems to correctly install but then gives the error message when you run it (others on the FMS forum don't make this clear either).  If the former (or you are not sure) then you need to de-install FMS and then re-install it. If it's an install error then you should then find (with dr3drm.dll now in the normal place) that the FMS installer will find it this time.

30/03/2008 09:28:00

I have sent you two Emails.

If you search for d3drm.dll you'll see that the omission of this DLL from Vista has caused vast numbers of graphics programs to fail, not just FMS!

29/03/2008 18:41:00

If you mean that the message is "d3drm.dll is not loaded" then this is listed as a Vista problem on the website I mentioned: the FMS Forum.  You'll find it currently as the third message under Errors and Problems - Windows Version.

I guess from the reply in the Forum that this file is not present in Vista.  It is in XP.  The guy who wrote simply found a copy and popped it into windows\system32 - whiich is where my copy is.

If you don't know how to find such a file just post your real Email address and I'll send you a copy of mine.

Looks as if there may be different problems with 2.7 and 2.8.  so maybe try both (uninstalling one before you install the other!).

29/03/2008 15:51:00

If you have any problems making it work properly then you'll find lots of tips on the Forum.

I know there have been some Vista issues but I'm on XP SP2 so can't likely help.

You don't say which version you downloaded; there are more models included on V2.7 than 2.8.

One small tip for 2.8 models: if you initialise an IC model with the throttle closed, you can't start it by opening the throttle!  Just like a real one, you need to have the throttle set to tickover or above when you load or initialise.  If you cut the engine it won't restart.  Unless it's electric, of course!

Thread: Futaba FAAST: important announcement (from Ripmax website)
29/03/2008 14:29:00

YakMad refers above to a possible recall of the 6EX and TM-7.  This seems to be confirmed by Colin Straus of Ripmax as quoted by Manny Williamson (BMFA) in this month's (April) BMFA News p.5.

 "Look out for an announcement on the Ripmax site about a "permanent solution" in early April"!

The text of the german article referred to above (automatically translated using Babelfish) says that for 6EXs they replace the "HF board with processor" (= motherboard?) and for TM-7s they update the firmware.  They also say update firmware for FF7s but of course Ripmax have made claear that all FF7s they have sold already have the new firmware.  I guess the same was not true in Germany.

Thread: FMS-Flying Model Simulator
29/03/2008 13:09:00

You could try downloading from this site instead (there have been some snags with the first-mentioned site):

I prefer version 2.8 as this allows you set wind and gusts.

Most of the available models use the simplified flight-dynamics used in version 2.7.  The model characteristics are detailed in the .par file.  If a .par file is about 2k in size it's a version 2.7 .par file.  Version 2.8 .par files are about 12k to 18k in size.  2.7 models fly (with 2.7-level aerodynamics) on version 2.8 but not v.v.  If you look on the FMS forums you'll find free downloadable editors for both versions of .par files (and also the .x files which describe the model's dimensions and collision points).  Editing these can make the model fly MUCH more realistically than as supplied.  A good site for add-ons is:

I initially used a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick plugged to the USB port.  I've recently got a Futaba square-plugged trainer port USB adaptor (from a Chinese Ebay seller called dayxmas; cost about £4 including postage from Hong Kong) so I can use my 6AX Tx.  This is better (you have trims!) but I think the ordinary joystick is perfectly OK to start with.

Thread: Buddy lead
20/03/2008 14:10:00

The manual says:

If connecting the 6EX-2.4GHz to another 6EX-2.4GHz with the small, square “micro” trainer jack, use the “Micro to Micro” (MM-TC) trainer cord (FUTM4415). Never connect the T6EX-2.4GHz trainer system with Futaba radios that have the large round "DIN" connector type as it will cause your T6EX-2.4GHz to malfunction. The T6EX-2.4GHz transmitter may be connected to another T6EX-2.4GHz, or any T4EX, T6EXA, T7C, T9C, T12Z, T14MZ, FX-40 series transmitter.

Thread: Futaba R606 2.4GHz receiver
20/03/2008 14:01:00

Chris Beer asked about the R617.  The answer's now on in their 2.4 GHz FAQs:

I have noticed a new R617FS receiver offered with the 7C 2.4GHz radio on your website. Is there something wrong with the R607FS that we should know about?

There is nothing wrong with the R607FS, it is a dependable and reliable receiver.

The R617FS had a component supplier change for some parts and the channels have been re-sequenced to speed up response in helicopter application. An airplane modeler or modeler using the 6EX will not notice any difference in speed.

15/03/2008 17:31:00

Yes, that's what Ripmax's original announcement says.  The serial number is only a guide for 6EX 2.4s,  The T7 Tx is unaffected but the TM-7 modle can be:

 "This notification affects only owners of the Futaba TM-7 module and 6EX FASST systems."

12/03/2008 10:00:00

The R616FFM is a parkfly Rx which weighs only 6 gm cased.

See the Futaba USA site:

This site shows the R607 and R617 but does not yet spell out the difference.

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