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Thread: Futaba R606 2.4GHz receiver
10/03/2008 19:27:00
And by the way...  I just saw a used R606 sell for £49.50 on Ebay. As you can buy them new for £48.99 (also on Ebay) it seems, DA, that your investment is not entirely lost!
08/03/2008 10:06:00

It's a design fault: during the boot-up process the Tx reads its ID (it's not strictly a GUID, it's just unique withing the FASST Txs - basically a serial number and possibly based on the serial number on the case!).  If the Tx is switched off during the Read operation the number  is set to zero.  I understand the number is held in Flash-Eprom, so not very stable.

 Futaba's announcement is I think consistent with two scenarios:

1. Some of the Txs NEVER had their ID set correctly, AND there's the Zero-Over-write issue.

2. All Txs had their IDs set correctly BUT there is the Zero-Over-write issue AND some Txs were zeroed accidentally in the factory.

2 seems more plausible as it only requires one fault!

07/03/2008 15:56:00

Yes, I sort-of referred to that in my first post on this subject (no. 3 in the series).  It's interesting that the boot-up advice is different; I queried that with Ripmax and they said the firmware in the UK Txs was not necessarily the same as in the USA ones.  Either way, the serial no. info is not super-helpful: if it starts with 7 it's suspect!

Of more interest is news (not from USA) that Futaba may introduce a "permanent solution" to the problem (which I guess may have already been implemented for the serials starting 8), see the following partial quote:

"and there is a more permanent solution in the offing very shortly which will be publicized through the appropriate channels"  

 The main thread on this topic is to be found in the discussions in the following, navigating from the Home Page:

Features / Radio Gear / "An announcement from Ripmax",

or see

and then go to the bottom and click Read More to see all 93 messages on this topic.  This discussion is not I believe found when you search the Forum itself.

Thread: Futaba computer radio upgrade advice pls
05/03/2008 16:03:00

The recent Futaba 6EX models have several built-in "wing" mixes including flaperons.  See

 The same function is available on the 2.4 GHz version.

Thread: Futaba R606 2.4GHz receiver
05/03/2008 15:38:00

You say the R606 won't work with the 10C; as I read it, this page says it will (with TM-10 module in 7-channel mode).  Hope that's good news for you!  It does confirm what you say about  TM-7 and TM-8. JSC

Thread: Buying from abroad
27/02/2008 16:15:00
I've bought from abroad using Ebay and found that provided you pay using PayPal you are quite well protected: I got my money back after a non-delivery.  Of course the recent House of Lords (I think!) case established that overseas purchases made using a UK credit card are also protected, but as the banks are appealing that decision I would stick with PayPal for now!
Thread: Futaba R606 2.4GHz receiver
27/02/2008 16:03:00

If you look on the USA site and specifically in their FAQ at you'll find an announcement about why the R606 has now been discontinued: it won't work with the TM-7 and TM-8 modules whereas the R607 is compatible with all Futaba 2.4 GHz Txs.

 Interestingly this site gives rather more information than Ripmax's about the "Coding" problem and different advice about start-up to avoid Code (or GUI) corruption.

Thread: Schools
05/10/2007 15:10:00
What experiences have people had with these professional training schools and their instructors?
Thread: It's just not good enough
03/09/2007 19:05:00
Yes, that's the point I was trying to make.
Thread: SAFETY
03/09/2007 18:53:00

I recently contacted David Ashby; his review in October 2007 RCM&E of the Pilatus PC-9 kit showed a picture of the spinner; the caption read:  " .....  And don't you just love that spinner?".  I Emailed him on this, as it seemed to me that such a sharp-pointed spinner was contrary to BMFA safety guidelines. 

 His reply was: "Now I think about it, it’s a rule that’s flouted regularly. Why not leave a forum thread on our website to see what others think?".  So I did. 

But I also looked to see how many of the threads referred to model safety; only 5 contained the word.  Does this mean we give lip-service to safety issues and ignore the BMFA rules when we feel like it?  Does it indicate BMFA are in a world of their own?  What do YOU think? Specifically what does Mr. Boddington think?

Thread: It's just not good enough
03/09/2007 17:57:00
I would have thought that if we charged the pack via the balance lead then there could be no issue of how many cells there are in the pack, as each cell is separately connected to a pair of pins.  Any idea why this isn't done?
Thread: Holidays for modellers
13/07/2007 18:41:00
I've just added a few pix to the Gallery; here's the first - some of the fixed-wing fleet. See the other 3 on the Gallery:

13/07/2007 10:53:00
I've just had an EXCELLENT and reasonably-priced holiday, and wondered if other modellers have had similar experience elsewhere?

I returned to R/C model flying a couple of years after I retired, but found it difficult to get in enough flying to make substantial progress. So in May I went to "RC Hotel" in Corfu ( ).

RC Hotel is NOT just a school, it's a holiday centre for people interested in RC, primarily aircraft. It's for complete beginners and real experts. Use the hotel 'planes or bring your own. Fly unsupervised (if competent, after a check-flight) or under instruction. Fly occasionally, or three hours a day as I did.

RC Hotel is very friendly; Spiros and Rula Tsellas are excellent hosts. Their hotel (West of Gouvia in the countryside) offers good food, comfortable air-conditioned accommodation, peaceful surroundings, a great pool and (of course) good flying 09:00 to dusk with a siesta-gap from 13:00 to 17:00. While I was there about half the flyers had brought their wives and half not. Excursions are organised most afternoons.

RC Hotel started at another site in 2000 and the new hotel opened in 2005. Most of the guests I met had been before, many several times: a lot knew each other, but welcomed new visitors like me.

We had three instructors. There were usually 36 aircraft ready to fly, all with their assigned transmitter no peg-board needed. Of these, 5 were fixed-wing trainers with dual transmitters. One-hour slots were booked the night before; I flew fixed-wing and flew 40-50 minutes per one-hour slot. At the beginning of the holiday, I could lurch round the sky; after 15 hours I could fly all the A-cert manoeuvres (badly!).

I told Spiros that I'd had a great time, learned more than I expected, and would recommend RC Hotel to anyone hence this post.

Thread: Futaba 2.4 Ghz Radio
24/06/2007 11:14:00
Len Ward asks why Futaba have entered 2.4 with a basic 6-channel set. See my note posted in May: on the US site you will see they have a range of modules for their more up-market sets following on just behind.
08/05/2007 20:08:00
If you look at you'll see that Futaba have announced in USA 12, 7, 6 and 3-channel 2.4 GHz sets, plus 14, 8, 7 and 3 channel TX module/RX combos. The site shows the applicability of these modules to 7U, 8U, 9C, 9Z, 12FG, 12Z and 14MZ sets.

Also: there's comment about how line-of-sight is essential or you lose signal. 3G phones work on a similar frequency, and you can use those with a brick wall between you and the T/X! We'll see how well they work when eventually deliver.
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