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Thread: A frustrating technical issue on the computer with the flight simulator.
06/01/2013 19:24:48

The default is keyboard control. You need to tell FMS that you want to use a Tx as the control. Plug in your Tx and USB connector and turn the Tx on. Don't remove the battery, but you can remove the Xtal if it's a 35 MHz Tx. Then start FMS and click the Controls tab at the top, and then the Analog option. Then select Joystick interface. Choose the one available. Then calibrate, assigning the sticks correctly, and their direction. Should then work OK.

Thread: Hubsan X4 Quadcopter - Calibration
06/01/2013 17:22:50

I've sent a link to this thread to CML.

Thread: A frustrating technical issue on the computer with the flight simulator.
06/01/2013 15:58:08

d3drm.dll is from an old DirectX library and was present in XP. It was missed out when they made Vista. FMS is VERY old: V2 Alpha 8.3 is nearly 10 years old. There's lots of chat on this issue on the FMS website, dating from when people tried to run it on Vista.

Do a Google search on d3drm.dll plus FMS and you'll see lots of hits (solutions).

In XP, d3drm.dll goes into C:\Windows\System32

Thread: BEC - Broken Electrical Connection.
05/01/2013 14:58:08

This thread suggests that the red-wire disconnect may have been at manufacture.

I searched this for a totally different reason: the use of the name Pentium.

It does not look like a HobbyWing ESC, but they have switched BECs @ 40A.

Thread: How to ''treat'' Li-Po?
05/01/2013 12:10:31

Another good reason not to put them in your Tx.

Thread: BEC - Broken Electrical Connection.
05/01/2013 12:08:42

From your description, the BEC will be switched mode, and the heat output from these is quite small as they run typically at 75% efficiency.

Thread: Transmitter lipo battery
05/01/2013 12:02:07

Make sure you do a BALANCED charge to 12.6 volts. If it's out of balance then this could take one cell above the safe limit. And only charge it in the Tx if you are willing to see your Tx destroyed if the LiPO pack goes bang!

Me: low-discharge NiMH every time! Charge after flying not before in the Tx.

Edited By John Cole on 05/01/2013 12:03:41

Thread: reply box
04/01/2013 17:36:48

Chrome works fine for me, if you don't like IE.

Thread: Email address problem
04/01/2013 15:37:55

Type in your Email address and after .net hit the spacebar.

Thread: Balance charging
28/12/2012 16:45:43
Posted by Allan Bennett on 28/12/2012 08:46:03:

A123s are more robust, and tolerant of over-voltage, than LiPos; so many people consider they don't need balancing while charging -- especially if they are "only" 2S.

Alan Bates said his were 2C not 2S. I expect they are 3S.

Thread: Ebay being flooded with LX Mig 29 rtf kits
27/12/2012 11:30:42

If you search on Ebay for Hot Mig-29 you will now find only 15 items, each with a letter/number code in the same series and therefore I think all from Yuner2012. Ebay have removed the others.

If you change the search just for Completed Listings then you see 304 results. Those 2 numbers total 319. This is well down on the similar total of a couple of days ago: 429. So it looks like Ebay has removed many, following my report to them using your data. If you look at the Completed LIstings then ALL of them are marked Sold, so my guess is that they removed ALL the Unsold ones except those from Yuner2012.

I can't guess why his are still there. I have drawn this to Ebay Honghong's attention too.

26/12/2012 12:51:16

This guy has "sold" 265 so far, some for as little as £12.50 including postage, and has a further 164 currently listed. He is starting them at 6p each, including free postage from China.

All those who still believe in Santa: bid away.

I have had a reply from Ebay in Hong Kong, thanking me for the Emails I have sent them via Ebay UK, but because of their confidentiality restrictions we will never know exactly what happens.

Thread: Aurora 9 Tx Male Connector (Elmec or Losi?)
24/12/2012 15:05:42

I found this on the Phoenix site. Not very helpful, I'm afraid.

"Sanyo Eneloop Hitec Aurora 2000mAhr 7.2v Tx Battery Ref: BS047

Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAhr 7.2v Tx Battery - Hitec Aurora. Size 15mm x 45mm x 100mm (3x2 AA cells). The battery comes with a standard UNI Rx type battery plug as we have been unable to source the white Hitec plug. We suggest that the plug from the original battery is used to make an adapter lead using a short servo extension lead. If the original battery is serviceable then attach the unused end of the extension lead to it so both batteries can easily be exchanged and charged externally."

But then I found this on the HobbyKing site, referred to on this RCGroups thread:
Noter the RCGroups points about correct polarity!

Edited By John Cole on 24/12/2012 15:19:46

Thread: Mark thread as read?
24/12/2012 11:02:59

BEB's comment: link title changes colour but I think this requires you to allow Cookies. It does not require you to be logged in. If you are not seeing this then maybe you are deleting browsing history on browser-exit. Otherwise, which browser are you using? I've checked on Chrome and iE8.

KA:'s comment: this only applies to threads you have posted on, not simply read.

Thread: Ebay being flooded with LX Mig 29 rtf kits
24/12/2012 10:55:00

I have drawn the matter to Ebay's attention.

Thread: Charging 18650 Lithium Ion 3.7V cells
21/12/2012 14:21:40

From what I have read, there are a lot of problems with UltraFire. See this for instance. Some reports of early LVC, with in your case immediate loss of Tx function.

If I wanted to go this way (which iI don't) I would use NON-protected 18650 cells, relying on my charger for over-charge protection and my Tx voltmeter to avoid under-charge problems. Though you won't destroy your cells until you take them below 1.0 volts per cell.

And I would buy Sony / Sanyo / Panasonic. Ultrafire are targetting the flashlight market.

Thread: Whats wrong with a pusher?
21/12/2012 13:51:32

If the motor is high-mounted, then to keep it from being too high designers will compromise by fitting a small-diameter prop - losing "power-efficiency".

I've just (nearly) built a pusher with twin booms and an inverted V-tail. The booms droop relative to the fuselage so the V-tail is in the centre of the prop-wash.

I just have to build a trike u/c. I have fitted a 11" prop on a 1-kg 50" E193 wing-section model. I am hoping for 30 minute gentle flights on a 3S 2200 maH LiPo.

Edited By John Cole on 21/12/2012 13:52:37

Thread: Charging 18650 Lithium Ion 3.7V cells
21/12/2012 11:20:02
Posted by Simon Chambers on 21/12/2012 10:28:46:
Posted by John Cole on 21/12/2012 09:53:08:

The characteristics of these cells are quite different from those for which your Tx has been designed. Personally I would not use them in a Tx.

Depends on the transmitter. For example, the Aurora 9 is designed to take ordinary LiPo flight packs.


And does it have sprung battery contacts like THIS Tx?

Thread: Whats wrong with a pusher?
21/12/2012 10:09:58

Wing-mounted pusher configurations were tried just after the war, as they were reckoned to be 5 or 10% more efficient. Convair B-36, for example.

I have found that the high-mounted pusher works well, but that it tends to result in a steep full-power-on climb and a rapid power-off glide. I have fixed this by mixing power with down-elevator.

I was however puzzled by this power-trim interference. I eventually concluded after static tests that it was caused by the (conical) prop-wash hitting the tailplane. Power-off the elevator would have a low negative alpha, but power-on the air from the prop would be flowing "down" onto it putting it at much-increased negative alpha, causing the steep climb.

Thread: Charging 18650 Lithium Ion 3.7V cells
21/12/2012 09:53:08

As the advert says, these are Li-Ion cells. They have both under- and over- voltage protection circuitry built into the cell and in this respect are differrnt from the standard 18650 Li-Ion cell.

Rigid Li-Ion cells come with different chemistries, depending on whether they are hard-carbon or graphite anode, and whether they are Cobalt or Cobalt- Nickel cathode (there are other variations). The differences are primarily reflecting the target application. Ultrafire are aiming at flashlight users for which voltage stability is required so they are probably not Cobalt-Nickel, and probably graphite anode. Their own website does not say.

A LiPo setting on your charger should give a constant-current charge to just over 4.1 volts then a constant-voltage charge to 4.2 (maybe 4.23) volts. That explains why they charge quickly initially.

The characteristics of these cells are quite different from those for which your Tx has been designed. Personally I would not use them in a Tx.

I prefer low-self-discharge NiMH.

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