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Thread: Laser Engines development.
05/08/2020 19:29:09


I for one can't wait to see that inline . What have you got there?nerd

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
16/07/2020 16:43:51
Posted by Paul Blakeborough 1 on 16/07/2020 13:03:59:

Another Covid 19 finished model.. PM Soaring Sperber Junior. A model of the glider that Hanna Reitsch flew over the Alps in. Superb flying machine.


Edited By Paul Blakeborough 1 on 16/07/2020 13:05:43

That looks beautifulyes

Thread: Laser Engines development.
15/07/2020 15:11:33

Show and tell Jon. smiley

Thread: Long Wing Bands
15/07/2020 15:10:18

Bicycle valve tubes come packaged in long lengths. A suitable length cut and knotted (if you don't mind getting knotty) serve the purposewink

Thread: Laser Engines development.
09/07/2020 11:16:11

"That is where we are at with this. petrol chicken, 25-30cc multi fish, 50+cc multi beef. Gearbox, lasagne."

Let's taste the Petrol fired chicken while you do the fish and beef to perfection. wink

09/07/2020 08:35:57


I would suggest prioritize the 180 petrol development over others. The market has been waiting for a petrol product from the Laser stable.

That inline, the one that you mentioned in earlier posts should be interestingyes

09/07/2020 08:35:55


I would suggest prioritize the 180 petrol development over others. The market has been waiting for a petrol product from the Laser stable.

That inline, the one that you mentioned in earlier posts should be interestingyes

Thread: Carbon Fibre Tubes
03/07/2020 12:44:53

A dowel or alloy tube of suitable size with a slit to take one end of the abrasive cloth/paper.

Glue the end of the abrasive cloth/paper in the slit and tightly wind the remaining on to the dowel/tube to form a reamer.

The tightly wound end should just slide in the carbon tube to be reamed. Once inside, the open end will expand and give a snug fit.

Rotate to sand off the seam line. Carbon dust will get everywhere so take care

Thread: RCV 58 CD Disassembly - Help
24/06/2020 16:27:03

Yes Martin the 91 bearing will be larger than the 58

I Did measure the bearing and looked it up, and also got the answer from Weston UK. It is 42 x 30 x 7 mm size and the number is 61806.

Shaft bearings are 2 x 6000 zz or RS with the seals/shields removed appropriately

Will go and pick up the cylinder bearing post June 30 once the restrictions ease here. Shaft bearings are already replaced.

24/06/2020 12:38:55

Thanks all for suggestions and sharing experience. The deed is now done.

And a big thank you, June and Alan from Weston UK.

I had dropped an email to Weston UK yesterday. Heard back from them, with suggestion to call on a given number so that I could be guided. I made the call and followed the instructions. The engine is now completely disassembled. Will put it back as soon as I procure the large cylinder bearing. Any one knows what size and specification that bearing is?

To take out the cylinder from the horizontally split upper case, heat is not necessary. All it needs is a good press from the top (after removing the top cover). I was being too careful. After a word with Alan, who suggested using a press for best result, I put the case on table and using a piece of suitable size scrap Aluminum tube and hammer gave sharp whacks which pushed out the cylinder.

The next stop involved taking out the clip that retains the bearing . That was easy. Now is the time to heat the case suitably. With the cylinder placed vertical on the table, drop the heated case on to the cylinder and press it down. This ensures that the bearing and cylinder seat. Allow to slightly cool for the cylinder and bearing to fit, and then again press the cylinder down from top. This should pop the cylinder along with the bearing down and out. Remove the bearing from the cylinder.

For assembly follow the process in reverse and use the cylinder as a drift to ensure proper seating of the bearing


Edited By Manish Chandrayan on 24/06/2020 12:40:35

24/06/2020 10:17:23

Thanks for the reply Martin,

Between the post and now, have managed to free the shaft bearings and also replace them. It was a case of insufficient force. The cylinder bearing is really gritty and needs replacement and that cylinder is stuck nice and proper.

Not sure about heating the case will work as the cylinder is interference fit in the cylinder bearing. Heating the case does not directly heat the bearing. By the time bearing is heated enough so will be the cylinder.

The bearing is retained in the case with a C clip so that's not going anywhere unless the cylinder comes out of the case

23/06/2020 19:37:59

Have a barely run RCV 58 CD that I acquired some time back. The engine was run on bench few times and then remained unused. Hot and Humid weather did what it's supposed to do to all things Ferric.

Disassembled the engine, except for gritty bearing on the crank and the cylinder other parts look still perfectly usable.

And this is where I am stuck and would appreciate some help.

1. What is the best way to free the rotating cylinder from the top case?

2. Ditto for getting the two bearing and the spacer off the crank shaft ?

Did some online search and could only find one video of the engine being reassembled.

Thread: Muffler choice
23/06/2020 18:45:23


I do have a NGH 35 that's on a World Model Extra. Engine is mounted inverted and starts readily by hand.


Edited By Manish Chandrayan on 23/06/2020 18:47:49

Edited By Manish Chandrayan on 23/06/2020 18:48:44

Thread: RansS-9 Chaos.Peter Miller's new design blog
17/06/2020 13:22:21

Will it have folding wings? And fit for around 30cc Petrol engines (for that awesome smoke) wink

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
01/06/2020 17:50:29
Posted by Geoff Gardiner on 01/06/2020 17:06:44:

That's looking rather splendid Danny.

Could you give me a pointer to the silver solder and flux you use (there seems to be different types available).

I have just acquired a SLEC Stampe kit which will need wires making up.


If I may? Mick Reeves has the solder and the flux and they work well.

Gorgeous looking model Danny yes

Thread: June 2020 RCM&E
22/05/2020 12:27:58

I just could not take it , plain simple. One can ignore an error but two is twice too much.sarcastic

With Covid situation shipping of Mag is out of question, last one to make it through to India was the March issue. Thankfully I had subscribed to print as well as digital version and could continue enjoying the later issues.

Seeing yet another scale Tiger Moth featured in the June issue, excited me. Straight I go to the article and then third page of the article and one sees not one but two blunders by Mr Whittaker. The spring loaded cowl catches being called as 'scale DZUS fastners' and then the lower wing attachment base plate being mentioned as "control horns"

I do concede that these are trying times for all, but no sir, you can not escape your responsibilities

And I am not finished with the article yetwink 2

Thread: Solarlac Thinners
05/05/2020 17:18:17
Posted by Jason Channing on 05/05/2020 15:16:06:

If I remember correctly Cellulose thinners is non polar and is not compatible with Solarlac , try a non polar such as 2K thinners,If you mix cellulose with solarlac and leave for a while it will separate.

Been exactly my experience

Thread: DH89a Dragon Rapide
04/05/2020 20:17:02
Posted by David P Williams on 04/04/2020 12:32:16:

Hi Manish - I was just going off the RCM&E article by Alex Whittaker about Mr Cuff's Rapide. It states that it is from the Tuck plan, weighs 16.9lb and is powered by ASP52FS with Graupner 12x5 props. I was surprised as my Dual Ace has two SC52FS and flies well but not ballistic, and it is lighter and much less draggy than the Rapide.

I agree that Lasers will probably be too difficult to fit, particularly with the tank location problem, so if this goes ahead I will probably use the best two of the three SC70FS that I have.

I have the glass and clear parts from Jerry Bates also, but didn't buy the Belair short kit as I will probably go with flat bottomed ribs.

I have recently found out that there is a dismantled full size Rapide in a hangar at a microlight airfield about 50 miles away so will be visiting that as soon as the restrictions are lifted (I guess it doesn't count as essential travel).

Good luck with your build

Looks like the RCM&E information may be correct after all. At least in terms of design. Yesterday Jamie did post on his FB page that the model was built by the original builder from Martin Tuck plans.

Where did you order the Martin Tuck plans from?

Edited By Manish Chandrayan on 04/05/2020 20:17:55

Thread: RC IC Engines, you've probably never heard of.
21/04/2020 15:59:09
Posted by Steven Webb (Steve Webb Models) on 15/04/2020 23:33:04:

ASP 40 Diesel One I think I will surprise a few with. An ASP ( Acceleration Speed and Performance ) Chinese 40 RC Diesel.

ASP 40 Diesel and Carb

The Info I have is that it was a Prototype or one of a few Diesel 40 's that ASP released. Its the only one I have ever seen. Does any one else have one or any info they could share. I've lost my diesel book at the moment. I have sold some in recent years and bought more. I don't think I sold this one. My memory is terrible.

I doubt I will have as its rare, so I probably still have this.

The wife said do you worry about Burglar's. I said always - but then again I can't find a lot of them myself and so how will they?

That's not a challenge if you are a Burglar!

Any info, would be lovely.


Did a double take on seeing the pictures, first reaction, what's an Irvine diesel doing in this thread only to read that it's not an Irvine

Thread: SLEC / Precedent 1/4 scale Stampe SV4B
15/04/2020 20:19:38

Lovely Stampe yes

My two bits, don't be afraid to add the nose weight, it could always be taken off. Those huge wings can easily carry few extra pounds.

How well is the engine baffled? That may be another thing to look at to solve the heating problem

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