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Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
03/06/2019 12:24:21


Another idea for the measurements involved for tail to wing tip and elsewhere.

Use telescoping carbon tubes to measure the distances. Just tape the telescoped joints and and another piece of tape to approximate distance of the tip (this enables pencil marks to be visible). Zero stretch during measurements

Thread: Aileron differential
11/05/2019 15:20:17
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 11/05/2019 12:11:37:

It would need a sophisticated computer Tx to reproduce this effect by servo travel adjustment.

Thankfully it's much easier to do it mechanically. Especially if emulating what the engineers at De Havilland

11/05/2019 01:02:56

Yes Martin I too think so

10/05/2019 18:36:53

My question had arisen from the fact that in my smaller Tiger Moth, I have used rudder and ailerons during the turns ( same side ) and then sometimes have had to reverse the rudder input to keep the nose from sinking . That is initiate the turn with rudder ( due to dihedral secondary effect is bank) smooth out the bank with same side ailerons and if the nose starts to drop lift it up by releasing the ailerons and applying opposite rudder.

I do know that cross controls if not done properly are a surefire way to where a spin or snap

Thank you all for some interesting discussion

10/05/2019 18:28:18
Posted by Geoff Peacock on 10/05/2019 17:33:46:
Posted by Peter Miller on 10/05/2019 08:22:47:
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 10/05/2019 05:06:53:

Just a little side note. The Taylor Monoplane plans (Full size) specify lots of up aileron " and almost no down aileron."

I believe that on a full size Tigermoth, full movement of ailerons actually returned the down aileron back to neutral, having first gone down slightly, then returned as the input was increased.
This can be achieved by offsetting the servo horn (I think).
No doubt someone will soon agree… or not!

Yes that's right and that's how I have set up my current quarter scale Moth. I have just 1/4" down while the up travel is limited (yes it has more available) to 2 1/2". And just like the full scale by the time the upward movement is reached the down going aileron has come back to almost neutral.

10/05/2019 05:06:53

A very basic question. Do you apply the rudder first in the direction of the turn and then the aileorons or first bank and then apply rudder in opposite direction to keep the nose level?

Thread: South Herts Glow Switch
09/05/2019 06:21:11
Posted by ASH. on 08/05/2019 20:37:25:

Thanks Adrian, received the pics.. PM sent.

Adrian has come out the blue to the rescue. It amazes me the help and generosity aeromodellers give to each other. We must be a different breed. angel

Aeromodeller are not different, just plane people

Thread: TN large scale Wellington Bomber
02/05/2019 05:45:10

Rates = Days smile p

02/05/2019 04:37:02

Ha! not exactly 365 Scott. You got to factor that during monsoon it pours and then the peak summers are scorching.

But barring these yes we do have plenty of rates l days to fly. On the downside it cuts into your building time

01/05/2019 18:39:51

Thank you Scott. That helps. I am located in India so don't have to worry about the 20kg limit. But building light and saving weight can't be bad.

01/05/2019 14:17:12

Thanks Scott. Will drop an email to Dave.

How long is the fuse? I was thinking of splitting the fuse if it would pose a problem in transport.

30/04/2019 20:45:44

Thanks Stu. Will check that thread.

30/04/2019 15:13:59

Thank you. That's great

30/04/2019 12:04:54

Resurrecting an old thread in the hope that I may see some light

I am planning to get the short kit from SLEC for the 13' Wellington. I believe the undercarriage was done by Unitracts.

I have tried contacting Unitracts multiple times but to no avail. Does any one know of any other source for the retracts for the 13' Wellington by Tony Nijhuis please?

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
25/04/2019 14:41:53

Nice! pair there Tony .

Gnat will be my first choice and may be I could make some cosmetic changes to the Provost to make it resemble HAL HJT 16 Kiran

Thread: wire rigging
22/04/2019 09:30:58

If in need of turnbuckles look up here. Available from M1.2 to M3 thread size, different lengths and with loop or slot ends

Edited By Manish Chandrayan on 22/04/2019 09:31:10

Thread: Holding screws in
22/04/2019 09:24:04

I am assuming that canopy needs to be removed frequently, either to change the batteries or access equipment inside.

I am also assuming that the original screws that were on the model and one of which bailed out was metal M3.

This is a common occurrence and Locktite, nail varnish etc do not work in this situation. My way of avoiding the screws bailing out is to use nylon screws instead of the provided metal ones. Once snugged in they remain snug.

Other option is to remove the existing blind nut and epoxy a nyloc nut. This will allow you to use metal screws but the torque required to loosen or tighten the screw may dislodge the nyloc nut

Thread: Y - O - Y - O - Y
16/04/2019 16:49:05


Some more info to mull on. The info is taken from here

H25T Hitec Standard Spline (25 teeth)
HS-83XXTH and HSB-93XXTH series servos.
NOTE: This spline is the same as the Futaba 25T Standard Spline (3F).

At this time, Futaba manufactures servos with 4 different splines. When choosing components to attach to your servo, it is important to know what size of spline your servo uses. Below are the four various splines. If you have any questions as to what spline your servo has, please check the servo page or contact us via e-mail or phone.

1F Spline (15 tooth)
Futaba servos such as the S3111, S3114 & S3154.

2F Spline (21 tooth)
Micro servos such as the S3153, S3107, S117 and similar have the 2F size spline.

3F Standard Spline (25 tooth)
Most standard size Futaba servos have the 3F spline.

4F Spline (25 tooth)
This spline is found on most Giant scale servos like the S3306 and the S9154.

Thread: Zenoah 38 conundrum
16/04/2019 15:49:42

In the case I mentioned it was a brand new engine with brand new NGK CM 6. Having tried that you will atleast negate one more variable and it's easy to do

16/04/2019 13:46:54

Martin, Have you tried a different known good plug? Won't be a major effort and might as well rule that point out.

I know you said it starts on a squirt of prime so has spark etc, but we had a weird experience were on a OS 33, original NGK we had fuel, spark etc and the engine would not advance once started. Few short seconds of running and then it would die down. We tried almost everything to the point of the owner deciding to sell off the engine. And then on a hunch I fished out an Rcxel i had in my caddy, installed on the engine and it ran as if asking us all what was the fuss all about?. I have also had experience of other way round where the Rcxel plug had me frustrated for few weeks till I pulled it out and replaced with a NGK.

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