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Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 14:44:21

There is no way I would want a return to the 1950s (my teenage years) and if you really believe that teaching children that hitting someone weaker than yourself teaches respect then I would strongly disagree. As a child the biggest punishment I suffered was being forbidden to read in bed - the 2 serious beatings my father gave me (both unjustified, as we discussed when he was about the age I am now) had no effect in the long term.

I hate violence of any kind and applying it to children is unforgivable.


20/05/2019 11:03:20

I'm afraid this isn't anything new nor a sign that society is getting worse, I'm nearly 80 and this sort of thing has been happening all my life and the same hand wringing goes on. Fortunately, it was and remains very rare but it happens.

It's tragic for the the railway modellers and something money alone cannot rectify. In the report I read one modeller had been building his layout for 25 years and as someone pointed out, he simply hasn't got the time (ie life expectancy) to rebuild. However, as we who probably suffer disasters similar to this at our own hands know well, once wreakage is closely examined damage is often not quite as bad as it appears and repairs can be effected. Lets hope that is the case here.

On a positive note, 4 youths have been arrested on suspicion (well founded I guess) of criminal damage. Plus money has been donated to help offset the damage - one model loco is said to be worth £8,500.


Thread: Charge currents
19/05/2019 19:43:57

I've had a 7 cell 3.3AH NiMH battery powering our bathroom radio for about 10 years. It get used every day for about an hour, I suppose, sometimes more if my wife uses it elsewhere. I charge it at 2 amps on my Graupner Ultramat 16 and it certainly gets hot (or very warm, perhaps 35/40 degrees) and still takes it full capacity each time.

Obviously the current draw is quite low in use but the charge regime doesn't seem to be a problem and a lesser current means the charger timer kicks in before the charge is complete.


Thread: Model Pic in Horus X10
19/05/2019 16:12:47

You're welcome. I'm just surprised I remembered.


19/05/2019 14:56:47

I had a similar problem and the reason in my case IIRC was the restricted number of letters the Horus allows for names. I can't remember the limit off hand and I'm writing this during an ad break in the Giro commentary but just try shortening the names.


Thread: YouTube Video you like
18/05/2019 12:20:07
Posted by TartanMac on 18/05/2019 00:02:30:
This lot are a laugh and do a lot of traditional building.

They may be a laugh on YouTube but they terrify me!


Thread: Glow Sticks
12/05/2019 10:47:44

I used to use 3x 2.5AH Cyclon cells in series fitted in a drinking bottle to supply the lights on my bike for my cycle commute before I retired. I used to recharge them at work with a standard bench power supply at a constant voltage of 7.5v (I used to 'acquire' a power supply for each winter - the benefits of working in an electronics lab . I think a constant current is also OK so you could use a LiPo setting.

Full Cyclon data, including the charge regime is available here.


Thread: Undercarriage wires on Tiger Moth
12/05/2019 10:25:44

You could try making a more scale undercarriage like the one designed by Gordon Whitehead and adapted by me for my DB 58" DH60 Cirrus Moth.


undercarriage drg.jpg


My adaptation is described here.

btw if you want to use epoxy rather than solder then JBWeld (I got mine from a car parts shop) will probably be better than the stuff we use for wood.  Provided you have a hefty enough iron then soldering isn't too difficult. My iron is a very old 120 watt Solon I've had since I was a teenager in the 1950s!  The secret is to make sure everything is clean and you use 'proper' solder ie lead/tin rather than modern lead free.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 12/05/2019 10:33:19

Thread: Building Brian Taylors Cessna 120
10/05/2019 21:25:56

Not wishing to teach DD any new tricks but I suppose you did remove any backing from the covering. I've had problems sticking covering to airframes and then found there was still a transparent film over the sticky side - just sayin'.

The covering does look very shiny. Are you intending to take a bit of the shine off with (say) fine wire wool? I'm still building the Ryan ST I haven't touched since Christmas (I know, I just lost my mojo whatever that is) and that's supposed to be aluminium but I don't like very shiny.


Thread: DB Sport & Scale Sopwith Pup 60" ws
10/05/2019 21:11:11
Posted by Doc Marten on 10/05/2019 18:07:59:

I got the notification too, what are you powering it with? Tempted by any of the extras for it?

Mine will be electrically powered - probably 4S but possibly 6S. I'll have to email Richard to get an idea of the all up final weight. With a shortish nose it may involve some lead up front.

The only extras I've ordered are wheels. Not bothered with decals because I don't know what to model it on and I'll have a think about a dummy engine and pilot. I bought some Solartex a while back with a view to using it either on this or an SE5a.


10/05/2019 17:52:28

I've been eagerly awaiting this new kit to become available and received an email telling me they are now in stock. I've been a bit off modelling for a month or so but I'm hoping a new project will inspire me so I've ordered one.

I'll update this post once it arrives and report on its qualities. I'm a bit of DB S&S fan so I'm not anticipating any serious problem with the kit but probably some from my build


Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
10/05/2019 16:34:36

Those are very interesting videos. I'm very grateful for the heads up because if I decided to convert my 2 petrol powered models from 35Mhz (Multiplex IPD receivers) to 2.4gHz then X8R would have been my choice.

Way back in the early 70s I was involved in designing an electronic fruit machine at Bell-Fruit using Diode Transistor Logic (DTL) chips for control (the reels were the old electromechanical types). Sadly, the main objective was to make them tamper proof so we conducted tests. (pub manager's often had no share in the machine profits and had hours to fiddle them). I brought in a motor cycle ignition coil and spark plug and proceeded to see how immune the logic (5v supply) was to a spark plug held close to the front of the case and succeeded in blowing most of the chips and emptying the coin hopper! So immunity to high voltage sparks near electronics is not a new problem. I don't know how the problem at Bell-Fruit was solved because I left shortly afterwards.

I do think Ron's test is quite severe with the plug so close to an unprotected PC board and I doubt if anything would survive unscathed. The main problem is the lockout and the failure to recover quickly (or even at all) rather than complete immunity.

btw I think Ron's very brave holding the plug lead! I've had a few ignition shocks in my time and whilst they're not fatal they're not enjoyable either


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 10/05/2019 16:35:17

Thread: CAA registration consulation
10/05/2019 14:05:50

It's also strange that I could buy or charter a yacht and put to sea with absolutely no restrictions at all and due to inexperience or incompetence cost the state or anyone else a lot of money or time. As it happens I have chartered yachts as well as crewed larger ones and sailed across both North and Irish Seas but took the trouble to learn navigation and general regulations but there was and is no requirement for sailors to do so. Nor do I think that should change. Free use of the sea is our birthright and to perhaps a lesser extent so is free use of the air.


Thread: Paid-for flying lessons
08/05/2019 20:04:50
Posted by Percy Verance on 08/05/2019 19:06:56:

Maybe I'm missing something Tony, but what's the difference between paying club subscriptions and receiving tuition from a club Instructor or paying for someone to teach you at one of the few model flying schools there are now?

May I ask what the *difficulties* are you mentioned earlier? People problems perhaps?

I don't know what Tony's difficulties are but in my case it was my reluctance to be a burden on club members trying to teach me. It was pot luck who happened to be there and flew mode 2 (my home built Micron transmitter was built like that because it seemed the obvious way) and had a 'B' certificate. I found all the members at RR(Hucknall) club very willing but I felt I was interfering with their own enjoyment.

There was a guy at Goosedale (Norman Hunt) who offered lessons at £5/hr plus £5 for day membership (I eventually joined the Goosedale club so avoided that). If you used his plane it was another fiver. I usually opted to use Norman's model (a Precedent Hiboy) rather than my own-built trainer because it allowed me to cycle the 15 miles or so each way (1995 was a hot summer). Norman gave great value and the hour wasn't accurately timed and I didn't feel I was being a burden so it suited all concerned. In fact I gave Norman my trainer after I passed my 'A'.



Thread: The thread for your subscriber questions and queries **please do not start a new thread**
04/05/2019 17:36:45

My paper RCME came through the letterbox this morning wrapped in its plastic cover. It doesn't actually say but my wife ( a keen recycler/gardener etc) wondered if it was compostable or at least biodegradable or capable of recycling? There's nothing to give any indication. Just wondered as many of us are becoming more aware of unnecessary single-use plastic use.


Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
30/04/2019 17:52:39

Does that still apply if the supply to the electronic ignition is from a separate supply physically separated from the receiver supply as far as possible and the signal connections (ie on/off switch) is via an opto isolator?

I only have one model with electronic ignition but that is on 35Mhz with a Multiplex DSP receiver but I took care to isolate the ignition as far as possible and have had no problems. However if I had decided to fit a 2.4gHz receiver it would have been a Frsky one and more than likely an X8R so this concerns me.


Thread: Motor pulsing
30/04/2019 17:44:23

It certainly sounds that one phase is open circuit either because of a broken connection as mentioned or a faulty esc (probably one of the output MOSFETs).


Thread: CAA registration consulation
26/04/2019 14:28:41

Nothing much to enjoy! Quite apart from the fact that the only ones who'll register will be those who aren't a problem anyway.

I'll have a think and respond to the document. They mention the cost of a fishing licence. I haven't fished since I was schoolboy with a home made rod fishing down the local cut - without a licence usually but I think they left us alone hoping we'd take up the pastime seriously as we grew up. But isn't the cost of a licence similar to club subs rather than a national scheme run by the government?


Thread: Deafness needs light, not buzzer!
26/04/2019 14:21:26

I'm also fairly deaf but I can hear the voice messages (mostly time counts) on my Frsky Horus if the sound is turned up. However, if the messages are loud enough to irritate other pilots (I'm lucky enough to be able to have the sky to myself when there are only a few at the field) I carry a set of earphones. That might be a better solution than a light of some sort (which may be difficult to see in bright light). I'm also not keen on looking away from my model to see my transmitter display - I've occasionally had a minor panic when looking back and not immediately being able to see it.


Thread: Bixler 3 - Kit form, weights and measures.
25/04/2019 15:59:20

I like undercarriages for 2 reasons. First I can't hand launch easily and second most of our patch is hard surfaced so landing is easier with wheels. It's good there are options though.


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