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Thread: Horus antenna choice
12/10/2020 01:02:11

That's a good point, Pete.

The problem is, in these very unusual times, I can't remember if I've flown in real life since I replaced the RTC battery. I suspect not. The clock was incorrect before I replaced the battery and I reset the time and probably the date. Model data are stored in a non-volatile micro SD card so wouldn't be affected but I suppose system radio data (possibly including choice of antenna) could rely on the battery. The external antenna connector isn't a BNC but it's similar and I was surprised (and lucky) I didn't lose the signal completely. I was able to get a zero RSSI reading with the transmitter in some attitudes when I did my walk round range check at about 25 metres (in range check mode).

Anyway, it''s worth bearing in mind when the RTC battery is replaced. I suppose, if were truly a thorough investigator, I should remove the battery and see what data are reset but it's such a hassle i don't think I'll bother.


11/10/2020 21:50:58

Yes, Ron. It's an X10 standard and normally the internal antenna works perfectly.


11/10/2020 20:58:09

I haven't been flying at our usuall site for several months for personal reasons (Covid based) but today had pleasant weather and light winds so after my morning walk I decided a quick couple of flights in a nearby field would cheer me up a bit.

I took my Liddle Stik and, despite initial concerns that the grass would be too long to take off, the recently departed sheep had done their job and I was in the air. However even when I was still fairly close in I began to get RSSI warnings so, after a couple of circuits, I landed.

I then did a range check (as I should have done first, I confess) and it was poor. I checked the connections to the X8R with long range aerials and they were OK. A further range check when I walked all round the model (an advantage of having a totally empty field at my disposal) I found that I could affect the RSSI reading by adjusting the angle of the transmitter.

My first thought was that I'd disturbed the connections to the Horus internal antenna when I replaced the backup battery a few week ago but they looked OK. Then I checked that the internal antenna was the selected option. It took a while to find it (it's in the hardware/calbration section rather than the radio set-up one) and sure enough it was set to 'external'. Changing that cured my range problem.

What worries me is that it had reset without my doing anything. I've never used the external antenna because the internal one works perfectly well over the range I need and until today have never had an RSSI warning of 'critical'. In fact it's amazing how well it all worked without an antenna at all.

I've changed the options to 'Ask' so each time I select a model I have to deliberately choose 'internal'. I know I should have done a range check before flying but I didn't. I last flew about 3 months ago and everything was OK. It just seems strange that a setting should change without warning.


Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
11/10/2020 14:12:43
Posted by Phil Green on 11/10/2020 12:14:36:

It bothers me a lot, but then I'm fascinated by language. Its not just on forums but elsewhere too, newpapers, magazines, TV schedules... I've even seen it in rolling TV credits!

Some forum posts are almost incomprehensible, usually caused by devices with prediction and substitution, but there's no excuse not to read your own post before clicking 'Add Posting'.

One of my pet hates is there/their, your/you're and Americanisms like 'regular' which is related to frequency, not size:
"Fish & chips please". "Regular?" "No, just this once please I'm only passing through..." smiley



I assume you intended to type 'fora' and had a slip of the finger cheeky

However we low grade pedants have to accept that language changes. I had an article I wrote for RCMW back in 1999 corrected before it was published by changing my correct use of a gerund (verbal noun) pLus my name was omitted from the heading.


11/10/2020 00:11:51
Posted by Paul Marsh on 10/10/2020 18:32:51:

Poor spelling and punctuation really gets on my nerves, such as people at work, filing in paperwork and spell things wrong, even a SOP which was done in the office had errors, so I put red pen and corrected words, then gave it back so it can be corrected.

Also, seeing company names and descriptions wrong. For example: Retro Coating's. (told them about that) and a catering firm advertising their services.(and it was on the side of their van. Get this:

  • Wedding's
  • Funeral's
  • Special Occasion's
  • Party's

Oh, I give up,,

We had a new van back when I was still at school and it wasn't until a customer pointed it out that we noticed the sign writer had written 'Radio and Televison' below our name. The van was several months old at the time. I suppose we saw the outline of the word and, as we knew what it was supposed to be, we accepted it Impossible to correct, of course.

Yes, the so-called greengrocer's apostrophe can be both irritating and amusing.


10/10/2020 20:47:49
Posted by Barryorbik on 10/10/2020 17:50:52:

"Have you eaten Grandma" by Gyles Brandreth is a good book to read if you have any doubts about punctuation or good grammar. I am never perfect, but some of the gaffs you see on forums etc. are classics.


I've not read that but I have a copy of 'Eats shoots and leaves' by Lynne Truss which is probably similar.

An interesting exercise is adjusting the punctuation in a simple sentence eg "What is this thing called love?" (as sung by Ella Fitzgerald). It doesn't help that my keyboard has lots of the letters worn away and, unlike my wife, I'm not a touch typist. I sometimes get double letters, too. At least that's my excuse.

As someone mentioned earlier, commas are not permitted in legal documents because they can affect the interpretation, often seriously.

I've written a few short stories in the past and came across them a few months back. Not great literature but passable


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
10/10/2020 20:27:48

Thanks, Martin. That's what I'll do, then.

This is an unusual but interesting build. I'm struggling in places but I'll get there in the end.

I have plenty of yellow Solartex but I think I'll try and get some HK film and save the Solartex for something else which doesn't mind the weight.


10/10/2020 18:05:16

Thanks, Peter. As I don't have any 1/32nd balsa I'll try using laminations of 1/16th (i've got stacks of that) and see how it works.

I'm not actually there yet but I was studying ahead as I waited for glue to set


10/10/2020 17:32:59

I'm looking at the construction of the L/E edge slats and I'm confused.

On the drawing it says they're made up with 1x 1/32nd and 2x 1/16th sheet (so total thickness 3.75mm in metric) yet the they seem to be 7.5mm thick when measured on the drawing.

However in the instructions in the magazine it's 3x 1/32nd and 2x1/16th ( total = 5.26mm)

The instructions are closer to the drawing but still somewhat thinner.

It doesn't help that SLEC haven't provided any 1/32nd sheet and balsa that thin isn't anything I keep in stock. I can try to laminate the slats from layers of 1/16th (1.5mm) or perhaps use 1/32nd ply.

What is the required thickness? And would it be OK to laminate with all 1.5mm sheet - assuming it would curve that much.


Thread: Grammar, punctuation, spelling
10/10/2020 15:42:13

I've been a voracious reader since before I started school over 75 years ago and grammar has always interested me. I just like the way it works. I've also edited a few small circulation magazines for cycling and sailing. Towards the end of my professional career I also wrote quite a lot of software and mistakes in program 'grammar' can have all sorts of unforseen effects.

One of my bugbears is the loss of the word 'disinterested' to mean unbiassed and another is the confusion of 'less' and 'few' but really, in the scheme of things, they aren't very inportant. At one time I worked for a guy with a PhD in control engineering whose spelling and grammar left so much to be desired it made me wonder how he managed to write his thesis - his knowledge of his subjest was never in doubt, however.

So poor grammar/spelling doesn't worry me too much on a forum like this but does if I read a longer piece - a newspaper article, short story or, especially, a novel.


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
09/10/2020 12:06:59
Posted by Peter Miller on 09/10/2020 08:29:41:

That looks good. Like you I am a rough and ready builder and it always works. My regular remark is "You can't see it at 50 feet"

I didn't know that SLEC did ramin dowel. Thatmight need a bit of nose weight to compensate for the extra weight but it will be stronger although mine never failed.

I can't remember if SLEC had a copy of my original drawings but there could be slight variatipons between mine and the magazine ones. IT has been known.

I'm not an expert on identifying wood types but the dowel is very hard but doesn't feel heavy. All I can say is that it looks like the ramin dowel I've used in the past. Never actually seen hard balsa dowel. Perhaps someone else with the CNC parts and wood pack can confirm.

I'm designing a working Cub-type undercarriage which will probably be heavier than the one in the drawing. Most of it will be ahead of the CoG, I think. I'm also intending to cut a large hole from F2 where the undercarriage is 'stitched' in Peter's design which will allow the battery to fit further back if I can do it without upsetting the CoG.


Thread: Covid AGM
09/10/2020 00:26:19

We had a virtual EGM earlier this year but it was a simple single issue - do we move to a new site from the current one which is slated to be a housing estate in the next few years. It was just a matter of emailing 'yes' or 'no'. so quite simple.

We usually have our AGM in the village hall we use for winter indoor flying but that won't happen this year. As it's just a matter of officer's reports (chairman, secretary, treasurer) I guess they'll be emailed and we'll vote to accept them (or not0 I suppose. I certainly won't bother with a Zoom AGM. I'm not a technophobe just a technobored after a lifetime of learning new operating systems, programming languages etc plus I don't have a web cam Or even a decent so-called smart-phone for that matter.


Thread: This one's a Fokker (Flair D 7)
08/10/2020 22:12:45

You're doing a fine job there (even though you don't know how to spell 'Geoff' ). I have a Flair SE5a I built over 20 years ago that hasn't been flown for about 5 years and is looking quite sorry for itself. Perhaps I should make an effort to treat it as you're treating the D7 - it's nothing like as bad as that was back in 2013!


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
08/10/2020 21:47:49

Well I've made a little progress.

I joined the balsa fuselage sides which came in several pieces. I taped them together with Selotape then turned them over, opened them like a book and used Cyano to edge glue them. They needed a little fettling (as do a few of the CNC cut parts but nothing to be too concerned about.

fuselage 1.jpg

This the balsa side so you can see the joins. The ply doublers are in one piece as you'd expect.

The tricky bit is building the rest of the fuselage with round dowel rather than square balsa. It's quite difficult to get a good joint for the cross bracing pieces. It's turned out OK but there are a few small gaps I intend to fill with paste made from 60 min epoxy and lightweight filler. I use DeLuxe aliphatic glue mostly but 60 minute epoxy to glue the dowel longerons into the grooves in the front fuselage sides. I didn't find it necessary to have a reversed drawing. btw the dowlel supplied by SLEC is ramin rather than balsa but Peter mentioned somewhere that there wasn't a problem with CoG and ramin would be ok. It's a bit more robust anyway.

fuselage 3.jpg


Tailplane, elevator, fin and rudder all built. I used 6mm square spruce (I think - hardwood anyway) for the rudder post as I thought it would be a lot easier to make a sound glue joint to the back of the fuselage.

fin and rudder.jpg



I had a bit of a struggle with the laminated parts fro the rudder and tailplane but eventually succeeded in making serviceable parts.  I'm a bit of a rough and ready builder compared to some of the 'stars' on here but my models usually fly OK in the end

The wing is partly framed up on my magnetic build board (I had to fall back on MDF and cork tiles for the fuselage) but not glued yet. The centre section is partly glued.

Not sure what motor to use. I have an Axi 2820_12 which I can liberate from another model which may suit.

The parts supplied by SLEC aren't perfect but any fettling is relatively trivial and I'm reasonably happy so far.


Edited By Geoff S on 08/10/2020 21:52:14

03/10/2020 21:52:31

Thanks, Peter. I should have realised it was based on a standard Cub undercarriage. Not sure how far I'll go to replicating it but I'll at least make it look more scale.

I assume there's no sheer web sheeting. It doesn't appear to on the drawing and the spars aren't in line with each other (which would make attaching them more difficult)


03/10/2020 18:20:21

Having finished my Pup as far as is needed before its maiden (I may add more scale detailing once I know it flies at its current somewhat porky weight) I've started work on the L'l Cub.

I've made a little progress but not enough to be worth showing yet - perhaps in a few days. I've been looking at the undercarriage. On the drawing it's quite simple but the photos of Peter's protoytype as well as the original show some sort of springing or extra re-inforcement (probably the former) between the legs as seen towards the bottom of this page.

Is there a better drawing or photograph of the full size which illustrates the undercarriage arrangement anywhere?


Thread: Does the nominal C of G work for you?
01/10/2020 17:00:19

Not always. I bought a model Sukhoi on eBay as a bare, used airframe in quite reasonable condition but without instructions. In these days of th internet that wasn't a problem and I downloaded them OK. I fitted an engine (ASP 53? - it was befiore I went all electric, so a while ago) and set the CoG as per the instructions.

The maiden was a bit exciting! The elevator was very sensitive but I managed a circuit and landed OK (I was quite proud of myself). Further investigation on-line revealed that it was well known that the CoG in the instructions was much too far back. I corrected it and all was OK. I've still got the moddel. It's not been flown for years so really needs to be rehomed

So I'd advise a little investigation and check on other flyers' experiences before commiting to a CoG further back than the instructions state.


Thread: Rans S-9 Chaos. Peter Miller's new design blog
01/10/2020 14:55:48

Sarik are now listing the CNC cut parts etc on their web site. I've ordered mine yes


Thread: BMFA kick backs/discounts for clubs
30/09/2020 14:41:51
Posted by Martin Harris on 29/09/2020 21:25:20:

Nobody gave us any grants - although I understand that the local council offered us the use of the town centre shopping arcade's top storey car park on Sundays (this was before Sunday trading of course) while the club was "between" rented sites...surprise

That sounds, on the face of it, a very dodgy (and interesting, in the Chinese sense) place to fly! Landing out could have been an experience

We're in a strange situation. We're losing our wonderful WW2 airfiled site to a massive housing estate in the next very few years and have elected to bite the bullet and move to a different site altogether a few miles away. So for a couple of years we'll have 2 sites. One advantage of the new site, which is at a farm which was once part of a big estate (in old way) so we'll have access to mains electricity and a proper, modern toilet block (getting more important as I age ). Plus it's lower and more sheltered so not so breezy. There's a lot of work in preparation though. No grants, either.


Thread: Lap top Computers
30/09/2020 00:47:58

Because I'm at home most of the time I prefer a desk top. I have a 24" display and full size keyboard and mouse (both of which need relplacing because they're worn out). My wife has her own desk top, too. As we've never had a TV in all 53 years of our married life our PCs are all our video entertainment.

With a desk top I can easily both repair and update as required. My HD failed last year and I just replaced it - fortunately had a reasonably up to date system image file fr all my software and my data were all backed up anyway. The HD is 2 TB and I have an additional 250 MB SSD which I tend to use for back up. I aso have a standalone HD for 'real' back up.

We do have an old Dell laptop to use when we're away in the camper but it's rarely used. A laptop we bought new failed completely (can't remember the make). I eventually managed to get it apart hoping the power supply was a separate unit but alas not. The fault was a burned out surface mount chip on the motherboard so unrepairable and motherboards unobtainable.

So, unless you need a portable PC, I'd go for a desk top.


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