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Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
20/09/2020 14:54:49
Posted by J D 8 on 20/09/2020 14:33:10:

Not good for ARTF makers either.sad

... or kit manufacturers. In fact just about all builders except perhaps those, like Simon, who love Depron and foamies will be relatively a lot cheaper.

It would be nice to hear some good news for a change


Thread: Flair Puppeteer Help Please
20/09/2020 14:49:59

I have a Puppeteer but it hasn't seen the light of day for some years and it's currently buried deep in my 'hanger' (ie the roof space over my workshop. I don't recall having any problems with its flying right from the start and presumably I set CoG as per the drawing/instructions. In fact I found it quite docile and the only problem I had was a faullty receiver (my fault - I made that, too!)

Mine had an Irving Q40 and then an SC65 4 stroke.


Thread: Which Glue?
19/09/2020 17:35:38

UHU Por is a contact adhesive if you let it dry; if you assemble the parts immediately of before it's fully dry it allows some wiggle time.


Thread: Fournier RF-4
19/09/2020 12:16:01

I would strongly recommend that you screw wooden battens (50x25mm) underneath the MDF sheet or it will eventually bend and no longer be flat. I made a similar building board with MDF with cork tiles which is now useless for most work. I now use it as a cutting board (supported on tressels) for film etc. I use a sheet of steel and magnetic blocks but it still needs a flat board to rest it on.

This looks an interesting project and (yet another!) one I fancy myself. After viewing your Ballerina build I'm sure this will be just as stunning. I agree with Peter re scale scheme for a scale model.


Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
18/09/2020 20:08:05

leccyflyer: Is that mini Astrohog an Astro Oink? Robin Woodhead (then a member at RR(Hucknall) MAC) published such a design (a small Hog) a good few years ago - 20+ at a guess.

I have a Hangar 9 P47 I crashed a few years back and has been on my 'to do' list since. I bought a new cowl and fibreglass underbelly from the US almost immediately but that's as far as it got. I had a 90 ASP 4 stroke in it which cut just after a low pass going quite fast into no man's land so I had to attempt areturn to the airfield with the inevitable tip stall and plunge to the ground. The wings themselves are not too bad but the fuselage doesn't exist forward of the wings. It was one of the spurs that encouraged me to go electric so this will be a conversion from glow.

It may remain on the 'to do' list because I have a Li'l Cub to build first


Thread: Is/could this be an expansion of the surveillance state
15/09/2020 19:49:42
Posted by ken anderson. on 15/09/2020 17:51:18:

if I was in difficulty out in the water I would be over the moon to see a droid,drone of any description...

ken kenny dept.

The only thing that woud get me into a helicopter would be if the alternative was dying of exposure or serious injury That my nephew was an RAF helicopter pilot (Merlins) and instructor as Shawbury didn't chnage my mind!


Thread: Odd moulding servo cavities!
15/09/2020 15:29:44

It's been a compaint I've long made that flap servos aren't oriented like Charles writes. On my Fun Cub I was able to use 2 channels for the the flap servos but it shouldn't be necessary.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
15/09/2020 12:47:56

My 60" DB Sopwith Pup is getting dangerously near to complete. Just a bit of lead in the cowl to get the CoG right plus a bit of detailing (I've run out of shirring elastic to simulate the rigging).

It has an XYH5055 motor running on 4S (2x 4AH packs in parallel - battery rather than lead) through Frsky Neuron 80 amp esc driving a 14 x7 prop at aound 8500 rpm. It will weigh about 10lbs once the extra ballast is added which will give a wing loading of about 1lb/square ft.

complete 5.jpg

complete 4.jpg

complete 6.jpg

Sorry about the background of my wife's bean plants. I'll get better before the test flight and (hopefully) afterwards.


Thread: Flair Fokker DVII
13/09/2020 23:18:47
Posted by Daniel Meurer on 10/09/2020 15:21:40:

Hi Chris, if you have not yet soldered the nuts to the strips, consider changing the screws and nuts to more a usual sizes, e.g. to metric 3mm. My 2 kits had 6BA, or similar named, not easy to find replacement, and you know how easy they are lost at the field when rigging the plane. Read some where that they were some kind of special clock makers product.

BA (British Association) screws were widely used in electrical products in my youth (ie 50s/60s) particularly 4 and 6 BA which roughly equate to 3 and 4 mm (the higher the BA number the smaller the diameter). They are, I believe, based on metric units and were certainly used in clocks and watches. My grandfather's watch repair bench had containers with sizes as samll as 20+ BA - ie really, really small.

One of the biggest pains in the Flair Scout biplanes is the attachment of the interplane struts. There 8x3mm nuts and bolts needed to be fitted at the field which is both tedious and time consuming. I've built an SE5a and I have a Puppeteer. They aren't really structural (I think the model would fly as well without them fitted) but the aircraft would look odd without them. I've built a few DB bipes and their method using split cotter eyes held in place with length of 2mm rod and a simple elastic band is very quick and works perfectly. Whilst you have access, it's worth looking on DB's web site for description of the method.


Thread: Price of Kits
10/09/2020 21:34:13

The last kit I've bought is the CNC components and the additional wood pack for Peter Miller's Li'l Cub from SLEC but I'm just completing a 60" Sopwith Pup kit i bought about a year ago from DB S&S. In the meantime I've built a Liddle Stik from a free plan I downloaded but that doesn't really count.

I think both kits I bought were reasonably priced for what you get. I haven't started the Li'l Cub but the DB kit is excellent though certainly needs some initiative from the builder - it's not a slide Tab A into Slot B everything done for you kit.

I bought an unstarted Skyshark Fantasy kit on eBay but I was a bit disappointed with its flying qualities though, to be fair it was one of my early electric conversions. It would perhaps be better with a more power or a glow engine (there's a confession!)


Thread: Ballerina by EarlyBird
10/09/2020 21:03:46

You doing a fine job here EB. Don't worry too much if the two sides aren't absolutely identical - after all no-one is going to be able to see both sides at the same time!


Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
10/09/2020 12:09:25

I think you're on shaky ground there, Andy. I think the 'recognised sport' term implies a competitive element so you could argue that (say) pylon racing, aerobatic or scale events might be exempt but flying for fun in a club environment may not be.

Just guessing, of course.


Thread: Got away with it!
10/09/2020 11:40:44

A lot of old style former free-flight designs seem to have difficulty on the ground. I think the reason is that the undercarriage is very far forward. They were designed to hand launch (as free flight) and the gear was there just for the landing and far forward to protect the propeller.

We've had several members in the past with this type of model who would chase the model round our (tarmac) runway in a sometimes a thwarted attempt to get them airborne. I think the real answer is to locate the undercarriage further back, under the wing leading edge.


Edited By Geoff S on 10/09/2020 12:05:00

Thread: Litter
09/09/2020 22:28:32

My wife and I have taken to going for a walk round the local field paths during the current pandemic most days. Fortunately we live on the edge of a village on a restricted byway which means we're straight onto field paths. We do, however have to walk along the route of a Roman road (Icknield Street) for about half a mile and this is a minor road with good footpath and wide grass verges. We've walked these paths for 40 years but never as frequently as now.

We've taken to picking up litter and bringing home to dispose of and we've even bought some litter pickers so we don't have to handle the dross (some of it discarded face masks). Most of it is the detritus from fast food outlets, plastic bottles and fizzy drink cans - all of it thrown from passing cars presumably. There's almost no litter on the footpaths; the vast majority is on the short road section.

I have had a dislike of litter from childhood and I simply cannot simply throw anything away but carry rubbish until I find a bin. I was well trained.

Today, the council had cut the verges and exposed litter we'd not been able to see. We ended up filling two large plastic carrier bags and most of a big bin liner - all on that short half mile along a not particularly busy lane. The trouble was that the mower had chopped up the rubbish so that instead of one piece there were several.

There was one good find. My wife found a pristine £10 note! so we got paid for our efforts for once thumbs up I just don't understand why people do it (especially the tenner!).


Thread: Price of Kits
09/09/2020 22:10:07

I usually just put in an extra space after (in this case) the quotation marks then the smilet goes away. Also I delete the 'edit' messages each time I edit if I do more than one, then I don't look so indecisive


Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
09/09/2020 12:50:51

An excellent programme on BBC R4 is 'More or Less' which takes a close look at various statistics and recently anything to do with Covid 19. Although one item this morning at 9am examined if jellyfish could swim as fast as an Olympic swimmer as claimed somewhere - answer 'No'. So it's not all doom and gloom.

Worth a listen on iPlayer Sounds.


08/09/2020 23:51:01

I've just read that gatherinbgs of more than 6 people will be banned in England from Monday. Not sure exactly how that affects us but I guess fly-ins, shows (Weston?), swap meets etc fall into that category and possibly having more than 6 at the airfield.

Apparently it's because there have been more than 8500 new cases recorded in the last 3 days. Looks like more workshop time and less flying time

Really getting fed up with this.


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
08/09/2020 22:11:27

It was free plan in the June 2019 issue of RCME (I think that was the issue). Not sure if it's available elsewhere. Perhaps SLEC may be in a position to offer one with Peter's permission, of course, as it's his design.


Thread: Farm vehicle interference on 2.4?
08/09/2020 11:35:36

These sorts of problems can be worrying. We can accept (albeit reluctantly) that most of our model disasters are self-inflicted but with the best care in the world you can't allow for serious external interference.

When I flew at RR(Hucknall) some years ago there was one 35Mhz channel whiich was banned because of several unexplained crashes. In the end we found that anglers on a nearby pond were using RC bait boats running on 35Mhz on the suspect channel. They were being sold by a manuacturer and the anglers were unaware of the implications. I think the manufacturer was fined and stopped.

Having spent the best part of a year building a model it chills the blood reading about your problems. I hope they're resolved soon.


Thread: Skydiver build blog
07/09/2020 16:24:48

Another thing to ensure is that you have the scale set 100% as I see Nigel has done but you can select other scales. It's surprising how accurate the print is - at least it is with my printer.


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