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Thread: Wing damage repair advice wanted!
06/09/2020 22:23:20

Not sure what you mean by the dimensions of the wing tube. I'm guessing 475mm long x 18mm diameter, and a tube with 4mm wall thickness (so a 10mm dia hole). I assume it's alloy so I'd agree the carbon you suggest as a replacement should be adequate but I'm no expert on meterial strength other than 'common sense' .

You really need to remove the covering and expose the damage to the wing itself. I'd be inclined to cut square the damaged foam and glue in oversize foam with Gorilla glue, sand/Permagrit to shape and recover the sheeting (1.5mm balsa probably) glued with thin epoxy or contact adhesive and then replace the leading edge. At least the film covering looks to be a simple design which should be relatively easy to match in.

I don't think it would be a difficult repair at first glance.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/09/2020 00:46:20

Is it really that long ago? We went to the boat show presumably in early 1981 and walked past the Iranian embassy building which still bore the scars.

Nice model btw. I've both cycled and driven over the Cat & Fiddle and noticed people flying gliders but it was long before I had any interest.


Thread: Electric trail-riding - its the future!
03/09/2020 19:55:11

About 3 years ago we did a barge-aided cycle tour of the Netherlands with our tandem. We left the barge each morning, cycled all day and met it in the evening at a new location. Rather like a hotel-based tour without the need to load up your panniers each day. One member of the party had her Mercian converted to be electrically-aided but she didn't bother to fit the battery because there were no hills

I've converted several bikes for us and older cub-mates for electrical assistance. The motor is in the front wheel and the battery/esc etc is carried in a special rear pannier which leaves the top free to carry our usual rack-packs. I like the idea of 2 wheel drive. There are 5 levels of assistance though we rarely use level 5 and on a long drag level 1 just about compensates for the extra weight We easily get 100km on a single charge but we do pedal quite hard and still get out of breath on the climbs. I would prefer to ride without but at 80 I think we have an excuse Though I do have my usual triple chainset and close ratio gears - all 27 of them.

That rear wheel drive set up looks very neat but as soon as it mentions the need for a smart phone app(lication) it immediately puts me off. I do have a an iPhone but it's an iPhone 4 I bought for £30. The thought of carrying around a piece of electronics that cost over £500 horrifies me and then I have to pay to connect to the 'net. I prefer to stick to my repairable desktop.


Thread: Please Help With Removing and Re Fitting Valve Collets
03/09/2020 17:54:42
Posted by kc on 03/09/2020 16:58:54:

There is a thing called a jewellers apron which is some sort of apron attached to the bench and also to the person to catch things that would fall past your lap.

One of my earliest memories is of watching my grandfather working at his bench repairing watches and clocks (he was working into his 80s). There was nothing special about his apron. It was just an ordinary white bib style but it clipped into fittings on his bench to catch any small parts that fell. I've often wondered why I didn't have the same when I've been scouring my workshop floor for some small part

He died about 75 years ago when I was 5 and we lived with him and my grandmother at the shop so thanks for reminding me of a very special man.


03/09/2020 16:30:52

I used to refit valve collets quite a lot when I rebuilt motor cycle engines (usually vintage single cylinder engines) and, using a spring compressor (which I still have) it's not too difficult. However I can imagine trying to do the same on a 10cc engine rather than a 500cc one might be a little more tricky. There must be an easy way that people like OS use and I would guess a device to hold the spring compressed while the collets are fitted must be available.

I think I'd try to hold the spring compressed by wrapping thin fuse wire round the turns and snipping it free once the collets are in place - inside a poly bad as well!


Thread: Be2c woes
03/09/2020 13:56:31

That looks a horrifying picture and it's amazing the pilot survived at all. I wish Matthew a full and speedy recovery.


Thread: Removable u/c
30/08/2020 17:59:58

A lot of undercarriages (eg carbon or sheet alloy) are only held on with a pair of 5 or 6mm nylon bolts. It's a trivial exercise to remove them (even without using a poor landing as the means )


Thread: Why RC? Why not FF?
29/08/2020 15:05:20
Posted by kc on 29/08/2020 12:50:34:

Why go by bus when you can drive your own car!

Oddlly enough I use the bus a lot because it means I can walk one way and bus it back.

I've had a look round the free flight section in the BMFA tent at the Nats and admired the high tech aspects of the competition models. But once competition raises its head in any field it's time to open your wallet if you need to win or even do well. I used up my (semi)serious chops motor cycling and sailing with less seious intent pedal cycling, bridge and model yachting so I'm not interested in competing free flight. Moreover I enjoy being able to control my models whilst they're in the air and I build a lot of them.

I can admire the skills of freeflight without any desire to join their ranks.


Thread: Looking for Help Identifying Vintage Model Planes!
28/08/2020 20:50:29

Out of curiosity I had a look at the Heath Baby Bullet drawing (it's all long before I had any interest in aeromodelling) and was amused to see in the attached article that it used radio gear manufactured by Heathkit. I think the similarity in name is a coicidence. I built a Heathkit FM tuner in about 1969 and and an electronic wind direction/anemometer kit for my then sailing club in Sutton-in-Ashfield a few years later. I suppose the RC gear was also supplied in kit form at the time of the article.

Looks an interesting model and right in my preferred era. It's tempting but not likely to be very high on my to be built list.


Thread: Learning to fly on a large trainer
27/08/2020 21:16:57

This trainer is big but so light it flies well on either electric or a .60 glow.

ezee 7.jpg

Ugly as sin, though


Thread: Generator power output?
27/08/2020 17:03:09

I replaced the leisure battery in our campervan with one that's rated at high discharge and quite capable of starting the 2.5 litre diesel engine (via jump leads - both batteries are under the bonnet) if the main starter battery fails. So high discharge leisure batteries are available. IIRC it was about £100 delivered 2 years ago.


Thread: Servo Y Leads
27/08/2020 14:00:33

There are two ways (3 if you you use a servo reverser as Peter did).

1: If you've installed the servos as per the drawing then you need to use separate receiver channels and reverse one of them.

2. You could turn one of the servos round so they are no longer mirror images (as the aileron servos are) and then a stndard Y lead will work (as will separate channels of course)

3. Apparently there are servo reverser modules but I've never needed to use one and prefer options 1 or 2. In that case the reverser is used to reverse the direction of one servo. Seems over complicated to me.

The L'l Cub I intend to build will use number 2 which provides 2 options and doesn't have any disadvantages.


Thread: Sunrise
27/08/2020 10:11:11

The only time I'm up that early is when I've been up all night and mostly that's been when (in the distant past, sadly) I've either been cycling or sailing all night. My usual bedtime is about 0100 hrs d

Lovely photo, though.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/08/2020 21:58:24

That's a very nice Stolp Starllet, Richard. Much better than the 1/3 scale one I bought on eBay for not much money and got flying with a Zenoah 26. Sadly it met its end at one of the Castle Howard fly-ins when, for some reason it became very hard to control. No great loss as it as it had only cost me time (mostly) and the engine went in something else.



Thread: Giant scale kit
26/08/2020 21:23:01

You could try Belair for CNC cut large scale models. You may need to buy the plans elsewhere and there's probably no instructions.


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
26/08/2020 21:17:13

Thanks for assuaging my guilty conscious, Bob I'll build it more happily now.


Thread: Refridgeration expert needed
25/08/2020 21:24:44

That fridge must be quite old. I don't think Hoover have made them for about 30 years for a guess. We used to sell Hoover vacuum cleaners etc but never fridges. Dad gave us a new but old stock Fridgidaire for a wedding present back in 1967 You're doing very well with that.


Thread: ESC cutting out on one type of battery?
25/08/2020 21:11:32

Good point about the LVC recovering once the load has been removed and restarting the motor. Rather like my hearing aid battery which has to be removed to stop its restarting and shutting down rhythmically


Thread: SLEC Li'l Cub build
25/08/2020 21:03:29

I just emailed SLEC for the price (a member of the forum had asked them to do the CNC cutting. (I can't recall who) and then phoned to order it on Friday and it arrived this afternoon (Tuesday). So very quick service.

Had a look through the wood and it seems to cover all that will be needed. I know it's bit of a cop out as most of the parts would have been easy to self-cut but, as I said, I took the easy option and trust SLEC to supply sufficient balsa and ply.


25/08/2020 16:30:40

The parts for Peter Miller's Li'l Cub arrived this afternoon, which is very prompt. I opted to buy both the CNC parts and the wood. The total cost, including postage (and VAT, which wasn't included in the quote) is £86.01.

I haven't studied the box contents carefully but it looks comprehensive and includes the balsa dowel which I knew I didn't have in stock. I like the sheet identifying the CNC components. It all came in a labelled box so perhaps SLEC is anticipating selling a few sets.

slec parts.jpg

I have no intention of doing a blow by blow build log but I'll post a few photos as I go along.


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