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Thread: Christmas Advent Competition updates!
10/01/2019 11:45:53

Hi Beth

Found my airbrush under a bush this morning, fortunately it hasn’t rained since it’s been there so all is good. Looking forward to giving it a go. Thank you very much.


Thread: Hobby King's Web site ????
02/01/2019 14:50:31

With my last HK purchase I altered the PayPal transaction to pay in dollars which removes the paypal conversion charges. I then used my Halifax credit card to pay PayPal. This is the card that Martin Lewis recommends for foreign transactions because there is no conversion charge. This was an experiment on a very small amount but the effect was that the debit amount on my account was about 2% less than the PayPal estimate. Bit better than Erfolg’s 3.5% inflation.

Thread: Solicitor’s Fees
20/12/2018 20:14:11

A discussion with the solicitors office managed to reduce the bill by £120 but there are still multiple queries outstanding. Following advice from the legal ombudsman the bill was paid ‘under protest’ because without doing this the house purchase would simply stall. The battle will resume in the new year.

We all know that house purchase is one of the major stress points in life. For the legal ‘professionals’ to produce an invoice that is effectively over 3 times the written quotation, excluding stamp duty & land registration, hours before the due completion, with no previous indication that the cost would be any different to the quote is questionable practice. With the threat that anything but immediate payment would mean no completion this side of Christmas, it becomes completely immoral. (True thoughts would get moderated)

20/12/2018 12:14:08

Thanks both for the replies. Your experience ST is where I thought this would end up. Did you have any success with the law society?

20/12/2018 12:11:40

He is doing that now. It seems he has a break down of the costs but other than the stamp duty and land registration virtually everything else has a different description to the items on the original quotation. It seems an exercise in obfuscation. The threat has been clarified to be: it must be paid in full by 2.00 pm today, otherwise completion will not take place today, which effectively means kicking it into the new year. What ever happened to the ability to contest an invoice?

Sorry if this is a bit of a rant, but I’m angry.

20/12/2018 11:45:04

I’ve just received a text message from my son who is buying his first house, and due to complete the purchase today. It seems that he has just received a demand, out of the blue, for an extra £1000 legal fees from his conveyances. This seems to be accompanied by the threat of not completing unless this is paid immediately.

Has anybody any idea if this is a common practice and if there are any options other than paying the ‘ransom’? At this time I have no idea of the justification for the addition fees, but the timing and lack of any prior indication makes me angry and suspicious.

Thread: RCM&E December issue
01/12/2018 11:43:29

I think mine arrived on the 21st.

Thread: workbench design?
26/11/2018 10:22:34

I built some benches using Vance Mosher's design published on the RCScaleBuilder site:

I think you need to register & log in to view the forums.

I built them in a home made shed and they are rock solid. They don't move if I sit on the edge (not that I do this very often wink). Used flooring chipboard for the top, CLS studding timber for the top frames & 45mm x 20mm for the diagonal braces. All screwed together. In the same situation I would do the same again.

Thread: Bargain Boddington books!
29/01/2018 20:06:08

I got the other cheap copy (the cheapest I think) so that looks like a clean sweep to the forum. Thanks to kc for bringing it to our attention.

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
07/09/2017 11:12:48
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 07/09/2017 10:05:05:
Very satisfying isn't it when you can sit back and look at that fantastic wing.

👍 just finished the first sanding session. I will sort out the hinging before I move on to the other wing.

07/09/2017 08:35:22

Hi Paul, I learnt from your experience regarding the tearing of the foam when cutting.

I used the templates to mark out the front edge of the false trailing edge. I then projected this backwards by 13mm to allow for the thickness of the balsa edges & a1mm gap. I then marked out the ends of the control surfaces in the same way.

I then repeated the marking on the other side, rechecked everything, had a cup of tea, & checked again.

I did the nervy bit (cutting) by using a metre rule & new scalpel blade to cut though the veneer along the rear edge of the wing & then the front edge of the control surfaces. The same cutting was then repeated at the inboard end of the flap. I was then able to remove the veneer from between the parallel cuts. When I had repeated the veneer removal on the other side I had a wide target of exposed foam 13mm wide. I was able to use a bread knife to cut down the middle of the exposed foam & then used a permagrit block to 'sand' the foam back to the cut veneer edges. I had intended to cut the majority of the waste foam before a final dressing, but the permagrit was so quick I didn't bother with any more cutting. I didn't separate the flap from the aileron until all the other dressing was done. The final separation was done with a razor saw because the parts are much smaller and the saw back does not get in the way.

It took quite a long time but that was mainly my caution. Your mantra of measure twice, cut once, & make another was not what I wanted with the wing.😉 Not the last bit anyway.

While doing all the marking & veneer removal I kept the wing in its packing, lifting the top then replacing it to turn the wing round or over. This both protected the wing from workshop clutter when manovering it, and kept it stable when working on it.

I hope this all makes sense, I'll try & take more pictures in the future to save all this typing.

06/09/2017 19:32:11

Thanks for waking me up Richard. Spent a couple of hours earlier today marking out & cutting up a perfectly good wing to create an aileron & a flap. Nerve racking but so far so good. Added the leading edge and false trailing edge. Just got the balsa end trims to add and then some sanding. I don't think I've made any goofs yet.

Then just the other wing to do.

24/08/2017 10:56:38

Hi Gillyg, if you are going to use the double ball link supplied in the kit, be aware that the two threaded rods are different lengths. If you use the long one on the wrong side you have a problem. Guess how I knowsad

This comment means that there is another construction underway, thumbs up embarrassing slow unfortunately thumbs down

15/05/2017 12:29:38

I should have realised that you would have already seen the problem.yes l didn't realise that the full size had the same problem, but now you've pointed it out its obvious as soon as you look at the photographs.

Good tip about the speed of deployment. I should be alright because my radio supports a servo slow feature. I will also be investigating a mechanism to prevent full flap deployment if the undercarriage is retracted.

15/05/2017 11:51:37

Paul: looking at the pictures I am worried that as the flap is deployed the rear nacelle will foul the retracted wheel.

I am a long way behind you guys still working on the tail feathers. Very grateful for the benefit of your trail blazing & solutions.

22/03/2017 19:52:34

Mine has been hidden away pending re-delivery on my birthday next month. It's not too frustrating though cos I'm off on holiday tomorrow. I'm planning on an E version with bombs which won't look very different to the pictures Nigel posted the other day.

By the time I get started I'm expecting to profit from all the mistakes that have already been made.

Thread: Build Board Material
15/01/2017 12:41:19

I've used laminate floor insulation tiles. They are about 500 mm square & 6 mm thick. They take pins easily & are simply replaced when damaged. I got some from a laminate floor shop years ago. when I told the salesman what I wanted it for he gave me a damaged pack for free. I'm still using it.

Thread: T6J using fhss receiver
21/10/2014 21:24:09

I don't know whether this helps but I was having trouble binding a T6J at a friends house over the weekend. A google search suggested that it could be interference from the internet router (we were in the house at the time). We took both the plane & transmitter to the bottom of the garden & it bound first time.

This may not be the issue, but its easy to do & worth a try.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 09:15:30

Chuck my name in please.

Thread: Common servo connections
09/01/2014 13:01:17

I think it is a big no no. I tried it myself once but it gave no end of problems with surfaces going all over the place. An electronics chappie tried suggested to me that servos reference the signal wire against the negative & with these commoned up then these references were being affected. Whether this was the real reason or not I have no idea, but not something I would try again. I recommend the AShlock connectors available from Phil Clark at FighterAces

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