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Thread: NHS to use drones?
17/10/2020 21:47:03

Hi David.

I have been flying RC aircraft since the eighties, but they have always been regarded by non modelers as 'big boys toys'. They have no practical value, except providing us with many hours fun and entertainment, which they do very well. What would life be without a model on the go, (aircraft that is). I used to fly at a local gliding club that operated alongside a model club. I would spend a couple of hours or so flying full size gliders and then retire to the model patch for some real flying. When I left, my fellow glider pilots to go to the model patch, they would often pull my leg typically saying "He's off now to play with his toy aeroplanes", but invariably they would follow me and watch.

It's nice to see RC aircraft now earning their living not just by TV and film crews, but as life savers for search and rescue, agricultural use and for civil engineering etc. With their artificial intelligence they are also fun to use, I have to say this year I have had more fun and entertainment with a little DJI Spark than with certain other models in my collection.

Here's a little spoof.....

I Have a little friend who can fly. He takes off from my hand and returns to me just by a simple hand gesture. He recognizes me and will not return to anyone else. He can fly much faster than I can run, about thirty miles an hour, but gets tired after about 10 to 15 minutes and flies straight back to me.
He never gets lost, he knows exactly where he is at all time. Unfortunately he gets vertigo and will not fly higher than four hundred feet. He is also scared of full size aircraft and checks from his maps to see if anything is likely to be in the area.
If I take him to or near to an airport he refuses to fly and if he flies near to one, he stops immediately and flies straight back to me.
If he gets too close to anyone or anything he stops. He will try flying around the them until his battery gets low and will then fly straight back to me. If you approach him he will always back off. He is better at social distancing than many people.
He can do many tricks, spiral around me, pretend to be a rocket, fly anywhere that I tell him to and return and can follow anyone or anything that is moving.
He also carries a camera and takes beautiful pictures and videos, he even hovers behind me taking videos while I'm flying. He can even fly sideways and still take videos.
He doesn't like model aircraft, he says they are stupid, have no intelligence, bump into things and have to be told what to do all the time.
He is Chinese, his name is xiao which means the first light of the day. I cannot pronounce it, so I call him Sparky.

Unfortunately the DJI Spark will no longer have any more brothers and sisters. Sparks are now discontinued.


Thread: Complete A Pac Kits
07/10/2020 10:00:39

Hi All,

Hope I'm not too late on this one. Anyone interested in CAP kits, please check out my post on the Devil's Duster. Just do a search using keyword 'duster', should find it. Some information from contributors within this post may be of use.

Stay safe.


Thread: Watch out for online retailers in EU, China & the USA
28/07/2020 17:02:09

Hi All.

Yes I have had a bad experience from Bangood,details on (Site jabber or Trustpilot). When buying from China, to be safe I always buy through Ebay / Paypall. Quote " If your item arrives damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. If you've changed your mind and want to send it back, you can ask the seller if they'll accept a return". I have always had very good service from sellers in China and Europe when buying from a safe site. I sometimes sell on Ebay myself, I have to comply with their rules or loose my membership, for good.

Halfords... Only in an emergency!

Be safe and watch those props.


Thread: Using Carbon Fibre on Models
19/07/2020 15:31:36

Hi Tosh,

CF rods or tubes obtainable from:

Leeds model centre, Sussex model centre, Pegasus models, etc. Good idea to shop around.


19/07/2020 15:05:42

Hi Tosh.

Inserting carbon fibre tubes into a main spar or even the rear of a fuselage means a lighter structure can be built. A typical metre length of 8x6mm tube would cost about £8. With carbon tubes the smaller number refers to the internal diameter. I recently refurbished and electrified my Hambleton Pterasoarus, a 3mtr. tail less design. This aircraft was built in 1990 and has flown many hours, but the spars by now may have become brittle, so carbon tubes were epoxied against the spars with 1/8" sq. spruce above and below the tubes to help the epoxy resin glue.

The tubes were placed at the most vulnerable part of the spar. Below is the aircraft awaiting the insertion of the tubes.pterasoarus re-furb.jpg

Edited By DCW on 19/07/2020 15:06:48

Thread: Ben Buckle Majestic Major help
24/06/2020 20:29:21

Hi David.

Back in the last century, (1986), I had a Majestic Major mine balanced on the main spar. It was the first RC aircraft that I went solo with. Mine had a now vintage OS 61 four stroke with open rockers and a 12x6 prop. It made a lovely sound.

Majestic Major at Keevil

With ballast, (quite a bit), mine weighed about 8.5lb, but this was fine it was still a 'floater' on a fast tick over.

Enjoy the MM, regards David

Thread: Devil's Duster
11/06/2020 16:30:24

Thanks Piers. The next time that I fly it I'll see if I can get someone to photograph or video it. Can't really take a video and fly it at the same time. Maybe a GoPro on the fin?

Stay safe and keep flying.


11/06/2020 08:11:34

The modified Devil's Duster, now fitted with an OS FS62v and the engine mount moved back into the centre section.devils duster 2 modified

Thread: Electric power for KeilKraft Gaucho.
04/06/2020 08:17:08

Hi Jeffrey.

Coincidentally A few weeks ago at the start of 'lockdown' I thought about radio conversion and electrification the KK Gaucho, I built one in my early teens. Back then I was not interested in using it as a contest machine, so I did not bother with the Elmic Universal timer, valve and de-thermaliser, I just wanted to fly it. I fitted it with my Mills 75 which at that time was fitted into a KK Snipe, not contest performance but just right for my purposes. I still have that Mills and ran it up last year, it fired up after just about six or so flicks of the prop. More details and a plan download of the Gaucho can be found on 'Outerzone' , together with a link for the wing rib profiles.

I have already electrified the KK Halo and the KK Chief which with it's long nose lends itself for the installation of a 3 cell LiPo. The Gaucho would only need a two cell system, but a Mill 75 I think would be a nicer option. As with the description in Outerzone the wing tip dihedral would need to be reduced a little and the tilt on the tailplane would not be needed.. The fuselage is of profile build, but a lightweight radio system could be built into the fairing blocks just behind the engine.

Hope this helps, keep in touch.


Thread: Dihedral or flat wing on a retro design.
11/04/2020 17:54:13

Hi David.

The Hep Cat is of course a 'free flight model', yes, you just launch it and let it go! Therefore, as with all free
flight models the Hep cat is self stabilising thanks to the dihedral wing. That is, if a gust of wind hits it from
the side causing it to pitch or roll it will endeavour to stop this from happening and correct itself. The
same effect can happen if we try to turn the model with radio control, it will try to prevent this from
happening and the tail will start to wag from side to side. The outcome of this is called 'Dutch Roll', a
common problem with rudder steered aircraft. A simple fix for this, as you say, is to fit ailerons also to reduce the dihedral by 50 percent, but not flat.

I converted a Keil Kraft Chief and a Halo to electric power and RC in this manner. Both of these were rudder steered and flew with no sign of 'dutch roll', thanks to the reduction of the dihedral wing.

Hope this is of use to you. Please let us know how you get on.


Thread: Decals (lettering)
09/03/2020 21:36:37


As a retired signwriter, when I am feeling lazy I use ' vinylletteringonline'

Best regards


Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
20/01/2020 21:01:14

Devils Duster profileThe CAP Devil's Duster from the 1980s. So much fun I had to build a re-designed version in this century....CAP Devils Duster

Thread: Man on the moon. Really?
17/07/2017 11:14:47

I used to believe that most modellers were intelligent life forms... Now I'm not so sure....

May I remind you that this is an model aircraft forum and NOT for ridicuolus theorists!



Thread: Fuel question
20/06/2017 22:28:36

Hi Scott.

Can I refer you to a previous latest post, 'Caster Oil', by ChrisH. Start to finish that says it all.

Happy landings


Thread: Consumer vs Retailer vs Horizon
16/06/2017 19:56:02

Hi All.

To the best of my knowledge, these are the small number of UK. HH. dealers. None of my personal favorites are here and some that I have never heard of. Looks like a 'closed shop' wink for other UK dealers.

Fast Lads Performance Ltd, Wheelspin Models, Kings Lynn Model Shop, Apex Models Ltd, TJD Models Ltd,

Slough Radio Control Models, Blade Hobbies Ltd, Midland Helicopters Ltd, Penn Models Ltd,

Model & Hobby World (Skerton), Freeprawn Racing Co. Ltd, The Modelshop (Leeds), Als Hobbies,

Gliders & Racing Models Ltd, Western Valley Models, Nexus Modelling Supplies, Pegasus Models Ltd.,

Geedee Models Ltd, M.B. Models, Totem Hobbies, Wireless Madness Ltd, Rother Valley Optics Ltd,

R & K Enterprise Ltd, DMS Racing, Motion Impossible Ltd.

Make of this what you will..

Happy landings.


Thread: Castor Oil
15/06/2017 21:02:15

Well done Kim for putting us 'straight' on the use of different lubricants. I have found that it is always best to use the fuel that the engine manufacturers tell you to use and not to be sidetracked by forums. For more information try the 'Just engines' website.

Cool runs.


Thread: Consumer vs Retailer vs Horizon
12/06/2017 22:51:19

Horizon Hobby Update, I received this information from one of my favorite dealers. Information that many of us are, already aware of:

Horizon Hobby closed their UK office on 31/3/17, other European offices were closed before this date. Servicing and sales are now direct from Germany, (bad news). We can, of course, order directly from HH in Germany or from a handful of UK stockists, could this be a way of controlling prices? That is probably why stocks of Spektrum products in many of our favorite model shops are now depleted. As a retailer myself, not in model equipment, I no how frustrating it can be dealing with poor service from suppliers. It is always a good idea to let the customer know what the problem is, possibly offer a refund, and stop dealing with the offending supplier.

I have been using Spektrum RC for a number years after changing from Futaba. Maybe it is now time to go back to Futaba when an upgrade is required.


Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
01/05/2017 21:50:14

Mick Reeves Gangster 63 original - Built 1987 - Engine Veco 60, (later changed for an OS61 FSR). Back then most of us including myself were taught aerobatics on Gangsters.Gangster 63

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
16/04/2017 22:20:17

As with any model aircraft the irresponsible use of 'drones' can a problem. A problem in that unlike seasoned aeromodellers who would almost always have third party insurance, fly responsibly and probably belong to a model flying club or association, any member of the public can just buy one and 'go fly in the park'. As a retailer myself, I believe that it is the responsibility of the shop to ensure that the would be flyer is acquainted with the laws and rules governing model flying, recommend that the purchaser obtains third party insurance, be issued with a copy of the CAA's CAP658 publication or better still join a model club and of course sign up to 'Model Flying'.

To this end maybe all retailers who sell ARTF aircraft in whatever form above a certain weight or size should be licensed by the CAA to do so. This then would prevent irresponsible retailers who do not provide warnings and safety advice to purchasers from selling such devices.

Please check the websites, adverts and if possible check in the stores especially belonging to the larger retailers if the appropriate advice is given, a bit like a 'mystery shopper'.

It would be much appreciated if the only replies to this thread is factual information of the experiences obtained from a visit to a drone retailer either in-store or on-line.

Many thanks


Thread: Devil's Duster
27/03/2017 16:24:47

Devils Duster 2 de-riggedDevil's Duster 2 ready for easy transport, the original was in one piece.

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