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Thread: Take off into wind ?
08/06/2018 23:53:49

Having been taught to fly with the standard 3 function high winger of the time, taking off into wind was mandatory, see John's comments above, and landing into wind was more likely to be survivable. Let's face it a downwind landing if it was breezy was likely to result in a bent nose wheel at least. Regarding the possibility of the occasional 'Independant spirit' launching/landing towards the pits or pilot box, a quiet word should be enough, you should never, even in a good cause, make another club member ( and mate ) feel uncomfortable.

Thread: All change at RCM&E
24/05/2018 23:34:18

David, no doubt a difficult decision but absolutely on the money, there a lot of us who have been there having had some sort of health problem which quite suddenly have caused us to re-evaluate our work:life balance. We all have customers/clients/patients/work colleagues who might in the short term miss you/be irritated by your absence, but within the month will have found someone else to fill the "void". ( It was a bit of a shock to discover the business didn't collapse in ruins within a couple of weeks of my enforced temporary retirement. ) Yet in the event of you dropping off the twig between the traces ( to mix a couple of metaphors ) your family would never be able to fill that void. Look after yourself. At least you know you're leaving my favourite comic in the best possible hands.

Thread: Spektrum receiver advice please.
24/05/2018 01:14:45

Shop says it's ok - but I'd guess any Specky warranty vanished the moment the casing was broached. If you have confidence in the shop's repair the next step should be a stringent range test installed in a flyable airframe - belonging to the repairer 🤔? And finally a flight test in a "disposable" foamy,

Better still chuck it out - an airframe plus all ancillaries has a significantly higher cash value than a potentially dodgy Rx, let alone the consequences to anyone/anything getting in the way of an out of control model.

Just my four penny worth

Thread: Engine test stands
22/05/2018 18:24:00

Trebor - have a couple going spare. PM sent.

Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
22/05/2018 18:11:53

Sort of on the theme of OH power lines - adjacent to a field we flew off for years were 4 X 300V?/400V? distribution cables on the usual wooden poles running parallel to the fence. One afternoon someone ( in the absence of any club members ) decided to fly a C/L plane - on our R/C field - to cut a long story short - pilot stumbled, let go handle, C/L plane became F/F and departed climbing towards the OH cables trailing two 30-odd foot lengths of lay-straight behind it. Said lay-straight caught on the hi-V OH power cable which stopped the fly-away, but ----- the C/L plane then wrapped it's by now anything but straight control cables several times around the power cables and shorted them out putting a couple of hundred houses onto candle power only.

There was, as expected, a bit of a hoohaa. At least we were able to say, in all honesty, nothing do with us guvnor.

Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 08:07:36

Interestingly - although HK have produced a very well priced ( and specified ) weekend flier's Tx I have only ever seen one down at the field, it's owner was very pleased with his, not had any problems with it whatsoever. The latest iteration looks very tempting at the price - the biggest problem is the vile orange case. Anyone have hands on experience of HK Tx's ?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
18/05/2018 10:52:34

Precisely what I was after Ron - many thanks. Gurth.

18/05/2018 02:09:35

Thanks Ron - but I'm completely ignorant as to how I go about uploading - and any results from a Google search are pretty unhelpful as they all seem to assume a lot of basic knowledge. I really need a step1, step 2, step 3 / join part a to part b type instructions - don't need to know how it works - just how to do it! Any help of that sort will be muchly appreciated. Cheers Ron - Gurth.

17/05/2018 01:23:28

All my pictures are taken with an iPad or an iPhone, stored on them (both) and iCloud. How can I convert these to the jpg format that you require for downloading onto the site?

Thanks - Gurth.

Thread: How to pass the time when charging Lipos?
11/05/2018 19:54:47

And if anything goes wrong when LiPos are charging what can you do? Not much, apart from disconnecting from the charger, and if you're brave/foolhardy enough carry the battery in the charging bag far far away.

Last week I had a LiPo self immolate, a 3S 3000 - hissed, went bang and then burned quite vigorously.

But no collateral damage - I always charge outdoors, on a pensioned-off steel instrument trolley, in the garden using an extension cable and at least 15 feet from anything flammable.

At the request from SWMBO - I NEVER charge indoors. Why are they always ( even if it takes a long time ) right ! ?

Thread: Safety plug
08/05/2018 01:57:20

I've been following this thread and suddenly it became very relevant to me. I've just finished refurbishing an ancient Junior 60 - the battery (3S 3000) is accessed by removal of the wing. Doh! Battery fitted and wing banded on - the motor - AND prop are live! I didn't feel the built up fuze of the J60 would be up to the repeated stresses of connecting either an XT or Deans plug. So break into one of the wires connecting the ESC to the plug, solder a 4mm female plug to each cut end, pass both through the (pretty substantial) longitudinal stringer below the window and epoxy in place with 2-3mm of the plug standing proud - take a 3-4cm piece of wire, solder a 4mm male connector on each end. Job done - just remember to remove the wire loop before loading the LiPo into the fuze, replace to fly, remove when retrieving from the strip after landing.

A further "refinement", for lack of a better word, plug an extension balancer cable into the LiPo and trap the cable under the wing such that you can connect it to your battery checker of choice, and you can determine whether you have sufficient fuel on board another flight or two, Without the need to take the wing off !

Edited By Old Geezer on 08/05/2018 01:58:49

Thread: The Ohmen
04/05/2018 00:02:24

Oh - and usually if the stand-offs are long enough you have room to tuck the ESC in behind motor where nature intended - then a couple of strategically placed 'oles and the cooling's sorted out too.

Edited By Old Geezer on 04/05/2018 00:08:10

04/05/2018 00:01:14

You'll usually need to mount your electric motor on stand-offs if you do a straight swap for an i/c motor, to get your prop-driver in the same place, or else you would have to shorten ( butcher! ) that nice glass fibre cowl - besides, who wants a brachycephalic Wot4?!

04/05/2018 00:01:13

You'll usually need to mount your electric motor on stand-offs if you do a straight swap for an i/c motor, to get your prop-driver in the same place, or else you would have to shorten ( butcher! ) that nice glass fibre cowl - besides, who wants a brachycephalic Wot4?!

Thread: Specsavers.
03/05/2018 23:36:51

Hi FN, don't worry, I've had to use the Opthalmology Dept. at Worcester - smashing people. Have to say the same about the Eye Dept. at Kidderminster too - and then there's Eye Centre at Dudley Road (B'ham) who are in a class of their own! If it wasn't for the care of all these lovely folks, by now I would only have one functional eye. By the way if you haven't been to Worcester before, give yourself half an hour ( at least ) to find a parking spot and then navigate your way to your appointment. Oh, and good luck.

Thread: Sunglasses for rc flying
30/04/2018 07:51:00

Yep - me too - optician flogged me some yellow prescription lenses for night driving - they did make things look brighter when driving in poor light conditions but not to the point of being cost effective ( for me ) - when I next needed new specs I recycled the yellow lens frames and had them fitted them with Polaroid lenses!

Edited By Old Geezer on 30/04/2018 07:52:40

30/04/2018 00:55:32

Bit late Cymaz, but for the benefit of other parishioners, as I used to do a lot of driving I always bought a pair of prescription Polaroids at the same time as my new prescription glasses when my deteriorating vision required yet another change. No need to spend a huge amount - most High Street opticians will reglaze an old pair of spec's with Polaroid prescription lenses at reasonable cost - they've usually got "offers" too of some sort to reduce the cost, especially if you're a pensioner.

Thread: Your Transmitter History
09/04/2018 15:13:16

2nd hand Skyleader Clubman on 27, limited to 'Red'

World Engines on 27, folded blue tin case, built by Mick Wilshere, interchangeable crystal - so more flying time !

Futaba Skysport 6A - not sure why, just couldn't get on with it, so it went.

JR on 35, initially with a XP 652, and then latterly with a 2610 ( a bit of a favourite ) which I would be flying with it still, but went electric and had to change to 2.4 when I suddenly became glitch-free.

In rapid succession I acquired a Speckie DX5e (Urgh!), then a DX6i (works ok, not worth selling, just kept for sloping) and then a DX8eu. - kept for the foamies

Fanfare - Roll of drums ---- and now - my all time favourite, the Multiplex Cockpit 2.4, very different from anything coming out of the East, but once you get your head round programming each servo in turn, utterly reliable AND the case feels perfect in my small arthritic paws - just the Rx's are a bit pricey.

Thread: Pull-Pull wires, Spurious Signals & 2.4 gig Rx
05/04/2018 14:49:49

Thanks everybody - I'll go the simple route - any problems should show up during the usual range check as suggested. Then it'll be a case of SIAS (Suck It And See).

Thread: Flyaway model, what would you do?
05/04/2018 00:15:03

I guess, assuming the plane was set up with fail-safe, the correct decision would be to switch off the Tx. That would be 'Best Practice' - the outcome might have been exactly the same - but It's less likely blame could be attributed to someone whose actions in the circumstances were 'Best Practice'.

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