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Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
19/07/2019 08:30:31

If ever there was something begging to be an entry for Antiques Roadshow ( not Cash in the Attic etc. too low rent! ) it has to be this - ok, not really an antique ( not yet ) but the supporting documentation would make it a fascinating 5 or 10 minute item.

Thread: Stockpiling
19/07/2019 08:18:54

I suppose the only way to deal with someone trying to buy up all the ASP or Laser spares has to be a little bit of (polite) rationing like that which occurred round here when there was a petrol shortage - our local chaps put their heads together and agreed that they would only sell 4 gallons at a time - seemed to help.

Thread: Wot no Acrowot!
13/07/2019 07:44:20

Having rediscovered the attractions of dirty power ( an Irvine 46 on the front of a rather tired old artf Wot4* ) I was planning to get an artf AcroWot - - Blow! Bother! Bum! So, Plan B - I'm going to have to build one instead of assembling one! I built my first Wot4 years before the ARTFs were available and I seem to remember it was one of my quickest builds ever. It looked brilliant too in antique Solartex and two part fuel Proofer. I doubt that the AcroWot will be much more difficult or take much longer.

*My fourth.

Thread: What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?
10/07/2019 01:20:53

The Boss is pretty good about the hobby - as long as I don't let it get in the way of family commitments. I have also found that once you get to between 6 & 10 ( absolute maximum! ) airframes - a one in one out policy contributes to marital harmony, Also her tolerance of me sliding out anything up to five evenings a week during the season to fish the evening rise puts her in a class of her own.

Thread: D****s - again!
01/07/2019 14:36:18

BBC2 tonight - 9.30 to 10.30 p.m..

From the TV preview in The Times today, "We're all doomed!" I guess we all should watch it, if only to see what we're up against, just try to resist the urge to throw things at the set.

Me - I'm going fishing - will watch the recording when I get home.

Thread: Good news thread.
27/06/2019 00:40:16

DD - any interest from the gendarmes?

On the positive side, if you had made contact with either or both of the vermin and the little dears had suffered anything more than their hair getting ruffled, you'd be the one wearing handcuffs in the back of a police car.

Thread: Fish tailing
25/06/2019 23:52:27

BEB's contribution explains why some of the later artf's have rudders that haven't been tapered, in the way we were all encouraged to build in the good old days. There was me thinking "idle beggars - couldn't be bothered to sand a taper into the rudder, even though they'd done it for the elevators and ailerons".

So a silent apology to those teams of Vietnamese and Chinese workers who assemble our toys for us.

But, similarly, silent prayer that their designers take into account the average less than billiard table smooth UK patch and design in stronger u/c mountings that won't allow said u/c to be wiped off under the loads imparted by the first less than perfect landing.  (Sorry - just an axe I've been grinding ever since I bought my first artf! )

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Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/06/2019 04:29:36


15/06/2019 04:29:32


Thread: Weston Park Worth the Risk of Showers?
15/06/2019 00:29:28

Saturday looks iffy according to the Met' Office, but Sunday should be largely dry, if a tad breezy, assuming the public/parking areas haven't turned into paddy fields.

Met' Office site seems pretty reliable.

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
12/06/2019 16:16:13

Balanced report of the Committee in The Times, sadly the kicker is in the last paragraph - the Beastly Baroness has obviously either not listened to the facts relating to our models, or had already made up her tiny mind that drones and r.c. model aircraft are one and the same thing.

quote: Baronesse Vere of Norbiton, the aviation minister, has said that the registration scheme will increase accountability for operators of unmanned aircraft, all of which pose safety threats.

There are none so deaf as those those that will not hear.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
09/06/2019 06:03:37

Mike - had the same invite, informed that I was "pre-diabetic" and would benefit from their course.

Mine started earlier in the year, and I am now 2/3 the way through the course. The course has been very helpful in a number of ways, well worth the time spent.

07/06/2019 01:35:40

PatMc - My Doctor put me on Betmiga 25mg, once a day, at night - happily, not for my prostate, but 'cos I have developed ( over a very short period of time ) what is colloquially referred to as a "Sensitive Bladder" - it has been transformative, symptoms disappeared within 1/2 an hour and haven't returned, so you're in with a shout.

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
31/05/2019 00:41:47

We don't have an S.O. either - but any dodgey flying attracts comments from fellow flyers (full time pee-takers all) that ensures there's no repetition! Embarrassing yourself in front of your mates is far worse than a private rollicking from a club official any day of the week. Most dangerous flying is due to a momentary loss of attention/concentration - sadly something that often comes with age, and the majority of our members are of pensionable age - and the pilot will be aware that he has strayed from the paths of richousness before most onlookers. I don't think anyone "goes down to the field" with the intention of breaking club rules let alone intending to fly in an unsafe manner.

Thread: New SC46 - Running issue
25/05/2019 11:45:29

I guess I might be accused of cheating, but I use an on board glow driver which is switched on for starting and can either be left switched on during the entire flight or set to switch back on at about 1/3 throttle. No more dead sticks when opening the throttle to go round again - weighs only few grams and cheap at only about 12 quid from HK - then hooked up to a diddy little 2S 800lipo I had kicking about - reliably deals with the previous dry mouth: "will she/won't she" situation, particularly on finals.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 07:06:13

Kevin - excellent post, no sound and fury, just very sensible suggestions - the only possible criticism being that something as sensible as that hasn't a snowflake's chance in hell of being adopted.

Thread: Cambria Slingsby Eagle Restoration
17/05/2019 08:07:49

My first RC model too - about the same time as Stuart - gave me some unforgettable early lessons in tip-stalls -largely cured by stripping the covering of the outer wing panels, damping then twisting in some washout (at my mentor's suggestion using a dilute ammonia solution) and left pinned on the board for a few days for everything to dry and then re-covered taking care to retain the now "built in" washout. The Eagle was misguided by me using a 3rd hand Skyleader set ( on 27 meg' Blue ) - the set though was utterly reliable and felt really nice in the hand too. I don't know if you've put a tow hook on your reincarnated Eagle, but mine was brilliant on a bungee too - the noise as she went up on the bungee was addictive. And the sight of her in the air - - - - she just looked "right" - seeing your video leaves a lump in my throat. My Eagle finally succumbed in her second season when I lost her over the back of a slope at Malvern - the bits I got back were past repair - so I built an Impala, covered it in doped nylon which survived for years, it flew well and was hugely strong but it didn't have that certain something. So I bought a Capstan kit - !

Thread: CAA registration consulation
27/04/2019 15:51:57

Even if we ALL do register it will not make model flying any safer to the general public than it is now i.e. the odds of any member of the public going about their lawful occasions being injured by a lawfully flown model are something like several millions to one. The application of a registration number to said legally flown plane will neither increase nor decrease such odds. However it seems that hobby full size pilots regard complying with the CAA reg's as optional, only last week someone flew an autogyro flat out straight over our patch at no more than a couple of hundred feet, and then banked and came back for another look, again straight across the patch, two petrol Wot4XLs in the air and another two stroke being tuned in the pits - so, no, we didn't hear the interloper coming, he just appeared from behind the pits - we didn't have a chance. Unfortunately we were unable to see any registration markings so - - - - but I'll guess he hasn't reported an airprox. And if the pilot had driven his autogyro into one of the Wotties at full chat - -

27/04/2019 07:43:31

Cymaz - yes there was a tragic accident involving a girl being killed by a model plane, years and years ago, the story might well get revived again in the "Meejah" - it has been at least twice since it happened ( 20 or more years ago ). How a registration number on the airframe would have protected the poor kid escapes me, any more than a number plate on a car protects a pedestrian or cyclist.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
22/04/2019 01:39:38

Nothing like so sophisticated as the warbird above, but I maidened my FunCub today. A bit zoomy on opening the throttle, so landed and put in a little downthrust and a bit ( a tiny bit ) of left which has made all the difference - the FC is a bit light so I think I will confine myself to low, slow and close in for now. Handles very sweetly, actually a bit like you would expect of a four function Junior 60 - though why anyone would want to fit ailerons to a J60 - - - -! Anyway, suffice it to say, I went home a very happy flier as I now have TWO planes for calm conditions: my Junior 60, and now my FunCub. The low & slow & close-in passes are perfection, as are low slow landing approaches and seeing how far you can extend the roll-out. Same deal with a touch and go only you just gently leave the ground again after running 10-20 feet across the patch.

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