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Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
19/03/2020 15:03:15

Beware unexpected consequences! Sainsburys 07.00 for Wrinklies & Crumblies Hour - got there 15 minutes early - fair sized queue - by 07.15 the place was rammed - blow it! Baled out with only 1/2 the list in the trolley. From now on (assuming we didn't cop the virus in the scrum this morning) will be telephoning orders to our local greengrocer/fishmonger and our butcher - both will allow us to collect a carrier bag at the door and pay contactless without going into the shop if they're crowded.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
18/03/2020 18:52:26

Not 'xactly on topic, but suddenly in dire need of displacement activity yesterday I found myself 'doing the garage'. 6 hours later I find I have acquired an unexpected heap of brownie points - and a lot more room in the garage - but due to current restrictions I'm not sure how I can spend 'em. ( WSW moderate breeze at Pole Cott' on Long Mynd might be tempting though. 🤔 )

Thread: English language ?
13/03/2020 19:09:17

Or should that be 'onto'?

13/03/2020 19:08:21

AND then there is the case of a Gunner who lays his artillery piece ( gun! ) on a target. 🙄

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 08:22:40

When our patch dries out enough to get our cars on and off I will definitely be going flying again - BUT no handshakes ( I've never ever seen a man-hug up there so that's never going to be a problem! ). Regrettably that'll be the end of our breakfast meetings for a while tho' I guess. But realistically 8 or 10 old guys in the middle of 8 or 10 acres of Shropshire countryside a public health risk do not make. Similarly, a few fishermen strung out around a mile of reservoir bank are unlikely to put one another, or anybody else, at risk. Both activities should be viewed in a positive light, the benefits of the feeling of wellbeing after a session means a marginal (at least!) improvement in your resistance to infections - that would equally apply to a decent walk, perhaps not in a big group though.

Thread: Flair ATS Kite MK4
07/03/2020 00:46:01

Years ago - after several years away from flying I had a refresher session with ATS at their field flying one of their own ATS Kite trainers. My first impression of the Kite was how heavy it was, and it certainly takes longer to get off the ground on a cooking 40 than a similarly equipped WOT4, but once in the air it's an ideal trainer - just the right combination of stability and responsiveness. However all that wing area and the weight means that you need a lot of room to get it back on the ground - it just lfloats on and on. But keep the weight down and put a modern 46 on the front and you'd have a very useful everyday club sport flier.

Edited By Old Geezer on 07/03/2020 00:47:39

Thread: electric to oily motor conversion
05/03/2020 17:37:29

One ( minor? ) issue with a lil' Cox on your glider is the noise they can make. Such a high pitched, penetrating noise might draw unwelcome attention to your activities. Unless you've already spent the money and have committed yourself to i/c power I think you couldn't do much better than follow Shaun's advice above. (LiPo Outrunner & Folding Prop'.)

05/03/2020 17:37:26

One ( minor? ) issue with a lil' Cox on your glider is the noise they can make. Such a high pitched, penetrating noise might draw unwelcome attention to your activities. Unless you've already spent the money and have committed yourself to i/c power I think you couldn't do much better than follow Shaun's advice above. (LiPo Outrunner & Folding Prop'.)

Thread: I learned from that.
04/03/2020 01:58:01

Before every flight, don't just waggle the sticks, check the ailerons - left is left, right is right, check the rudder ditto - then elevators, up is up and down is down. Then throttle kill and fail safe. Yes - I've been caught out - easily done if you're chatting to someone when you're setting up, especially with a new model. Try to retreat into your own little bubble when you're preparing to fly, and (apart from situational awareness) when your plane is in the air.

Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
01/03/2020 09:08:46

Steven, are the glue joints unsupported, or do you add triangular balsa strip to reinforce them?

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27/02/2020 23:56:57

The Wrinkly Fliers ( a geriatric sub-group of members of the Central MFC ) have the answer - a breakfast 'meeting' at an inexpensive local hostelry every 3-4 weeks where we get a chance to catch up over a plateful the traditional British Heart Attack. There's much to recommend it - like any good club - the companionship is as much part of membership as the flying.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
23/02/2020 11:01:24

+ another 1 😎

Life's too short to get aeriated about what are in relation to our hobby, generally minor aggravations, inflicted upon us by unelected timeservers. Nine quid and a bit of form-filling is hardly "The end of life (or in our case rc model flying) as we know it".

I've already got my A Cert' - so, after my annual phone call to HQ my insurance & membership is paid up to date - then, earlier this week I received an email with my CAA number. The whole deal was sorted out painlessly with a five minute (might have been less) phone call - where IS the problem?

Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
18/02/2020 00:02:07

911 - the club you're thinking of is the Central MFC - not 'zactly secret though. We fly from a field off Lowe Lane on the Kidderminster/Bridgnorth road - our club details are on the BMFA site. We have a "Wrinkly Fliers" sub-group who - weather permitting - fly every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning - the friendliest bunch of aged p***takers you could ever hope to fly with.

17/02/2020 05:40:31

Agree with all the advice above - re the motor you mentioned - I had a similar motor on the front of an early Ripmax artf Wot4 which would pull it into the air in about 10 feet, so your open frame vintage plane would be vastly overpowered. Your 70 watts per pound will fly a vintage 3 function very comfortably and in character - and as recommended by Paul d - give George a ring, he'll put you right,

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
11/02/2020 22:42:54

Very sensible - ideally you could fit a separate receiver and servo ( and battery obvs!) to the dolly to give directional control on the ground - and even another servo to stop the dolly and delta from parting company prematurel before it had reached safe flying speed .

Thread: On a lighter note
31/01/2020 18:50:08

Remember the days when if you spent more 3-4 minutes in the outside lane of any Motorway you'd have a white diesel Astravan on your back bumper flashing it's lights!!

My first car as a skint student in '63 was a 1948 Ford Popular in fetching shades of beige and rust, shockers completely ineffective, also I had to hold it in gear when negotiating sharper corners, 'cos every time you lifted your foot in 2nd it would jump out of gear on the over-run (interesting!). Driving in London I could take any line I fancied round Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner - even Taxis gave way to me as it was obvious I had nothing to lose! Without 'Poppet' I would never have met SWMBO. Sadly, Poppet died after a 18 months and I only got ten bob plus her tax disc from a scrapper in West Kensington - however SWMBO is made of stronger stuff, she's still with me after 57 years.

Thread: Most flown model
30/01/2020 20:02:46

The one plane that goes with me whenever I fly is a Bogey, a heavy gauge black Correx combat job - It must have survived over 8 years of exuberant aileron-elevator flying by now -- you can bend it, but it won't break! - a 2820 turning a 12" folder on the front, battery (2200/4S), Rx, speed controller and servos all hanging out in the wind - but it still goes like stink - if it's too windy for anything else to fly at our field, there'll still be one or two Bogeys in the circuit. Yet if you wish, the Bogey can potter about as slowly and gently as any of the Club's vintage models - and then land at your feet. Oh, and it'll slope too.

Thread: Complete newbie in Devon
25/01/2020 10:03:15

Carl - do try the Blackdown Hills club - lovely bunch of blokes and probably the most beginner-friendly venue you could find ( hard to hit a tree or a hedge in the middle of an old WW2 airfield ). Oh, and it's where I caught the RC flying bug in the early 70s too.

Thread: Apprentice Tail Question?
24/01/2020 23:20:03

Nay Lad, just careful wit' mi brass.

( Ever heard the description: Asset rich and cash poor? )

24/01/2020 19:29:36

Have you considered Stabilit Express? - sticks pretty well anything to anything else. First used it years and years ago to glue ply formers and servo trays into a plastic Robbe sailplane fuselage - bit of a palaver mixing it up ( and smells vile! ) but once it's gone off they were there for good.

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