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Thread: New SC46 - Running issue
25/05/2019 11:45:29

I guess I might be accused of cheating, but I use an on board glow driver which is switched on for starting and can either be left switched on during the entire flight or set to switch back on at about 1/3 throttle. No more dead sticks when opening the throttle to go round again - weighs only few grams and cheap at only about 12 quid from HK - then hooked up to a diddy little 2S 800lipo I had kicking about - reliably deals with the previous dry mouth: "will she/won't she" situation, particularly on finals.

Thread: Poll for who intends to register.
18/05/2019 07:06:13

Kevin - excellent post, no sound and fury, just very sensible suggestions - the only possible criticism being that something as sensible as that hasn't a snowflake's chance in hell of being adopted.

Thread: Cambria Slingsby Eagle Restoration
17/05/2019 08:07:49

My first RC model too - about the same time as Stuart - gave me some unforgettable early lessons in tip-stalls -largely cured by stripping the covering of the outer wing panels, damping then twisting in some washout (at my mentor's suggestion using a dilute ammonia solution) and left pinned on the board for a few days for everything to dry and then re-covered taking care to retain the now "built in" washout. The Eagle was misguided by me using a 3rd hand Skyleader set ( on 27 meg' Blue ) - the set though was utterly reliable and felt really nice in the hand too. I don't know if you've put a tow hook on your reincarnated Eagle, but mine was brilliant on a bungee too - the noise as she went up on the bungee was addictive. And the sight of her in the air - - - - she just looked "right" - seeing your video leaves a lump in my throat. My Eagle finally succumbed in her second season when I lost her over the back of a slope at Malvern - the bits I got back were past repair - so I built an Impala, covered it in doped nylon which survived for years, it flew well and was hugely strong but it didn't have that certain something. So I bought a Capstan kit - !

Thread: CAA registration consulation
27/04/2019 15:51:57

Even if we ALL do register it will not make model flying any safer to the general public than it is now i.e. the odds of any member of the public going about their lawful occasions being injured by a lawfully flown model are something like several millions to one. The application of a registration number to said legally flown plane will neither increase nor decrease such odds. However it seems that hobby full size pilots regard complying with the CAA reg's as optional, only last week someone flew an autogyro flat out straight over our patch at no more than a couple of hundred feet, and then banked and came back for another look, again straight across the patch, two petrol Wot4XLs in the air and another two stroke being tuned in the pits - so, no, we didn't hear the interloper coming, he just appeared from behind the pits - we didn't have a chance. Unfortunately we were unable to see any registration markings so - - - - but I'll guess he hasn't reported an airprox. And if the pilot had driven his autogyro into one of the Wotties at full chat - -

27/04/2019 07:43:31

Cymaz - yes there was a tragic accident involving a girl being killed by a model plane, years and years ago, the story might well get revived again in the "Meejah" - it has been at least twice since it happened ( 20 or more years ago ). How a registration number on the airframe would have protected the poor kid escapes me, any more than a number plate on a car protects a pedestrian or cyclist.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
22/04/2019 01:39:38

Nothing like so sophisticated as the warbird above, but I maidened my FunCub today. A bit zoomy on opening the throttle, so landed and put in a little downthrust and a bit ( a tiny bit ) of left which has made all the difference - the FC is a bit light so I think I will confine myself to low, slow and close in for now. Handles very sweetly, actually a bit like you would expect of a four function Junior 60 - though why anyone would want to fit ailerons to a J60 - - - -! Anyway, suffice it to say, I went home a very happy flier as I now have TWO planes for calm conditions: my Junior 60, and now my FunCub. The low & slow & close-in passes are perfection, as are low slow landing approaches and seeing how far you can extend the roll-out. Same deal with a touch and go only you just gently leave the ground again after running 10-20 feet across the patch.

Thread: Y - O - Y - O - Y
16/04/2019 13:31:54

Just want to get this off my chest.

Why on earth can't manufacturers of servos agree a standard diameter and number of splines for various sizes of servos so that servo arms can be interchangeable? O.K. for different sizes different diameter shafts - say micro, mini, standard , or up to 5gm, 5-9gm, up to 20gm and Standard.

It wouldn't be at that difficult and it would save hours of sorting through boxes of spares to find one that fits - or at least mould the manufacturer's name onto the blessed things, OK, you'd need a jeweller's loupe to read it, but it would give us a fighting chance to marry the blighters up.

There - that feels so much better.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
14/04/2019 02:10:28

Bruce - thanks for that - I'd not thought about asking for a routine u/sound to exclude the old dissecting aortic aneurysm -- I'm being a bit dim as I nearly lost a brother in law with one about 5 years ago! They could be called the original silent killer, except in the few cases where the patient is aware of it "pulsing", as it expands before it ruptures. Somethings an aortic aneurysm can be detected by simply placing a hand on the patient's belly, you can feel the belly pulsing. Our local medical practice is pretty helpful so I will be popping in next week to book for a belly ultrasound.

Thread: Which Brand?
13/04/2019 21:05:19

Pat - the downside of the extra oompah is the extra weight - my first one was almost as powerful as yours, my current model measures at just over 100 watts and weighs a little less and flies a little bit nicer on the glide - if you want a bit more penetration on the slope though you can always band or tape a spanner or pair of pliers on top of the wing over the c.g. The great thing about the Mpx EGPro is it can be what ever you want it to be. I've also had a Solius, but was a bit disappointed - just a bit faster than the EGPro, but no better at thermalling, the Heron looks to be what the Solius should have been from the start.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
13/04/2019 20:39:19

Bruce - I'm in the same boat as you with these actinic lesions, mine responded to the chemo' ointment very satisfactorily, although the odd new one appears now and again, but are easily beaten into submission in 2-3 weeks of the ointment twice a day. Unfortunately as a result of the years of unprotected exposure to the sun I also developed a couple of (locally) malignant skin lumps - happily excision has been curative with no sign of recurrence. My doctor, dermatologist, oncologist all despair with us - we put on a sunhat and smother ourselves with sunblock when we go on holiday, but when we work outdoors for a living we rarely consider the risks of long term exposure to the sun let alone take any steps to protect ourselves. By the same token, I don't think I have seen many/any? of the folk I have flown with over the years making a point of doing any more than wearing a hat to protect themselves from the sun - but they should ! ! ! With Summer on the horizon perhaps the BMFA and perhaps the RCM&E should remind flyers to protect themselves this year. People should be aware that a nice suntan is that the skin is actually trying to defend itself from ultraviolet radiation, and in itself is evidence of skin damage. 

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Thread: Which Brand?
13/04/2019 19:55:15

Can't go wrong with an EGPRo, not necessarily the most efficient thermalling tool but still very satisfying, and coming from Mpx everything fits together perfectly - better still, Mpx have just released their latest iteration of the EGPro, just make sure someone doesn't flog you the old model. Don't be tempted to overpower the EGPro, go with Mpx's recommendations. Oh and it's quite a nice addition to your sloping fleet too.

Thread: Lost radio contact
09/04/2019 09:29:11

I too suffer from a gentle touch of the heebies about the loose cells in my spare/reserve dx6i - but have never actually had a problem. Apart from checking the voltage when it emerges blinking into the daylight after a period of disuse, I take the battery cover off and roll the cells ( Duracells ) with my thumb to "freshen" the contacts. Don't know if it does any good because I have ( so far ) never had a problem - but it makes me feel better!

Thread: Prostate Cancer
08/04/2019 00:42:06

Had a panic myself a few months ago - "frequency" and "urgency" plus up at least twice in the night to produce not much more than an egg cupful sometimes, quite rapid in onset too so perhaps even more worrying. Saw our Doctor, who I have huge respect for and faith in ( even got me new hip for Christmas, December before last! ) Usual procedure ( let's not go into details ) and was reassured by Doctor that everything feels normal + blood test = PSA normal range. "You've got a Sensitive Bladder" quoth he - and no - you're not going to have to wear plastic Y fronts stuffed with blotting paper! He started me on a medication called Betmiga - one tiny tablet daily, at bedtime - problem fixed, immediately! The treatment has been transformative - the luxury of uninterrupted sleep. So the moral of this story - if you think ( or you know ) you have a problem with your plumbing - don't delay - get thee to a medic ASAP - things might not be as bad as you feared - and if you're lucky like me you might be fixed on the spot.

Thread: Funcub replacement ?
01/04/2019 22:15:09

Another FunCub, assuming the motor, ESC, servos and Rx are salvageable and you feel you can still rely on them then another FunCub kit is the least expensive option - unless you secretly fancy a change.

Thread: Radio Link
11/03/2019 08:27:04

Possibly I am being cynical, but my guess is that with the Radio Link ticket price as low as it is their profit margin is unlikely to particularly generous, and he'd rather move on one of his higher priced and more profitable offerings from the established manufacturers.

Thread: If you only had one engine to use, which one would it be.
11/03/2019 08:13:21

OS 25 ( MAX ? ) - bought 2nd hand in the late 70's with a Galaxy Escort kit from their E.Anglia shop. (My first rc power plane.)

Until I later bought other motors I thought you just bolted them on the front of your model, fitted the recommended prop, opened the needle 2&1/2 turns, primed it, connected the glow driver battery, flicked it 2 or 3 times - sometimes only once - and it flew out a tank of fuel, throttling was as reliable as an outrunner today. Not all 2 strokers are born equal however. 😢

Thread: Jim build thread
10/03/2019 00:13:09

Now THAT'S what I call a proper motor mount box - unlike the delicate little thing that arrived on the front of my Wot4-e fuselage - that fell apart the first time the prop' clipped the grass on landing, not even hard enough to peck, let alone trip her up and flip her over.

Sorry - off topic rant - but looking at the picture above I'm sure you can see my point.

Thread: Motor / prop calculator?
17/02/2019 09:02:51

My starting point is George's list of recommendations on his 4-Max site, also very useful is the suggested Axi motor/prop combinations on the Electric Wingman site, or go directly to the Model Motors site. The Airtek site can be helpful too, indicating what motor for what type and weight of model. The thing is, these will all give you a starting point, but then it's the wattmeter and how does the motor/prop/battery set-up perform for you down at the field - fine tuning slight changes in diameter and pitch is part of the "art" of setting up just like an I/c plane.

Thread: Broken Rudder
14/02/2019 09:04:25

You can also make a "live hinge" using a bead of UHU Por.

Thread: Found you at last
13/02/2019 00:05:21

Mike - a suggestion that might help with the dining table situation. If you can acquire a "pre-loved" ironing board - they can often be picked up at the council tip/recycling site for a nominal sum or if you're observant and or lucky - out of a skip. Pick up an offcut of MDF from bandq or whoever and reinforce with white wood from the same source - bolt to the top of your ironing board - and Robert's Your Mummy's Brother. - you now have a compact work table that can be put up anywhere convenient and similarly easily stored out of the way. An additional benefit being that you can get at whatever you are working on without leaning across, just walk around it. And - if you have one of those lovely Balsa building boards, just lift it off with your part-built fuse/wing in situ and put in a safe place - then you can collapse your table. Then - get out your vacuum cleaner - otherwise next time you erect your new building table it will be in the garage or worse still - the garden.

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