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Thread: Ebay sellers...
28/06/2020 13:18:35

those who know a lot, know that they  know a little

those who know a little think they know a lot


Edited By Ernie on 28/06/2020 13:19:45

Thread: Adding nose weight
22/06/2020 09:07:53

Well, Alex?

My opinion is that its a NONO, Just too much to go pear shaped.

BUT, An old friend of mine, a very accomplished modeler (he talked me through my first wobbly loop) regularly filled plastic spinners with lead shot and epoxy..never saw one go wrong


Edited By Ernie on 22/06/2020 09:09:15

Thread: Litho plate substitute?
04/06/2020 14:37:35

Yes Alan. Of course, My only excuse, is that in my haste to be of assistance, I didn't read the entire thread.


04/06/2020 13:05:43

Hi Guys, A possible source for litho late are art schools. Many still use it, and throw away used sheets.

Also there is an interesting material called Flite Metal that comes from the US of A. It's easy to find on the web


Thread: Building Real Aeroplanes in America 1918.
30/05/2020 16:41:30

FORMIDABLE M david, Its just a great big model


Thread: ungluing
11/05/2020 10:24:00

A zillion thanks for the inspiration.. Yes it's done with major surgery The wing needs some TLC but he's a happy bunny, or a lapin content as we say..And Monsieur le president has loosened the rules, so SWIMBO and I are off for a picnic in the rain

merci ernie

11/05/2020 09:17:15

I'll speak to him later today,he'se gone to ground with embarrasment.

Thanks for all the ideas. I reckon major surgery is the only way, I suspect theres a fair amount of zap in there. Also, its saturated with debonder now, and the whole caboodle is beginning to fall apart. Reminds me of an early foray into float planes. My flair cub looked so fine parked in the shallows on the lochside. After half an hour it was the worlds first anhedral high wing monoplane


10/05/2020 14:46:16

Hi all, Now, I'm not admitting to anything, and I'm asking this for a rather hapless friend.

My friend needs to know how can he unglue a joint? He sort of has a wing with a ply tongue that fits into a similar box in the fuselage. Silly sod, he got some cyano into the box and can't get the wing out. He has poured some debonder into the joint, but it's still firmly in place

If only I'd been supervising it would never have happened


Thread: Paint or cover
25/04/2020 14:52:58

Hi Glynn, Dont underestimate the amount of work that is needed to get a half decent paint (and any other) finish

As has been said many times before, its all in the preperation. I would use a very light glass cloth on top of the balsa Id use a water based adhesive such as eze kote to fix it in place. The extra weight is more than compensate'd for as this makes the wood much more dingproof.

You will need to fill the weave with some sort of filler, and then spray with carpaint to get a great finish. Film is much quicker, but also needs a lot of preperation for a fine finish. But, it gives very little protection to the wood underneath


Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
24/04/2020 08:30:07



23/04/2020 15:26:06

Hi All, and especially anyone with some influence with timemedia

Of course I know that things are difficult etc etc, but the lack of my new issue of RCM&E makes life well nigh impossible

I live in la belle france, and duly got an email explaining that for the time being, I'd get a digital version of the mag

Not too good for browsing on the bog, but perfectly acceptable

So I fillowed the instructions on the email;;;no result So I phoned....The charming lady told me to call back, so I did, she told me to call back, so I did. She promised to get back..I'm still waiting. I sent another email to the address that David gave in the forum...No reply

I've even tried to subscribe for 3 months of digital issues.. It doesn't seem to work

If only timemedia were up, to the same standard as RCM&E


Thread: A KIT for an electric glider
16/03/2020 09:30:08

yes, ernie did sort himself out       I think I bought an Atrain, and it flew very well until it sort of fell apart in midair. Never did get to the bottom of that


Edited By Ernie on 16/03/2020 09:30:42

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
25/02/2020 10:09:19

Thanks all, I got in touch with Ed on the adress that Martin gave me. His website is a bit clunky because he'se working on it. He is most helpful, Ive ordered 5 feet x 10inches,+ the tools for application.

I'll let you all know how I get on


22/02/2020 09:11:42

Good morning furious guys, and especially Danny

I'm experimenting on the Fury with aluminium finishing systems. Best yet is the mick reeves system, but, I would like to try FliteMetal. I've tried ordering from the website, and I've tried to email them, all with no result.



13/02/2020 12:46:46

Well, I've got a very nearly completed airframe. Some bits are covered, and finished yellow. It's the silver covering thats difficult. I'm using the mick reeves foil, its difficult. The finish underneath needs to be perfect. I've used Glass cloth, and about a zillion coats of primer.


Thread: Merry Christmas
16/12/2019 09:02:28

print me.jpg

Thread: Help Needed for Kids Xmas Bike Modification
13/12/2019 09:12:51

Pat, remember left hand pedal, le'ft hand thread


Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
02/11/2019 12:45:28

Hi Danny and the fury/nimrod builders

My Broken arm seems to be working fine, so its back to the board..Some thoughts and questions

Ive started to make the wheels from the Mick Reeves foam. Of course, I needed hubs. Wow, the dished base of a rattle can is near perfect. and, if I need to save weight, I can mould some from plastic using the metal as a form.

Where do you get your oleos. Hobbyking seem to be out of stock

As ever, Ive been spending far too much time on the cockpit. Ill send some pix


Thread: Protecting a plan
22/10/2019 14:18:55

I get my local printer to make a half , or quarter size copy so that I can have it on the wall fot easy reference


Thread: Litho Plate Wanted
10/09/2019 08:14:08

Art schools still use litho


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