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Thread: Motocalc or Ecalc?
17/10/2019 11:13:20

Anybody tried e.calc?

17/10/2019 10:08:59
Posted by Trevor on 17/10/2019 08:12:53:

There's also Drivecalc:


Thanks for that, but (as a novice at electric), did not find it as easy to use as e.calc.

Will certainly persevere with it though.

17/10/2019 01:59:22

I am fairly new to electric flight, but am getting there.

I more or less know my way round my Wattmeter, but am keen to learn more!.

As far as I can see there are really only two Calculator Templates, Moto calc and e.calc.

I have had a play with both free versions, and I prefer e.calc.

Before I purchase the full version of either, has anybody any experience of both, and the pros and cons please?

Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
15/10/2019 13:49:54
Posted by Attilio Rausse on 15/10/2019 09:05:55:

Hi Simon

Just seen this post, I also fly the HK Pt-19 with an electric setup, I use a 5065 236kv up front for weight and reach (the cowl is very narrow at the front). Again, for weight I used a 12S setup (2 x 6S 3300) HV ESC mounted right up front. Don't know which battery you've gone for but with 6S you'll be drawing 70A at full throttle which will be pushing the limits of the motor.

Please keep us up to date with progress, I can provide photo's if required.



Many thanks, just sent you a pm.

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
15/10/2019 08:27:18

I have used them many times over the years, but over the last eighteen months their customer service has gone downhill. Without going into details I will never use them again. HK & Motion rc all day long.

Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
14/10/2019 21:12:13
Posted by Allan Bennett on 14/10/2019 20:22:09:
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 14/10/2019 16:06:56:

. . . I will only be flying it in a scale like manner, so presumably a 6s 4000 would be ok to start with? . . . .

Remember, a different size/weight battery will move the c of g, so your battery bay needs to be able to accommodate a range of battery positions so that you can always position the pack to give you the right c of g. In my experience, all my glow-to-electric conversions require plenty of weight up front because the electric motor is lighter than the engine it's replacing, so don't go too small/light with your battery.

Thx for that Allan. The battery bay is enormous and could take four 6s packs. The 120 was a very heavy engine so there may be a bit of jiggling about to be done!.

14/10/2019 20:04:03

Well that's done it! Just sent for all the items I think I need to convert the model to electric. Exciting stuff!

Outstanding help from you guys as always.

14/10/2019 16:42:55

Richard, just sent you a pm.

16 x 6 Master at present.

Edited By SIMON CRAGG on 14/10/2019 17:04:42

14/10/2019 16:06:56

Thanks chaps, think I will go for the 15 x 10 prop (where is the best place to get these, as my props are ic and much finer pitch?). I will only be flying it in a scale like manner, so presumably a 6s 4000 would be ok to start with? Also, I was going to fit an 80amp ESC, does that sound right? Big step after over 40 yrs ic!!.

14/10/2019 12:10:04

I have a Hobbyking PT-19 which I would like to convert to electric.

Weight with ASP.120FS = 4472 G

Weight of engine = 890 G

Ideally, I would like the same power from an electric motor if that is possible.

Does anybody know where I can find a comparison guide, which would tell me which electric motor equates to a 120fs?

Thread: Model Retrieval (or not)?
12/10/2019 11:01:33

We have got a decent long ladder and extending aluminium poking stick with a loop on the end. So far it has worked a treat even on trees such as you describe. Good bonding experience for club members!

Thread: Best budget lipo?
09/10/2019 16:44:18

These two are made by "SODIAL", never heard of them, but they are 3300mah 6s 45c, so I suppose its a case of wait until / if they turn up!. Just done a bit of research and they look like "FLOUREON" packs, which get mixed reviews. Bit worried because "FLOUREON" is missing from the case!.

Edited By SIMON CRAGG on 09/10/2019 17:01:23

09/10/2019 15:52:36

Not expecting much for £40.00 for two, but anybody tried 'em?


Thread: Motion RC
08/10/2019 20:20:42

Agreed, that's another reason to support them. I have had servos and an esc replaced without question. Fantastic customer service and communication. Have to say, I have had the same good service from HK as well.

Thread: What's your club membership size & fees?
08/10/2019 18:21:37

There are so many variables as each club has its own priorities and overheads.

Its a fine balance between having enough money in club funds to cover all the annual expenses, but not charging too much to put off members and newbies from joining. The hobby is in decline, and its hard enough to get / keep new members, without charging them the earth.

We debate the subject every year, and try and be as fair as possible to all members. We even have a "social members" class, who do not pay the full subs.

No "one size fits all" in this case.

Thread: Motion RC
08/10/2019 17:57:38

I tried to order the thick end of £300 worth of model today from a UK supplier.

Fired with enthusiasm at the thought of our cheery postman bringing me a large box of goodies, I nervously dialed the number. My enthusiasm was suitably quashed with seconds. "No mate haven't got one", After politely inquiring when one would be in stock......."Dunno mate" came the reply. End of phone call. However, Motion RC (eu) to the rescue. Couple of e.mails later (which were replied to virtually straight away), and model is on its way (price matched), with suitable tracking etc. I could go on about UK model shops but wont. No wonder Hobby King and Motion RC are doing so well.............and some of our shops are not!.

Thread: What's your club membership size & fees?
08/10/2019 12:31:34

Our subs are due by cheque or cash by the 31st of November each year. If payment is not paid by the 31st a re-joining fee of £30.00 is automatically triggered. We need funds at this time of the year to pay our club site landlord and of course the BMFA. Works a treat this way.

Thread: When it's a bit too windy!
06/10/2019 20:44:31

Well done. Brilliant effort!. Been there and done similar over the years. Hope the damage was minimal!.

Thread: Best budget lipo?
06/10/2019 18:38:52

Many thx. think I will stick with one of these!

06/10/2019 15:56:25

I need a couple of 3500-4000mah 4s lipo packs.

Can anybody suggest a decent "budget" brand as only going in a foamy bi-plane.

Been looking at "ZOP" lipos but reviews pretty awful!

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