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Thread: Irvine 36 - tuned pipe
14/08/2019 23:14:37

I have got a throttle pipe, please confirm exhaust bolt hole distances etc.

Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
13/08/2019 16:13:27

Get a mate to give it a good chuck for you first time out. Once trimmed, you should be fine. Nose down a bit a full beans. Piece of cake!.

Thread: Three bladed props (again).
09/08/2019 12:59:40

After 40+ years in the hobby I have never tried a 3 bladed prop.

However, a mate and I decided to try them the other day, one on his electric Nova, and me on my "hack" .46 powered Arising Star.

What did we find?.

They look better for a start.

Turbine type whine at certain rpm.

Straightforward to balance.

Improved ground clearance.

Improved acceleration / throttle response.


The only downside was that the top end speed appears to be less.The model seems to run out of steam at 2/3 throttle. No big deal on this type of model. Due to the "dirty air" produced.

All in all, work a treat!.

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
09/08/2019 12:47:23

Firstly, I hope you make a full recovery from this awful accident.

If anything good has come of this, it has made us all (even more) aware.

It was the talking point at out club meeting last night.

To that end, we are going to arrange a presentation on what to do if similar happens at our club site, and purchase a really good first aid kit, and probably have it on the flightline somewhere.

I think as electric is becoming more popular, we are going to see events like this more often.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and speedy recovery!.

Thread: Playboy Senior
06/08/2019 06:33:29

I regularly fly mine, which I have recently refurbished. The only way round the problem is to extend the nose. I have flown mine with a variety of engines and currently have an ASP .52 installed. Nose needs to be extended at least a couple of inches.

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
29/07/2019 07:30:31

I have been using the E-tronix Futaba switches, good price and good product.

Thread: Variometer?
25/07/2019 14:32:42

Many thanks

Just ordered the Eagle Tree version.

25/07/2019 10:56:21

Does anybody know of a stand alone variometer?

Ideally, something that is powered by a seperate rx battery, and sends the height to a seperate display on the ground. Something basic only!.

Might be asking too much I know.

Thread: James May's program tonight
25/07/2019 07:09:08

I think he possibly picked up a bit of lift along the way as well.

Thread: Planespotting Live
24/07/2019 22:39:09

Even worse tonight.

Thread: James May's program tonight
24/07/2019 22:34:32

Brilliant programme all round.

Thread: Battery
24/07/2019 16:04:36

I have never bought a new field battery in over 40 years.

Either got one from the dump for nothing (some are ditched way before they need to be), or from the scrapyard for £25.00 a time.

Thread: Planespotting Live
24/07/2019 16:02:17

What a load of tripe.

Afraid Mr Snow is past his sell by date, and it was over acted and way to manic.

Been much better if headed up by Arthur and the spotters, with input from a suitably experienced pilot.

Something and nothing really, wont bother tonight.

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
18/07/2019 16:59:57
Posted by Bill Reed on 18/07/2019 15:16:38:

Simon ,great news. I was going to say at the time BUT did not want to get hopes up. Its really hard to open a bank account up now, so if he was a con man, they might feel responsible?

Bill, possibly.

They were VERY keen to help, and told me not to worry!.

I think they are as fed up with these people as much as we are.

Apart from his phone number, I kept everything including e.mails address (probably false) etc.

I have learnt a huge lesson from this, and my reason for circulating on here is to hopefully prevent others from being as daft!

18/07/2019 12:36:50
Posted by Cuban8 on 18/07/2019 10:43:38:

We're all at risk from clever scammers, they used to be called 'confidence tricksters' and this sort of nonsense is as old as the hills.

Please..................never, ever, do business on the phone from a cold caller, no matter what the subject of their call is. Never allow your interest to be piqued. Never, ever do business on the doorstep from a cold caller, one doesn't have to be rude when declining an offer or whatever, some sellers are genuine so a simple "no thank you", "please excuse me" and then close the door. Get into the habit and don't be swayed by some sob story, genuine traders usually haven't got the time to mess about.

And as for " This is Microsoft, your computer has a virus, let us help you" ...........need I say more.

Never, ever, believe a call out of the blue from your bank or credit card company is genuine - phone them back on a different line. If something is wrong, you'll find out PDQ. I had this recently, no way was I going to discuss it on the phone without checking, so a quick call to my bank on my land line did in fact confirm what they thought was suspicious activity on my card, but was actually quite OK.

I'd used pay at pump to buy a gallon of petrol for the mower, and then straight afterwards I tried to use the card at the same pump to pay for diesel. Card was declined, so paid in the shop with another card. Phonecall on my mobile from the bank soon after, that I returned and sorted as soon as I got home as above.

My elderly mother-in-law (despite repeated warnings) signed up for a 'free roof check' from a door to door caller. When I asked her why, as we'd said time and time again to beware of such things, her answer was "the chap seemed so nice"!!!!. I manged to intercept the 'nice chap' in the next street and politely but firmly got him to remove my MIL from his hit list.

Edited By Cuban8 on 18/07/2019 10:45:34

All good info, but is easy to be wise after the event. This guy was so convincing, sounded, and had the right modelling phrases. Hopefully, Barclays will nail him. Don't suppose I will ever know. I thought I was fairly street wise to these sort of things, but obviously not. Never again!.

18/07/2019 08:18:47
Posted by Martyn K on 17/07/2019 09:37:17:

I got involved in a scam last year and parted with £75. As soon as I realised it was a scam (about 2 weeks after I place the order), I contacted the bank and they refunded the money and reversed the transfer. In my case I bought from a pop-up website (in Canada) advertised on FB which promptly disappeared.

You need to explain the situation (having no PP account is quite valid IMHO). They may ask you to wait a few days in case the goods do turn up but my bank (HSBC) were outstanding in the way they dealt with it.


Edited By Martyn K on 17/07/2019 09:37:51

Still no parcel, but good news from Barclays bank.

They were VERY helpful, and pretty much guaranteed my money back within 14 days.

They take a very dim view of this sort of thing, and after some "back office fraud investigation" will refund me the £100 and freeze the sellers bank account. Perfect!.

Major lesson learnt here, but the guy was so convincing, said all the right things a modeller would say etc!

16/07/2019 19:21:57

My fault entirely. It might turn up in the next couple of days, but I doubt it. I have tried to tie in a phone number with the address he gave, but no joy. Also three e.mails have been met with stony silence. I don't usually fall for this sort of thing, which is the worst bit. Not sure if I am allowed to name and shame on here, but I would hate others to be caught. Buyer beware I suppose.

16/07/2019 17:01:23

A week ago somebody replied to my BMFA wanted ad for an engine. After a bit of negotiation, I decided to part company with £100, as the seller seemed 100% legit (decent photos / average price etc. etc). I should have smelt a rat when the seller had no PayPal, So like a lemon I completed a bank transfer. Seller confirmed receipt and promised to post last Thursday. His address is ok, but his name does not tie in with it, so cannot phone. Think I might have to put this down to experience, but I could kick myself............or worse. Nothing I can do..........or is there?.

Thread: Eddy Currents
11/07/2019 09:06:02

Interesting chat up at the field yesterday.

The subject of "Eddy Currents" was discussed!.

From what I gleaned from our electric guru, was that it is a good idea to tape / secure together lipo battery leads (black and red), to prevent eddy currents forming. This is more important over longer runs. I have probably got some of this wrong, but am going to try taping lipo battery leads together to see if it makes any difference.

Comments on the subject welcome.

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
04/07/2019 08:17:37
Posted by Denis Watkins on 04/07/2019 07:57:46:

No worries with fuel Simon, look

Methanol can be produced from natural gas, coal and renewable sources such as municipal waste, biomass and recycled carbon dioxide. On an industrial scale, methanol is predominantly produced from natural gas by reforming the gas with steam and then converting and distilling the resulting synthesized gas mixture to create pure methanol. The result is a clear, liquid, organic chemical that is water soluble and readily biodegradable.

Understand all that, but with the demise of ic engines, will it be worth producing model fuel at the levels / price we enjoy now?. I suppose the car bods will still need it!.

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