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Thread: Overseas purchase
19/01/2021 04:00:38

For what its worth last week I received 4 x 6s Lipos from CNHL, and EDF items from Bangood China.

Both post free, no tax, VAT, customs nonsense or anything else.

Just cardboard boxes delivered to my door in ten days.

Job done.

Thread: If you've got a spare 3 Grand
19/01/2021 03:54:14

No joy on either I am afraid.

Our flying site is too small for number one, and having recently had an hours flight in a Harvard (suffered motion sickness before the wheels left the ground), would rather spend the dosh on yet more models!.

Thread: My HERMES
16/01/2021 17:03:56

Used to go drinking with the Captain of the Ark Royal back in the late eighties. Union Jack club London. He could tell a good story!.

Never, ever had a problem with go to postal service.

Thread: First the Lidl Vulcan maiden, now the maiden all foamboard version - it was FAST!
14/01/2021 15:36:24

Bonzo, as the prop is mid wing, I was going to use a Standard prop (not a pusher).

Does that sound ok?.

Thread: Watts/lb misleading?
14/01/2021 05:11:19

I have converted most of my model fleet (18), to electric.

From powerful 3D TO 1/4 scale.

I have used e.calc as my guide, and all the models have turned out to be more or less exactly the same weight as they were with an ic engine.

The beauty of e.calc is that you can try unlimited variations of lipo / motor / prop etc.

Its certainly not as easy as "Its a .46, a 10x6 APC will do it" !.

e.calc do point out a 10% error margin as well.

Thread: First the Lidl Vulcan maiden, now the maiden all foamboard version - it was FAST!
12/01/2021 22:42:06

Just started cutting out the plan, and as I am getting A1 foamboard, I am hoping to make the base of the fuz in one piece.

Bit of juggling with the plan as one wing is longer than the other!.

Found some 1350 33c lipos which should do the job.

Everything else I have either got or its on its way from Banggood!.

12/01/2021 18:46:49

Mine came out at 28" span as well, tried upping the print to 110% but things started to get out of line!

So it looks like the default is 28".

There are a few inaccuracies on the plan, but nothing drastic.

I purchased A1 sheets, so can make the fus in one section.

Been thinking about launching................should be fun!.

So good!

12/01/2021 14:15:18

That,s great, thx.

Just started cutting out the plan, exciting times!

12/01/2021 01:43:27

I paid e.calc. $6 to get full access to the prop calc section.

Subscription is for a year.

What size 3s Lipo would you suggest is best for balance / duration ?

11/01/2021 22:05:07

Many thanks

So yours was strong enough with 5mm Foamboard?

E.calc came out at 2:1 on a 10x4 APC Speed!

Will have a look at 3 blade......good idea.

Thread: Buyer Beware
11/01/2021 19:57:13

Been there and worn the T shirt.

How OS ever got away with "peeling liner" fiasco I will never know.

OS prices have always been silly, one of the reasons I ditched them and went ASP!.

Thread: First the Lidl Vulcan maiden, now the maiden all foamboard version - it was FAST!
11/01/2021 19:53:43

Bonzo, suitably fired with enthusiasm, I am going to make one of these.

So far, I cannot find A1 sheets of 6mm board only 5mm. Where did you get yours from?.

I have found the same motor etc. was it powerful enough or would it be worth getting something bigger?

Great lockdown project, thanks for the idea!

Thread: Motor stand offs or boxes?
08/01/2021 08:25:36

I have now converted virtually all my fleet of 18 models.

From 1/4 scale to 3D models.

I have used stand offs from Spalding Fasteners every time.

Next day delivery.

Thread: What is the most useless thing you have bought
05/01/2021 00:47:43

Where to start?

A cheap drill sharpener - wore out the grinding wheel first time I tried it.

AA battery voltage checker - according to its gauge, every battery was always perfect.

A cheap band saw - took up to much room - could never get it to cut straight.

Loads more "must have" items that were usually hopeless!.

Thread: Great service
02/01/2021 15:17:32

Outstanding service from Banggood (CH).

Orderered an EDF unit, which after a couple of days showed as "shipped".

Recieved a text a few days later to say that there had been a "problem" at customs their end.

Profuse apologies, they dispatched another one and gave me a $25 credit.

Get my vote!

Thread: Mains charger / converter 13.8v anybody?
30/12/2020 15:32:54
Posted by Phil Green on 30/12/2020 15:07:13:

I'd fix the old one wink

Sure you would fella.

30/12/2020 14:27:22

After many years of sterling service, my Ripmax mains converter (240v -13.8v) has given up the ghost.

I see Ripmax are selling an updated dual output version these days.

Anybody any recommendations for similar please?.

Thread: Hi all new to RC flying
28/12/2020 13:23:51

The Durafly Tundra V2 is an excellent beginners model, whicyh is similar to the carbon cub.

Great at slow flying, takes the cheap 3s 2200 mah lipo, has huge forgiving wheels and sprung undercarriage etc. and not silly money.

Available via HobbyKing.

If I was starting again today, thats what I would get.

Welcome to our wonderful hobby!

Thread: First EDF - hints please!
24/12/2020 18:50:41

We run all our EDF models on two batteries.

The main Lipo powers the motor only.

1100 2 cell Life pack powers the rx only.

If the main Lipo is inadvertantly flattened, all the flying surfaces are still under power and operational.

Belt and braces.

24/12/2020 08:50:33

Another good EDF to consider is the HK Flycat.

Its half the price, will fly much slower, and is a bit of a floater. We have six of these in our club.

The Hawk is a great model, but it gets small VERY quickly, and it is easy to get confused especially in the turns.

I would also be very wary of the flaps. If you try and slow it down to much (although it gives you warning), like most models it will drop a wing.

Unless you are flying off a billiard table, I woul always belly land it.

The u/c is ok, but at the end of the day it is mounted in foam and will only take so much abuse!.

Hope this helps.

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