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Thread: Help required!
25/02/2020 09:12:55

Due to the xxxx weather we are thinking of starting a "one design" league for indoor rubber powered models. Does anybody know of a decent model that would fit the bill?. Usual stuff, not mad money, easy to put together and flies ok in a hall?. Might be a tall order, but you never know!.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
24/02/2020 15:26:31
Posted by leccyflyer on 23/02/2020 18:53:12:
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 23/02/2020 15:34:48:

Just got back from a good flying session, where the topic barly got a mention.

All paid £9.00

Stuck stickers on.

Flying and having fun.

End of!

I'm very happy for you.

Read the other posts if you are not 100% up to speed fella, its been covered multiple times.

You'll get yer number!

Just chill, fly and enjoy.

However it isn't "end of" for everybody - especially those who haven't received the Operator ID that they ought to have received, having completely followed every step of the requested procedure in a timely manner. The deadline set by the CAA has now passed and no sign of an Operator ID for, I guess, a lot of people.

23/02/2020 15:34:48

Just got back from a good flying session, where the topic barly got a mention.

All paid £9.00

Stuck stickers on.

Flying and having fun.

End of!

Thread: Is this weather ever going to get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23/02/2020 06:10:27

WE are lucky in that we have a fitted out mobile home as a club hut.

Fully furnished, clean and warm sitting room etc.

Club shop for all those must have bits.

Even when the weather is dire (as it has been for weeks), about 6-10 members meet at 10am every Sunday, for a catch up, bring a model, tea and buns etc.

These get togethers are brilliant.

Although we are not actually flying, we are doing the next best thing............talking about flying!.

Must stop on the way to the site for Battenburg today!

Thread: SC 70 fs
20/02/2020 20:13:25

Having had countless ASP's over the years:

1. Are both the bearings 100% free, if they are pitted or dragging this can cause all sorts of running problems. If in doubt change both of them. About a tenner at your local bearing outlet.

2. Sometimes the timing dot is slightly out, meaning the camshaft could be fitted one tooth out. Worth moving it a tooth either way.

3. Carefully grind seats of valves and check for leakage, with thin oil or similar.

4.Worse case, you have got a duffer. ASP's seemed to fall into three groups: Brilliant, work ok, and are never really reliable no matter what is done to them.

Good luck........I know how frustrating it can be!.

Thread: Self explanatory
19/02/2020 16:31:09
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 19/02/2020 15:29:58:

Casual, low-level mysoginy dressed up as a joke. Not nice.


Thread: Help required!
14/02/2020 19:33:20

Sounds good so far!

14/02/2020 17:07:48

Having just got interested in "drones", I have been offered a MJX RC X101, for £45.00. Comes with batteries etc. As the market is flooded with multi rotors at present, can anybody tell me please if these are good / bad / awflu please?

I have over 40 years ic flying experience, but have got to move with the times.


Thread: CAA ID number discussion
13/02/2020 22:17:57

With the imminent issue of individual CAA registration numbers, how is your club overseeing the procedure and implementation, (if at all)?.

Is it left to the individual pilot to make sure all his / her models have the number displayed?.

Are the Committee checking each model?

Are there any club penalties for non compliance?

Just asking for a friend.

Thread: Anybody heard of this model?
12/02/2020 20:17:42

Thanks for the info chaps. Looks like the one we have just purchased (£10.00), is a scaled up version with a slightly different wing tip. Everything else is more or less the same. A club mate and I are in the process of converting it to electric. The model was on the way to the dump. We were drawn to it, as it is VERY unusual!.

12/02/2020 18:44:50

Has anybody heard of a model called a "TailWing" please?.

From what I have read, it was an RCME plan over 20 years ago.

High wing 70" with a VERY wide fuz.

Weight about Lb11.00

Not had much luck so far!

Thread: FoamBoard Model anybody?.
11/02/2020 10:02:15

This looks interesting, great vdeo!.

Does it come as a plan or a kit?.

10/02/2020 19:12:50

Our club are planning on a "one design" model for low level club fun events.

Foamboard seems to be the way to go at present.

Model must be straightforward to build etc. etc.

All models would have exactly the same motor, esc, battery & prop.

Can anybody shed any light on this subject please?.

Either a kit or plan would be fine.

We did the same with the Phoenix 2000 glider (all the same), and that event has gone from strength to strength.

Any ideas welcome..........................!

Thread: Article on building a LiPo warmer box
07/02/2020 12:24:20

I purchased a small 12v warming pad from E.bay a couple of years ago for £4.99. Brilliant bit of kit, and makes a HUGE difference up the field at this time year!

Thread: Web Cam?
07/02/2020 09:30:44

We are in the process of obtaining a stand alone web cam for use at our remote flying site.

Apart from security, members will be able to log in via an app on their smart phone, to see what the conditions are like, and if anybody else is at the patch. Especially useful for our learners to see if an instructo is about to help etc. Has anybody else got one of these on site? Is there anything to be aware of?. I have contacted the BMFA to establsh if there are any privacy issues etc. Cost about £300 total.

Thread: What do you use as a building board
04/02/2020 20:41:57

Correx sheet (the stuff FOR SALE boards are made of).

Hardwearing, will take pins, screws etc. easily.

Bonus use.................when you have finished with it, make a model out of it!.

Thread: On a lighter note
31/01/2020 18:37:32

My Lada 1500 Riva estate wasn't that brilliant either.

Thread: Bit Bewildered
31/01/2020 14:26:59

Another useful tip is to start with the weight of the model.

There are a plethora of formulas out there, but for sport use I have found that you need 150w for every pound in weight, So a lb5 model would need a 750w motor.

Another way of working out a direct replacement for example an ASP .53 is by working out how many hp the engine produces:

ASP .53 = 1.46kw

1.46kw = 1.75hp

1.00 hp = 746w

So ASP replacement needs to be 1305w

There are many variables to all this, but I have converted several models using the above criterea and they have flown a treat.

Good luck!.

Thread: Dynam Hurricane
28/01/2020 17:36:44

How about some sort of launching dolly?

Either that or a bungee might do the job, seen them both work a treat in the past.

Always land with the gear up, I always land my foamies gear up to save the u/c.

Good luck, and hope this helps!

Thread: Hobbyking site development.
24/01/2020 18:52:46

From what I hjave seen recently, all of the Hobbyking stock would fit in my wheelbarrow!

Not suprising with the upheavel in the far East, on going trade issues, and now the Corona problems.

I'd be very suprised to see any improvement for at least six months.

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