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Thread: Interesting Tiger Moth kit from BangGood
26/11/2015 13:48:30

P.S. yours look good Tim ....

26/11/2015 13:44:21

Hi Tim,

Just ordered one of these from HK (£66!) ............... did you discount 'tying' the wing joiner tubes into a spar - they seem to just go through a few balsa ribs .......

If you have templates for a more scale undercarriage, I'll happily copy


Thread: How lucky are we ?
18/10/2015 10:13:58

Oh, forgot the UMX F-16 - an EDF ducted fan that weighs nothing but flies like an arrow ....... amazing looks and performance straight from the box !

Edited By GrumpyGnome on 18/10/2015 10:15:20

18/10/2015 08:50:05

As I came back from a nice day's flying, I pondered on just how lucky we are regarding the equipment we now use and probably take for granted .................

My DX7S is considered a 'starter' radio now - I probably use 10% of it' capabilities; it was under £200............ I remember my excitement at getting my first four channel radio (Skyleader) which I think cost around £100 many moon ago

My EFlite Viking is, apart from being unable to use the spinner!, just superb, gyrates like a one-winged butterfly but is rock solid and lands at walking pace

In my P3, I have a madly aerobatic biplane under a foot in wingspan and weighing just a few ounces

My HK T28 looks and flies like the heavy warbird trainer it is - just £110 all in

My HK Spit 24 look, and flies, like the thoroughbred it is

My MCPx is a collective, aerobatic, palm sized heli !

I have 2 quads that fit in my hand.

Every single plane I now own seems to fly orders of magnitude better than a decade ago.

Arrived home smug


Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
25/08/2015 08:13:12
Got a few in with Explorer yesterday tea-time before the wind got up.

Beautiful this morning ...... except for the 20 or so 'traveller' caravans in the park where I fly
13/08/2015 08:29:41

Stop press ! Yesterday was lovely in Gods Own County so managed a good couple of sessions..........

Local park at Dawn. Flew out all 8 batteries on my YAK UMX and all 6 on my Viking. The Viking is now much quieter than nthe Yak - ironic given how noisy it was when I got it. Started a tad chilly but as the sun came up, it got warmer and warmer. Beautiful. Even the Swallows seemed to be having fun as they seemed to cavort around near the Viking. Only downside is that the grass is too long for ROG or decent landings on the Viking.

Then off to the coffee shop, avoiding the butty show at the end of the road called, appropriately "The FLying Sandwich". No idea why it's called that as there is nithing to do with flying that I can see .......... quick coffee with beautiful wifey then off to work.

Already had a half day booked so home before 13:30 in time to finish recharging the Viking batteries. Then off for another session whilst son rides horses and does other various equine stuff ! Managed another 6 on the Viking (this is a hugely recommended aircraft by the way, and so so pretty), 4 on the C-Ray, 12 on the Explorer. ONly down side was that I couldn't take advantage of the rare outing for the EHawk. Assemble - check. Battery in - check. Controls OK - check. LIft up. Power on. Prop and spinner fly off. Never mind, just need to nip up those little grub screws. Can I find the right allen key ? You know the answer................ "No". Never mind, it had a nice sit in the sun for a few hours

Home by 19:40 with slightlky red face, neck, arms and legs. And loads of midgey bites ........ and still don't get to ROG or land properly as this site is on moorland.

All in all. Lovely day.

And maanged to get a couple in at different park this morning, one where the grass is mowed regularly. Spent 30 mins practicing take off and landings with the Viking. Sweet !


Thread: What's flying over your house
11/08/2015 12:38:05

Love the idea of a bronco losing "..a boom or two..". Peter - your flying site location looks idyllic - as does the full size activity

Some piston engine creation zoomed over my garden on Sunday - very fast and in camo. No idea what it was though Low wing, squared wing tips and rudder..... bit like a Grumman WW2 warbird but not as tubby .....................


Thread: top sport models of all time
11/08/2015 12:33:43

Ooh, a slopey sub-category ! I like it ...............................

Who's going to chip in with Helis (Raptor, Shuttle, ???) and thermal soarers (?, ? and ? I'm afraid !)


Thread: How many regular flyers at your field?
11/08/2015 08:24:37

me, gulls, swifts/swallows, kestrels/sparrowhawks, various other small birds, lots of midges, dog walkers/horse riders. Occasionally a bunch of fell runners ........


Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
11/08/2015 08:21:29

Hi Leccyflyer - lovely looking field !

Been bit windy in Yorkshire lately (or raining!) but have managed a few early mornings with the Micro-UMX Yak, and a couple of really early morning gos at the micro T28........


Thread: top sport models of all time
11/08/2015 07:56:30

oooh, lovely and subjective!

'Top' in terms of longevity, popularity, flexibility, ability, performance, repairability/ruggedness (anything except looks I suspect!) must be AcroWot and Wot4.


Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
05/08/2015 08:40:20

Anyone know if reverting to W8.1 stops you upgrdaing back to W10 at a later date ?

I know the answer;'s probably available elsewhere but i'm at work and our outdated browser doesn't work very well on the site .....


04/08/2015 08:04:56

Updated home laptop a few days ago and t's still working fine. I do expect to find a few challenges in next few days but that's normal.......

Sons desktop updated too. He's had one issue with one game - he's a heavy online gamer through Steam.

So far, much better experience than previous upgrdaes - especially 8 to 8.1 ! And also better than last few Apple ios updates that all seem to have serious issues with fundamental things like wifi connectivity.

Still a thumbs up from me,


Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
03/08/2015 07:58:47

Flew a couple on Saturday between rain showers. Had a nice couple of hours very early yesterday - blew the dust off the HobbyKing T28............. nice, if a little too fast landing. I think I need more practice.

And flew the heli in the garden in the afternoon.


Thread: What's flying over your house
31/07/2015 13:37:41

Typically, lots of small 2 engine commercial airliners, lots of commercial prop driven stuff, usual Cessna/Piper stuff, a very noisy yellow police helicopter, couple of R22/44's, at least 2 Dauphin helis, the odd microlight and an autogyro.

Wednesday morning, three chinooks flew over at abou 6:00 a.m. - I bet they woke loads of people up as they were pretty low and loud !

Where I fly (and family ride horses) there are quite a few other Helis incl SAR and once an N9 landed pretty close.

Occasionally, some other interesting stuff flies over on way to/from airshows incl Dakota, Hurricane, Tornado, Spitfire, Harrier, Typhoon (not beautiful prop jobby!), Herky-Bird, Galaxy.


Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
31/07/2015 07:48:01

Yep, dowloaded and installed - everything seems fine (faster too); even Photos now works !

Now if only I could upgrade my Vista laptop free ..................


29/07/2015 13:11:45

nope did a full backup early doors this morning, ready for the big event. Checked for updates and got mildly excited when it said there was one - not W10 though ........................


Thread: Eflite Viking Model 12 280
27/07/2015 08:02:37

Very true - lots of faff before I got it to work. Luck more than skill in the end I think.

Still can't get it to work for a the brushless 'brick' in the little UMX Yak

Thread: Free simulators?
27/07/2015 07:57:13

I run an old copy of RC Planemaster on W8.1 ............. I think this is how I did it.....

Copy the CD to your hard drive and install from there

Drop an icon on your desktop (the 'traditional' looking one, not the tiled one) then change the properties to run in Compatability Mode (XP I think).


Thread: Summer is here!!....Who's been flying??
26/07/2015 13:09:50

Managed half a dozen flights on the Viking this morning - lovely early morning weather. Raining now of course


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