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Thread: Do you stick to your TX maker's RXs?
25/09/2014 12:07:42

Genuine spekky in fast/heavy

Orange/other clones in smaller/lighter


Thread: What did you learn with?
23/09/2014 07:58:19

Tried teaching myself on a DB Tern - 2 channel powered glider. Made some successfukl flights.

Then got taught to fly properly, off coast of wales slopes with a Cambria Capstan.

Then moved on to teaching myself powered flight with an electric three channel from Great Plans or Goldberg (I think) - name escapes me. Three channels controlling barely powered flight for about 4 minutes at a time.

Then a Graupner Teddy powered glider. Then a GWS Tiggy and a series of other GWS foamies. Then all sorts !

Starting over, I'd probabaly go electric 4 channel high wing. LiPos now so cheap that you can fly as much as you like pretty much. And lack of noise may open up other areas when you're confidemt of going solo.


Thread: Summer's here! Who's been flying?
05/09/2014 15:27:16

It's been absolutely beautiful up here in Yorkshire the last couple of days. Managed some time with AcroWot, Nano Hawk, EHawk, Inverza 280, ST FW190, HK Spad...... only down side was all the flies and other flying insects !

Not sure about everyone else but it's been a decent flying year - my log says 344 flights in 2014, excluding helis.

Had a nice surprise yesterday - a white full size heli that looked like a huey (i am no expert!) was flying along the valley BELOW me. Had to stop and watch for 15 mins. Today it was back on the hill above mine. Sweet!


18/07/2014 08:18:07

Beautiful eveing up at Hebden Bridge yesterday - white fluffy clouds, blue sky, gentle breeze. Added to my early morning in the park, I got 2 hours solid air time in

My conclusions ?

That UMX Yak is just so fabulous - I thought the Sbach UMX was good but this is streets better. Mini Ultra Stiks still fly well, even if they're mostly glue and 'reinforcement' ! My EHawk still flies even if one wing is so warped it loks like a propellor.


25/06/2014 08:08:46

Flew Friday for a couple of hours, Saturday a couple, Sunday an hour or so; Monday, yesterday and this morning I flew for half an hour before work, with my Yak UMX in the park - before dog walkers arrived.

Making the most of it as the Tour De France stuff has started - the park is an official parking sit6e. A fair arrived yesterday and the council have built a number of concrete ramps to get cars etc. off the road an onto the grass -at least it's dry at the moment, so maybe it won't be a complete eye sore when it all ends. Doesn't affect the Yak of course as I either just point it up, give it some juice and let go, or take off on the quiet road next to the park.


Thread: I broke three golden rules and got away with it,
15/05/2014 08:06:29

Kind of a blocker for a new starter....................... and really screws the RTF market

I second the congrats ona nice day.


Thread: AS3X
07/05/2014 12:37:02

Hi Phil

Yep, that little purple blue and yellow Inverza 280 - fab plane. I've conveniently forgotten the little 'build' niggles and just love the way it flies.

Regards what auto-stabilisation does, yeah it'll even out bumps on bigger models and make them smoother but does that really matter ? Not unless you're going for competition style accuracy ......... but you can't use them there anyway !

I do take the point about gyro in rudders taming tails at take off. Seems sensible but I'd stil prefer to use my digits to actually fly


06/05/2014 14:52:32

I think it's a great idea in a micro - certainly my teeny-weeny Sbach is a hoot ! But, my Inverza doesn't have anything artificial and is absolutely fab and thouroughly recommended - and not hideously expensive.

But yes, you can get Rx's that have AS3X type gyros - nice expensive Spekky ones as well as el-cheapo HobyKing ones. And othesr no doubt. I have a HK one in my PushyCat but actually turned it off as I prefer it without it switched on. I suspect they're good if you have a problem you need to fix ......

My advice, for what it's worth, do without the artificial stabilisation and fly 'properly'


Thread: how do you charge more than one lipo
06/05/2014 14:46:42

I too use multiple chargers: IMax B6, an old JP one, an eflite one that came with my blade heli and an FMS one that came with my FMS Tempest.

Rats nest of wires but possible safer (?) than parallel charging .... ?

If one breaks, I still have three left ! I did think my B6 was broken but I think it must have an internal battery that was completely flat as having left it on for a while (afetr not using it for a few weeks) it burst into life.


Thread: Durafly Spitfire: Should I fit a UBEC?
29/04/2014 07:29:19

No UBEC in mine - no issues so far.


Thread: How many flyable models do you have?
28/04/2014 13:31:52

Ready to pick up and fly ?

Durafly Spitfire, CRay, Mini Ultra Stick, HK Spirit, HK Spad, Micro SBach, Micro Hawk, Micro Trojan, Tempest, Inverza, EHawk 1500, FW190, PushyCat, some Heli whose name escapes me, WOT4, Yak54, MCPx


Thread: Durafly Micro F3A
19/04/2014 09:55:36

Hi Dylan,

any progress ? I stil fancy one ....


Thread: A place for Pushy Cat builders to hang out
19/04/2014 08:53:13

Must admit that having got mine 'sorted', I sort of fell out of love with mine. It's fast, it looks good but I've now got loads of planes that give me more of a buzz and can do more.................... Inverza, Mini Ultra Stik, Spirit, etc. etc.. I suspect I'll bench mine soon and put the kit in something else. Possibly something that'seasier to transport in an A3!

Possibly a sign of the times as with the exception of the MUS, they're all much more modern.

All this choice and diversity is just one of the great things about our hobby !


Thread: Spring is here - what is stopping you from flying?
19/04/2014 08:46:44

Nothing his week ! Whoohoo................. sunny skies, light breezes - lovely !

Have managed a few - two-session days; one early a.m. (pre dog walkers) in the pak then one in the hills whilst wifey and son ride horses ............... and I thought MY hobby was expensive


Thread: Reality Craft - RC Planemaster
23/03/2014 10:11:14

If you copy everything from CD to your hard drive and install it from there, it seems to work. Got both PlaneMaster and FlightMaster running on my W8.1 laptop....

Give it a go - nothing to lose.


Thread: Spring is here - what is stopping you from flying?
13/03/2014 09:56:47


Fog before work yesterday and today


Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
05/03/2014 08:04:11

Saturday was nice up in Yorkshire too - maidened my NanoHawk edf - better than I expected tbh. No fire-breather but fun and looks nice.................Also maidened my EHawk 1500 - very very nice bit was right not to trust the bolt-on vtail system - deffo needs a blob of epoxy ! And put another 4 flights on the simply brilliant Inverza - finally getting the hanfg of knife edge smiley

Finally, flew my refurbed ST FW190. Took our retracts and filled the gaping holes in the wing. Also did some surgery on the flaps (carbon fibre rods) to try and make the flaps a better fit. It really flies beautifuly and I love the way it looks in the air. Needs a bit of tarting up now. And either a new collet or motor shaft as there is a bit of vibration making it noisier than I'd like.

Sunday was back to normal - fog and horizontal rain.

On the brighter side (pun intended !) it's been light enough to fly at 6:30 so some trips to the field before work are on the cards smileysmiley


Thread: How old are we?
25/02/2014 11:47:47

Last year ?

I can only just remember last week !

The memory is really funny though, certain things from almost 50 years ago are still quite fresh in my mind......... maybe we associate an element of 'importance' to things and put them in different places in our memory bank. Not sure some of what I can remember is important now, but may be it was when written to my memory ..................

Anyway, i'm 53, feel 25, act 15


25/02/2014 07:54:38

I can only see the results too ........... have looked almost everywhere


Thread: Mini E Panic
17/02/2014 16:39:37

I extended the nose on mine by about 1.5" and still needed a lump of lead Sorry but not organised enough to weigh it !

Flew nicely but is currently in the eaves - biplanes take up too much boot spaced in the car.


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