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Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
21/03/2020 18:26:05


1) BECS. I don't like them! I've known them cause all sorts of issues, and will only use them on lightweight models where there is no other option.

2) Yes, telemetry loss when the model is close to the Tx is normal, and nothing to worry about.

3) The perceived wisdom is that the internal antennae offer a better signal distribution than the external one. I've not experienced an issue with either option, but am only stating what has been reported.

Your update suggests to me that your original issue was caused by the BEC. I have witnessed this on several other occasions over the years, with all manner of different equipment (35Mhz, 459 MHz, 2.4 GHz).

I don't use FrOS, but I would suggest doing the RF upgrade first, as once done, you can remove the relevant firmware files from the SD card. I've never experienced the issues that the new RF firmware is supposed to "fix", but there are reports that the new firmware itself may have some bugs. I intend to wait for further updates before I consider upgrading the RF firmware on my systems.

Just my 2p worth! wink



Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
21/03/2020 09:55:30

Glad you got it sorted, Steve!

I always try and keep my systems relatively up-to-date to avoid issues like this! I know how traumatic it can be! Having said that, I don't usually update to v.2.X.0, preferring to wait for at least 2.X.1 to catch any bugs!

I know the developers do a lot of Release Candidates (RC versions) before finally issuing a major upgrade, but its not until it gets in the hands of the great unwashed that you find out how resilient your testing has been! wink



Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
21/03/2020 09:47:47

I can only speak of my own experience with an X9D and X10S: So far, I have not experienced any un-commanded outputs. I am therefore holding off on updates to v2.X until it is thoroughly de-bugged.

Andy's telemetry dropouts also set alarm bells ringing for me, too. Its very difficult to diagnose at a distance - you really need to get the transmitter on a spectrum analyzer to see what is going on. It does sound like a dodgy RF link, and switching between FrSkyOS and OpenTx will have little, if any, impact on this.

Andy doesn't state whether he's using the internal or external antennae. It could just be a poor connection between the RF board and antenna, so that is the first thing I would check. See if the problem goes away on the other antenna.

If its the same on both, does changing the receiver help?

If not, it points to a faulty RF board in the Tx.

I don't know whereabouts Andy is, but unless he has a local electronics guru who can run a ruler over it, I would be inclined to return the Tx to T9 for a check-up.



Thread: UK leaving EASA!
20/03/2020 17:14:04

Quite right Erf! We managed OK before we joined EASA, so I don't see why we shouldn't manage OK again. Indeed, as has been pointed out, EASA has relied quite heavily on the expertise of UK staff, so if they are all brought home to the CAA, then it is EASA that will need to source new expertise, not us!

Assuming of course that the Brits at EASA want to come back!



Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
20/03/2020 17:07:59

There was a fairly big change in the filing system used for storing models a while back (can't remember which version, but think it was 2.2.x). The format of the SD card also changed, and it is essential to have the right SD card format for the version you are using.

Remember that you are trying to jump 3 major generations of software here, so expect a few bumps in the road!

Back up your SD card on your computer, then download the version appropriate to whatever version of OpenTx you are trying to use, and then use Companion to convert everything to the new format before saving it to the new SD card.

Unless you have a lot of complex setups, it might be easier just to update to 2.3.5 (with a new SD card) and start again from scratch.

You will find download links for the SD card (and Companion) for 2.3.5 here: **LINK**

(scroll down to the bottom of the page)

You will also find SDcard downloads and Companion for older versions on the same site.

Best of luck!



Thread: Radio
19/03/2020 16:49:13

+1 for T9Hobbysport.

They currently do two modules for JR transmitters, DJT and XJT. The DJT supports the older protocols (V8 and D8) which are no longer technically legal. However, as your transmitter pre-dates the 2015 cut-off date, you have "grandfather" rights and can use these legally. (V8 is non-telemetry.)

The XJT supports the newer D16 protocol, and is the one I would recommend. I suspect it also supports D8, the older telemetry protocol, but the website isn't clear on that. I would be surprised if it doesn't, as I think its the same board as goes in the FrSky transmitters.

However, this is academic unless you have some older FrSky receivers. Just go with the XJT module, and get X-series receivers to go with it.

You could also consider one of the multi-protocol modules, but make sure you get the one with a rotary switch on it, like this: **LINK**

The switch enables you to change protocols, and it also supports DSM-2 and DSM-X, so you could use your PCM-9 with your Spektrum receivers as well as FrSky, Hitec, Futaba - to name but a few!

A bit more complex, and it would help to be a bit of a computer geek - or know someone who is - but almost infinitely flexible!

For simplicity, stick to the XJT.



19/03/2020 12:08:18

Nothing wrong with any of that gear, but probably worth changing the battery packs! I still have - and still use - my PCM9x! The 35 MHz band is almost empty these days, but keep an eye out, as people have got sloppy about frequency control!

You can get 2.4 GHz modules to fit the PCM9x if you want to move completely to 2.4 GHz, but it isn't necessary unless you want to.



Thread: 35 MHz crystals
19/03/2020 11:01:10
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 19/03/2020 10:07:15:Peter, I still have both my FF8 and FF9s though I think I only have one module between them and no ideas where I may have put their aerials. Maybe I should polish them up and use them as wall art?

Convert them to 2.4 GHz!




Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
19/03/2020 10:55:47
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/03/2020 19:24:16:

SOme time ago I had to make a return visit to the dentist. The lady said that as it was still in the same treatment and within a month I didn't have to pay. I was chuffed.

Got back to my car. The car park is free with a three hour limit.

I had forgotten to get a ticket. £24 fine removed any chuffed feelings

Edited By Peter Miller on 18/03/2020 19:24:55

A year back I met up with an old friend at Gordano services (Bristol) to hand over a vintage heli he was after. Bristol was about half way between our respective homes. He offered to buy me lunch, and we got chatting, as you do, and the time just flew by.

Eventually we left and went our respective ways.

A few days later, I got a 'phone call. He'd got a parking ticket for staying past two hours, and was enquiring if I'd got one! No, I hadn't, nor did I, despite the fact we'd both arrived and left within minutes of each other!

Then it dawned on me! I'd taken my classic car out for a run, as it hadn't had a decent journey for a while:

The ANPR cameras couldn't read the old-style number plates!


The local council are currently converting all the multi story car parks to ANPR, and they can't read them either!




Thread: Horus X10S Telemetry Failure
18/03/2020 17:29:01

If you have a friendly electronics guru, with a decent 'scope in your club, get him to check the 5V output from the BEC.

I've come across some that had several VOLTS (!) of RF on their output, and there is no way to screen this from getting into a receiver!

Not all are that bad, but I've come across at least two that were!




18/03/2020 15:34:50

I'm not a fan of BECs, and only use them in small electrics, where there is no real alternative. I've seen BECs cause far too many problems to have any real confidence in them.

My preference is always to use a suitable, simple battery pack.



Thread: Aviation Funnies
18/03/2020 15:31:35

I can see where he was coming from, but Brian Lecomber was very much an expert! I wonder how many novices could successfully carry that manoeuvre out!




18/03/2020 14:04:21
Posted by Vinegar Dave on 10/01/2015 15:03:52:

Again apologies if you have heard this one but WW1 pilots were told on take off that if their engine was to fail 'Don't Turn back'.

Not just WW1! That's what I was taught when learning full-size in the 60's! As far as I am aware, its still the advice given today!

Trying to turn 180 degrees at low altitude with a dead engine is almost guaranteed to end in a spin.



Thread: Motor stutters near full throttle
14/03/2020 14:57:28

Just a thought, as I'm not that familiar with Futaba systems. Have you got high frame rate enabled?

Standard frame rate is around 18mS (give or take) but many 2.4 GHz sets allow a higher frame rate (9mS or so) in order to reduce latency. Usually its only servos that object to high frame rate (should only be used with "digital" servos), ESCs are usually tolerant. But if you have selected high frame rate, it might be worth trying it at the normal frame rate.

You never know....



Thread: Fuels Paradise
14/03/2020 09:01:11
Posted by Alan Reynolds 1 on 13/03/2020 21:43:33:
I know this is an old thread but if castor so bad why do model technics use up to 9% of the stuff in most of their mixes then??????

rest my case......

Because there are a lot of traditionalists out there who still believe that castor has a place in modern fuels. There are also those who believe the earth is flat and that the moon landings never took place.

I rest my case!




Thread: English language ?
13/03/2020 09:46:04

Don't forget "management speak", either! I used to work in a place where memos about "leveraging extensible platforms" for the purpose of "utilizing turn-key systems" were all part of "aggregating e-business functionalities"!

We were constantly being exhorted to "harness vertical paradigms" in order that we might "engage virtual functionalities", as well as "iterate frictionless portals" - not to mention "recontextualize distributed applications".

Gus Hedges would have been proud!




Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 09:36:51

Like most clubs, the ones down here in sunny (HA!) Devon have been affected far more by the weather than by coronavirus! I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptoms! If and when the weather ever does improve, I think it would take something like bubonic plague to stop us from flying!

Having said that, another club I belong to - nothing to do with model flying - holds weekly meetings in the back room of a local pub/eatery. Its a popular dining venue, and usually packed out. Last night there were less than a dozen patrons in there when we arrived, and when we left around 9:30, it was completely empty!

Sign of the times?



Thread: Jim Davis Lancaster
11/03/2020 14:17:16

Hi Allan,

Thanks for the update! As you can imagine, an .049 powered helicopter was pretty small, but it did fly, and quite well! At the time, I think it was the smallest RC helicopter in existence (mid-1970s)! It should have been quite easy to get it in the container!

On the other hand, it might have been considered as waste because of its size! Peter Valentine also built an .020 powered heli, which I have, but never managed to get it to fly. He couldn't make a centrifugal clutch that would work at such a tiny size! Maybe if I electrified it......?!




11/03/2020 09:14:42

Did all the models from Goosedale end up there? I ask because my old friend, the late Peter Valentine, donated his Cox .049 "Lark" helicopter to Goosedale. It vanished with the rest of the exhibits when Goosedale closed.



Thread: Multiprotocol module
09/03/2020 14:27:33

I've not experienced the problem, so I hesitate to comment, but I think Gary is on the right track. There are four different RF chips in there, and what you describe sounds like one of the shutting down due to overheating.

Maybe Mike will be along in a while, as he has a fair bit of experience with these modules, I think.



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