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Thread: Ed Kazmirski Taurus Aerobatic model
18/12/2019 13:50:02

The area where most people have a problem with the Taurus is the "wrap around" leading edge sheeting. There is a trick to this!

Take the LE sheeting, and *before* trying to attach it, soak the outside with water. Use a piece of plastic sponge.

This will cause the LE to curl quite a bit, making it much easier to attach without it splitting.

I was taught this trick by an old hand, back in the late 60s, and it works like a charm!




Thread: Probable scam?
18/12/2019 12:29:29

A couple of weeks back I bought a new TV and BluRay player from Currys. It came with a guarantee that if the price dropped on Black Friday, I could claim back the difference. Although I bought the items in the shop, I had to register the cashback guarantee online.

A couple of days ago (I've been away from home!) I received an email saying I was due a £20 refund as the price had dropped, and to follow a link to a website where I could register my bank details for a refund.

Smelling a rather large rat, I contacted Currys customer help, who knew nothing about any such email!


I've tried to report this potential scam to the powers-that-be, but they only seem to cater for those that have actually been scammed, rather than anyone reporting suspicious activity. I don't know if anyone here might have a better clue as to where to report activity like this?

In any case, be careful out there!



Thread: Judder on all servos with DFT module
10/12/2019 15:05:42

ED: Just noticed a typo in my instructions! It should read join Ch1 and Ch2 signal pins with a jumper - but you probably guessed that.

If you didn't get full instructions for the receiver, you can find them here:




09/12/2019 18:17:10

The Vr8-11 is one of the first generation receivers (non-telemetry) and doesn't have a high speed mode. BUT, it does have the ability to bind to D series transmitters, albeit without telemetry.

ED: It might be worth checking that the receiver was bound in the right mode. I don't think it will bind in the wrong one, but you never know!

V8 mode: Set the module to V8 mode (Sw 1 OFF, Sw 2 ON) and bind receiver by holding the F/S button when powering on. Once bound (its almost instantaneous), switch everything off and on again, and it should be bound in V8 mode.

D8 mode: Set module to D8 (both switches OFF). On the receiver, connect the Ch1 and Ch1 signal pins with a jumper and then power it on WITHOUT holding the F/S button. After binding, power everything down and remove the jumper. It should now be bound in D8 mode - but you still won't get telemetry.

Maybe one mode will work better than the other? Worth a try before going through the hassle of flashing it!



09/12/2019 12:47:00

Not come across this one personally, but the first thing I would advise is making sure the firmware is up to date.

There's no way of checking what is actually in the module, you just have to download the latest version and apply it. There are a few ways of doing this, and a quick google should find everything you need.



Thread: BMFA News Dec 2019
08/12/2019 15:00:36

When I look back at how things *could* have turned out only a couple of months ago, I am mightily relieved that our present situation is nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Yes, we had a stroke of luck with a more enlightened Secretary of State, but thanks to all the hard work put in by the BMFA, we were well placed to take advantage of that luck when it arose. And thanks to all that hard work, we will hopefully have a better chance of minimising the affects of future legislation going forward.


It was also a real delight to see so many junior members being recognised by the Royal Aero Club, something else the BMFA has been instrumental in getting.

We constantly hear about the lack of youngsters entering the hobby, but here are four who are showing levels of skill beyond their years - and giving their elders a run for their money!

From my perspective (and I admit to some bias here!), I was particularly impressed that three out of the four were helicopter pilots, one of the most challenging disciplines from a pure piloting perspective.

It seems that not all kids are seeking instant gratification! We can see four here that have been prepared to put in the time and practice to achieve levels of skill that many of us older pilots can only envy!

Well done to them, too!



Thread: Trim reversal in OpenTx
05/12/2019 16:30:51

Manish: Don't worry, no offense taken, I knew what you were getting at. I'd hoped my reply was similarly light-hearted, but perhaps should have added an extra cheeky for good measure ! wink

And yes, I know what you mean about Chinglish instructions!



05/12/2019 12:47:53
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 05/12/2019 11:07:20:

In my opinion the Open Tx and some other brands as well have been programmed in a way a computer programmer/code writer thinks and not necessarily a pilot thinks. Especially pilots of certain vintage (read age) wink 2

Well, I've been flying R/C since the mid-60's, and am rapidly approaching my 70th birthday, so I'm not convinced its purely an age thing.

Having said that, I have been working in electronics all my working life, and learned about computers (mostly mainframes and mini-computers) in the early 70s. So perhaps I do have an unfair advantage. But even that didn't help with the heli, as I followed standard computing practice, and it caught me out!

Having said all that, I do understand why pilots whose previous experience has been Spektrum / JR / Futaba / etc can get confused by OpenTx. At a basic level, OpenTx is no more difficult than any other system. Its when you try and do something slightly out of the ordinary that it can catch you out!

Frank: I never claimed that Multiplex was "conventional"! wink

I know of only one local modeller who ever used Multiplex. Sadly he passed away earlier this year, so my experience of recent Multiplex systems is nearly zero!



Thread: what type of battery pack for i/c engine trainer
05/12/2019 09:43:15

I agree! Although it could be the charge lead coming off the switch. In either case, for me, that would trigger further investigation!



Thread: Trim reversal in OpenTx
05/12/2019 09:35:38

One of the beauties of OpenTx is that it is almost infinitely flexible - but with that flexibility come a few "gotchas"!

You are thinking of trims the way they work on a "conventional" system, but in OpenTx, they are a separate control in their own right.

Because of this, it is possible to have "crossed" trims, ie: the LH trims operating on the RH stick and vice versa. Some people like this, as it stops you having to do an awkward reach across the TX if you find yourself with a very out-of-trim model.

It also means that the "trim" levers can be assigned to a completely separate function, and not trim at all. For example, a friend of mine uses OpenTx professionally for controlling cameras remotely, and uses the "trim" levers for zoom and focus functions, while the sticks are used for pan and tilt. Very useful and flexible, and something a conventional transmitter is incapable of achieving.

Incidentally, I have a number of Ace Micrpro 8000 transmitters from the mid-90s, one of the first attempts at a computer controlled transmitter. This features crossed-trims as standard, but when you reverse the stick functions (done by setting the end points, rather than a simple "reverse" toggle) you have to make sure you also reverse the "rate" settings as well, otherwise the "rate" switch becomes a "reverse" switch! Gotcha!

Like many features of modern transmitters, its only an issue if you are unaware of it. And if its any consolation, I too have been "got" by an unexpected occurrence when I programmed an IC power helicopter for the first time in OpenTx , and this resulted in a hot start. It certainly made me jump, but luckily for me, years of experience have taught me to be ready for a hot start, and I was able to shut everything down quickly and safely while I investigated.

As I said, infinite flexibility can also provide an infinite number of ways to mess things up, but luckily most people rarely come across them!

Chalk it down to experience! You won't make the same mistake again, and others who read this thread will now also be aware as well.




Thread: Radio Queen ailerons
03/12/2019 09:38:28

You may be disappointed if you just fit ailerons onto an otherwise unmodified Radio Queen. Most of these vintage models suffer quite badly from adverse yaw when you do this. Certainly Super 60s don't fly any better with ailerons, and need substantial modification to make them work even half decently.

Even my Jackdaw (which has ailerons shown on the plans) turns just as well on rudder as ailerons, and needed s substantial amount of aileron differential to counteract the adverse yaw effect. It does do decent rolls on ailerons, though!

The ASP 30 4-stroke is a little marginal for take-off, though once airborne, it flies at half throttle. I'm a bit surprised by this, as the original flew on a 3.5cc diesel! I'm not particularly impressed by the ASP.
The Jackdaw is a delight to fly, though!
Thread: what type of battery pack for i/c engine trainer
03/12/2019 09:24:22

1) I've been using Spektrum receivers since they first came out, all running on 4-cells, and have never experienced a "brown-out". Unless the servos are guaranteed up to 7 volts, stick to 4-cells. Receivers are generally safe to higher voltages, its the servos that are the issue.

I recommend the 2000mAH Eneloops. The higher capacity ones (2500mAH) tend to have a higher internal resistance and are more prone to voltage drops under load. If using a lot of powerful servos go for sub-C cells instead of AAs. Vapextec are also available, but I have had a Vapextec cell fail. I have yet to have an Eneloop fail.

LiFes are excellent as long as the servos are guaranteed safe at 7 volts (check manufacturers spec, not word of mouth!).

2) Servos. The ones you have may be fine. Check that they all move at the correct speed (is one or more faster or slower than the rest?) and then check for rough spots. This is done by moving them slowly from one extreme to the other while looking for any sign of jittering. If they run smoothly and at a consistent speed, you should be good to go.

3) Replace the switch harness. Use a good, high quality item. I've always used the JR high power ones, but these are no longer available. Futaba do a similar one. The one suggested by Cymaz looks good, but I have no first-hand experience of it.

If you choose a Futaba or JR lead, do NOT use the ones with a charge socket built into the switch. These are notoriously unreliable. Use the ones with a separate fly-lead for charging.

Follow the above rules, and true happiness will follow! laugh



Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
01/12/2019 10:31:57

Glad you got it sorted!

See Mike's post above about switching to EU. It sounds as if the new RF module has both, and just needs a script running to switch. I know he's talking about an X9Lite, but I can't believe they would be using a different RF module in different Txs. It would push the cost of compliance testing too high!



Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/12/2019 10:27:43

Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 01/12/2019 09:49:20:

This is the club that will only let you fly if your TX/RX are the same brand. They sure do love some pettifogging faffing around in that club.

Heaven knows what they'd do if I turned up with some of my home-made gear, then!




30/11/2019 12:28:07

We didn't insist on it at our AGMs, just recommended it. Anyone who wanted to do it the old fashioned way was welcome to, but the look on the membership secs face when he realised he was going to have to get approval from anyone wanting to do it that way was enough to dissuade the small minority who were unsure.

In any event, they all know who to call for help with any problems, and although its early days, so far none have needed it.

As I say, its more fear of the unknown than any inability. Once enough confidence has been plucked up to try it, they wonder what all the fuss was about!

And again, anyone capable of setting up a modern radio should have no problems at all.



30/11/2019 09:22:32

In my recent experience, most of the nervousness suffered by members about the renewal system evaporates as soon as they try it.

I will be turning 70 early next year, and in at least two of the clubs I belong to, that makes me one of the youngest members! Nonetheless, at the two recent AGMs I have attended, once the procedure was explained - carefully and slowly - everyone was happy. At the club at which I'm chairman (admittedly a very small one), I hooked a laptop up to a large screen and demonstrated the processes involved. The very next day, one member (who is older than me, and a self professed technophobe) took the BMFA Competency test and passed. He doesn't have a computer or an email, so he had to use his wife's, but he still managed it with no difficulty.

It is simply fear of the unknown.

Once you try it, you will find it is easier than you expect. And even for those of us who are of advancing years, it is mental challenges that keep the mind alive!

If you can master a modern computer radio - even at a basic level - then the registration processes should hold no terrors!

Keep calm and carry on!



29/11/2019 17:39:00

PS: The big difference between registering via the BMFA and via the CAA is that the BMFA asks if your aircraft carries a camera or not.

This may be a useful statistic to have in the not too distant future.

The BMFA have been working overtime on this for a long period, and whilst I agree that we were lucky with the change of Secretary of State, being prepared when that happened was no accident of fortune.

For heaven's sake, stop knocking the BMFA. It may not be a perfect organisation. Nothing made by man is. But none of the other organisations could have done what the BMFA has managed to achieve, and with a very limited budget and manpower.



29/11/2019 17:30:40

I have attended two club AGMs since last Saturday. At the first, there were only two members who didn't have a suitable competence certificate. Since then, both have taken the BMFA online test and passed, despite one of them being a self confessed computerphobe!

At both AGMs it was decided that since all the members had internet access, it would be up to members to handle their own BMFA renewals via the portal. This would considerably reduce the strain on membership secs, who now only have to worry about getting club subs in.

All the members of both clubs were happy with this (as were the membership secs!) as it leaves control in their own hands, and they have all been thoroughly briefed on what they need to do and when. Contact details were provided for anyone who might have queries, but so far none have emerged.

Simple, easy and efficient!



29/11/2019 14:47:12
Posted by Steve J on 29/11/2019 08:50:41:
Posted by Peter Christy on 29/11/2019 08:43:19:

There's a lot of inaccuracies in that article, so I wouldn't place too much faith in it.

Please list the inaccuracies in that article for those of us who aren't as well informed as you are.

1) "UK drone pilots must register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by the end of 29 November or face a fine of £1,000."

Not true. If you are a member of one of the recognised model flying associations, you can register when you renew your membership - anytime up to the end of December.

Also, if you are not intending to fly, there is no need to register. Possession is not the offence. Flying it without registration or a suitable exemption is.

2) "In December 2018, drone sightings on the runways at Gatwick Airport caused havoc for thousands of Christmas travellers."

The only confirmed drone sightings at this incident were of police drones. There is no evidence of any malicious drone activity taking place. Perhaps not totally wrong as written, but certainly misleading.

Basically, very sloppy reporting.



Thread: Horus X10 Express
29/11/2019 10:43:25

Tim & David: Thanks for you input! Its not my transmitter, but that of a fellow club member. He brought it to me at our AGM as he'd managed to do the hardware change OK, but couldn't get the software to "stick" in mode 1.

I managed to set up a "template" model in mode 1, but when we selected another new model, it went back to mode 2 again! As I said, I know little of FrOs, as I switched mine to OpenTx almost as soon as I got it - and I'm mode 2 anyway, so wouldn't come across the problem.

I only had his transmitter in my hands for half-an-hour, while I tried to figure it out, and no manual or any other guide, so I was guessing a lot! I'll be seeing him again next week probably, so I'll see how he is getting on.

I just thought I'd take advantage of this discussion to see if anyone else had run into the problem. It sounds as if I missed something during the setup, but it will have to wait until I see him again during the week. In the meantime, we have a work-around!

Again, many thanks, folks!



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