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Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
21/05/2019 18:03:06

While I was idling wondering what to do next I filled in the root rib area on the lower wings. I guess that seals it, I am not doing a Nimrod but back to plan A, a Fury.




21/05/2019 17:38:07

Oh I meant to say, those lovely counter sunk screws are M2 from Modelfixings, an excellent supplier.

Slight snag the M2 use an allen key that is so small I don't own one! A small jewellers screwdriver worked, but I have some tiny ones on order. I believe the allen key I need is 1.3mm

I have 100 of the M2 and a 100 M3 for the various bits of rigging etc.

Still in two minds whether to use the nice Mick Reeves fork fittings or just plain piano wire.......



Edited By Danny Fenton on 21/05/2019 17:40:46

21/05/2019 17:34:57

Been lookng at the position of the rear flying wires. They attach to the lower wing, near the root. As I have split my wing into panels I have fitted brackets to the ply ribs of the centre section. This position should be plenty strong enough.

To achieve my aim I had to remove some of the centre section sheeting. This was cut at 45 degrees to make replacing the cut sections easier.





Maybe more later if the sofa doesn't swallow me after I have eaten



20/05/2019 14:55:55

Well now that the distractions of the indoor Nationals and the Chipmunk ARTF are out the way, probablt should get back on to the Fury. I like many are really struggling to keep going with this one.... But a little a day and it will be done.

So I removed the brass bits and give them a gentle bend. I then sanded sections from the rib cappings to accept the ply cappings. I then CA'd the brass to the spar (yes, I did add some block between spars)

Strong crochet thread was whipped around the brass and spars, this was then soaked in thin CA

The ply capping pieces were then added, making sure they were flush with the balsa rib cappings




Thread: Indoor Scale R/C entry Piper Super Cub PA-18
18/05/2019 08:30:44

Thanks for posting the video Brian. Its great to the models in the air.

And great to meet you and your Dad.

Congrats on the win, well deserved!



Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
15/05/2019 11:09:05

Chris and I went flying again last night with both the Chippies, and they are a lot of fun.

I removed some telemtry equipment (sorry Chris) and also the two Rx packs, to run solely on the 8A BEC integrated into the new Neuron ESC's. This moved the c of g to 130mm which is where Chris is at. I flew a BMFA scale Schedule and it was lovely, all be it a little more nervous. I think I will move the c of g a little forward to suit my style of flying.

Probably shift the C of G by adding one Rx pack back into the model, and using a dual feed, ESC BEC as main source, LiFe pack as standby, using another one of Chris's clever little boards

I hope Chris doesn't mind me posting this video, I hadn't realised he was stood behind me filming

Motor Turnigy 4258 500kV, 5S 5000 mAh, 15 x 10 APC, Neuron 60 ESC, Frsky RX8R Pro. weight 9.25lbs



Edited By Danny Fenton on 15/05/2019 11:09:24

Thread: Indoor Scale R/C entry Piper Super Cub PA-18
14/05/2019 16:26:39

Thanks chaps

14/05/2019 11:52:37

Just a quick update:

The 2019 Nationals took place on Sunday 12th and i once again entered the Cub in the scratch built class. I also entered flying only, but instead of my regular foamie, I used my newer Jack Savage Se5a. It is harder to fly, but the comp gave me the hall all to myself for the four rounds. I knew i couldn't win but great opportunity to test fly.

Needless to say it was a great day with a good atmosphere. A great deal more tense than in previous events, but there were a few new entrants with some lovely models and serious flying skills.

I pride myself on the Cubs docs and accuracy, having had some very good advice to start your build with the docs!

I was well ahead after static on this basis.

However my flying is not so good. I realise the problem and will spend some summer evenings flying outdoors to get the model properly trimmed, it is much too nose heavy. Something Jon from laser said hit home some time ago and I think he is right. We often confuse over sensitive controls to a rearward c of g and I think that is what I have done.

Anyway the Cub finished in Silver, which is really very pleasing, especially considering the opposition this year.



Eric Streffords Lancaster, it is just like a flying version of the Airfix kit we all built as kids


Ian Pallisters Veron Tiger Moth, this model is nearly thirty years old and is converted to electric. Ian flies this in flying only


Graham Smiths lovely Vickers FB8 with rudder via throttle. You could crawl faster than this could fly


Rob Wardales lovely Hercules, uses vectorboard in its construction


My Cub


Andrew Whites torpedo dropping Blackburn GP Seaplane


Graham Smith flew this glorious Vimy in scratch built


My Se5a, it could have flown in scale, but I elected to use the Cub, so the Se was flown in Flying only, it went well but needs a lot more trimming to get it flying right. I guided it 50% of the time the other 50% it went where it wanted!


Another view of Graham's glorious Vickers Vimy

A big thank you to Sean Fitzgibbon for snapping the pics, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing them here. It was great to meet you Sean, hopefully see you on the flightline next year

We are having a really big push to try and get more involved next year, We are desperately trying to find a better venue with better lighting. Shawbury has been excellent, but if we want to grow the event then we must increase entries.

Adding the competitive edge is great fun and really sharpens up your flying. It is not as easy as you think, and having watched videos of my flights you cant do worse! We are also not as serious as the outdoor flyers, but that isn't to say we aren't trying as hard. We have Internationally aclaimed judges and everything is very well run and organised.

Please please please, if you want to get involved then get in touch.



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
07/05/2019 19:11:40

That looks ace well done chaps

06/05/2019 19:16:49

Looks great Graham, well done.

If you dont PM me with your email address, I cannot send you the file




Edited By Danny Fenton on 06/05/2019 19:18:30

06/05/2019 15:39:04

Hi Graham, I cannot really tell from the picture. Have you got the Pdf file i created with all the formers redrawn.

Pm me your e mail address and I will forward the pdf



Thread: Benedini Sound modul
04/05/2019 12:50:40

LOL they do. Do you like the way I give the darn ground a quick blast with the .303's

04/05/2019 12:43:58
Not sure I should show this embarrasing attempt at comitting flight, but the sound is quite clear This is on 6S 2P A123 and the new digital amplifier.
02/05/2019 18:53:29

I look forward to hearing how you get on. The new digital amplifier is very nice I have one in my Hurricane, but only the single speaker.



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
02/05/2019 18:50:49

Of course we are interested Ernie

I was just going to copy a regular oleo just a bit thinner



Thread: 60" to 75" Balsa Electric Warbird.
29/04/2019 11:52:07

I have been flying a Seagull Sea Fury since 2008, and it has to be one of the nicest flyers I have. It is stand off scale granted with enlarged ailerons, but after 11 years it is still a go to model for me. 60" but has short wings compared to length


Mine, Chris Bott and Shaun Chant's Furys at Greenacres



Thread: CAA registration consulation
26/04/2019 17:10:39

Just to repeat Steves link. There is a web site where you can offer your thoughts, and i would ask all flyers to do so. The BMFA, LMA etc have more clout if we express our feelings.

Personally I have no problem with us all being registered, we are by the BMFA. we are trained and certified through their training schemes. We do not need an additional £16.50 fee to run another system alongside one we already have.

At the end of the day they want to ensure aircraft do not enter controlled airspace, I am not sure how charging legal modellers is going to accomplish that.

Please fill in the consultation document, it may not help, but if we do nothing we give less power to out governing bodies to contest, and we will only have ourselves to blame.



Edited By Danny Fenton on 26/04/2019 17:14:46

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
25/04/2019 10:16:52

Hi Ernie, I use T6 6061 its a nice hard alloy, but machines really well.

I was going to machine my own too, eventually......



Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
20/04/2019 23:09:32

Thanks for posting the video Chris, I really did enjoy flying my Chippy tonight, and your grin from flying yours seemed pretty fixed too

I cannot begin to convey how nice this Chippy is to fly. Seagull have a cracker in this model



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
17/04/2019 21:14:40

Lovely Andy wanted to keep his model pretty standard, i wanted to emphasise the wing joints. Seperate panels seemed sensible.



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