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Thread: Ashbourne 2019
17/09/2019 11:39:48

I hope to be there



Thread: The Warbirds Replicas Macchi C.202 is Landing!
07/09/2019 21:53:18

Sorry I missed you I had wanted to have a chat.

Trouble with competing is it takes up a lot of your time, and can miss other events.

Congrats on making the Nats



Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
07/09/2019 21:05:04

Looks great, loads of work, well done for tackling it.... serious respect



Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
06/09/2019 21:04:07

Hi Martin, there are a couple of companies that make small English wheels, I would love to have one.

As the alloy is worked it hardens and you have to re-aneal it. When I made some tail fairings for a Brian Taylor Hurricane I had to repeat the process several times.

You want to watch out saying you have loads of litho-plate, there are many modellers on here that have been searching for it for some time I too have enough to see me out, but that was all acquired many years ago.



06/09/2019 20:33:38

Hi Martin, good to have you on board, I have never had to join the litho plate but it does sound like Aluweld is worth having on the shelf. You never know when the situation calls for it.

Lithoplate is what you want, it can be a bit hard to find these days, but worth leaving a search running on EBay.

If you rub soap on one side and heat the other side with a blowtorch, once the soap turns black the alloy is aneeled it is then as soft as foil.

The problem is this model is not accurate enough for competition, and that was my objective. So I am not going to invest the additional hours it will take to cover the entire front half of the model in aluminium. It is not that I couldn't do it, but that I wont.


This shot shows a quick test using .3mm litho over a particularly nasty compound curve and without really trying was able to get it around the curves. The other issue was how to attach the litho, in the past I have used CA but a friend in Aus uses a very strong tape. I wanted to find a similar product and I think I have in this Ultratape.

Anyway on with the tail-wheel, I think I can call it done, following a few fake bolt heads, and a splash of silver.

I have temporarily fitted it in position so you can see its position and strengthening gusset. I will use a separate servo to drive this, then i can mix it with rudder for RC and have it independent for control line.





06/09/2019 15:17:06

Hi Martyn, thanks, I was really pleased with winning F4b

I did figure out how to apply litho to the cowl, but its more work than i want to do on this one.



06/09/2019 14:19:17

A little more done on the Fury. I did prove that the top cowl could be shaped from lithoplate, but it was a lot more work than I think I want to spend. I found a tape that would stick the plate on really well, made by Ultratape, its a very thin and very strong double sided tape. But as i have said I am going to paint mine now.

Moved on to the tailwheel. The oroginal subject had a skid but the two camo versions I am looking at now both have a tailwheel. This will also improve the ground handling so one needed to be made.


It is made from two shaped pieces of piano wire. The arms are bulked up with tissue cut into strips and wrapped around the piano wire using Deluxe materials tissue paste.

The wheel was a cheap HobbyKing item but using my Dapping blocks I was able to cut and then dish some circles from lithoplate. these were stuck to the wheels and holes drilled with a needle file.

The two piano wire arms are joined together, trapping the wheel between them. The whole lot is then pressed into a snug fitting alloy tube that has been liberally coated with JB Weld.

Hopefully this will stand up to the rigors of flight



01/09/2019 22:56:33

A little more done, gun chutes/troughs cut in the forward section and then glassed.


While waiting for that lot to set I cut the final alloy panel for the upper fuselage centre section.


All glued in place



01/09/2019 20:42:18

Thanks SW looks great, looking forward to doing mine. I am waiting for some polyester tissue to arrive, tissue makes for a slightly more brittle covering. Polyester seems to be the latest thinking..... we will see.

I did say once the Nationals were out of the way I would crack on with mine and the Nat's are indeed out of the way...

The Chipmunk didn't miss a beat, and I put in three solid flights, much better than last year, and scored highest in static, which meant I took Gold in F4b The Miles Sparrow Hawk flew much better, but I risked my flights in the wind and the touch and go was my downfall. Only one good flight wasn't enough. I took Silver in that class, still cannot complain British F4b champion has a nice ring to it.

I hope David Ashby wont mind me posting this piccy he got of me with smug mode engaged:

barkston nats 2019.jpg

So on to the Fury.

Well the Nat's highlighted a few shortcomings in the Control Line event. Mainly every time anybody wandered over nothing was happening. People kept asking, have we missed it? And if you weren't on the flight line at 8 am on Monday morning then yes you would have.

So, the Fury will now be finished as a demo model for control line, and a fun model for R/C nothing more. We have all documented the inaccuracies in the design, not the designers fault, it was great for the 70's, but not good enough for competition these days. This means I can just get on with it. I am going to have one last go with the litho plate, if that doesn't go well then I am going to probably do one of the painted Furys, probably the South African example 28 N of No1 Sqdn.

So with a visible light at the end of the tunnel I am ploughing on. First I glassed the upper cowl section, in preparation for either paint or litho plate.


While that is drying I have cold formed some Litho, the problem is the cowl tapers slightly at the front. So I have used a rounded object to bowl the forward section of the litho plate.


So far I haven't got it to shape enough but it is getting there. If my patience hold out then great, if not then it is going to be paint.

I have also been thinking about a model to have a crack at F4C, and the front runner.......drum roll........another Chipmunk at 1/4 scale, from my own drawings



Edited By Danny Fenton on 01/09/2019 20:46:05

Thread: Brian Winch
30/08/2019 12:56:58

Very sad news indeed, Part of RCM&E's fixtures and fittings, he will be sorely missed......

Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
28/08/2019 10:25:46

I have shown several times how to do blisters in litho plate, much easier than you think. You need to cut a teardrop shape, slightly larger than you need. Aneal the litho and rub it into the form with the rounded end of a dowel.

They look great when done

These pics are from my Nijhuis Spitfire build, and are the wing blisters, not as deep dished as the Fury cowl, but you get the idea?



Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
20/08/2019 20:50:18

Looks Great Martin well done, doesn't look like you need me at all



14/08/2019 23:01:28

Lovely work Martin sorry I have been so distracted with other projects. Will get back on mine after the Nats



12/08/2019 09:47:26

I have looked at the Dr Sun drawing as it is very accurate, and thought the hinge method, using hacksaw blades was very novel. I don't see why it shouldn't work fine. We do tend to over engineer our models.



Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
10/08/2019 23:24:21

Looks terrific, well done



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
03/08/2019 09:18:58

I should go with whatever Dennis has put on the plan. If the model is IC then prop wash behaves differently with a small fast prop. If you are using a large slow prop with electric, then the offset would be worth considering.

Just my opinion

02/08/2019 20:07:07

Hi Stuart, yes that is the idea. Its a bit awkward to work out the sequence, as the sternpost, for the want of a better word has to be glued on after covering. Not entirely sure I have worked it out yet.



Thread: MF's Hawker Fury Mk1
15/07/2019 21:47:26

Looks excellent Martin well done. Shame about the rds. Did you leave the servo tray loose until the rods were centred in the aileron pockets?



Thread: K3731 Martians Fury 1
15/07/2019 21:44:43

Looks fabulous well done



Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
12/07/2019 22:02:47

er..... without looking at the plan I am not sure it is the right profile for an aileron leading edge, it was designed for the wing leading edges. But if it fits then great


The sharp lower aileron leading edge hangs in the airflow to create drag, to induce yaw in the up-going aileron.




Edited By Danny Fenton on 12/07/2019 22:05:18

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