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Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
08/07/2020 23:03:43

John's friends Apache just after a respray, these are the colours I will match too, I like the cream and red, traditional Piper colours, although I am led to believe via John the red is from a Russian red star insignia as the guy had some paint from a previous job.


The model wont be for serious competition, so I dont think the colours will be crucial, but I want them close. There is a local paint factors close to me that I have heard good reports from, I will give them a try for auto base-coat, then Klass Kote gloss clear over the top.



08/07/2020 22:48:27

Thanks John a bit far for me to go and see her. One day.

I have spent most of the last two days trying to get my head back into Jeti, not that my head really ever was into Jeti. The TX is the finest made, has wonderful features, an amazing dual path built in. But the programming I really struggle with. Having spent a fair bit of time lately setting up OpenTx on my Horus (Hawker Fury) my mind was struggling with the Jeti way. I watched lots of Harry Curzon's fabulous videos and got what I wanted done, but OpenTX is so much more intuitive.

In my perfect world I would love to see OpenTx Operating system on Jeti. maybe one day....

So I am gradually picking up where I left off. filled in the missing bits of foam blocks at the wing tips. Not really worthy of a picture, and I added the 1/64 ply trailing edges. I made a rebating sanding block to form the rebate, then the 5mm wide strips of ply were glued on with thin CA.




I had forgotten how big the model is, 1/6th scale is 74" but it fills my workshop bench.




08/07/2020 15:36:37

Thanks John, very interesting indeed. I know it flies into Breighton frequently. Where is it based these days?



Thread: Which Airbrush and Compressor
08/07/2020 12:20:34

The airbrush in this set is only a .3mm But I bet when it arrives there will be at least a .5mm needle included

There are loads on the web just like this.



08/07/2020 09:20:01

I have several airbrushes, the secret is to get the pressure right, for the paint and the gun.

I have a small Harden and Steenbeck with a .3 mm needle and jet for detail work (15 - 20 psi), a couple of panel guns at .8 mm and 1.2 mm for larger areas, (25 - 30 psi) mainly for primer.


The bulk of my spraying is done with an Iwata Revolution TR2 (.5 mm), not cheap but a gem of an airbrush, but don't have the pressure too high 20 psi for Klass Kote seems perfect to me.


I got the panel guns for larger models, but the Iwata copes fine with the larger stuff, a bit slower but the paint goes on the model not the surrounding room!

two compressors, one small unit with gauge and water trap for indoor work. And a big one in the garage for general work, again with adjustable pressure and water trap, though I can run an airbrush of the tank for some time, before the noise kicks in.

I have made a simple but effective air extractor by wrapping a paint booth filter around a fan, works better than you would think, also works for balsa and foam dust when sanding.



Anyway they are all cheap enough, dive in and see what you are comfortable with, I would start with one of the asw186 compressor derivatives, with tank, and an airbrush with extra nozzles and needles, .3 mm/ .5 mm / .8 mm

A nice 3 mtr flexi line and some quick release connectors, and a cleaning pot to hold the airbrush during setting up and to spray thinners/cleaner into without spraying straight into the air.

Have fun, as others have said though the preparation gives a good finish, not the gun, but a poor gun/setup can give a poor finish no matter what the preparation.




Edited By Danny Fenton on 08/07/2020 09:21:08

Thread: Piper Twin Apache PA23 -150 74"
07/07/2020 11:51:48

Hi John, glad you are enjoying it so far. The intention was to model mine on Foxtrot Victor, and would love some pictures, I did scour the web for some and found a few, but more is always good.

As you say I have several pics of TF-JMH from a great photographer Graeme Molineux, which is a lovely scheme too.

Any idea of paint codes for Foxtrot Victor?



06/07/2020 23:12:39

Oh may as well show you I made a lip for the end of the exhaust, just to see if I could...








Fun but not really needed at this point of the build embarrassed



06/07/2020 23:08:33

It has only been ten years since I started this project, good things come to those that wait......

06/07/2020 12:44:54

Thanks Eric, there is a Mustang loitering here that I started in 2007 Just needs wings. 50 percent finished only 95% to do.....



some G10 has finished the opening. That will do til after glassing. I now have a pattern for the other nacelle.

Gone from bipe with too many wings to a twin with too many engines crook



06/07/2020 12:23:47

Okay Apache fans, the reason I walked away from this model were because I hit a problem that I couldn't easily solve. Well I made a mock exhaust duct and attacked the nacelle. Fortunately almost all the underlying structure is clear of the exhaust which is great.

I started trying the short section of formed litho until it was recessed 50% then opened up the nacelle fore and aft accordingly. Once I got close I realised the full length pipe was needed. I switched to thin litho as it was hard work forming the thick. Oh for a set of rollers!

Anyway you get the idea:





And if you are wondering what the hell I am doing, this is the full size.....




05/07/2020 23:23:26

Okay its only been two years since the last update, but look who has appeared on the workbench.....




Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
03/07/2020 19:12:47

Te he, my mind is constantly on weight. There have been a few bits added, 1400 LiFe Rx pack for example, and 14 awg power cables, 4mm connectors, so i need to weigh it again as it soon build up these wooden wheels with neoprene tyres are very light.



03/07/2020 16:27:35

I managed a little more detailing:

Firstly a friend Eric printed me a hex radiator core, not as easy as you would first think. Eric has been cadd-ing since DOS days and still found it interesting enough to persevere. Thanks Eric that's yet another pint I owe you.


I took a look at the Aldis gun-sight. By my reckoning it is 88 mm long by around 5.5 mm. I based my rendition on two straws, some 28swg piano wire and some styrene strip, flat section and half round.


The piano wire pierces the inner straw and runs along the spine, these is held in place with Sellotape (other tapes are also available lol) Then a second straw is cut length wise and slipped over the first including the piano wire. This restores the shape to a tube without the piano wire being visible.

The styrene bits were added. Finding a glue was a real pain, the straws refused to stick!! thick CA and activator was the order of the day!!


The hole under the wing was indeed a challenge, as it is litho plate, it was tougher than just Flite-Metal, but I managed with a tiny drill hand held. going up in size one at a time.

The two holes were plugged with micro Bowden outer, thin CA holds them fast. The piano wire legs kinked just enough to grab the tubing. All this based on Eric's idea, thanks mate.


The legs were sleeved with some stripped servo wire insulation. This was measured from the plan so hopefully pushed down until the insulation touches should set the angle.


A drop of KK black that's been in the freezer a week (a way to keep it once mixed wink 2  ) PS do defrost it thoroughly before spraying.



Edited By Danny Fenton on 03/07/2020 16:28:52

Thread: Eric's fury.
03/07/2020 11:45:22

Well don't look at me, takes weeks to trace a plan for cutting and i am not keen to repeat that exercise!

I know it wont be very scale, but can you rig some wires to run alongside the struts, from upper to lower wing anchors?

02/07/2020 22:34:50

Hi Eric, that's bad news. Wont the extensions hit the spars?



Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
02/07/2020 22:13:50

Well the switches eventually arrived and some time was spent creating a wiring harness to couple the two packs, and to provide a 21V feed to the Amp. I also configured one of Chris Botts magic battery backers, so I have a small LiFe pack as a standby should the BEC pack up.

Added a small panel with switches to power off the amp (useful if you don't want to deafen the household every time you want to test something) and a second switch to power on/off the reserve LiFe pack. The BEC and the LiFe are joined by a diode bridge or something like that according to Chris. I have set the BEC voltage .1V above the Life so it should never have to do anything. If the power goes from the BEC to the LiFe then I get a warning.

Eric I know it's all very complex, but it is safer once you master it all.

The sound system is driven by a seperate channel to the throttle stick, and mixed in certain flight modes. This allows me to control the signal driving the sound in the other flight mode.

This will allow me to do a full throttle (sound) flypast at partial throttle (motor) I think that may work well. Anyway we will see.



If you haven't tried a Neuron esc you don't know what you are missing, full telemetry and smooth throttle right the way through the range. Just wish they did bigger ones! 80A is their biggest.



Thread: The RCM&E 60th Anniv' Fly-in ** CANCELLED **
02/07/2020 11:44:34

Oh what a shame, understandable, but a real shame, I thoroughly enjoyed myself last year

Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
02/07/2020 10:55:51

Still waiting for postie I will do a video of the first Kestrel start-up, actually probably the second, the first will make me jump right out my skin, 40 W of audio in a small workshop is enough to sharpen your senses!

But seeing it, you might be right. I am not sure what is happening about the RCM&E fly-in at Buckminster this year, need to check with David.



02/07/2020 08:29:52

Mine only has a 270kV motor Eric hence the big prop, according to the telemetry set up yesterdat, i am at just under 6k rpm unloaded.

Not much to report on mine, finished the radio programming last night. Have configured some flight modes as I am trying something with the sound card, that is a bit novel, shall we say.

Still waiting for some toggle switches to make a power panel. Might play with an Aldis tube today while I wait.

My Piper Apache has been dug out and is anxiously awaiting being lifted onto the bench......



Thread: Eric's fury.
01/07/2020 22:21:37

In fairness I am asking the tx to do something quite unusual and it has taken a bit to get my head around how to do it. If I wanted it to behave like an old 35 mhz then it would take moments. I finally figured it out tonight. There is just some telemetry data that needs laying out on the screens how I like them and we are ready to fly. It will e a while before that happens though I dare say.

Got a power panel to wire up, but still waiting for the microswitches to arrive so I can do that.

The reeves rigging bits are very good indeed. I will use them again.



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