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03/08/2020 23:58:05

I can't be sure, but you may need to ask about its transmitting range. It looks to me as though it is only meant for models that are on the ground, and operating at reasonably short distances. Bearing in mind that airborne models often get quite a way from you on the ground.

If you are considering having the 2 basic channels, which are usually rudder and elevator, and you want to also be able to control the engine as well, then you need 3 channels. Far better to go for a 4 channel radio set and only use 3 of the channels, and later on, you can expand to use all 4 channels. Rudder,elevator aileron and of course engine control.

Thats the way I would go if it were me. Hope this helps a bit. Anthony.

Thread: Downloading updates
02/08/2020 23:33:07

Thanks for that, I will give it a try, but at 79 years old,this technology gets the better of me at times. Will post again if successful. laugh

02/08/2020 23:03:26

Can anyone help an elderly aeromodeller to download Spektrum updates from their website and upload them into my 2 DX 6 transmitters.

I have spent over an hour and still have not managed to do the job, and I am getting so frustrated now. I have watched a couple of so called help videos on YouTube, but just could not repeat or understand the things that they did that looked so easy..



Edited By Handyman on 02/08/2020 23:04:47

Thread: NGH 17cc Petrol Engine.
14/04/2020 22:57:29

Hi again John Stones 1. I received my Funky Cub on Saturday last from SMC Models. As I said,only £219 free post.

The manual that came with the engine quotes a propeller size of 13x8---15x8 that is for a 2 bladed prob. I would like a bit more ground clearance, so I was going to go for a 3 bladed prop. Any advice what size and pitch of prop would suit the NGH 17 engine.

Hope you don't mind me asking. Anthony.

07/04/2020 00:21:10

Hi John. I did a search and Sussex Model Centre has one in stock for £219 with free post I will have to empty my piggy bank and see how much is in there. Thanks again,I appreciate it. Anthony.

06/04/2020 23:02:17

Hi John.May I ask what the model is that you are fitting your NGH17 engine into. I have an unused 17 that I have fitted a venturi on to. It apparently improves the running of the engine and stops fuel being sucked out of the carby,especially when fitted inverted. I have been trying to find a suitable model for my engine,and I like the look of yours.

Many thanks. Anthony.

Thread: Do you know what this BiPlane is!
05/04/2020 23:20:12

Further to my message,the cabin struts were made from 3/16 piano wire and they were sort of "U" shape, but square U shape with 90 degree corners, and they were fixed to the underside of the top wing using undercarriage clamps. The pieces of brass tube were soldered or silver soldered to the ends of the arms of the u shape. Hope this makes sense. However I can send you some pictures of the items showing how they look and the rest you can see from the build notes. Regards...Tony.

05/04/2020 23:10:35

Derek. I have PM;d you regarding this kit and now you say that it possibly came from the effects of a late member, then that must have been Paul Trimble. I will wait for your response to my PM. Regards Tony.

Thread: Need new Dehumidifier
31/10/2019 23:03:42

Hi, if you have a Lidl's store near you,they are selling Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers at £39.99 each. Lidls stuff is usually of a good quality. Worth a punt. To be honest I tend to buy a box of de-humidifiers,the small ones and they seem to work quite well and last up to six months before they are full and have to be disposed of in the recycling bin!

Thread: A double "Buy a lottery ticket" event
27/10/2019 22:09:07

You must have the luck of the Irish Peter, either that or you must have had a couple of lucky rabbits feet in your pocket.

Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim
27/10/2019 22:02:07

Hi all. I have been away from flying for a while and have a copy of the Phoenix Flight Simulator which I dug out to get some practice in. However I was unable to access the "Master server" and although I had a fairly recent copy of the sim,April 2014, I still could not get to fly with anyone else on there. I have heard that someone in Germany has taken on the role of Master server. Can anyone shed any light on this situation. I have always found it to be a cracking sim and excellent to get some practice in. Help!!!

Thread: Commons Science and Technology Committee Enquiry on Drones
11/10/2019 17:30:37

Why not resort to "Civil disobedience" over this typical attack on our years old hobby that in the main has always operated safely and policing its own members. I started out as a solo flyer, but I always took out public liability insurance, and joined up to a club as soon as I found one in my area. I have never had to claim on my flying insurance, and always flew sensibly. The other club members would soon have told me off if I had not done so.

Because of the actions of a few Drone operator idiots, we are all being penalised. This is an attack on our Civil Liberties.They are taking the easy option, the D of T and the CAA. They know that the BMFA has the names and addresses of all its bona-fide members,so how easy to attack an easy target. There should be a clear division between the operators of drones and the Father and Son who have built a model together and then gone out to see it fly. I for one would resist any form of legislation from the word go. If they get away with this Big Brother attitude, it could mean the death knell of aero modelling.

We either take a stand now, and refuse to comply with their proposals completely and insist that they come up with some other form of control over the idiots who endanger aircraft and airfields by their stupidity. What else can we do?

Thread: Servo power-up movement
10/10/2019 15:10:31

I had a similar thing happen to me about 4 years ago when I purchased one of the new Black Spektrum Radio sets. It cost me two aircraft before I sent it away to be checked. Turned out that it was a fault on the RF Board causing the intermittent loss of control. My aircraft dived towards the ground on both occasions. I would suggest having the Tx and Rx checked out then go from there. My kit was brand new at the time.

Thread: 80 Mick Reeves Hurricane
06/10/2019 22:19:00

Just to add my two pennyworth,regarding aileron travel. The correct amount of travel as I have always understood is that the upgoing aileron should travel further than the downgoing one. This is to prevent any adverse yaw, so in a nutshell,you have less movement going down and more going up. There are various ways to achieve differential travel on ailerons. Mechanically and electronically. Google the problem,there are usually some good pointers to be had on YouTube..

Hope this makes sense?

Thread: When it's a bit too windy!
06/10/2019 19:04:23

I think that you should also consider adding ballast in those conditions and get a little more penetration in those strong winds. Weight always helps.

Thread: Selling scam?
06/10/2019 17:49:28

Hi again. Have any of the other members on here contacted by this Chris McBean actually received a cheque from him. As I said, I got one in the post on Friday the 4th October posted in the UK and yet the cheque was also dated 04/10/2019.

I have googled the bank details and the cheque seems kosher. Good enough to fool some people. It was the amount of the cheque that set alarm bells ringing for me. It was 10 times the amount that I was asking for the engine. I had not intention of parting with my engine until I was completely satisfied and got the money in my hand.

But I am too sceptical in my old age to be caught out.

06/10/2019 01:20:15

Hi all.I have just had a cheque from this " I have had an engine for sale on our classifieds site for a few months now. Had an email from this chappy asking for pictures and a price for the engine. I had not seen this posting about him before. Anyway he accepted my price and said he would pay by cheque, with an extra amount added on to cover the costs of posting the engine and any bank charges due through currency conversion costs.

Yesterday a cheque arrived in a brown envelope,with an English first class stamp on it, but containing a cheque drawn on a French bank. I was not too worried at first, because he was adamant that I should pay the cheque into my account,wait for the cheque to clear and then advise him that I had got the money, and then wait for his shipper to collect the engine, and also collect from me the extra cash to pay for the postal costs.

When I looked at the cheque more closely, it was made out for 2864 Euros,almost £2550. It was then that I got suspicious. I took the cheque along to my bank and spoke to a personal banker. When I explained what it was all about, he advised me to return the cheque and ask for a sterling check instead. I did this and since then, I have not heard a peep from this

I now realise that this is a "Scam", but I am intending to contact the French bank where this cheque appears to be drawn on and let them have sight of the cheque, or at least a copy of the cheque and get their angle on this strange happening. He must be able to access the "modelflying" classifieds to have been able to get my email address.

I still have my engine and this cheque that he sent me, that was 10 times more than I was asking for the engine.

This needs stopping,can the moderators prevent him from doing this again?


Thread: Prop balance query
30/09/2019 22:11:01

I am an i/c flyer and have always been so,with the odd foray into electric flying. I always check the balance on any prop that I buy,regardless. I started flying when i was 15 and I am 78 years old now. My early radio sets were single channel and were also valve sets. It was important then to have your receiver mounted to prevent vibration getting to the radio equipment. Hence the balancing of the propeller, or to be correct,the airscrew!!

Thread: A newbie trying to save some money
26/09/2019 21:56:45

Cuban8,you sound like a "Gent" to me, and I fly mode1. I did try and change some years ago, but all my instincts were governed by my always flying Mode 1, so I stayed a "Gentleman"!

Thread: 2019 Special Issue
26/09/2019 21:09:03

One item that did catch my eye,on page 14, was the small picture of the"late"Pete Lowe and his wife,Nettie or Nattie or something like that. I always looked forward to whatever project he was working on,right up to his death. If memory serves me correctly, it was a Bristol Freighter that he was working on. Nice to see his picture though. I don't suppose anyone has been in contact with his wife,to ask how she is doing. After all,he was a regular contributor to our magazine. Just a thought!

Edited By Handyman on 26/09/2019 21:09:50

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