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Thread: How to calculate the C of G on a swept wing aircraft
28/10/2009 11:44:32
The finish on yours looks good for a foamy, can you recommend a foam friendly paint in silver and yellow. Would Acrylics or Enamels be ok. I need to touch up one or two surfaces, or  even a complete respray.I have used profilm on some of the  parts and it sems to go on quite well as long as the undersurface is well prepared.
28/10/2009 11:39:18
Hey that was quick work. I got my Sabre from a company called Winsky in China. I have been having an email chat with one of the people who run this company. When I got my Sabre, they had decided, in their wisdom to bottom hinge the ailerons.  I found that up aileron was limited but bags of down.  I queried this, and now they are asking me, how we hinge our control surfaces in the UK.
Do you think there is scope here for commision as a production adviser.  he seems quite a nice bloke, with the name of Bruce Huayau. I have just  received a barebones F86 from him, for me to make up my way. You can see this Sabre flying on  not had mine up as yet, but power seems ok. On a 3s 2200 lipo I am getting around 190 watts, but thats static. I think that it should reach the magic 200 watts once it uploads in the ether.
28/10/2009 10:12:41
Hi Timbo, thanks for that offer. My Sabre is only a Tich of 32 inches  in old money across the span, I have not yet measured the angle of sweep of the wings, but I am in the tarting up stage, so I will have to get it assembled and do the calculations.  With all of my other straight forward aircraft, if I was not sure of the C of G, I would place it roughly one third of the chord and then adjust from there. One thing is for certain, it's giving the old grey cells a workout.
  Where's Einstein when you need him.
27/10/2009 19:49:56
Thanks Bruce for the link to the Flying wing C of G calculator, but will it work for my Sabre. It has a fuselage, plus tha horizontal stabiliser, plus the rudder to take into account. Hey Timbo, how did you calculate the C of G on your Hawk aircraft.  I am loathe
to just "Chuck it and see"
Anyone got any ideas ?????
17/10/2009 00:13:50
Hi everybody, Handyman on the prowl again. I have aquired a foamy F86 Sabre aircraft from a company called Winsky.  I am doing a few mods to improve the overall looks of the aircraft, and to improve the performance.
Its powered by a 64mm EDF, but I have managed to get a slightly larger battery with more capacity than the standard one,into the fuselage, but I am unsure how to calculate the C of G on this type of plane.
I seem to remember that someone covered this point in the RCM&E some years ago, but I only keep my mags for the last 3 years.
Can any of you wise old owls enlighten this old wrinkly.
Thread: Modifying the new DX6i
06/08/2009 00:29:58
Thanks for that info Timbo, I will have to brush up on my soldering skills. Tony
05/08/2009 21:51:04
I have just had another thought, I am using high quality dry cells in my DX6i, and so my voltage is 6 volts, as opposed to the nominal voltage of nimh cells which can be anything from 1.2 up to 1.4 volts off charge. So it probably is better to use a Rx battery indicator unit that is switchable between 4.8 and 6.0 volts. Tony
05/08/2009 21:45:31
Hi Timbo. I ahve just been reading your article about how you fitted a piezo screamer to your DX6i. I am a deaf old fart, in both ears, and I found your article very interesting. Did you buy the screamer as a ready made up item, or was it something that you cobbled up yourself.
I am very tempted to carry out this mod myself, along with the battery voltage indicator as well. I will have to study your diagrams a lot more though before I commit myself. But very iteresting though. Tony
Thread: Flapperons
31/07/2009 00:08:14
By jove, I think we have it.  I reckon you are correct in saying that the Flaps have to be master, with the aux1 as slave. I reckon that I could dial in a mix that gives me the few degrees  of down aileron that I am looking for. But I also think you are correct when you say ,"experimentation" is the thing, or as we say in the West Midlands......" Suck it and see " Regards..Tony.
30/07/2009 01:10:58
Hi Timbo, sorry if I confused the issue.  I am building a scale model of an Army Beaver, as used  during the Aden crisis. It was a characteristic of the control functions, that when the pilot selected landing flap, the ailerons were configured to droop equally, by a few degrees, which I am reliably informed, was to give more drag abd allow a shorter landing run.
I am trying to simulate this. I have used the flapperon function when I was flying my ARC Ready 2, on 35mHz, but having gone over to 2.4, I had hoped that I could replicate the real aircraft and have both ailerons drooping slightly when I select landing flap.
As I said, I will have two servo's to control the ailerons, but one central servo to control the flaps, which will be linked together, so that they operate as one. Hope this makes sense.
I think I had better sit down again and study the manuals. 
28/07/2009 17:11:01
Can I be so bold as to ask, how can I mix ailerons with flaps. I have a DHC2 Beaver on the back burner, and this aircraft, when flap is deployed, lowers both ailerons by a few degrees, I presume to give more lift and drag when landing. I propose to use seperate servos for my ailerons, but only one servo to operate my flaps.
Can any whizz-kid out there tell me how to achieve this. I have both a DX6i and a DX7.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Thread: FlyFly Hawk
23/07/2009 15:35:54
Hi Timbo,sad news about your Hawk. I have been reading your comments about Dusty's Hawk, and about the fact that he is in Germany. Am I to presume that the postal charges were going to be awfully high for him to post his Hawk to you?.
We have a coach company in the West Midlands who go to Austria regularly, and they have an over-night stop in Germany out and back. They stop in Limburg on the outward trip and do a stop in the outskirts of Cologne on the return.
The companies name is Parry's International, and they are based in Landywood Lane, nr to Walsall. The phone number is 01922-414576. If Dusty lived anywhere near either of these two locations, it's possible that for a few pounds the Coach company might be able to fit Dustys Hawk in the luggage compartment of one of their coaches. They might need to know the dimensions of the boxes that it would be in.
It's just a thought, and it depends how badly you would like to aquire Dusty's Hawk. My partner and i travelled with the company recently, and the drivers are very amenable, and i could possibly have a word if you think i was worth while. If this was possible, I could always use a trip out to Wales for a days leisure.
Regards..... Handyman..( Tony )
Thread: Tip needed on securing servo extension leads
25/06/2009 09:25:59

Sorry Peter, I read your posting after I had sent mine.  I should have read Austen's post more carefully. You are right, he only needs a temporary solution.  I must get a better pair of glasses. That's the trouble with  old wrinklies like me (68).


25/06/2009 09:22:09
Hi Austen, Ken has the right idea. I have been using the heat shrink tubing idea for quite a few years now. It's ideal too, when you are trying to get an extended servo lead through a wing centre.  I get mine from Maplins stores and its very good and firm, but easy to take apart again if neccessary.

Try it and see what you think. The beauty of it is  it dos'nt make the servo connection bulky.

Happy flying. 
Thread: Deadsticks!
04/05/2008 20:23:00

No one seems to have mentioned airscrew diameter and pitch in all of these ministerings. 

When you change to a smaller airscrew, you have to lean out the top end mixture, the opposite applies if you fit a larger diameter airscrew, the flywheel effect is noticeable by the amount of fuel that is needed through the carby to create combustion.

 By the same token if you have been using a smaller diameter airscrew for the running in stage, and then you change to the recommended size of airscrew which is probably larger in diameter, then this will alter the basic settings.

As one or two of the oldies amongst us have said, check all the possible causes of your problem, and then get the engine started. and listen to the engine.!!!!!!

Nuff Sed 

04/03/2008 23:35:00

Regarding the afore-mentioned De-Agostini Spitfire, I found one that was being offered for sale on E-bay, with improvements.

The builder gave a load of spiel about these improvements, but what they amounted to, was the fact that he had used a load of straight pins to simulate the rivets around the cockpit canopy,to"as he put it" enhance and improve the scale looks of this aircraft.

One of the thumbnail photo's of this spitfire showed the inside of the fuselage around the cockpit section, and there for all the world to see were the ends of the pins sticking out, to catch the hands of the unwary, when installing the radio gear.

When I cautioned the builder about this dangerous situation, and how any half decent aero modeller would not waste money buying this white elephant, I got a load of abuse and four letter words for my troubles.

However a complaint to e-bay, plus a copy of his e-mail to me, soon got this model removed from sale. In my opinion, De-agostini were wrong in offering this model for  sale from the word go.

Thread: Power, I want power
25/11/2007 18:33:00

Why don't you lash out on one of the program cards that you can buy quite cheaply, it makes everything much easier, and you dont have to listen to loads of silly beeps or have to keep waggling the throttle stick backwards and forward.  You just have to move up or down the card to the position you want to adjust, and look for the relevant set of lights that indicate what you are doing.

If your esc does not have a BEC output,  a cable is supplied so that you can plug in a Rx battery to power up the card and away you go.

Easy Peasy!!!!!

Thread: Servo Gears
25/11/2007 18:14:00
Hi Lee, Brian is quite correct. I have converted two of my plastic geared ones, and as he says, no more than ten minutes at the most. But stick a dab of petroleum jelly on the gears, but don't over do it.
Thread: Kill off this Bertie barnstomer rubbish its just not funny!
24/11/2007 14:33:00
I agree with all that you say, and I also think its not funny. I like "Parting shot" so why not stay with that format until summat better comes along.
Thread: Kyosho Trainer Wing
21/11/2007 11:46:00

Hi Julian, are you by any chance referring to the Kyosho Yamamoto high wing, fibre glass fuselage jobby? If so, I have an unfinished one in the loft.

Give me some measurements of the plane you have. I take it that it is a high winger,with a foam and veneer wing,and a tricycle undercariage?

If this is the one, you can have this one of mine dirt cheap.

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