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Thread: Catastrophe!
27/01/2019 23:34:28

May I add my pennyworth into this forum. I am mainly an i.c man, but I have made several forays into the electric scene. One thing that I was very particular about, was the power suppy to the Rx. I have always adopted a seperate power supply to the rx, and not trusted the 2 or 3s Lipo/Li-ion batteries to maintain a constant steady voltage to the rx,especially when one has upward of 5 or more servos for the battery to contend with. I have several Esc's with the red wire removed from the harness and taped back, so that I can use a 7.2 battery to just power the Rx. It's extra weight, I know, but worth it in my mind, for peace of mind.(pardon the pun)

Thread: BMFA News Feb 2019
27/01/2019 22:52:42

What happened to this wonderful stress-busting hobby of ours. I can remember a time when we could get our favourite model, out of the shed and trundle off to our chosen flying area and have a couple of hours flying,then return home feeling refreshed with the pleasure of flying an aircraft that we had built ourselves and hopefully brought back in one piece. Then suddenly, out of the depths emerged the unelected spectre of Bureaucracy. "We cannot allow these Sunday model fliers to go on piloting their potentially dangerous remote control aircraft,without some form of legislation". And to my mind, as a 78 year old boy,this is where it all went wrong. This came about in 1975 when the Health and Safety in the working environment reared its head.

I will agree that the working environment needed regulation of this kind, but not our hobby,surely? I had a few cut fingers during my flying life-time, but that was down to my carelessness, and did not need the heavy hand of enforced regulation by an entity that was put together,ostensibly to safeguard ourselves and other people from injury or harm.

I can remember a time when it was a requirement to have a radio transmitting licence for your model aircraft equipment, and along with that licence, I also purchased model flying insurance. I was quite aware back then,just how dangerous an out of control model aircraft could be. I am not knocking the BMFA in any way, but it always seems that once you give someone or some institution a little bit of muscle, they soon begin to start to push the boundaries and insist on adding just a little bit more legislation, to what is already a well policed hobby.

If instructors and examiners are not happy about these extra burdens on their time, (and bearing in mind that these posts are being filled by people who are voluntarily giving of their time), then they should canvass the BMFA en-mass and stop this extra burden before it becomes enshrined in BMFA rules.

Thread: PVA and Balsa sawdust.
25/01/2019 16:04:21
Posted by Percy Verance on 24/01/2019 19:48:27:

It is Sonny. I've used Titebond for a decade or two now. There is also a waterproof version, which I'm told is a favourite of model boat builders..........

Hi Percy, I think that you are referring to Cascamite. I have been using it for years. Mix it with water and when it dries it becomes waterproof. I purchased a new tub only recently. Worth trying!!

Thread: Plans and Woodpacks from Flying Scale Models - Doolittle Media
22/01/2019 19:55:13

Hi Graham, you asked "are Sarik Hobbies any quicker?". I ordered and paid for a Farmhand 90 kit on 6th January. No sight of said kit as yet, but their website says to allow at least 14 days from date of ordering. So no!,no quicker in my opinion. Anthony.

Thread: Newbie from Pennsylvania, USA
22/01/2019 19:02:24

Hi Dean and welcome to the forum,it's is a hell of a site with lots of clever and informative people on here,(but don't tell them I said so,they might get ideas above their station). Me, I tend to prefer high wing aircraft of early years and the bigger the better so that I can see them easily. Its a cracking hobby. Just wished the Wife understood the attraction.

Thread: How long have you been in the hobby?
22/01/2019 17:21:27

I started back in 1956, when I was a mere lad of 15. Got a paper round to earn some extra money and got my first Keil Kraft kit from a local model shop, along with the shrinking dope and I think some banana oil, (cannot remember what the banana oil was used for), tissue and some pins. I was told by the shop owner where to go and get myself some safety razor blades,with which to cut the balsa wood,which in those days was never more than 1/4inch thick.

Built that kit on my Mothers best dining table,working on some newspaper, but got banned from the house because of the smell of the dope, and because I had spilled some dope onto the varnished table, which took the shine. No more building inside for me, it was the cold shed,with a paraffin heater. 62 years ago this year and been building and flying ever since. Even when I was posted abroad in 1965, I took some modelling items out to Aden and found a shop down in Steamer Point that stocked all the items that I would ever need, and duty free at that. I was using some Macregor single channel gear at the time,with elastic powered escapements, but I was shown by the Aden shop keeper a set of Graupner gear, which although was not proportional,was better than the Macregor set,because you did not have to remember how many pushes of the button you had just given. The Graupner set had sticks like we have now, and left was left, and right was right. The snag was, you had to build big models,because the receiver was the size of a small brick, and the screw driven servos were also huge.

Was I glad when true proportional controls came out, and servo's got progressively smaller. Learnt a lot over the years and am still learning at 78. But loving it all!!

Edited By Handyman on 22/01/2019 17:27:24

Thread: Bi-Fli 48 re-furb
21/01/2019 20:55:07

It's got to be the 80s HP gold cup engine, it looks made for it.

Thread: DX8 owners thread...
21/12/2018 23:00:01

Actually Gangster, you are not quite correct. The circuitry for controlling the charge going into the lipo is contained within the battery itself. I had a problem with the new lipo that I changed to and had to resort to opening the the battetry case. It turned out to be a dry joint, cured with a quick dab of the soldering iron. That is when I saw the small pc board within the battery case, which on investigation is the control board for the battery charging. Anthony.

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
27/07/2018 15:38:18

Hi Ton,that was quick. Thanks for the link. I will check it out after tea. I cannot let all of these youngsters have all the fun. Can I ? All the very best. Anthony.

27/07/2018 15:07:44

Hi everyone on this build, I have watched a lot of the postings with great interest. Its a nice looking aero-plane/glider. Has anyone brought out a kit for the RedEagle yet? I rather fancy one of these but at 77 years old, I do not think I would have the patience to start another build. I have got a Cub to re-build, a 1960s Ugly Stik on the building board, by Phil Kraft plus a Phil Kraft Kwik Fli 3, all vying for my time.

Mind you, if there is a pre-cut kit of the model, I might just talk myself into it!!!!!

Regards to all Red Eagle fliers.



Edited By Handyman on 27/07/2018 15:09:04

Thread: BBC Weather
25/04/2018 21:36:44

Just in passing, I use site for weather forecasts that seems to get the weather fairly accurate. Its called, <>. You just log-in and enter your location or your flying fields location,and you get a 7 day forecast that includes average wind speeds,gusting,temperature,rain if any,cloud and barometric pressure.

It does the job for me!!!!

Thread: A new aviation tv channel.
22/02/2018 16:35:01

Definitely Big Round Engines, what others are there. I love the DHC2 Beaver aircraft and my mate used to be an Army Air Corp pilot and flew the Beaver out in Aden. Brilliiant utility aircraft, very rugged!!

Thread: Lidl Sander
13/02/2018 11:58:59

You can also get Gorilla Wood Glue that is white and dries a natural colour. is water resistant and for a litre bottle, it only costs £12.50 with free delivery. It has the same glueing power as the brown Gorilla glue and seems to be a better deal.

You can view the product at,
gardenersdreamuk (163526 Feedback score: 163526

Worth a punt in my opinion, have got some on order!!! A 1 litre bottle for £12.50. Comes from Glasgow!!!

08/02/2018 18:48:21

Quite honestly,I have never had any problem getting the discs to stick on concentrically. I always remove the sanding table and get rid of the accumulated dust first, with the Wife's little mini hoover. Its amazing just how much sawdust gets around the sanding plate. I just then peel half of the backing away so that I can line up with one half of the spinning disk, the rest just lines itself up and no waiting time.

05/02/2018 19:08:43

In answer to your question Bert, It can be mounted vertically, but mine has always been used flat on the bench. Depends on what you want to do with it, I suppose.

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
05/02/2018 17:29:51

Capricorn, hope this counts

Thread: Lidl Sander
05/02/2018 13:28:22

Just as a follow up, someone has already put one of these 29.99 sanders up on ebay. Have a look at item number

183055279392. They are asking £53.90 for the same item as the one being sold in Lidl's. What a rip off!!
05/02/2018 13:14:19

Hi Mal, it makes a change for some other country to be ripping people off. A friend of mine went out to the States some years ago. He is in to shooting sports etc,etc. He took with him a British catalogue produced by the importers of this shooting gear and compared it to the American edition of the same catalogue. Guess what??? The British catalogue was exactly the same, with the same item numbers, but they had changed the Dollar sign for the Sterling sign. Needless to say, he bought his goods from the Yanksm, and used them out there so no import tax to pay on used items.

We are still "Rip off Britain".

03/02/2018 17:04:15

Its in the Lidl weekly magazine ththat they produce every week. It is on page 15 at the bottom right hand corner. It is on sale on Thursday the 8th of February. Better get there early, they never have many of these special deals in!!!

Hope this helps.


02/02/2018 21:53:59

Hi Gordon, your comment about the table protractor was the same with my Proxxon. I bit the bullet and got a scribe and scribed lines at right angles on the aluminium table. Was a great help when sanding bulkheads square. The table that you can angle also came in handy when sanding an angle to line up with the fuselage shape. All in all a great tool!!

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