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Thread: Lidl Sander
05/02/2018 13:28:22

Just as a follow up, someone has already put one of these 29.99 sanders up on ebay. Have a look at item number

183055279392. They are asking £53.90 for the same item as the one being sold in Lidl's. What a rip off!!
05/02/2018 13:14:19

Hi Mal, it makes a change for some other country to be ripping people off. A friend of mine went out to the States some years ago. He is in to shooting sports etc,etc. He took with him a British catalogue produced by the importers of this shooting gear and compared it to the American edition of the same catalogue. Guess what??? The British catalogue was exactly the same, with the same item numbers, but they had changed the Dollar sign for the Sterling sign. Needless to say, he bought his goods from the Yanksm, and used them out there so no import tax to pay on used items.

We are still "Rip off Britain".

03/02/2018 17:04:15

Its in the Lidl weekly magazine ththat they produce every week. It is on page 15 at the bottom right hand corner. It is on sale on Thursday the 8th of February. Better get there early, they never have many of these special deals in!!!

Hope this helps.


02/02/2018 21:53:59

Hi Gordon, your comment about the table protractor was the same with my Proxxon. I bit the bullet and got a scribe and scribed lines at right angles on the aluminium table. Was a great help when sanding bulkheads square. The table that you can angle also came in handy when sanding an angle to line up with the fuselage shape. All in all a great tool!!

02/02/2018 17:48:37

That Lidl sander is an almost perfect copy of my Proxxon sander that I treated myself to 8 years ago. My sander has been brilliant so I reckon at the price Lidls are asking for this Parkside one, its a no-brainer in my book, go and get one.

If its anything like my local Lidl's, they will not have many,get there as soonas they open, is my suggestion.

My Proxxon sander cost a damn sight more that £30.

Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
03/01/2018 22:17:39

Hi Steve, have a look at a site called,"The Vintage Model Co". Phone number as follows <+44 (0)1629 258240. They list an ME 109 canopy, might be what you are after. I found it by Googling "ME 109 canopy and up they popped!!

Hope this helps. Anthony.

Thread: Maxthrust Yak54
03/11/2017 21:44:33

Hi Alan. not familiar with this aircraft, but I was always told that if you set your Cof G around 30% of the wing chord, that should be a safe starting point. I have always used this method, even where a c of g is specified.

Thread: Fuel Proofer ?
29/08/2017 00:14:24

I was given a formula some years ago wwhich sems to work well, but as has already been said, they need to be given ample time to cure and go off hard.

The formula is as follows:-

1 small tin of Ronseal Diamond Satin coat clear varnish.

White spirit, not synthetic stuff.

The ratio of mix is as follows:- 2 parts of Ronseal to one part of white spirit. So youb can lake up as little or as much as you want with these ratios.

I have used the mix to fuel proof tank bays and seems to work well, but give it time to go off properly.

Hope this helps

Thread: Unknown Propeller Assembly
16/08/2017 22:09:11

Sorry for the extra ee's and rr's. My keyboard is acting up.

16/08/2017 22:07:43

Hi, now we can see thee item. It is part of a kit that comprised a bottle style fuselage, and polystyrene wings and tailplane and fin. It was primarily for free flight. I purchased one for my nephew when he was about 6 years old, and when pumped up, with the small airpump supplied with the kit, flew quite steadily once trimmed out properrly.

Thread: I've just acquired
13/08/2017 22:13:36

Oooooh think about your leccy bill. Still, you can always take lots of orders for canopies and cowlings,(make your own plugs) and offset your leccy bill that way,hee,hee,hee!!

Thread: Flying Aces Elf - First Build
13/08/2017 21:30:41

Hi Chris, its a nice job you are doing despite being short on space. When you are working with balsa wood of such small dimensions, it is quite hard to cut a longeron without crushing the wood. You need to get yourself a small mitre block and a couple of razor saws of different depths and number of teeth. Then you will find it much easier to cut the pieces to length. I think someone has also mentioned using a scalpel instead of the cheap and nasty modelling knives that are sold. I use a no3 and a no4 scalpel handle and source my blades from Ebay. } This is a decent scalpel handle eBay item number:182550851428 .                                 Also for a decent razor saw, have a look at this item,] eBay item number: 222607978831. Once you have these items they will last you for a lifetime if looked after and are so invaluable, no-matter what sort of model you are building.

Have fun, its a great hobby, even more so when you see your creation fly!!!!!



Edited By Handyman on 13/08/2017 21:32:42

Thread: Tom Wright,s twin boom
13/08/2017 21:07:03

Hi all, pardon my intrusion but was there ever a plan produced for Tom's twin boom aircraft. It is certainly a super flyer with quite a broad speed range. I am very tempted to build one.

Thread: New Sarik Hobbies statement...
08/08/2017 16:41:11

Now that is interesting, so same premises. Closed on paper but still same premises as before. I think I will wait a while and let the dust settle before I risk any of my pension money!!!

08/08/2017 16:24:09

Just as an after thought, where are the new premises going to be located, does anyone know???

08/08/2017 16:23:06

Yes I was getting a bit windy when I caught a whisper of the demise of Traplet Publications. I had made a telephone enquiry a few months ago, as to whether I could possibly call in to the Malvern premises and collect a Farmhand 60 plan and wood set and they could not have been more obliging. It's good to know that we will still have,(hopefully) a reliable source of plans and wood packs for a few more years yet. Just like Mick Sargent, I too had quite an unfufilled list.

Here's hoping.

Thread: 25 cc hack wanted, what to choose
29/03/2017 20:04:55

If its a robust aerobatic hack you are looking for with a building element, have you had a look at Steve Holland's Farmhand 90. There is an informative video to be seen on the Traplet site or just google Farmhand 90. There is also a smaller version called Farmhand 60.


Just a thought. Beats ARTF aircraft, in my opinion.

Edited By Handyman on 29/03/2017 20:05:38

Thread: Learning to play guitar
04/03/2017 02:12:09

Hi everyone, talking about slide guitars or lap steels as thay are more commonly known, I have two of them. One is a Hofner Hawaian 6 string lap C6 tuning. I just love the sound of them and I like to play "Sleepwalk" originally played by Johny and Santo Farini. Pure magic.

Thread: Any Idea What This Is?
13/02/2017 06:46:57

But I cannot remember who produced it. At 76 years young my memory is starting to er,er,er,.I forgot what I was on about!

13/02/2017 06:45:21

It might be a Sky Dancer dating from the 70s. I buit one and this looks vaguely similiar?????

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