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Thread: A little I.T. help required please.
23/06/2014 15:48:28

Hi everyone, I have just got a new laptop which unfortunately came with Windows 8 installed. To say I am baffled is an understatement. I should have read the "Spec" more closely. I have a laptop with Windows 7 home premium on it, and I recently purchased a disk to reinstall the operating system on it again, i.e. to return it to factory settings.

Would this disk work on my new laptop, by that I mean, could I load Windows 7 Home premium into it and be able to use Windows 7 instead. I am more comfy with that version. I flounder in the dark with Windows 8. I cannot find out how to make a backup copy or mirror image of Windows 8 into the bargain. Mind you, I am 73 and this technology leaves me baffled at times. Anyway, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.


Thread: DX8 owners thread...
10/06/2014 12:41:04

Yes you probably did Tim, but I was always taught to cut through the blurb and give my students the simplest way to remember things. Now I have pre-ordered the new DX6 and the buddy cord is going to be a thing of the past,(Hopefully).


10/06/2014 12:11:02

I was always under the assumption that when you use the DX8 as the master, you select P-Link on the DX8 which means that you do not have to worry about getting the two transmitters with identical settings, as you have to do with the others in the range.

But I agree that you should still check that all the controls are acting in the correct sense, for the aircraft that you are flying.

Hope this helps.


08/06/2014 08:42:55

Thanks again Adrian. I think Spektrum may have played a trump card with this new DX6. No Bling but plenty of extras as standard. It seems to me that they have taken the best bits of the other radio's and combined them into this set. I can see them becoming the "Market Leader".

I am only a Sport and leisure flyer, no competitions for me, although I admire the people who put these helicopters through their respective routines, but I still prefer a leisurely flight at a nice steady speed around our patch, I leave all the speed stuff to our younger member,(we have only got one, luckily), we could do with some more new blood though. Most of us are well into our 60s and over.

Anyway, we are off to Weston Super Mare for a couple of days, my Missus wants ti go and se the Wookey Hole caverns again, she has not been there since she was a child. A bit of nostalga.

Best wishes and happy flying.


08/06/2014 07:19:46

Hi Adrian, that was a quick response, and yes the deregistration was also very quick. Thanks for your help. The trouble is, at my age,73 your brain power seems to diminish and simple tasks become a nightmare. But job done and my buyer will be pleased.

I am just waiting now, to get my hands on a New Spektrum DX6. It's already pre-ordered, I just have to be patient.

Have a great day, and thanks again.


08/06/2014 06:46:09

Hi all, hope someone is around on this blog. I have a small DX8 problem. I have recently sold my unused DX8 to a Heli flyer and he is very pleased with his purchase. I had to change the Mode over for him as I fly Mode 1 and he wanted Mode 2.

I must have registered the DX8 in my name last year when I purchased it, and now my new buyer wishes to register the set in his own name, but the Spektrum site is telling him that it is already registered.

Is there a way around this for my buyer, or do I have to do de-register it myself, and if so, how do I go about it.

I think I read somewhere that you can contact Horizon Hobby and get this done through them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and my buyer. Tony.

Thread: Fun Cub Gyro
03/06/2014 15:21:49

Hi Tom. Just a quick observation, I always thought you had your blades turning anti-clockwise, If my old eyes do not deceive me, yours on the "Fun Cub" are turning clockwise. ?????? Any reason for that, and does that mean that it will try and roll to the right as opposed to your CFL which always seemed to roll to the left. Just wondering.

Tony Bamford.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
26/05/2014 17:33:00

I cannot believe that you are all so short of glue. I used to make my own at woodwork class in the 1950s

We should all stick together on this one.

See what a fuss you have caused now Mr Ashby. Shame on you Sir!!!.

How many drops of this glue will the winner get anyhow????

Thread: Throttle connection
25/05/2014 23:19:38

Hi flyboy3. Bowden cable is okay for throttle but I would not recommend it for rudder or elevator. Rudder could be worked with a pull-pull system using a double horn. That gives you plenty of pull without having to worry about blow-back. As regards elevator, I would use a solid balsa pushrod with piano wire ends with "Z" bend on both ends and try and arrange it so that you pull for up, if that would be possible,

Thread: Penn Models Four-Channel Super Sixty.
24/05/2014 21:39:55

Well, how about that then. I am 73 years old and I built my first Super 60 when I was stationed in Germany in 1960.

It was covered in plain an coloured tissue, and I used to stink the block out when I was doping the thing down. In those days I only had the option of rubber powered escapements for rudder and elevator, with the two winders down the back in front of the tail-plane. I have got an old Super Sixty in my garage now waiting for a refurb, and a Ben Buckle kit with the aileron wing plan, waiting to be built. I just need to find some time from my other builds that are in progress, then I will have two of them to fly.

I doubt whether my refurb job was a Penn Model's build. Its all in red Solartex. Am gonna spray it in brighter colours and give it new servo's and possibly an NGH9 petrol engine, waiting in my shed.

We should consider a Super Sixty "Fly-in".

Thread: Throttle connection
24/05/2014 21:04:32

That should have read, " and a connector on the servo arm so that the other end of the Bowden cable can pass through it and be easily adjusted and clamped with the Allen screw ( grub screw)..

24/05/2014 21:01:28

Personally fly boy3, I have always used Bowden cable running through a plastic or PTFE tube. I usually tin the ends to stiffen them up and I try and use a nylon or plastic clevis at the engine end a connector on the servo end that the wire can pass through and be easily adjusted and clamped with an Allen key. Never failed for me.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 13:49:45

I think I would like some of this glue David, count me in also. Cheers...Anthony

Thread: Great Service From Horizon Hobby
15/05/2014 08:43:17

Hi Johnny, I had the same service a couple of months ago for my DX7. May I ask if there was a specific reason for returning the Dx7 for testing. I would just like to compare our reasons for returning them. I will tell you why I returned mine after your reply.

Thanks and as you say, " Great service and no charge"

Regards... Handyman.

Thread: Paypal problem
14/05/2014 23:29:39

Hang on Steve McIntosh, I think you will find that I sold the Postman Pat for £730.07p also, but I couldn't find it in my Paypal account. It was a scam as everyone on here will tell you. I sent it to Paypal for them to look in to it. I never open anything like this.

Regards Handyman.

Thread: Piper Cub trainer rolling to right on take off.
08/04/2014 17:35:20

Hi Colin, can I add my sixpenny worth. With any aircraft full size or model, any alteration of power up or down requires a trimming adjustment, but once you have settled your aircraft down at a comfortable flying speed to suit your reactions, once trimmed it will stay trimmed as long as the power is not increased.

On light aircraft, you are normally taught certain nmemonics, i.e, letters that jog your memory or teach you a correct sequence of actions. When taking off, it is normally P.A.T which equates to Power, Attitude, Trim.

Once you have reached the desired height, it is now you recite to yourself, A.P.T. So it is Attitude, straight and level, adjust power to stay at a constant speed, and then trim the aircraft to maintain that speed and height.

You will also find that as you burn off your fuel, your aircraft may require some more trimming. The nose may start to rise because you are getting lighter, so again you will need to use some trim, so it is very rare, unless you fly at one speed only, not to have to trim your aircraft, especially for landing.

It's great fun this flying lark!!!

Thread: Crane Fly Light , Autotogyro Trainer , For experienced pilots trying autogyros for the first time.
07/04/2014 23:29:47

I should have said that I got the parts mixed up and blissfully carried on thinking that I knew what I was doing.

I should have remembered, always read the instructions. Next time I will.


07/04/2014 23:27:05

Hi Tom, Tony Bamford here. I did some proof reading of your Cranefly Lite when you had part of it completed. I have a small problem caused by my getting parts for the SFH autogyro and the parts for the follow on Crane Fly Lite. I have managed to use the delta plate from the Crane Fly lite on my almost completed SFH so now I am flummoxed with regard to the mast angle. And to compound that I have made my blades the same as the Lite blades and not as the SFH one's should be.

On the SFH you advise a mast angle of 8-9 degrees, but on reading the lite instructions, the autogyro body side pieces are cut with an angle of 5 degrees, front and back which in turn fixes the mast at 5 degrees.

My question is this. Shall I split the difference and mount my mast at 5-6 degrees and see how she flies. I tested my blades today in a fairly strong wind and they really did sing when held at an angle, so it should be flyable on the maiden flight.

I hope you can understand my ravings Tom.

Thread: closed loop wire /fishing alternate
02/03/2014 19:57:36

No problem finding ferrules as you call them, I used either M2 or M3 depending on the diameter of the cord, as for stretch, I experienced very little stretch and any that I did get, I had enough adjustment to take it up.

Best of luck, each to our own, I say.


02/03/2014 18:55:17

Hi Ben. Just to add my penny worth. I have been using common garden strimmer cord for my rudders for quite a few years now. Usually 2 to 3mm diameter to which I add the metal Kwik link extenders, using cyano.

Once the cyano has gone off, I gently squeeze a couple of light crimps unto the plain section of the extender and there you are. I made up a test rig when I first considered using this idea. I made up a 2 mtr length of strimmer cord as above and added the Kwik links to which I made up a couple of wire hooks. I then hung this over a hook screwed into my shed roof and then I hung a house brick to the hooks and left the whole thing to hang, gradually adding more weight until I must have had at least 10 lbs of dead weight on there. I have never had a failure, and you can find various colours if you shop around.

It works for me, so I thought I would mention it.

Best wishes...Tony.

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