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Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
12/02/2014 19:18:55

Same story here. I haven't been able to get any flying in since the back end of October when this weather pattern began to form. Although there have been a couple of flying opportunities with fairly decent weather and wind strength, they have always been when "Er Indoors" wanted to go and visit relatives or we have had unannounced and unexpected guests, but even so, our field is still waterlogged and access with motor vehicles is just impossible

I have been champing at the bit ever since, but on the bright side, I have managed to get some repairs done that were on the back burner and have almost completed a "Big Stik" for when the weather improves, (round about May time, so the weather forecasters say) Oh dear, have to get my fix on my Phoenix flight sim.

Tony B.

Thread: Bistormer 60" (A Barnstormer with more ribs)
12/02/2014 13:08:29

Today at 12:45 PM
Hi Danny, that's great news. I will get on and purchase some from the Balsa Cabin. I will leave you in peace now. I am going to brave the rain and get down to my shed and do a bit more to a model I am putting together. Cannot do much flying, our field is absolutely water-logged, so plenty of Phoenix sim flying at the moment.
Tony B.
12/02/2014 12:09:51

Hi Danny, excellent work as usual. I have been following your progress on various models over the years, trying to emulate some of your practices. You are a very adaptable modeller and I think you are possibly a bit like me, in that I often see an alternative use for something that normally has nothing at all to do with aeromodelling.

Can I be very cheeky now and ask you where you obtained those pins from. Much better that the straight pins that I still tend to use.

Looking forward to reading about the first flights.

Tony B.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 12/02/2014 12:17:32

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
11/02/2014 20:04:15

Hi all. Has anyone tried using the Infinity landscape screen and clicking on "view" and then "camera" and selecting "Cockpit" or "Chase" and then selecting a challenge such as Balloon bursting. If it sets up properly, it can be quite fun if you are on your own, trying to burst the balloons or doing the bomb drop.

Just thought you might be interested, unless you have already experienced this.

Tony B.

Thread: Servo Help needed.
08/02/2014 21:57:59

Hi again Tony. Been to the shed and found some springs that will show what I was getting at. They are too short for your aircraft, but ideally you need springs about 4-5 cms long or in old money,1.5 to 2 inches long, close wound.

I will make up the example tomorrow. If you PM me your address, I will get it off to you on Monday. I will include a good length of the fly line that I have used on several models and a sample of the heat shrink tube that I use when I join the line together.

Heat shrink tube from Maplins.

Cheers...Tony B.

08/02/2014 17:17:31

Just a thought, before you remove the old wires, and in case of any problems fitting the new stuff, use the old wires to pull the new ones into place. Just a tip from a 73 years old modeller. Always try and find the easy solution!!!!!. Hee,hee,hee.

Tony B.

08/02/2014 17:15:01

Tony, when this blessed rain and wind eases up, I will go and have a look in my shed. I seem to remember a pair of ideal springs hanging around in my bit box. If I can find them, and if I can lay my hands on the fly fishing line, I will make a mock up so that you can see what I am talking about. I will then let you know and you can PM me your address and I will put them in the post, if that's ok with you.

Tony B.

08/02/2014 16:37:43

It would work the same if you used fishing line, although I think that Stevo is referring to plastic covered fishing trace wire here. When I used the fly fishing line, I doubled it back through the servo horn and used some small diameter heat shrink tube along with a small squirt of super glue, then an application of heat to shrink the tube and you have a strong flexible connection which should work very smoothly.

I tend to used 3mm strimmer cord on a lot of my models with a Kwik link adapter super glued on the ends and then give the adapter a light crimping with some side cutting pliers. Never had one pull out in 20 years of flying.

Tony B

08/02/2014 16:29:20

Hi Tony, another Tony here. After having a closer look at your tail wheel steering problem, I noticed that you had a crimp on the one side and what looks like just a knot on the other side. Your crimp could be a major problem here, with it being so large, it will obviously catch somewhere during its operation, "Sod's" law says it will happen. If you got rid of the crimp from that end of the model, perhaps double up the operating wire and bring the crimps near to the steering servo where there is more space. then some plastic snake outer, glued to the sides of the retract servo housing, should keep those wire from fouling up.

There does not have to be a straight run of wire from the other servo to the steering horns for it to operate smoothly. But I still maintain that two small springs at the steering servo end, will remove the problem of wires going slack and fouling up.

Tony B.

08/02/2014 14:06:42

I used to do some Fly fishing some years ago and I kept a few yards of fly line, the fluorescent type which had quite a good breaking strain, 7lbs I think. I have used that quite successfully for closed loop rudders in the past, but you still need to maintain some tension throughout the retract operation.

08/02/2014 12:55:49

Do I take it that the wires are going slack when you retract the tail wheel. If that is the case, I would try and introduce a couple of light springs at the steering servo end and when the tailwheel is retracted, set the springs to the minimum tension that will keep the wires reasonably taut, then when the wheel is lowered, there will be more tension applied by the light springs, which should help to avoid the wires getting caught up. The previous suggestion of running the wires through plastic straws will also assist the smooth operation of your steering. something like springs from a biro or springs from a steerable tailwheel set.

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
08/02/2014 12:48:42

Will try and drop in later if its still running

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
21/09/2013 21:51:20

Hi tom, Tony Bamford here again. Stitches are out now but finger is still mighty sore. Not done any work in the shed since my accident. Gonna have to get my finger out,( pardon the pun).

Have you considered the aluminium square section tube that they use for TV aerials, or woulld that be too heavy. Just a thought. I was mighty chuffed with the blades from AJ Blades. They were super.

12/09/2013 20:20:31

Hi Deyrick. Mine was an i/c incident. Happened because I changed my starting routine. I had to have a check on whether I had a damaged tendon before they would sew me up. Feeling fine now, but stitches in finger keep pulling and I tend to forget and try and use the hand as I normally would. I still love the hobby though, and the crack from the others in the club.

12/09/2013 16:51:29

Hi everyone. I got my blades for the SFH/CFL today from AJ Blades. They are superb and well worth the money spent. The packing of them is also brilliant. Mine came in a sturdy tube with lots of bubble wrap around the blades and at the ends, plus the tubes are sealed with custom end caps. No chance of damage there.

It also turns out that I was their first customer. Looks as though I have done something right for a change. It beats last Sundays flying session that put me in hospital having the third finger of my right hand stitched up. What idiot put a spinning propeller in the way of my hand,( I have to confess that it was me Sir).

Ahh well!, it got me off washing up duties until next Monday when the stitches come out. All together now.....Ahhhhhhhh!!

Thread: Super Sixty - any good mods?
08/09/2013 10:33:49

One thing that I forgot to mention, When I first started to use nylon as a covering on my aircraft, an old modeller said to me, and I quote," You will always have a bag to carry the bits home in". Do you know, he was correct. The nylon covering always seemed to keep all the broken pieces of balse inside and repairs were always easy to carry out.

08/09/2013 10:28:39

Hi Bob. Great that you are having a go at the old Super Sixty. I picked up an old 3 channel one recently that was sold by Ben Buckle kits. I wanted an aileron version and I Contacted Colin Buckle and got a separate wing plan showing ailerons. You are correct about the dihedral. It is only 1.2" under each wing tip for this version.

This aircraft is not meant to be a "Speed machine", but a aircraft that will give you hours of very steady flying and makes a good trainer. I built and flew one of these when I was in the Army in Germany in 1960,Hildesheim to be exact, and I got to use the grass airstrip when there was no flying taking place. I would have said that for a flat bottomed wing, a 40 engine would be the maximum that I would use, as for changing the airfoil section to a semi-symmetrical, why change a classic. If you want a model with that sort of wing, then go for the venerable classic "Wot 4".

Never the less, enjoy the build, its my next build when the weather gets too bad to fly.

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
04/09/2013 00:54:20

Thats very sad news Tom. When did this happen. I spoke to him several times before I went out to Florida last August. I wonder if my blades are the last ones that he made. Any idea what pulled him down, because when I last spoke to him, he was very chipper and a real gentleman. He put himself out to get my blades ready for when I got out to Kissimmee. To be honest, I had not tried to access his site for a while. Howw did you find this out Tom, was it mentioned in the RCM&E by any chance.??

Anyway, I am off to bed now, missus says she is cold and wants my body, just for warmth, don't you know. Ooh Renee!!!

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
03/09/2013 23:51:11

Tried to join session using rcme as the password, but keeps telling me that the password is incorrect. What gives here. Help!!!!

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
03/09/2013 23:33:38

Hi Bill, I also wish you a speedy recovery from your op. I was just wondering why, when you are in the States you do not avail yourself of the excellent blades made by Aerobalsa. I was in Florida last August and I got two sets sent to me at the villa that we rented in Kissimmee. They were of an excellent quality and one set is going on to a DAG autogyro and the other set for the Firefly 2. But not until I have mastered the Cranefly aand have a greater understanding of how these things fly. Tony.

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