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Thread: Super Sixty - any good mods?
08/09/2013 10:28:39

Hi Bob. Great that you are having a go at the old Super Sixty. I picked up an old 3 channel one recently that was sold by Ben Buckle kits. I wanted an aileron version and I Contacted Colin Buckle and got a separate wing plan showing ailerons. You are correct about the dihedral. It is only 1.2" under each wing tip for this version.

This aircraft is not meant to be a "Speed machine", but a aircraft that will give you hours of very steady flying and makes a good trainer. I built and flew one of these when I was in the Army in Germany in 1960,Hildesheim to be exact, and I got to use the grass airstrip when there was no flying taking place. I would have said that for a flat bottomed wing, a 40 engine would be the maximum that I would use, as for changing the airfoil section to a semi-symmetrical, why change a classic. If you want a model with that sort of wing, then go for the venerable classic "Wot 4".

Never the less, enjoy the build, its my next build when the weather gets too bad to fly.

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
04/09/2013 00:54:20

Thats very sad news Tom. When did this happen. I spoke to him several times before I went out to Florida last August. I wonder if my blades are the last ones that he made. Any idea what pulled him down, because when I last spoke to him, he was very chipper and a real gentleman. He put himself out to get my blades ready for when I got out to Kissimmee. To be honest, I had not tried to access his site for a while. Howw did you find this out Tom, was it mentioned in the RCM&E by any chance.??

Anyway, I am off to bed now, missus says she is cold and wants my body, just for warmth, don't you know. Ooh Renee!!!

Thread: Phoenix Online Session
03/09/2013 23:51:11

Tried to join session using rcme as the password, but keeps telling me that the password is incorrect. What gives here. Help!!!!

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
03/09/2013 23:33:38

Hi Bill, I also wish you a speedy recovery from your op. I was just wondering why, when you are in the States you do not avail yourself of the excellent blades made by Aerobalsa. I was in Florida last August and I got two sets sent to me at the villa that we rented in Kissimmee. They were of an excellent quality and one set is going on to a DAG autogyro and the other set for the Firefly 2. But not until I have mastered the Cranefly aand have a greater understanding of how these things fly. Tony.

03/09/2013 15:39:59

Hi Tom, thats good news. Means you are not tied down to a certain weight of battery. Its great to be that flexible. Any news yet on the sale of the blades. I am champing at the bit here and not enought ime to do what I want to do,a couple of repairs on the bench, a SFH Cranefly partially built and wishing there were 48 hours in a day. I often wonder how I found time to go to work, I seem to be on the go doing other non modelling jobs around the house. Not what I intended for my retirement.

Oops!!! I hope she does not see this. I love her to bits really. Hee.hee,hee.

15/08/2013 21:37:52

Hi Tom, any news on when the blades are going to be on sale. I would like to make my own, but would rather buy a set if I can. The coolwind site really seems to be the bees knees and the fibreglass parts are very well done in the photograph.Keep up the good work. Tony.

Thread: Getting back there....
13/08/2013 22:28:59

Happy Birthday Tim and lots of good luck for the future. I know how you must be feeling. I married on the rebound in 1965 but spent the next 37 years hankering for the love of my life who chose someone else over me when I was a serving soldier. I had a marriage of sorts but there was something missing. In 2002 after meeting up with the love of my life, we discovered that neither of us had been truly happy for most of our marriages. We took the decision to laeve our unhappy marriages and set up home together. That was 11 years ago and we both wished that we had done it sooner, but there were young children to consider. I was 61 when I left my marriage and I have never looked back. and I have the blessing of my two children.Now I am 72 but feel about 45. We have never been happier. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Thread: Time to sell the DX8 and move on??
11/08/2013 23:02:06

Hi "TheStig". Its funny that your mates said that about the Spektrum. I have the DX6i,DX7 and the DX8. I lost an aircraft two weeks ago while flying it with my DX6i. I had been flying touch and goes and getting in some practice and all was going well until my final turn onto base leg. I was lined up almost on the centre line of our runway and I applied left bank to make the final turn, but nothing. I heard the fail-safe cut in, engine to idle even though my throttle was still at the 3/4 stage and all controls went to their neutrals. The net result was that my aircraft continued on base leg straight into the top of a Poplar tree. The recovery 3 days later, carried out by our friendly Tree surgeon, cost me £30 to recover the bits from 85 feet up. Today, I was flying my Wot 4 Classic with an Irvine 53 up front.. This time I was using my DX7 and all was going well again, until I handed the plane over to our instructor after flying for 10 minutes. I had asked him to land it for me as the wind was blustery and across our strip. This time I was established on the downwind leg when I passed over the Tx but he immediately shouted that he had no control, and my plane was continuing to fly on straight and level. I grabbed the Tx back and waggled all of the sticks and suddenly got control back upon which my instructor took it back again and proceeded to turn it back towards our strip and land it quickly. In both of these cases, we checked out the Tx voltages, the DX 6i was showing 5.2 volts and the DX 7 was showing 10.5 volts.During my flights today, I was aware that my plane made one or two un-intentional manoeuvres that I had not called for. In particular two rolls became 4 and a half even though I had meant to stop them after 2. I am beginning to suspect that all may not be well with my Spektrums and I am beginning to regret dropping Futaba and adopting the Spektrum. I am going to have to carry out some tests on range and control movements using different receivers to se if the fault is in the Tx's or the Rx's. Will keep you posted.

Thread: Suspended workbench
09/07/2013 11:08:40

Can I just chip in with another comment. Using MDF is fine, but you are going to find it hard to get pins into the board without using a small hammer. I have found that a soft wood called "Sundeala" is sufficiently soft enough to permit pins without having to strain your fingers, and a layer of this on top of your MDF would be ideal, but there may well be a weight penalty. I wish you luck with this.

07/07/2013 23:50:41

Ahh, Bob . You beat me to it. Great minds think alike.

07/07/2013 23:49:14

Why not try and pick up a flat panel door from a Diy store and some piano type hinges or larger ones. Fit a batten to the wall at your chosen work height, fit hinges to door, then fit door and hinges to your batten on wall. Door will then hinge down of be flat against wall when not in use. A couple of sturdy clip on legs or fold down legs can be fabricated to provide stability when working on the door/building board. I got my door from a Wickes store, it was slightly damaged on one side, and they sold it to me for a Fiver. It was perfectly flat and I have it fixed and levelled up on top of a pasting board, Works great for me!!!!

Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
27/06/2013 23:27:01

Hi Tom, I am waiting with bated breath for the PDF of your Crane Fly Lite. Dont keep us waiting too long will you?

15/06/2013 16:03:20

Hi Terry, I was confused by that statement too. I am about to set up my mast angle and I am sure that the advised angle was about 9 degrees. Have found it on page 8 of 17. It says to trial fit the back stay and double check that the mast is leaning backwards at 8 - 9 degrees. I will go for the angle in the PDF. Tony.

Edited By Handyman on 15/06/2013 16:04:09

Thread: servo connecting problem...I think
27/05/2013 18:55:21

Mat, what gear are you using? If you have a servo in each wing are they joined by a "Y" lead . I am at a loss to understand why you have two switches. Are we talking electric or i/c. Usually only one switch is required to turn on the rx. Are you switching bon the transmitter first before the rx, because doing it the other way ound can cause some strange happenings. Tell us what radio gear you are using and then we can better understand your problem Remember, Tx on first and then switch on the Rx. Hope this goes some way to help. More info needed.

Thread: what would be the best plane to learn solo with?
27/05/2013 18:48:07

I would have a look at "Thunder Tigers" trainer, it was once called the ARC Ready. It is made of plastic but flies like a dream. It is a high winger so has some built in stability, it is a trike undercarriage, and it looks like an early Cessna. I have had 3 of these and it was only the hooligan in me that caused their demise. It can also take a few knocks while you are learning. May I ask why you want to fly alone? It is not usually recommended in case of accidents or an emergency where you may well need a helping hand. Also by joining a club you will definitely learn to fly a lot faster and safely using the "Buddy box" method. I enjoy all of the banter from the other members of my club. Tony.

Thread: Small Petrol Engines
03/05/2013 23:23:09

Hi Peter. I have got two of these engines, the NGH9 and the 17. I purchased mine from the States when I was out there on holiday last August. Both engines cost me a total of £260. They are very well made but the NGH9 comes with a seperate fuel pump which can cause problems. The NGH17 has a Walbro carb with a built in pump so tank position is not so important. I have been in contact with Peter Miller regarding the NGH9 and I have changed the silencer with a " Super quiet" one purchased from Just Engines, and I have decided not to use the pump, but rely on silencer pressure, which I have been assured by Peter Miller works better than the supplied fuel pump. The original stand-alone fuel pump apparently introduces air into the fuel line causing lumpy running. Both of my engines are very well made and will not be a disappointment to you, although with the terrible winter that we have had, I have not actually flown mine, only bench run. The price looks very good on the face of it, but what are you going to have to pay for postage. I could not find it in the UK or Euro warehouse, looks like it will be in the Global warehouse. All the best..Tony.

Thread: Lost plane is it the end
23/04/2013 16:32:00

Sorry Danos, jumpy finger. I meant to say.....24 hrs not 243 hrs. Its my age you know!!!!

23/04/2013 16:30:45

Hey Danos. Bad news that, but may I ask whether you placed your name and phone number in an easily accessible spot on your aircraft offering a reward for its return. I am 72 years old and never actually lost an aircraft using this simple idea, but I was without one of my aircracft that flew away for about 243 hrs until I got the call saying that it had been found. It's worth considering. Sorry to hear about your loss, but just accept it as part of this great hobby and get flying again.

Thread: SC46 What fuel to use?
23/04/2013 16:23:32

Hi Chris. I have had quite a few of these SC engines and I have found them not to be fussy over fuels. I generally use 5% Nitro, no sense in paying for a higher nitro content with mid quality engines. I think I am correct in saying that its just a question of whether to use a synthetic oiled fuel or a castor based one. Its your choice!!! I would recommend going for the cheapest.

Thread: Aerobatic plan suggestions please
25/03/2013 21:05:37

20:58 (5 minutes ago)
to alerts
Why don't you look at the plan by Phil Kraft of his Kwik Fli Mark 3. If its a pattern ship you are after, an aerobatic aircraft, it was a cracker in its day and there are not many of them about. I think Graupner do an ARTF version of this, but if its the fun of building that you are looking for, then give this one some consideration.
Regards. Tony.

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