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Thread: Aerobatic plan suggestions please
22/03/2013 21:02:46

What about the good old Kwik Fli Mk 3. Using modern eqipment it should make up into an excellent aerobatic aircraft. Although the original one had a fixed undercarriage you could fit electric retracts to make it even more streamlined. Its on my must build list, when I can find time.

Thread: Aldi Sunday 10th Feb
09/02/2013 23:51:50

Now then BB. Dont you get on your high horse, You might just fall off!!!!!!hee,hee,hee!

Thread: Peter Russell
09/01/2013 18:03:51

I was only recently having a conversation by email with Peter just before Xmas about an article that he was doing for Just Engines, regarding the petrol engines produced by a company called NGH. Apparently the engine that Peter was testing, had a problem with the timing and he was having to hold back on submitting his review until Just Engines had sorted out the problem with the manufacture's.

He even went so far as to send me a copy of the review in it's draft form along with his findings on the engine, an NGH9 I believe, which I had just aquired along with an NGH 17. I have been following Peter's articles since the 70's. He will be sorely missed. R.I.P Peter. I hpe you get plenty of flying in now.

Thread: Small Petrol Engines
17/10/2012 19:26:21

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply to my posting. If I should find that my timing is also out, what action did you take to remedy this sad situation. As I said, I have not had time yet to run my engines since I got them in August, I also have the NGH 17 which is destined to go into a 90" Bird Dog, I hope that this engine does not turn out to be a "rogue" also.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted. I dont want my first foray into "Petrol" to be a big let-down.

16/10/2012 22:48:40

Hi all. Interesting reading about the NGH petrol engines. I have just aquired two of these engines, namely the NGH 9 and the 17. I got them while I was in Florida, August last. I had read some good reports about these engines, hence my purchase. I have not as yet had either of these engines running, but I notice on the NGH 9 that it has a crankcase nipple which operates the diaphragm in the so called fuel pump.

I am sure that I have read somewhere that some of the speed freaks years ago used to use this crankcase pressure to feed fuel to the engine, but would all of this pressure not burst a normal polypropylene fuel tank????

As for using silencer pressure, and the possibility of this igniting fuel vapours, I have always used a fuel filter in my silencer pressure line to stop any muck or rubbish being blown into the fuel tank. Would this filter being gauze and of a fine mesh not act as a flame guard and prevent this possibility.????

Thread: Members Map
12/09/2012 20:17:24

Added mine also, now where are all of the other club members. Get a grip of them Ian!!"!

Thread: Old diesel spares
28/08/2012 19:09:08

I had thought that it might be one of those things, but a quick reply would have put our minds at rest. I am going to check if she has any items still for sale on ebay and if so, I will try another email to her.

Regards Tony

28/08/2012 18:55:42

Has anyone responded to Harry Wilsons offer to posibly make up these items on his lathe. It seems churlish not to at least say thank you for the offer,

As regards a picture of the NVA, I only had the one on Hayleys ebay listing and I think that might have been taken down now. I will have a look though and see if I can find it again.

The Hayley Kirby mystery deepens !!!!!


28/08/2012 18:49:08

Well its been a bit more than 48 hrs, I forgot it was a Bank holiday. Sad to report that I cannot get any response from Hayley either. I am wracking my brain trying to come up with a solution.

I am at a loss to understand why no contact with any of us, especially as it involves money.

I will keep trying though and if anything happens, I will post it on here.


Thread: The Price of Performance
24/08/2012 14:25:56

At the risk of being jumped on by all and sundry,it seems that a little bit of "One-up-man-ship" is springing up here. I am a power pilot and get an immense amount of pleasure from my hobby. I do have a 9ft discus glider that I often take down to South Wales to make use of the slopes there.

The pleasure I get lying on my back amongst the heather with my mate just watching my aircraft maintaining and sometimes gaining height is something else. I have never given any thought to how much an aircraft has cost me, nor would I denigrate another persons model, be it a foamy or handbuilt aircraft, except in "Fun".

The hobby is to be enjoyed whether you have a top of the range model or a "Bitsa" made from 2 or 3 other models.

I rest my case!!!!!


Thread: Old diesel spares
23/08/2012 22:01:40

Well Barry and John, it must be catching. I sent an email to Hayley to her inbox and surprise surprise, no reply to me either. I am wondering whether I am perhaps using the wrong aftershave lotion or something like that.

I am going to go onto her ebay site and drop a message on to one of her sale items. At least i wwill know that she will read that one.

I will keep you all informed on the outcome. Fingers crossed.


21/08/2012 19:09:35
Barry not to be picky but she did say to put "Not Spam" in the subject line. I will have another go on your behalf and then get back to you. This all seems very strange because she was so helpful to me and I am sure that she would not turn down good business.
Leave it with me for 48 hours Barry. I will get tothe bottom of this. Scout's honour.
17/08/2012 15:57:14

Hi Barry, Tony here again. I have had a contact with Hayley reference your search for NVA's and she has given me an email address for you to use. The problem is that I cannot disclose this on here.

question{Mr Moderator, please tell me how I can be put in contact with Barry so that I can give him the email address and how to make sure that Hayleys inbox does not reject his message as spam.}face 23

Barry, as soon as I am able, I have the info that you need in order to make contact with Hayley.


17/08/2012 00:34:14

Hi, thanks for that reminder but I have a very good virus and spam program that i have been using for years and so far,"touch wood" I have been kept well clear of Gremlins and nasties. But I will take on board your helpful comment.


16/08/2012 22:38:39

Hi again Barry. I have just sent a message off to Hayley regarding your needle valve or valves. I enclose a copy of what I sent.

Hi Hayley, forgive me for contacting you this way. I am madmodeller_bamford and you supplied me with a needle valve back in June 21st this year.
I am a member of the RCM&E website and there is a fellow who is desperately trying to get hold of one or more of these NVA's that your Father makes.
I and one other have been singing your praises about the quality of the NVA's but he apparently has had no luck in contacting you and placing an order. Is there perhaps a problem or is there any other way that Barry can contact you and place an order.
You were very helpful to me when I queried the lack of spring clip and you very kindly sent me one for free.
I gave Barry your ebay handle(ziggystar52) but he says that you do not have any of the NVA's advertised. I would be grateful if you could tell me how Barry could contact you and place an order. Please PM me and I'll supply an email address.
Thanks for your time....Tony

Let's hope this brings you some results.

All the best...Tony

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/08/2012 00:48:54

12/08/2012 23:43:39

Hi Barry, Tony here just back from holiday. I will have a look back through my emails that I had from Hayley and see if I can get you any info. We exchanged quite a few so unless you have made contact, I will see what I can do. Bed for me now, am a bit jet lagged.

Hope I can help. Tony

19/07/2012 21:03:43

Hi all, just reading your comments about Hayley and her needle valve assemblies. I have dealt with this lady recently and she was very helpful. You might try looking for her on Ebay. She goes under the name of <ziggystar52>. I have just had an NVA from her site and very well made it was too and not expensive either.

I am surprised that she appears not to respond. I cannot imagine her turning down business unless her Dad is getting snowed under.

Hope this is of some help. Tony

Thread: Problem with tuning Irvine 53
01/06/2012 20:52:53

Funny you should be mentioning problems with your Irvine 53. I have a Wot4 Classic with just such an engine. I ran mine up on my engine test stand and put a least six tanks of fuel through it until it had loosened up. I got the tickover set up perfectly and it would idle on my test stand for ten minutes or more and still pick up without any hesitation and I was over the moon and could not wait to get it into my Wot4.

Wot a disappointment. Tickover became erratic,either too fast or would cut completely as soon as I placed it onto the take-off area. Took off with tickover increased and then once airborne moved the throttle trim back ready for landing. Did a half loop rolled out did another and complete silence. "Deadstick".

For the second time I am about to remove the fuel tank and check the pipe on the clunk. The concensus of all my club mates is that I must have a small hole somewhere in my pipe-work because if it works okay on my test stand then something is not right.

Before someone suggests, I have got the carb approximately in-line with the centre of the fuel tank which is the same as on my test stand. It's a mystery,should have kept to OS, never had problems with their engines. "Over to you chaps" Tony.

Thread: Flying inverted?
17/04/2012 16:23:08

Hi Olly P. I am 71 years old now, but I can still remember my first attempts at flying inverted. In a word,"Dismal". It was only through the coaching by another good flyer that it became second nature to me.

He taught me to enter inverted flying from a half loop and to make sure that I had plenty of height to be able to recover easily if I made a "boo,boo"!. Even after all these years I still say the same old mantra to myself. Push up with my thumb at the bottom of the elevator stick and pick up the dropping wing by pushing the aileron stick towards the dropping wing.

17/04/2012 15:45:22

P.s. I have had no trouble flying the Wot 4 inverted even with the wong wing section using the method I have suggested. I rest my case. Let me know if this helps.

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