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Thread: Flying inverted?
17/04/2012 15:43:29

Hi, if you will take some advice from a wrinkly old flyer regarding inverted flying, I was taught quite a few years ago to place my thumb underneath the elevator stick when flying upside down and to keep saying to myself," push the stick upwards to raise the nose and to relax the pressure to descend inverted".

At the same time i was also taught that when flying towards myself, when the aileron controls seem to be reversed, to say to myself," push the aileron stick towards the wing that is dropping to lift the wing up".

Does this make any sense to all you other old wrinklies on this forum?

Thread: Dorschell Kyten - Traplet version
23/07/2011 20:49:07
Hi Simon B. You are making a nice job of that.
I have a Graham Dorschell Kyten purchased from Green Air Designs last year which is still on the back-burrner. I had some concerns over the amount of wood that had to be used in making that nicely profiled nose. I notice that your nose seems to be a moulding. If it is, did it come with the Traplet kit, or is it an aftermarket add-on. I would be grateful if you would let me know, I am keen to reduce the nose weight some-what.
I was toying with the idea of adding a set of electric retracts when I build mine and using a glow engine, 2 stroke or maybe a cooking 4 stroke.
Nigel Hawes in his review of this kit made a comment that he thought G.A.D. were going to come up with a moulding to replace the timbered from section, but I got no joy when I rang Dr Black of same company.
Let us all know how it flies. Tony
Thread: Typhoon Retracts
12/06/2011 22:53:01
Hi again PhilO. This may be a daft question but did you test these retract servos separately before you began to experiment with seperate batteries. To have two fail at the same time seems very unusual???? Tony.
12/06/2011 22:12:55
Phil, it can be a bit of a fiddly job and you need a small soldering iron, but if you take your time it should not be a problem. And yes, you do have to take the servo apart!!!!!
12/06/2011 22:09:30
Alan C. Are we missing something here. I read that that Phil is using two servos, one for each retract. If that is the case, should he not use two "Y" leads to get the power to both servos.
Not wishing to hi-jack Phil's posting but I am about to change my mechanical retracts for a pair of electrical ones and I would also like to use a seperate battery. Would your circuit work for these also.
12/06/2011 21:53:06
Hi Phil, sounds as though you have a problem there.
I would first of all test the servos separately before you cry "Fire". You say that you tried to reverse one of the servos by reversing the black to red and vise a versa. Well did you also reverse the 3 connections on the feedback potentiometer as well. Then the servo will reverse. I am sure that our learned friends on this site will bear me out on this
Thread: E-Flite's J3 Cub 25
28/07/2010 01:11:18
Hi again Pete. My cub was flying hands off for quite long periods and the C of G was exactly where e-flite recommended it to be.  Have you had a good look at your cub with regards to the angle of the horizontal stabiliser and the mean thrust line of the fuselage. On my cub, the zero plane of the stabiliser seems to be following the angle of the upper longerons.
I have been told that some cubs were rigged to fly in a nose down attitude in order to give a better view over the nose.  The handling of my cub on Sunday last compared to the previous week was nothing short of a miracle, and all down to getting the angle of the main wing to be at 2-3 degrees positive.
I have started to add a bit more detail to my Cub now that I know that it will fly well, and my landings were floaters. Perhaps you ought tto check your cub out as I have done mine. Who knows, yours miught be setup wrong.
Bset wishes...Tony
27/07/2010 23:37:51
Hi Pete, why didn,t I think of that. It must be my age. I must admit that i have been well pleased with my other purchases from HH. I have one of their Beavers and a Piper pawnee crop sprayer on the back burner.
I must admit that I would rather keep this cub and perhaps give the downthrust a little tweek. It looked absolutely brilliant on it,s approach to land and Ian commented on it,s ground handling, right back to my flight box.
Does anyone else have a view on what has gone on with this J3 Cub.
27/07/2010 22:55:37
Hi all. Handyman back once again with the saga of my E-Flite J3 Cub, and its strange maiden flight characteristics.
I was e-mailed setup instructions by E-Flite of America and they confirmed that the cub should have an angle of  2-3 degrees of positive on the main-plane with the tail set at zero degrees.
My cub must have been a rogue one or the jigs used to build the fuselage must have been incorrect, because I measured a negative angle of 3 degrees on my Cub. I went ahead and built up the wing seat to rectify  this situation because I had checked the C of G several times, and it was smack bang in the middle of the recommended range.
The end result was that the wing now had the correct incidence, but was sticking up above the top of the windshield, where it had been flush before. However the second test flight on Sunday last was a revelation. I used my friendly BMFA Instructor to do the honours, and the take-off was perfect, control authority was exactly as it should be, and Ian remarked that it was flying just the way that a Cub should.
The same evening I e-mailed E-Flite and told them the good news and attached 12 photo,s showing the checks that i had made using a spirit level before the remedial work and afterwards the views showing the raised up section at the wing leading edge.
I have received an e-mail back to the effect that after looking at the photo,s sent they are convinced that the Cub was not assembled properly during manufacturer. They want to have the Cub back, and want to have my details so that they can arrange shipping for this cub and then authorise a replacement back to me.  What do I do in this situation. I have a Cub that now flies properly, but they want it back, after all my work.  I will then have to assemble this other Cub, but no consideration for the extra work that I had to carry out on the faulty one.  But here is my burning question. If they ship this replacement directly to me, then might I not fall foul of "Her Majesties Customs Service" and have to pay duty.
What do I do.  All clean suggestions welcomed.
Thread: Float-planes
27/07/2010 21:33:19
Hi Phil, handyman here again. Sorry that I did not get back to you regarding the ARC Ready on floats that you are giving away.  I will have this if its is still on offer.  I cannot say just yet when i can collect it, but i am trying to sort out some dates.  Are there any days in the week that are not convenient or would a week-end collection be better.
With me being retired, I am very flexible but I have to confer with her indoors, cos  she still does a couple of days a week at our local NHS hospital.
I would think that it would have to be some-time in October or late Sept. Thats really as accurate as I can be at the moment, Hope that this is okay. 
Any problems Phil, please let me know. I appreciate your generosity.
Thread: E-Flite's J3 Cub 25
19/07/2010 23:00:00
Thanks for your input Simon. I had got the C of G spot on according to E-Flites instruction manual. It recommended it to be 2. 5/8" (66mm) back from the leading edge and described the C of G range as 2.1/2"-2. 3/4" (63mm-70mm) behind the leading edge.
I think I had better do one thing at a time. I have altered the wing seating now, so I will test fly in this configuration. Next I think I will give the motor more downthrust, and if that does not improve matters, I will adjust the C of G to be a little further forward and see how that goes.
Thanks to you all for the help and advice. I will post results at each stage.
19/07/2010 18:49:19
Ooops finger trouble. I think I sneezed and got two postings. Sorry
19/07/2010 18:46:20

Edited By Handyman on 19/07/2010 18:47:52

19/07/2010 18:45:43
Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. I do agree with what you have said, this confirms my first thoughts on this, but when I set the fuselage up on my bench into a flying attitude, I then checked the angle of the tailplane fore and aft, and it was at zero degrees on the bubble. Without disturbing the plane, I put the spirit level onto the wing seating area and as I said in my post, I had over half a bubble of negative incidence where I would have expected zero or possibly 1 or 2 degrees positive angle.
I am now re-fettling the wing seat to zero to give my flat bottomed Clark Y wing the necessary angle of incidence that it was lacking in the first place.
I welcome any more suggestions. I will keep you all informed. I will try and test fly before the weekend,hopefully,weather permitting.
19/07/2010 00:03:48
Hi all, I have just completed one of Horizon Hobbies excellent Cubs, the 25 electric jobby.  I have assembled it with great care and resisted the urge to alter or otherwise improve the model with the exception of the u/carriage fairings, which were supposed to have been fitted using yellow tie-wraps. Not my idea of a good job.

I fitted the E-Flite 25  motor that is recommended and with a 3s 3000Mah Lipo, the C of G was spot on. Being a devout coward, I elected our club instructor to make the first test flight.  The take off was ok, climb-out was a bit steep, and I could hear my pilot bleeping my trim buttons like crazy.  He handed over control to me, remarking that he thought it needed some more weight in the nose to correct the steep climb on take-off.  I can fly quite well but I noticed a tendency for the aircraft to want to climb or dive when trying to fly straight and level, and the same occurred when altering the power.

I noticed that on my Spektrum DX-6i that the forward trim indicator was half way between neutral and the fully forward point.  I attempted to bring this trim back to the  neutral point, but this made the flying  worse. The first landing seemed to be uncontrollable with the aircraft landing quite heavy.
We decided to cut the control movements down to half of what they had been for the first flight, but not much better, with the plane still showing the same problems, and the same heavy landing.

I decided to call it a day while it was still in one piece and set it up on my workbench, less wings, into a flying position, with the tailplane set up at zero degrees using a small spirit level. When I moved the spirit level to the wing seat, I fully expected it to read Zero, or possibly 1 or 2 degrees of positive incidence. What I got instead was  3 degrees of negative incidence, on both sides of the wing seat area.

Can some-one correct me if I am wrong on this, but I was always led to believe that a flat-bottomed wing is usually rigged at a positive angle compared to the tailplane, unless it is a fully symmetrical wing when it is usually a Zero-Zero set-up.

I think that my motor may need a bit more downthrust, but I am also convinced that the incorrect longitudinal angle of the wing compared to the tailplane was the direct cause of the strange flying characteristics of my Cub.

I am open to suggestions on this.
Thread: Float-planes
15/07/2010 23:15:25
Graham, this one is for you. I had an ARC Ready that I fitted the floats to, and i was disappointed with the steering performance on one rudder.  Solution.......Buy a second rudder set from a supplier, fit it to the other float. Next fit one of Futaba's "y" leads to the underside of the fuselage between the rear float legs connected to the rudder servo via an internal "y" lead. With me so far?????.
Then I set in to each of the floats a mini metal geared servo, but first I waterproofed the electrics with good old vaseline. Now with a short rigid pushrod to each of the rudder arms, I now have excellent rudder authority.  The extenal "y" lead is the type that only has one lead that terminates in a double plug. I haven't got my ripmax catalogue to hand, but i can give you the part numbers later, if you want it. 
 I am doing up another Ready at this moment that I have converted to have proper flaps on the wing rather than "Flapperons". This too is destined for my converted floats.
Thread: What model would you like to see designed??
15/07/2010 22:49:22
I would like to see the good old DHC2 Beaver in Army Aircorps colours. I had first hand experience of this aircraft while serving in Aden. It is a very robust aircraft with loads of character. Wing span say 72 inches, that;s about 1/8th scale.
Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
12/01/2010 20:27:13
Mode 1
West Midlands
West Midlands
Self Taught
Thread: Snowed in !!!!
05/01/2010 23:46:45
You shouldn't be complaining about a little snow. I have friends in Southern Norway, Lillesand to be precise. They have 60 cms,( 24" to you wrinklies) and more snow is still falling.  Do you hear them complaining. Not on your life.

Edited By Handyman on 05/01/2010 23:49:43

Thread: How to calculate the C of G on a swept wing aircraft
30/10/2009 23:26:46
I think your old eyes are giving out Timbo, I have just been watching the F86 flight on the Banana hobby site. Go onto their site,click on RC Jets,then scroll down until you see the Sabre. Click on it and a description opens up with lots of still photo's of "Mikes Bird" as the jet is called. A young lad called Peter does the spiel and the demo flight.  I am looking forward to getting mine airborne.
I will have a look at the Styrofoam website and see what I can come up with. Thanks again for the advice.  Tony.
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