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Thread: Scratch Build Twin
30/03/2020 13:22:10

Another lurker here. Having built a twin which I am still flying (well was) I am keen to follow your progress.

Thread: Setting up a remote webcam at the clubs fields
10/12/2018 18:25:07

Martin Harris, the actual software required to run the image hosting needs to sit on a server within the gradient hosting domain, but you do not have to move your web site to them. It is a commercial offering to host the images (not expensive) and it suits us to keep everything on the same server platform.

In a way, it is no different from using a third party host such as opensmartcam offered.

08/12/2018 16:53:25

Having previously warned that the webcam host "" were stopping the service at the end of 2018,

I went on the hunt for something similar and affordable.

I am pleased to report that our club's web hosting company "Gradient Hosting" rose to the challenge and have created a custom image hosting app to run on our own web site. The image that we show to the world is found on our page. However, the archive images are available to the select few in the club that like to see what happened through the day.

If this is of interest to any other club that will be losing opensmartcam or would like to explore a similar set up then please get in touch and I will pm the contact email for the guy that created it.

Thread: DLE or NGH petrol engines
06/11/2018 18:40:40

I have used both NGH and DLE engines but for the Acro Wot XL it is a DLE35RA all day long. It is an awesome combination,and has given me 3 years of exhilarating performance. It also balances perfectly without additional lead.

The NGH engines (17cc and 25cc) are better suited to smaller airframes.

But, then, you might prefer a 4-stroke, which DLE don't make.

Thread: BMFA membership Platform training for Club Administrators
31/10/2018 09:45:00

Honestly can't see what kc is on about. The use of the word optional for the add on feature means that you don't have to have it. The basic platform does all that is required and it is free to the clubs.

I am guessing that the add on will make it possible to "automate" the club subscription collection. If your club is still handling cash and cheques to do this it is quite a chore for the treasurer in a large club. The way to go is cashless using on line payments such as paypal or bank transfer. Not all clubs are savvy enough to do this so an offering along those lines could well be of interest.

Thread: UBEC supply to Ignition system
05/09/2018 22:08:10

My preferred ubec for 20cc, 35cc and 55cc models comes from Hobbyking. Look at part no. TR-UBEC15. It has an 8A output which will burst to 15A for a short time. Possibly overkill but it is easily accommodated within the fuselage.

05/09/2018 13:14:28

I have been using a Ubec on petrol engines to power Rx and ignition for a number of years. I power from a 2200mAh 3 cell lipo. This has proved to be very robust and I have never known the battery to be depleted to less than 60% even after 6 flights of 10 minutes each. This setup has been used on warbirds with electric retracts as well without issues.

On smaller models, my lipo is a 1300mAh 2 cell which is easier to install. I have had similar results when checking the level of charge at the end of the day.

Thread: Setting up a remote webcam at the clubs fields
02/06/2018 19:09:24

To resurrect a very old thread. Our club (Chesham Model Flying) have been using the android mobile phone with the mobilewebcam software to send images to a web server ( for 4 years and it has been very successful.

Today I learnt that opensmartcam are withdrawing their hosting service at the end of the year. I am looking for another route to display updating snapshots of the field in a similar way. I have been paying for the opensmartcam hosting and anticipate that it will not be a free service from another supplier.

Has anyone else found a way to display images to their club website that doesn't involve streaming but accepts a picture every 5 minutes. I know there are a number of clubs who will be in the same boat so we have a vested interest in pooling our resources.

Thread: e-flite retracts
17/09/2017 17:05:28

I have had similar problems with e-flite retracts in the past. It has happened with all sizes and in different models. As you say, they always stay down when you want them to but it reduces your confidence in them. I eventually replaced them all with other manufacturers products.

I never discovered why they cycled so if anyone can throw any light I would also be interested.

Thread: Goodbye Winkle. R.I.P.
21/02/2016 18:47:44

Can only second what a legend he was. I read his "Wings on my sleeve" last year and couldn't put it down. Truly sad that he has passed.

Thread: Married!
29/12/2015 20:53:17

Brilliant news. Congratulations to both of you. Another Hooper!!

Thread: Ripmax Acro.Wot Mk2 XL
09/07/2015 17:21:45

Today the weather has been superb and the Acrowot XL has had its maiden flight, which was absolutely drama free. This model is a keeper as it flies superbly and has a great deal of presence in the air.

Graham, you will be well pleased with it when you get it assembled.

08/07/2015 12:14:59

I have just completed the build of the Acrowot XL and have chosen to use Hobbyking sourced Towerpro 996R servos all round. I have used these in quite a few models and have had absolutely no issues with them.

The XL is fitted with a DLE35RA and needs no additional weight to achieve the CofG.

Assembly is straight forward. My only hiccup was with the elevator push rod which can be installed upside down. It then won't line up with the servo arm!! The tank fitting also needed a little thought to stop the tank going too far forward and interfering with the choke butterfly on the rear carburettor of the DLE.

It looks one heck of a model on my driveway and if the weather relents it will be maidened before the week is out.

Thread: Boxing Clever
05/01/2015 10:32:51

This looks like a holiday special. Small enough to hide in a suitcase and still have room for clothes. I could be interested!

Thread: Mass Build 2015
14/09/2014 09:25:04

Having enjoyed my first Greenacres fly-in I would be keen to join in again. So, in response to BEB's question, I'm in.

Thread: RCM&E / Greenacres 2014 fly-in photos and video thread
24/06/2014 19:21:41

Danny, that near miss at the end of the video wasn't Simon. It was my orange pushy cat which I put down hard when I spotted you but without rudder steering it was luck that I missed you. Never mind, no harm done, just a broken prop and only 7% left in the battery!


Thread: Mass Build Attendance Count
02/06/2014 19:39:41

I shall be there on Saturday and Sunday with my 125% Dawn Flyer and a couple of Pushy Cats. There will also be a selection of RCM&E plan built models just for fun.


Thread: What's flying over your house
01/05/2014 08:16:52

Had a Jet Provost over the house yesterday. That red and white colour scheme really stands out.


Thread: Setting up a remote webcam at the clubs fields
16/02/2014 20:22:31

I can't help with an iphone app but can point you at "mobilewebcam" which runs on an android phone. It can be powered from a large leisure battery through a ubec (5v output) direct into the charge port of the phone.

The app can be configured to upload images to a web server on a timed basis with defined start and stop times at the beginning and end of the day. It also has the facility to run motion detection. And it is free!!

I can also recommend mobi-data as a low cost data sim provider to use with the phone.

My club is installing such a webcam at their flying site just as soon as the rain lets up.

Thread: BEB's Dawn Flyer Build
30/01/2014 10:58:00


My vote is follow Vecchio's advice. Use an acrylic (or enamel) water based paint. One coat and it all looks the same. It worked for me...........





Edited By Colin Hooper on 30/01/2014 10:58:57

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