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Thread: Balsa Cores for Turbine Blades
23/11/2020 19:42:21

Balsa is in short supply here in Canada too, I do not believe they are burning it in factories as they have ample coal supplies for that purpose, the story this side of the pond is the same as yours, wind turbine blades are constructed with a balsa core which is using a huge amount of the available balsa.

Hopefully suppliers will meet that demand and have some decent wood to supply those of us that like to build, maybe as its a fast growing tree an increase in plantation size or the number of plantations will achieve this, until then we sit and wait patiently..

Thread: Spetrum servos
02/11/2020 23:11:43

Hi all, I hope this is the right place for this question. Has anyone used the Spektrum 5030 digital servo with the coreless motor and if so have you had any issues?

I have 6 of these in a model and one seems to have an intermittent problem of refusing to respond to TX input at the most frustrating times..

Example ground check all good, takeoff fine first turn poor response call a landing and good control to get it down taxi in all good, surfaces moving as they should, put it on the bench one aileron not working, change the wiring for that servo from RX to servo, all good then the bad behaviour starts again, I do not think it is the RX as surely that would not affect only a single channel?

Thoughts anyone..


Thread: Laser Engines development.
30/10/2020 02:19:00

Please don't forget your overseas volunteers Jon, we get very little snow here on the west coast if any, pretty sure it would fit the Citabria Pro and get a good workout..


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
23/09/2020 02:50:30

Trevor,this picture is from the 2009 Joe nall meeting in the US, thought you might like it for inspiration, a model of a prototype that was never built or flown only in a wind tunnel..


Edited By Tony Richardson on 23/09/2020 02:53:52

22/09/2020 21:56:15

Trevor if you are interested in a scale canard how about this one really unique and perfect for electric, I believe there are some drawings on Wikipedia.Now those are plans I would be really interested in.


Thread: Replacement Cowl
22/09/2020 21:39:41

So around 80 quid? the two pieces I got from them were quite sturdy but they were wheel pants not a cowl,


22/09/2020 19:24:35

Phil Doug, if you go to FS home page in the top right corner is a menu of their products, click on "cowls and accessories for kits, scroll down until you see HANGAR 9 - its on the left side - click on hangar 9 scroll down to the 15th or 16th item HN10 and a cowl is listed for the hangar 9 P 47 Thunderbolt 60 cowl..


22/09/2020 07:18:41

Hi Doug, I know its the other side of the pond for you and I have no idea of what your government would charge you for taxes but Fiberglass specialties **LINK** has the cowl you are looking for..

Thread: E-Flite Super cub
09/09/2020 06:33:14

Quick update, I have flown the cub twice since my last post, first time out it was a little better but still not responding to inputs the way it really should, back on the ground I noticed the left aileron was not working - could this be the issue ? as it was getting late in the day decided to take it home and deal with it there ( small screws seem to vanish in the grass especially in bad light) took the cub out of the truck put it on the bench hooked up a battery,aileron works fine, re checked the connector plugged it in and taped it with electrical tape, all good. next outing fair takeoff climb to height back off throttle and it stands on its tail increase throttle nose comes down and keeps coming down, finally get it under some sort of control and call a landing, now it decides it will only respond to rudder, elevator and throttle really sluggish on aileron input. once on the ground taxi back, check the surface movements, all good? what the heck is going on.

Finally figured that maybe I added too much downthrust so removed some of that and shifted the battery forward to give a little more nose weight, put it on the runway check control movements, guess what left aileron has stopped moving again and is in the neutral position - it was working fine when I taxied to the pilot box - OK thats it for me for the day, back home on the bench, same thing as before, hook up a battery aileron works fine..

Ive ordered new servo extension cords Y leads and a new servo, i'm hoping these will chase the gremlin infestation out of the model.

I don't think its the RX as its only on one channel but I may be wrong, anyone else had a similar problem, the servos are Spektrum 5030 digital coreless servos, I am honestly getting ready to put this one on the block, really frustrating.

On the bright side I maidened my Goldberg Tiger 2 and it flew just fine apart from a little elevator up trim, I heaved a sigh of relief after the shennanigans with the cub..

Edited By Tony Richardson on 09/09/2020 06:34:51

Thread: Laser Engines development.
30/08/2020 23:38:29

Darn the suspense is killing me..

Edited By Tony Richardson on 30/08/2020 23:39:13

Thread: help with robart pin hinges
28/08/2020 05:39:03

Robert, canopy glue works really well or Weldbond if you can get it both clean up with water/damp cloth I used epoxy for years but it can get messy and you need an epoxy with a slow cure time none of this 5 min stuff, it does not give you time to adjust anything, if you use epoxy make sure there is a ting film of oil on the hinge but absolutely nowhere else, also clean the hinges in a jar of acetone before installing, it removes any mold release agent that may still be on the new hinges, allow to dry well before fitting in the control surface..

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
27/08/2020 02:13:38

Now thats a pretty aiirplane Richard, what are the specs?

23/08/2020 00:47:30

Just googled the HK crusader, yep electro stik knock off apart from a shorter span and colour scheme it's the same..

23/08/2020 00:47:23

Just googled the HK crusader, yep electro stik knock off apart from a shorter span and colour scheme it's the same..

23/08/2020 00:41:40

Not being confrontational but they all look stik-ish a proven design easy to fly and durable, have a lot of fun with my electro stik no dihedral so ya gotta fly it but stable at all flight speeds and a lot of fun, it is my chuck it in the car and go for a quick fix model..

They all look good guys and i'm sure they will all perform very well..

Thread: E-Flite Super cub
10/08/2020 23:15:31

Ok after a lot of other maintenance projects were cleared I got back to the Super cub. I thought about the climb under throttle and wondered if the down thrust was adequate, it didn't appear to be so i have added a couple more degrees, hopefully that will help, also the lateral balance was off with the port wing being heavier than the starboard by 1oz not a lot but could make a difference in flight, I failed to check this as when i build from a plan or kit I check for lateral balance before covering so I can add weight and then hide it under the covering, as the sub assemblies are all covered I got a brain block on this part of assembly and totally forgot about it, aileron differential is dialed in a little more than previously, if its too much very easy to dial out at the field. I am hoping this brings the handling of this model into line with a club mates from a former club who had no issues with his right out of the box, it is the exact same model.

Time will tell I plan to fly it this week and will inform you of any improvements or otherwise, fingers crossed.

Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
06/08/2020 03:40:03

Simon Chaddock, you must be a golfer, you just scored a hole in one with that statement..

03/08/2020 21:51:51

I have to agree with Erfolg on some points, much of the product sold by HK was manufactured by the same company that supplied some of the more higher priced well known brands,. Price is not always an indicator of quality, FrSky produce some good transmitters for a reasonable price - not a HK specific product I know - just an example.

As for the US being protectionist, you have to look at the President and his administrations trade war with china to understand where this is coming from, this to will most likely pass with the passage of time. I hope so as a lot of product from HK usa was good quality and available relatively quickly.

Thread: E-Flite Super cub
31/07/2020 23:58:10

Hi Paul, yes it is the balsa electric model 68 inch span.

No it is not being used as a trainer I passed that stage long ago, I bought this model because I liked the looks and I have never owned a cub. It just seems so alien to every other model I have - and I have quite a few - I plan on adding some aileron differential to see if that helps, I have also read on other forums that it is heavy for a cub and slow flight is not very good, that I can agree with.

Keep flying and work out the kinks I guess, I just hate being beaten by model.


31/07/2020 20:05:17

Hi all, just wondering if anyone on here has an e-flite super cub?

I had the kit/ARF for a long time before I decided to assemble it, Maidened last week, not to bad but some joints that should have been glued better came apart, now duly fixed, the third flight last night was OK but not as I would like them, now I know from numerous club mates cubs are not the easiest to fly, model or fullsize but this is not at all what I expected, it was extremely sensitive to pitch input even at the recommended low rate, duly dialed down also it tends to climb excessively when power applied - it is not tail heavy - according suggested CG? my biggest concern however is its reluctance to bank and turn, turns are initiated with rudder and followed with roll input but it seems slow to respond then has a tendency to roll to far too quick threatening a tip stall.

Has anyone experienced anything similar, advice thoughts welcome.


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