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Thread: A new caption competition - winner declared!
28/11/2019 02:55:32

Look I'm sorry mate but the darn thing thought the grass was greener the other side of the fence, " nothing I could do"

Thread: Horus X10S with Spektrum receivers
02/10/2019 18:36:14

Hi David, my module is an early model from way back, I bought it to upgrade my JR 9303 to 2.4, I have used this in my Taranis and now in the Horus x10s no problems...

Thread: Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter
27/09/2019 19:26:26

Erfojg please remember the difference between the US $ and the Canadian $ $188 Canadian is only $141 US, whereas $170US is $225 Canadian, I may have the sites wrong if so please forgive me.


Thread: Looking for a cowl for my Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk.
29/08/2019 18:28:59

Paul I have one painted red and white no holes etc so its ready to cut for whatever engine you use, only thing is I live in Canada and do not know how much postage would be, PM me and we can discuss it further if you wish.


Thread: Brian Winch
25/08/2019 15:49:10

Sad news indeed, my condolences to family and friends,

RIP Brian your advice and knowledge on all things oily will be missed.

10/08/2019 12:00:47

Check out this site  he has built a gorgeous moth and i think he would be open to helping you.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 10/08/2019 12:01:59

Thread: hobbyking web site
19/07/2019 18:18:43

Don't know what the website is like your side of the Atlantic but here if you click on an item on say page three to check it out when you hit the back button it takes you all the way back to page one, a real pain in the rear, the original site was never that complicated, have they not heard the saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it "..

Thread: Stockpiling
19/07/2019 02:14:52

Probably why I cant find a spare piston ring for my ST 3000 great engine but not without a piston ring.

Thread: Looking for prop nut manufacturer
16/07/2019 20:27:54

Thank you all for advice and help given, I have now located said person, by pure chance I was going through some old magazines with the intent of having a good clear out when I came across some old RCM&E mags, yep you guessed it within that mag in the weekenders column was the very thing I was looking for so I went from not having a clue to being overwhelmed with info that I was looking for, I have an email into this person if all goes well I should have what I need soon., providing this email is still active.

Oh the article was in the August 2008 weekenders

14/07/2019 02:13:37

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help. A few years ago Alex Whitaker did a short piece in RCM&E on various accessories for model engines, one item he showcased was a machined prop nut that screwed onto the crankshaft and completely hid the lock nut giving a nice look to the model and scale appearance also very good for using electric starter, I ordered one for my Saito 180 and was really pleased now I would like one for my NGH 38 and me being me have lost all tne contact info that I had, I think the guy who makes them does it as a small business or sideline but the quality and finish were excellen,t can anybody remember the article or remember to the makers name I would be for ever grateful, thanks in advance for any help..


Edited By Tony Richardson on 14/07/2019 02:15:41

Thread: Electric Cars.
11/07/2019 19:27:57

As a footnote to a previous post about electric aircraft, one carrier that operates float planes here on the west coast is already converting at least one aircraft - Beaver I believe - to electric, whether this will be the beginning of whole fleet conversion I do not know and it's routes are relatively short so interim charging should not be a problem, progress is being watched with great interest here, the outcome - if it succeeds - will certainly be historic.

Thread: Giving up
10/07/2019 21:40:00

I'll take the window cleaner if she is good looking wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
08/07/2019 22:26:50

I understand the trend toward electric cars and here in Canada they are on the rise in popularity, that said it is only in the cities and here on the island that it is really taking off.

I have a large car - V6 - that gets approx 35miles per gallon hwy mileage, my daughter lives 1500 miles to the east of us and when we visit it is quite the road trip, I would not want to stop that many times to charge my car, it takes three days of steady driving as it is and about a third of that is through the Rocky Mountains not practical in that situation.. I don't know how cold it gets in Norway but temps drop into the -25c -35c range in Winnipeg in the winter and most -not all - car owners have an electric powered battery blanket installed along with an engine block heater so their battery has more cranking power on a cold morning, i'm wondering how temps in this range affect the batteries in fully electric cars? On the other hand here in the warmer winter climate of the west coast electric does well. Tesla has set up a lot of charging stations and their cars sell well here but they are not affordable for everyone.

The leaf does really well here as does the Chevy volt and of course the Toyotas and other imports, for me being limited to one car total electric is just not practical at the moment, so I guess i'm stuck with my 17 year old gas guzzler for a while yet, maybe when they fully develop the glass battery or some other form of energy retention it will change for me but at 71 i may not see it, who knows look at the transition from Ni-Cad to Li-Po happened very quickly, fascinating times ahead of us.


Edited By Tony Richardson on 08/07/2019 22:30:18

Thread: Horus X10S with Spektrum receivers
26/06/2019 20:47:21

I know this thread is 12 months old but I was wondering David if you did make the move to the Horus or not?

I have had mine for 2 years now and really love it, I declined to flash it to open TX and stayed with the FrOS and am happy with it. Like a lot of other people I had a fair number of models on JR Spektrum rx's, my old JR 9303 was on 72mhz so I bought a Spektrum air module for it and used that in the Horus after the JR had died and Horizon no longer dealt with repairs, the module has served me well for many years and is great for those bind-n-fly indoor models, it also was great for the transition from Spekky rx's to the FrSky rx's that I now use, these are a much more robust blink in my opinion, if you have made the change hope you are as happy as myself with the Horus.


Thread: ASP etc gone
26/06/2019 11:24:58

I agree Percy the larger gas engines are more popular than the smaller ones - i'm waiting for Jon to get the 180 gasser into production - I have an almost 1/4 scale Se5A that begs for that engine.

As Jon says methanol and oil are readily available it is the nitro methane that is hard to come by even here, the events of 9-11 saw restrictions imposed that make it more difficult to obtain. Luckily I have a fair supply of fuel for the glow engines I still run and the big Super Tigre's will run without any nitro quite well once warm, so as you stated look after your engines guys, rememer though there is a lot of truth in the old saying "you get what you pay for" so maybe we will have to be content with fewer engines/models but feel safe in the knowledge we have purchased a quality product that will serve us well for a good many years.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 26/06/2019 11:25:39

26/06/2019 02:47:02

That's sad to hear, I have never owned an ASP/SC engine but I do have a Thunder Tiger 91 four stroke and have to say it is a very powerfull engine but on the heavy side.

Like a lot of other people I rather enjoy the sound and smell of a glow engine but having lived on the Island for a few years now glow fuel is getting harder to obtain and is becoming increasingly more expensive. With that in mind I have made the decision to go electric with my smaller models - up to 4s power only - and convert my larger models to gas (petrol) Saito make a lovely little FG11 .62ci -60 size- 4 stroke that is lighter than my OS52 4 stroke and produces more power, cost here is $480 Canadian and the FG21 - 1.26 ci basically a 120 size engine is $610 Canadian, if the exchange rate hasn't changed pound sterling would be about half that, not sure how that would work for you guys but if anybody is over here on holidays it may be worth a look, better yet Laser will step up and fill that niche.


Thread: RCM&E Fly-In 2019 - general chatter
20/06/2019 20:58:34

David i will attend if in country with or without model, it would be nice to actually put faces to some of the people I have met on this forum over the years.

20/06/2019 19:00:47

No certificate as such David, just a lapel wing pin similar to the RAF wings after I qualified.  Our governing body MAAC does not have a national requirement , it is mostly province/club based but that may change in the future, right now we have an exemption from some very stringent rules brought in by transport Canada but you must be a member of MAAC to fall under that exemption, therefore clubs are very diligent about training and qualifying new members as none wish to lose their MAAC standing.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 20/06/2019 19:10:27

18/06/2019 05:38:54

what are the rules regarding visitors from overseas?


Thread: Good news thread.
16/06/2019 04:36:43

Great news is the Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship so the cup comes to Canada where the game was invented untill the USA got hold of it.

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