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Thread: Peculiar petrol engine idle
19/05/2019 21:47:18

Do you have a spare CDI unit you can try?

19/05/2019 21:20:16

Cymaz, are you sure its not the throttle servo, I had a mini digital - spektrum 5030 - on an NGH38 and the vibration caused it to keep trying to find neutral and it would "hunt" eventually stalling the engine, just a thought.

Thread: Suitable caption?
17/05/2019 19:48:40

Damn that limbo pole is low.

Thread: Engine for largish cw Cub
17/05/2019 19:42:25

I'm always amazed at how large a diameter prop a Laser engine will swing for its size, never owned one still waiting for the 180 Gasser.

Thread: Is this yet another scam
17/05/2019 04:33:23

Same crap over here, I usually ask them to hold a moment then pick the phone up now and again informing them I wont be a moment, 16 minutes is the longest so far before it goes silent or they get really bolshie and they tell me I am wasting their time, my response is now you know what it feels like and hang up, sometimes if i'm not in the mood for games i'll put the phone down as soon as i know its a scam now with call display I don't bother picking it up.

Have fun all of you.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
12/05/2019 20:10:02

Will there be a plan Pete?

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
04/05/2019 22:57:39

I have to ask is the X8R RX sold in europe programmed differently to here in Canada and North America.

I have been running an X8R for the past 2/3 seasons in a Curtiss P6E with a gas engine and have not had an issue, just wondering if there is a programming difference?


Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
17/04/2019 21:01:42

As much as I respect Jon I have to disagree because those of us with hearing problems cannot hear the fine changes in an engine after an adjustment, winco steve I have one of these engines and although on the heavy side for its size it will pull well I use a 13x8 on mine and it is fine,just make sure - as with all engines you get the high end right first, then spend as much time as necessary to get the low end correct, iy took me a whole afternoon, as the low end needle on this engine is very sensitive, be patient and it will reward you with long service.



Edited By Tony Richardson on 17/04/2019 21:03:14

Thread: Which petrol engine
08/04/2019 06:13:24

I have had both DLE and RCGF good power for their size and reliable, no matter which engine you purchase chances are very high an after market muffler will be required to bring the decibels down, never owned an evolution but others in our club have and said they tend to be a little under powered for their size, I have an NGH 39 four stroke on a scale Curtis P6E not a speed king but lots of grunt with a 20x8 prop.


Thread: RCV Engines
22/03/2019 04:08:07

Old thread I know but I need some advice, I have an RCV 58cd which is one of the quietest and most reliable little glow motors I have, turning a 12x6 2 blade prop it pulls my Sig Rascal around the sky superbly. Now here is my dilemma, I had the opportunity to purchase an RCV 60sp brand new in the box for next to nothing, now this engine has never been run so needs breaking in, I am unsure as to the cooling needs of these engines and have heard they can be picky and overheat quickly now if this engine was mounted out in the open - like most trainers - with just cowl cheeks would the cooling be sufficient or is special cowling and ducting required if so I will save it and put it in a scale model where this would be a necessity for sure.

Thoughts guys.

Thanks Tony....

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
22/03/2019 03:28:04

Yes we have one, but at the same time it is expected every club member be part of the process and we should look out for each other, not leave it just for the SO.

So as a previous post stated we have both with the SO reporting at our meetings if anything is not as it should be, our flying sites over here as elsewhere in the world are highly valued and to lose one is something none of us wish to see happen.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 22/03/2019 03:39:36

Thread: 1/3 scale Bristol Scout
17/03/2019 19:20:13

Dave I believe the video is of the original built by Brian Perkins not Ian's, Ian is using Brian's plan.

I hope nothing has happened to Ian as its quite a while since his last post?

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
06/03/2019 22:17:35

Only just heard of Dave's passing, belated condolences to his family, I shall miss his comments on this forum. Living the other side of the globe I never met Dave in person but feel like I have lost a friend.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/02/2019 18:58:24

That's an interesting looking little model Peter, is it a free plan? i've lost touch after I moved and no longer get the magazine.

Thread: Another scam? Sinister this time
05/02/2019 21:59:10

Oooooh John you are a man after my own heart, my wife gets a little agitated sometimes when I get going with these twerps but I just cant help myself keep it up mate..

Thread: Airsail Auster AOP9 1/4 Scale
23/12/2018 20:30:46


I to have one of the smaller Airsail AOP9 kits and now retired plan to build it, engine choice is difficult, I would love to fit the RCV 60SP I am not sure there is room, I have as alternates a RCV 58CD or an OS52 4 stroke all good engines and all capable of flying this model in a scale manner, thoughts suggestions anyone.


Edited By Tony Richardson on 23/12/2018 20:31:39

Thread: Model shops
30/09/2018 23:11:44

Ok a big thank you to all of you for the help and advice, I did get the opportunity to visit the Balsa Cabin in Maldon, picked up some items that are unavailable to me at home, checked their balsa it appears to be excellent - that which I saw - so will give some serious thought to getting my lumber from them in the future

Paid a visit to the old ww1 Aerodrome at Stow Marie’s today, very interesting, there is even a fallen airman with the same last name as myself, that will require some investigation to determine if he was a relative?

Also dropped by the model airfield that is close by, there were a couple of guys flying but nothing scale, we were running short of time and I had to leave without introducing myself, would really have enjoyed swapping a few stories with fellow modellers, maybe next time.

Off to Colchester tomorrow to have a browse around there then over to Oxford before heading home on the 10th, again thanks all and I hope you have a good winter flying season.

21/09/2018 14:24:04


Ok lads, no squabbling 😋😋 yes Pete you are right I will be in the Maldon area next week - I was born and raised in the Dengie hundred - visiting friends and relatives I’ve not seen in a long time.

The Balsa cabin has been mentioned before and is definitely on my agenda as I will be staying in Goldhangar for a while. I really just wanted to have a look at what is available here as opposed to home.

Also I’m on the lookout for a small kit or plan that could be flown in a small gym but is a little more aerobatic and challenging than the Vapor 😋😋 although taking off and landing on on a six foot table is more challenging than it appears, Pete any plans or suggestions?

Now I’m going to sign off and prepare myself for the motorways as I find it quite challenging after 43 years of driving on the “wrong” side of the road.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions especially the info on the VAT rebate possibility I will certainly check that out as £1 costs me approximately $1.70

I will keep you all posted on what/if I buy anything.



Edited By Tony Richardson on 21/09/2018 14:27:07

20/09/2018 18:56:36

Thank you David, it seems LMS’s are closing here the same as at home even though building is on an up swing.

20/09/2018 18:37:46

Ok I know this is probably not the first time this has been asked but for me time is short. I am visiting from Canada and visiting old friends who live in Halton nr Lancaster, can anyone point me in the right direction for any hobby shops - RC airplane - that would be within an hours travel that would be worth a visit.

I was in Oxford last week and it was a bit of a bust, next week I will me in Essex in the Maldon Colchester area so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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