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Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
09/12/2016 10:59:45

Just stumbled onto this thread, Tim you must have been a truffle hound in your last life, how else can you explain finding these aviation gems, first the Siebel then the Hild Marshonet and now this, lovely keep them coming.

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
05/12/2016 22:09:02
Richard I agree glow is great for model engines, powerful for their size and relatively light, that said living where I do glow fuel is expensive and has to be brought to the island, sometimes onspecial order adding to the cost, with the petrol eengines now available and the low fuel consumption of the four stroke gas engines it really is the way to go for most of us in our club here,. electric for the smaller models gas for the larger ones not everybody's choice but one that works for certain people.
04/12/2016 03:10:40

John I don't know what the postage would be to Canada or what tax I might have to pay, ( it's usually very little on model stuff ) but your 70 at 180 uk pounds equates to $305 Canadian and the OS 56 is $420 Canadian plus 11% tax and whatever the shipping would be I'm guessing $15-$20. Honestly your 70 is a far better deal.

At the moment I am trying to move away from glow into petrol as the fuel for glow engines is not only expensive but hard to find here on the Island.

Thread: over powering a model?
02/12/2016 20:19:29

How heavy is the model Phil? You don't state your reason for wanting to fit a larger engine.

I have an older version of the Sig Rascal 40 and it is more than adequately powered with an OS 52 four stroke swinging a 12x6 prop and it weighs a little under 6lbs, you can even prop hang if you have the skill (I don't by the way) also has the power to handle floats if you wish to fly from a water runway.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 02/12/2016 20:19:53

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
01/12/2016 08:56:45

If it ain't broke don't fix it , hmmm or is that the other way round question

01/12/2016 08:55:00

Ok the kindling is here this is where the BBQ goes.

Thread: Fly tipping
19/11/2016 09:51:23

What part of North Essex do you live in Cuban? I lived in Halstead for a few years before moving to Canada, born and raised in the Dengie Hundred.

19/11/2016 09:45:24

Actually Glyn its FLY tipping not FLYING tip, to tip a fly you have to get a tooth pick under its back legs and lift smartish like tipping him on his back. winkthumbs up

18/11/2016 07:44:20

Cuban, if you have an inconspicuous place to conceal it, something like a "game camera" preferably low light capable, you know the ones that are triggered by movement within a certain radius, that way you may be able to get a picture of person/persons who are doing the fly tipping or maybe even a plate number.

Our club invested in a web cam - I realize this is not possible for everyone - but it has stopped such activity but was not inexpensive, whatever you do it will not unfortunately stop them all.

18/11/2016 01:27:11

Nice to know it is not only my little corner of the world where this happens, happens here all the time, even seeing chairs, couches and appliances dumped on the sidewalk almost in downtown yet.

Most of it is because the local dump won't/can't take it and due to re-cycling laws furniture has to be broken down into it's various components before a re-cycling depot will accept it.

Thread: Goldberg Cub - Electric Conversion - Power advice
12/11/2016 07:39:09

Don't have one myself John but one club member has a cub that size and it fly's very well on a E-flite power 32, 4s lipo and a 14x7 prop if you have access check out E-calc it will give you really close numbers. There is a free demo version you can use to try, if you plan on investing in electric models totally it may be worth the purchase.

Thread: Opinion Polls
09/11/2016 18:48:54

Your right on the money John.

09/11/2016 17:48:32

Geoff that was a really bad call by the FBI and against all protocol, written or otherwise, makes me think of the witch hunt for the red menace in the sixty's.

09/11/2016 17:00:05

Kc you are absolutely right, they do seem to look for a certain type/person to question, had several polsters call the house phone but i've never met their criteria - wrong sex wrong age wrong ethnic group wrong education wrong country of birth - and the list goes on, so yes I do believe they look for the answers they want by selective polling.

May be different in the UK but it sure looks that way here in Canada, how they got it so wrong with Trump in every way is a mystery and a big concern to us here, going to be really interesting times, will the US actually have a fully functioning Government? considering he has split his own party to say nothing of the split along racial and religious lines of the country itself.

Be careful what you wish for you may actually get it.

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
08/11/2016 18:36:21

Well finally the gas engine stock is back on line, but holy crow a pretty heavy increase in price, 20% for the one I WAS going to order plus shipping, for that money I can order it here shipping included.

Think they may lose a lot of business in some areas got to check the price of li-po's yet as they are always seem so expensive here.

07/11/2016 22:04:53

Anybody tried using the search engine today? I just get returned to home page after entering about 3 characters.

Thread: Orbit Microlader
07/11/2016 18:54:38

Thanks to both of you I will check them out, have to translate the German one, I only read English, sometimes make a hash of that. laugh

07/11/2016 01:38:08

Hi, just inherited two of THESE but no owners manual and despite spending a lot of time surfing the net I have not found one online, can anybody out there help.

Thanks Tony.............................

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
06/11/2016 20:30:23

You must have gone through Active Pass John, that is THE spot when travelling on BC Ferries for spotting Orcas, ther is a heavy salmon run through there at certain times of the year and you can see the Orcas hunting in pods, very effective at it to.

06/11/2016 20:18:43

Second one.

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