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Thread: Oodalally
11/03/2013 19:36:29

Just to say thanks for a really great design Peter.

I'm actually going to build this one .. my first plane in nearly 2 years !!!.

I caught the helicopter bug and have been learning to fly, and fix the bent ones, for a what seems like ages now. Can't wait for the smell of superglue, the balsa dust and the cut fingers ... again. It's going electric though .. can't do with all those smelly, noisey things any more.

Will be using a Emax 2820/07 motor, swings a 11-12 inch prop on 3 or 4 cell LiPo. More or less a direct replacement for a .32 i.c. engine so should work fine. Have used the same setup in my OD Tucano of 56 inch span and flew well on 3s, but will probably go to 4s for the extra grunt.

Will post some pics when I finish it.

Thread: Design It Yourself! - What you are designing around the Peter Miller series of articles
19/10/2009 19:40:33
Hi Peter
I know what you mean with a well setup I.C, my shuttle heli has never missed a beat in 5 years. Then again, the "it goes or doesn't go" applies to electric as well, once setup, and with no mess .

Did some tests tonight and it appears the battery I used is a little tired so a new battery needed ..
Also put the new outrunner in the model and reprogrammed the ESC. No more throttle trouble now, must have been some idiot who did it wrong the first time .. (me )

19/10/2009 12:33:13
Hi peter(s)
The flight over grass certainly proved the plane, so im happy there.
Im still not convinced that the poor power with floats on is down to needing a bigger motor. Although I do have a nice outrunner I can fit if all else fails.
Im using a brand of ESC i've never tried before,( from the cheap end of the market ), and I think the problem could be there. Static tests on the bench last night showed that the motor was at max revs at a little over half throttle.
I'll have to check the prop RPM with this ESC and compare it to the same setup with another ESC. I seem to remember that this motor reved a lot harder on my old Castle Creations ESC, ( now defunct, my son with his buggy, don't ask ). I'll try a couple of different batterys as well just to make sure there ok.
Ahh well .. it's all  part of the fun.
18/10/2009 20:41:30
Hi Peter      
Finally got that Husky finished.

Tried it out today at my local boat clubs lake. Taxi trials went very well, lots of control on the water with the twin water rudders, tracked nice and straight and got up onto the step with little fuss, lots of power. Unfortunately the flight wasn't so good.. took off with no problems but just didn't seem to want to climb away .. as though once past 3/4 throttle I was getting no more power. Things just seemed to get worse power wise so had to bring her around and land very quickly. As can be seen from the next pic it was quite a heavy landing .. floats tried to do the splits.

I checked the connections and the ESC seems to work fine when I run her up static. The motor pulls 37amps static with a 60a OPTO ESC, ESC doesn't even get hot.
I removed the floats and had a 10 min flight after .. over grass of course . Flew really well too.

07/06/2009 21:25:45
Np on the ply comment Peter . it's the first time i've tried building the sides like that .. bit of an experiment .. but im happy with the results so far ..
I must admit that I build more than I fly .. Once I've flown the model 3 or 4 times its time for another build.
I do boats as well, (hides face in shame ), Thats part of the reason the Husky is on floats .. 
As Phil says boats are fun .. but as I prefer electrics have a look at  
I do believe there faster than IC as well .. they just dont race as long.  I've clocked the mono 1 fast electrics at over 40 miles an hr with the club speed gun .. mono 2,3 and the hydros are faster !!!
04/06/2009 22:27:45
I know .. i know .. liteply would have been better. I just happened to have the 1/16th ply already and im tight with my money !!! . Saying that the model as shown with wire U/C and fiberglass skins on the bottom of the floats only weighs in at  1lb 3 oz ..
Peter, your right about the full size planes .. I was at RAF Cosford museum last week, had a fantastic day. It really gives you a buzz for making models when you get up close to the aircraft you've only seen in books. Standing under a Vulcan bomber looking up into the open bomb bay is something i'll not forget !! .. or walking around the TSR2 .. magic
I came away with loads of photo's and another 2 or 3 models on the "must do" list .
03/06/2009 20:09:48
Thanks for the replies Peter (s) .. 
The sides are actually from 1/16th ply ... heavier I know but with all those wholes it's not too bad .. and strong. Theres also a pair of 1/4 sq balsa longerons top and bottom of each side running full length. .. You can see from the attached working plan ..

The floats are from a free plan on i found at .. the wing section is also from another plan .. but the rest is mine. I've made some changes from the plan shown .. just not had time to redo it ..
I'll try the plastic sheet for the screen ... 
02/06/2009 23:15:46
Hi all .. 
Great reading Peter.
Thought i'd post a pic of my latest OD model a Christen Husky, should be around 58 inch span and 8 inch chord if I ever get it finished. For electric power. Drew up my plan in TurboCad from a 3 view I found online. Will be stand off scale ..

Still deciding how to do the canopy for this one ...

Edited By Glenn Howcroft on 02/06/2009 23:18:27

Thread: Aerovan build
30/04/2009 19:41:48
Hi all ..
You should give it a go Phil.
I built one when the plan originally came out, but modified the power train. I used a pair of jamara 480s with irvine 400 gearboxes and 9x6 APC-E props. battery was a 10 cell pack of Cp-1700s . Power was excellent ..a real fun plane for little cost.
I was looking over the original plan a few weeks ago and was thinking of doing a brushless version myself, let us know how you get on ...
Thread: 400 Size Seaplane
17/12/2007 00:19:00

Hi all ...

Not been following this thread for a while .. sorry .. work.

Bustergrunt the Walrus pictured was my own design, but I must give a very large tip my hat to Tony N. I followed his concept of sheet wings and simple box fuse, and his advice on the incidence of the wings. Without his RCM&E plans I would never had a go myself.

The plane flew ... once. She was a handfull to say the least. Hand launch was perfect, climb out was excellent, if anything too much power available so throttle back to 1/3 and a few clicks had her flying straight and level. Pitch a little sensative, maybe a slightly rear CG. Then we come to the turns, thats when the problems arrived. Aeleron into the turn, seemed very sluggish, added a bit of rudder, much better, then she digs in so opposite aeleron and rudder to hold in the turn. Recover to level flight again sluggish even with rudder assist.

Flew twice around the field and decided to land. Good approach, soft touch down, slides along nicely on belly ... then snags a tuft and forward rolls. Badly split the top wing in two places, snapped 2 of the carbon wing struts, pulled 3 of the carbon rods out of the engine pod which was badly damaged, oh yeh ... and cracked the fuse at the wing mount. 

Although I could have repaired her I decided to use the motor and other kit in the Mini Limbo Dancer I posted pics of.

Shame really, she looked really nice in the air.

Glenn .. 

Thread: 400 Size Seaplane
07/12/2007 20:29:00

Hi all ...

Nick ...

thanks for the nice comment about the Mini Limbo Dancer, its loads of fun. But ... what's a  Polikarpov BG when it's at home ??? ... The only other pics I uploaded, a while ago now, were of a prototype Supermarine Walrus, 400 size again. Sadly it resides in the great bin liner in the sky now ... Ooooops.

Already on to my next project, a ME109-E ... started skinning the fuse last night. Still loads to do though.  This ones a bit bigger, about 48 inch span. Using a Megga 22/20/3E for the grunt. With 8 x 4300 NiMH for the batts.

Terry ... 

THe MC72 looks cool. Your right, it would REALLY cause a stir at the boat club .. LOL. I'd love to see the plans .

All the best .. 

06/12/2007 21:14:00

Hi ...

The Aquastar looks great ... let me know how she flies as I'm interested in buying one. Some of the lads at my boat club are building seaplanes for more watery fun. Boats get boring ...LOL

Just uploaded a couple of pics of my 400 Funfly to the Gallery.

Flies well on a brushless 400, 2000kv on 8 x 1400 NiMH cells and a 7 x 5 APC-E prop. Will ROG, do any manouver I can throw at it except prop hang. Needs a outrunner and 3 cell Lipo for that I think ...  will probably fit one in the new year.

 Have fun ...

Thread: Watt Watch........trends in model flying
08/06/2007 22:18:00
Don't know if any of you will be interested as its not flying ... but have a look at the vid at this URL ...

The guys racing pop cells regular ... sometimes a cell a race .. thats 4300 Mah NiMH or better ... anywhere between 7 to 20 cells depending on the class. I've seen 100 amp ESC burnt out in a single race and thats with a water cooling jacket to take the heat away. The REALLY hammer the electrics.

My oldest blew a Hacker navy 70 amp esc in half a race .. and there only 6 minutes long.
08/06/2007 22:08:00
I built a small KK free flight glider as my first flying model ... don't know what it was called. Bought it for my youngest. Needless to say he never got a look in !!

Phil .. the second childhood starts when you decide to add ANOTHER hobby ... thats the time the women REALLY begin to moan at you.

I build and fly planes and heli's, race fast electric MONO and HYDRO speedboats, occasionally race electric buggies ... and try to play guitar ... wife says the only difference between me and the kids is the length of the trousers and the price of the toys !!!
05/06/2007 21:09:00
Lol ...

Anything to help would have been nice.

Can't imagine what a brushless powered 600 size spit would go like on control lines ... bet it would be fun !!

I did fly a PAW powered c/l my mate had made .. was very cool. The PAW was a lovely engine. Brand new as well .... are they still in production ??
04/06/2007 23:03:00
I know the feeling ...

The first control liner I ever flew was my mates own design. He neglected to tell me it was a speed model .. and he put a smaller prop on it to get the revs up .... staggered all over the place and fell over after 3 minutes of flying, but had managed to land it.

Do they do electric control liners these days ...
04/06/2007 10:39:00

Yep control liners are fun ... but hard to land .... when your so dizzy you can hardly sand ... lol.

I tried them at Barton(manchester) with a friend who used to do it as a kid !!. The club members are really great. Very helpfull to newcomers. Picked up a nice .10 size os engine second hand for a tenner off a club member. Me and my mate had a few good months with 2 or 3 of our own designs before he became too ill with the cancer. It finally got him last year ... I've not been to the Barton club since .. but must make the trip again sometime soon.

Carrier deck is something to behold as well ...
03/06/2007 23:32:00
I agree with David A.

Last time I was at a club site there was about a 60/40 split (i.c / elec). A few years ago there would have been only one or 2 elecs there.

Easy to see why though. there quiet, always start and you dont need to clean loads of gunk off em after.

RTF electric models have made it REAL easy for people to get into flying. I know I used to sell loads more elec beginners models than i.c. when I worked in a local model shop, (now sadly closed). Most customers liked the idea of charge and fly kits. Like the electosport to name but one.

Me .. well I fly electric only at the moment, but thats due to moise problems not a dislike of i.c.

If you,ve never tried it have a go at control line ... its fun !! ... and noisy ... lol
29/05/2007 20:13:00
This thread is fun ...

Why can't we all accept that we are all different. Some of use will never like electric ... or I.C. for that matter.

I dont think that theres all that much difference in cost these days either. I have just been looking at a direct 1.10 4 stroke replacement brushless motor for Less than 60. Brand new, off a respectable UK dealer. Lipo batterys are also coming down as well.

Yes theres the cost of spare batterys and the charger, but then again if you add up the cost of the starter, power panel, a years worth of fuel etc it's not so different.

As for sound, ... well when have you ever heared a 2 stroke or even a 4 stroke sound exactly like the real thing ?. Never i should think. Yet its easily possible with a 60 ish size electric and a sound module.

In the end it all comes down to what we as an individual are happy with.

Will electric models become more popular ... yes. Especially with flying site noise problems.

Are they better ? who knows ...

Lets just have fun flying whatever the power source.

Thread: 400 Size Seaplane
30/04/2007 14:40:00
Hi Nick ..

The Aquastar looks very nice, as do the rest of the models. I really like the look of the Gladiator. BTW hows the repairs going on the Catalina ..

I'm still working on the Fun Fly 400, typeing this as the glue sets on the front former actually.

Don't think I'll get round to the 600 size model for a few weeks as I've got a Mini GTM Rigger Hydroplane,(boat), to build for my 12 year old. Bought it unbuilt really cheap from a mate. Should go well on a 4000 rpm/v brushless ... LOL. Hope to get about 30 - 40 mph out of it.... but enough about boats ..

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