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Thread: Laser cutting
02/06/2020 06:57:26

I would be very interested in attending such a course Barrie, if you can get one going. I will keep an eye on the BMFA mag for an advert later in the year.


Thread: Hello from Oxfordshire-first build project advice please
28/04/2020 12:10:31

Fantastic work Dee! Thank you for sharing it with us and good luck with the flying.

Remember to do the first unpowered launch over long grass if possible so that you get an idea of what is going to happen. it will give you the chance to trim out any nasty tendencies such as turning to one side or stalling.

Let us know how you get on please

Blue skies!


Thread: Mini E Panic
23/04/2020 15:08:07


Your post is tacked onto the end of a build blog by Craig Spence in 2010. Lots of pictures including ones of the wing rib spacer. Go back to the start of the thead for lots of useful information.


23/04/2020 15:02:18

I have measured the rib spacing on my old Mini Panic and generally they are at 80mm centres. You could make up a spacer to suit.

Not sure about the centre section of the wings as that is sheeted and I cannot see the ribs. Also between ribs 4 and 5 in the lower wing (taking the tip rib as No1) there is a supplementary rib spaced at 25mm from rib 5 to provide support for the aileron servo.

Hope this helps.


Thread: Pins and things
20/04/2020 12:22:24

Ron , the yellow headed pins are (or were) made by Graupner. Model Maniacs have them in stock.

Thread: Anyone still using a balsa stripper?
17/04/2020 09:35:43

I used to use a Kavan balsa stripper but was converted to the Avicraft version a few years back. A different concept but easy to set up and use with no jamming as the blade is set with a 2 degree run-out. Takes standard scalpel blades.

Available on Ebay under 'acrylic balsa stripper' or through J Perkins.


Thread: Vic smeed Paageboy
03/04/2020 15:45:33

Yes please!

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
18/03/2020 10:05:15

No Don, it is not just you, the Gods have got it in for all of us.

Last year was windy so we could not fly.

Then they sent the CAA to upset us.

Then it rained for ever and a day.

Now they have sent us the plague.

Whatever next?

Edited By Broken Prop on 18/03/2020 10:05:39

09/03/2020 14:00:16

Ooh err. Still, if it is page 3 of the Sun......

Edited By Broken Prop on 09/03/2020 14:01:31

09/03/2020 13:41:49

Thanks Martin, I had forgotten the joys of newspaper loo sheets. Sitting there reading all the news and then putting the paper to good use afterwards. Brilliant!

I'm off to cut up an few sheets and thread them on a piece of string. Mind you the nostalgia won't be complete unless I can simulate the outside toilet that we had in days of yore.

Where's that club hammer?

smile p

Thread: Probable scam?
24/02/2020 13:43:29

When I get a nuisance call these days I just tell them that the voices had told me they going to call. The conversation rarely gets any further. disgust

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
01/02/2020 19:54:06

Lovely! A beautiful build that deserves to fly well.

Good luck Robert!

Thread: Unisens E Telemetry Sensor
15/01/2020 16:54:32

Thanks to you all for the brilliant responses. With your help I have successfully reprogrammed the unit with current updates and revised settings. I don't think I would have got there on my own as my German is not good and the online translators produce 'Engrisch' rather than English!

I used the Multiplex 85149 cable which unfortunately was not in the bag labelled '85149'. Another cable was in there and I had been attempting to use that! A lesson learned there: Always put the correct cable back in its storage place.

I needed to set a height of 300 feet on the telemetry as our club flies in restricted airspace and our local ATC has recently reduced our height threshold to that level. I do not wish to transgress!

Once again thanks to all for your help. All I need now is some good weather to try it out. I think I may have a long wait.


15/01/2020 14:32:53

I have one of these that has been sitting in a drawer for the last 5 years. I now have a use for it, but cannot find the data transfer cable for connection to my PC.

I obviously put it somewhere safe!

Does anyone know what type of plug the socket marked 'COMM' takes? The instructions say that a Multiplex lead 85149 fits, but mine doesn't. I have tried various phone type connectors but none of those fit either.

Any info would be gratefully received as I might then be able to make up a new lead.

many thanks


Thread: Dust extractor
26/12/2019 21:36:07

Or something like these?

Trend Airshield

Thread: Avicraft Panic
22/12/2019 13:43:05

This is a response to Andy Stephenson's query of the 14th Dec. Sorry Andy, I missed that at the time.

Before I posted about the 'Perkins Panic' I asked Rob Newman about the compatability of parts. He confirmed that the planes were kitted using the Avicraft drawings, so repair sections can be cut at the shop.

The drawings used are the current set. Over the years the design has been developed (for instance the change to foam wings and latterly back to a built-up section). My use of the word 'original' was a bit misleading. Sorry about any confusion.

Just to clarify, all of the various modifications have been kept on file, so regardless of which model you have, repair sections can be cut and foam wings can be supplied as there are blanks still available. Just phone Robert to discuss your requirements.


Edited By Broken Prop on 22/12/2019 13:55:37

Thread: how to get the plan onto the wood!
19/12/2019 19:13:32

I favour the 'pricking through the paper' method but to speed things up I use a dressmakers wheel.

Thread: Bespoke water slide decals
12/12/2019 21:05:28

The article that Chris refers to above is very good, having been penned by the much missed Big Bandit. I have always followed his tips using laserjet paper from Crafty Computer Paper which, as Monz suggests, requires no overcoating.

The only thing that I would add is that the decals are always shiny, which might not look good on a warbird. I don't build those so I cannot comment, but in order to limit the amount of clear border visible beyond the decal I always cut the clear part back as close to the decal as possible.

One application that works very well is to print lines of rivets on a clear background sheet using a slightly darker colour than the underlying paint and then cut them up to suit.

They pass the '3 foot' rule quite well.


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
29/11/2019 12:50:12

Well, thats a good start! Just tried to take the CAA test; first question is 'What is your email address?' I filled that in and got a message stating that there is a problem with the service.

Nothing new there then.

Edited By Broken Prop on 29/11/2019 12:50:52

Thread: Junior 60 Rebuild
26/11/2019 16:57:42

Hi Phil

I did a similar mod to my J60 a couple of years back. Well worth doing as the flights are more controllable now; before it would float on and on when trying to land with the engine on tickover.

Also I can now turn off the motor and glide for long periods. Fifteen to twenty minute flights are possible using five minutes of motor burn in increments.

As your proposed setup will be lighter in weight than the IC version, you may have to move the battery well forward. Mine (2200Ah 3 cell) is mounted immediately under the motor with access from the front via a removable lower nose panel. In that position very secure fixings are recommended but hardly any extra weight is needed.

If you do not already have the leccy bits, 4Max do a recommended setup for the J60 which works well.

Good luck and welcome to the dark side!


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