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Thread: Is the forum over moderated?
09/11/2010 20:20:15
I'll declare my hand early - I had three posts deleted today for reasons I am struggling to understand.  I don't believe I violated the Code of Conduct.
All were tongue in cheek comments - and the last one was in response to poster who laughed at the joke (it was about him) and retorted back with me.  We ended up both being deleted!!
Compared to many Internet forums - this one is on the whole extremely courteous and respectful - and so it should be.
However, if it wants to be a place of debate, opinions, satire and humour the moderators need to step back a little.  Let's face it, if the forum was only for build blogs, the best control horn or where you should stand when taking off - it would be a little - er dull.
I'm even more miffed that the thread in question and others have far more inflamatory comments in them and they are allowed to stay.  Where's the consistency?  I'm going to get fed up pretty quickly if posts keep getting deleted - why should I make the effort?
Rant over.
Thread: Stall turn
09/11/2010 17:13:52
I think a well executed Stall Turn is one of the "prettiest" aerobatic manoeuvers around.  They look even better with a high aspect ratio glider wing.
Good technique tip from BEB.
Thread: The Cafe
09/11/2010 14:57:07
Posted by r6Dan on 09/11/2010 14:24:52:
Ha,Ha!  You wouldn`t believe the amount of CV`s I have sent out of late,upwards of 100! and still no luck,but thats not the worst thing I am gonna be out of glow fuel soon too! 
Dan, PM me.  My wife writes CVs for a living.  It maybe a good to have an independent eye look over it?
Just a thought.
Thread: I say ban 'em !
08/11/2010 14:02:57
Dusting off my rusty physics, Kinetic energy is 1/2 mass x (velocity squared.)
So let's assume a mass of 10kg for that jet, and a velocity of 120 m/s (approx 266 mph)
1/2 x 10 x (120 x 120) = 72,000 Joules
Potential Energy = mass x gravitational pull x height.
So at the top of those big 100 metre loops and reversals
10 x 9.8 x 100 = 9,800 Joules
So total Energy in that little turbine jet is:
72,000 + 9,800 = 81,800 Joules
Let's calibrate that.
BMW Mini at 30 mph          = 92,000 Joules
BMW Mini at 70 mph          = 511,000 Joules
TNH B-50 at 60 mph          = 13,000 Joules
GWS Formosa at 50 mph = 150 Joules
Yup, that little jet packs a punch!!
08/11/2010 12:07:47
What was this guy doing wrong, exactly?
He was flying a fast model jet - as many people do.  I saw a fire extinguisher at his launch site.  There didn't appear to be anyone else at his flying site other than his helper and camera man.
What was he overflying?  I think the power lines are a red herring - he was nowhere near them.
How do his fast passes differ from those at Cosford or any other large UK show? In fact, they are safer because there was no crowd.
This stuff isn't for me - but I can't see what he is doing wrong.  Even such venerated souls as Andy Ellison fly jets from his grass club strip.  Are we daring to ban him?  He also admits to flying "blisteringly fast passes with his moulded lead sleds" on public slopes - and derides the small foamie that "dares" get in the way.

Edited By Marc Humphries on 08/11/2010 12:36:07

Thread: Malta
22/10/2010 15:59:57
Or a more suitable view - from room 642 at The Palace in Sliema

22/10/2010 15:44:23
Just in case you thought Malta was full off old Brits.  Here's a view at the Blue Lagoon in July - language school season...

Thread: Electrifying free plan models
22/10/2010 15:19:52
KC Wrote:
"The planes you recommend are ARTF I think.   I believe that ARTF can only  be produced by paying people only 'slave' wages.  Anyone who has built a model knows the number of hours it takes.  Divide that into the cost and it is obvious the actual builder was paid very little after the dealers have had a cut.  Even with mass production it must surely be a mainly hand made item.  So it is completely against my principles to buy an ARTF!"
Is it against your principles to watch TV?  Listen to music on your MP3 Player?  Or use the PC you posted on?  Are all your clothes hand made in the UK?
Global sourcing is every where - we are all touched by it.

Edited By Marc Humphries on 22/10/2010 15:21:02

20/10/2010 14:41:30
Hi folks,
Maybe I've got it wrong.  But a 48 inch span Midget Mustang nudging the scales at nearly 5 lbs does seem heavy to me for any model.
Perhaps I've been spoilt so far by my light weight models.  Absolutely no critcism of the original PM designs - just my experience.
20/10/2010 11:17:55
Posted by kc on 19/10/2010 11:51:36:
Would anyone care to suggest suitable motors and LiPo for any of the free plan models designed by Peter Miller recently such as

48 inch Lil Mustang          468sq in   4lb 0oz
51 inch Miss Lizzy            490sq in   4lb 1 oz
53inch CAP21                   477sq in   4lb 3oz
52 inch Werewolf              520 sq in  4lb 5 oz
48 inch Midget Mustang    475 sq in  4lb 12oz
56inch Bootlace                 510sq in   5lb 0oz

All RCME designs over the last few years except Lil Mustang which is from RCMW.  All the weights are Peter Millers own prototype models and he says they are as light as possible, but of course they are built for glow engines at this weight.  So maybe just a little scope for lightening..

I would be interested to know what motors could be used from those currently available from GiantCod, Overlander etc
These are all good designs.  But most of them are built like the proverbial brick **** house.
My guess is that you could trim lots of weight off these.  There are some good threads around that deal with electrifying the Flair kits.  Someone mnaged to save over 10 ounces on the Atilla - which for a 46 span model is significant.  Swapping lite play ribs for balsa, minimising ply doublers, building up tail surfaces etc.
Thread: Park Flyer Recommendation
20/10/2010 10:26:34
GWS Formosa
Thread: You think your landings are bad?
19/10/2010 15:05:36
Can you imagine the embarrassment factor when you turn up at the After Action Review? 
19/10/2010 14:47:47
Thread: Lady GA GA Micky take!
19/10/2010 09:23:04
Great video Alan B - she certainly is an entertainer - you'd get your money's worth at one of her gigs.
FTB - where have you seen Lady Ga Ga before?  Bon Marche? Peacocks? or may be Asda?
18/10/2010 16:20:05
Priceless!  very funny.
Snag is - half the old boys on this site don't know who Lady Ga Ga is.  and would more than likely have a mild myocardial infarction if you posted a video of her on here.
Myron, BEB, care to comment?

Edited By Marc Humphries on 18/10/2010 16:20:36

Edited By Marc Humphries on 18/10/2010 16:21:22

Thread: The Cafe
15/10/2010 16:06:24
Jimmy Page in his hey day - keep with it...
14/10/2010 10:22:56
What's the definition of a drummer?
A bloke sitting behind three musicians...
Best drummers I've ever seen - guy from The Pretenders, Martin Chambers and Dave Grohl when with Nirvana.
12/10/2010 21:55:02
Posted by Phil Wood on 12/10/2010 21:43:29:
Don't ask me why........I just like it.

Are yes - my guilty secret too... 

12/10/2010 16:00:26
I'm only known as Gabriela at weekends...
12/10/2010 15:49:19
Okay - so opinion is divided about Wilko Johnson.  99.9% of the greatest living rock guitarists rate him as an innovative player - but Myron doesn't....
Well, I'm off to play Tamacun by Rodrigo y Gabriella - are they any good?
Oh and yes - I can play it.

Edited By Marc Humphries on 12/10/2010 15:51:09

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