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Thread: Best cleaning method?
23/05/2019 15:52:43

Methylated spirit & an old toothbrush for a quick cosmetic clean

Thread: old nieuport 17 model
22/05/2019 13:01:06

On the Radio Modeller Plan version, RM149, designed by my old Clubmate Eric Robinson, the CG is about 75% of the shortest point on the upper wing centre chord.

The semi-circular central cut-out on the trailing edge of the wing means it would be about 60% of the chord if there was no cut-out & also corresponds to the leading edge of the lower plane.

Thread: OS No8 plugs
21/05/2019 10:52:06

I've just had a root through my old IC field box & found 4 OS No8 plugs & 2 OS 'F' plugs all new in packets, albeit slightly grubby packaging as I've not flown glow for a few years now. £4 each + 50p p&p for any quantity. PM me if interested.

Thread: Needle Nose Circlip Pliers
21/05/2019 09:34:33

I bought a pair of 4" pliers with green insulated handles a couple of years ago which are perfect for these jobs. They have the needle nose you described and are of Chinese origin, manufactured by Weilin & cost £5.41.

Unfortunately the Ebay seller I used is no longer trading but hopefully you can find something similar, the listing description was: 4" Length Micro Spring Loaded Outer Bent Circlip Plier Hand Tool Green

Thread: DX6 Voice Alert?
18/05/2019 10:21:36

Roger, it's the total time the transmitter has been switched on with that model memory selected.

It just gives you an idea of how much flying time you have with that particular model, but of course it does include the set-up time and pre & post flight times. I've not found any practical use for it, but I suppose it's a 'nice to have'.

17/05/2019 09:31:56

Go to:

Function List

Custom Voice Setup

Click (Add New Sound Event)

Click 'Switch Change Report'

Click Switch:Inhibit

Toggle Switch A which will then appear instead of 'Inhibit'

2 new options will then appear Pos 0. (Silence) & Pos 1. (Silence)

Scroll down to (Silence), Click & the various voice reports will appear, select the one you want & then move onto Pos 2.

I use 'Throttle Cut' & 'On' in this context

Thread: Bec for twin EDF?
16/05/2019 12:09:30

Here you go

Thread: Paid-for flying lessons
08/05/2019 21:29:52

Tony if you are able to devote a week or two consider a holiday at the RCHotel, Corfu. They have a full time english speaking instructor. Tuition flights are undertaken on ST Discovery models using a buddy box. Lessons are in batches of 3-4 flights at a time & you can do one or two of these batches each morning &/or evening.

Thread: Wots with chris foss?
07/05/2019 10:28:00

unadjustednonraw_thumb_f39.jpgSpiros at the RCHotel has nabbed them all! Taken about 10 days ago:


Thread: ST Discovery - Motor issue
06/05/2019 20:40:33

Welcome to the forum Ambrose.

It is possible to use a different motor but unfortunately I think you will need to do a bit of fettling. I replaced mine with an Axi 2820/10 & 60 amp speed controller to make a 'Super Disco' but I expect that is OTT for what you want.

I don't know of a direct bolt in replacement, the motor fitted appears to be bespoke.

This or this motor look reasonable replacements as should other similar motors with a kv rating of about 900 that will take a 3S battery, there is plenty of space to take a physically larger motor and you can adjust the ballast weights that are in the bottom of the cowl to keep the correct centre of gravity. However the retaining bolt spacings will almost certainly be different so you will have to drill new holes to fit, in my case I needed to fabricate a new doubler from a sheet steel plate to get things to match up.

You may also have to reverse the shaft on the motor so that the correct part spins. If that is the case you can do a search 'reverse shaft on brushless motor' where you can find a number of YouTube tutorials.

Finally you say you have repaired the fuselage with epoxy. Be careful there. Whilst you may get a superficially sound joint you commonly find that it will fail as the structure flexes. I would recommend UHU Por or cyno ('Superglue' & kicker. You do not need the 'foam safe' cyno on the Discovery's EPO structure, ordinary cyno works better. Some have also had success with Gorilla glue but I'm not a fan of it.

Edited By John Lee on 06/05/2019 20:42:11

Thread: looking for advice on water based Silver paint
02/05/2019 19:14:55

I've not tried the silver, but other colours in the RC Styro Colours range are excellent on EPO, as the red on my TwinStar testifies. They are acrylic (water) based and as the name suggests specifically formulated for this purpose.

Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
30/04/2019 09:06:35

.....and mine too, many thanks Chris.

Thread: for fast electic is supreme
18/04/2019 11:11:35

But I wish the launcher would stop fiddling with it with the battery connected!

Thread: Sticky throttle
14/04/2019 13:10:21

Pete I use one of these locking switches for throttle hold on my Jeti coupled with a voice warning. If a similar accessory available for your radio I'd highly recommend it, for belt, braces & a piece of string!

Thread: DX6 Transmitter
13/04/2019 11:16:56

Ken, more correctly the Curve number reflects the switch position.

The switch that has been allocated to change the Dual rate &/or Expo is also shown on the screen.

Before setting up D/R Expo by default the screen will show Switch:On as the bottom line. When you allocate a switch it will change, for example, to Switch: Switch B or Switch: Flight Mode etc.

Then below that a series of blocks will appear numbered 0,1,2 (for a 3 position switch) or 0,1 (for a 2 position switch). The block that is filled in will reflect the switch position that is printed on your transmitter alongside the switch. This, and the Curve number, will change as you toggle the switch.

Edited By John Lee on 13/04/2019 11:17:33

13/04/2019 10:00:30
Posted by Ken Tarran on 12/04/2019 18:14:11:

I'm looking for clarity on the DX6 screen to set Dual Rates and Expo and in particular the Curve option.


Ken, you will find that Curve in this instance is not an option or feature - it's a numbering system. You will find that you cannot scroll down to that line in the Dual Rate & Expo screen & change it.

The line on the graph to the left of the screen is the Curve, by default it is numbered 1.

If you set up a new Dual Rates &/or Expo the line on the graph will change & it will be given a new Curve number. When you toggle the switch allocated to D/R Expo you will see the Curve Number (0,1,2 depending on the switch set-up) & graph change.

Hope that helps.

Edited By John Lee on 13/04/2019 10:01:03

Edited By John Lee on 13/04/2019 10:02:58

Thread: Burn Crispy Aviators
10/04/2019 20:00:41

Thanks Martin & Petethumbs up

Thread: DSM2 buddy box
05/04/2019 15:16:53

You should not need a lead.

Page 21 of the DX6e manual "Wireless Trainer works just like the Wired Trainer, without the wire. Select Wireless Trainer to bind a DSM2® or DSMX® slave transmitter to the master transmitter...."

Whilst the DX6e Tx will not transmit on DSM2 it looks like the receiver that is inside it which receives the buddy box signals can operate on DSM2, like other Spektrum receivers.

Whilst I've not tries the specific setup you are proposing I've certainly bound DSM2 only Txs to my DX9.

Edited By John Lee on 05/04/2019 15:18:12

Thread: Square Rx 4.8v batts.
03/04/2019 12:15:53

Also check the specialist battery & glider retailers for the odd shaped packs, e.g. Overlander and T9 lots available.

Thread: Setting up for Flaps
01/04/2019 22:15:48

Glad you got the radio sorted Geoff.

The manufacturer of the Grace was RCM Pelikán in the Czech Republic. I think it may be worth starting a new thread in the Gliding section with the model name in the title, as this thread is indexed under 'Spektrum' many glider guiders will pass it by.

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