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Thread: Hobby king delivery charges
13/11/2019 11:22:16

I've found the Euro warehouse much cheaper/free postage for my last 2 Lipo orders. And just as quick - 2/3 days delivery arriving by Parcelforce

Edited By John Lee on 13/11/2019 11:23:13

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/11/2019 13:29:36

It used to be a bit of a pain to verify if a Member had separately paid their BMFA fees before the new portal was launched, but that is no longer the case.

In the past I missed out on a January flying session in Club No2 as my BMFA Membership Card had not been distributed by Club No1 where I paid my fees. Now you can pay your BMFA & instantly print off you Membership Card & all your Clubs can see that you have paid.

The only thing to watch is that you have at least 5 Members pay through the Club to ensure that you remain an Affiliated Club with its attended benefits.

01/11/2019 12:26:50
Posted by Nigel Heather on 31/10/2019 11:19:06:

My club takes BMFA membership at the same time as the club fees. I thought this was pretty much the norm, as when I was a member of two clubs both were imploring me to do BMFA membership through them (of course I could only satisfy one of them - I have always assumed that there was some benefit for the club).

So in past years, the AGM has been mid-November, I have paid my combined club and BMFA fees and my new BMFA card and certificate has turned up in December.

I appreciate that BMFA say you can wait until 31st Jan 2020 but that is not what my club does - well at least in previous years.



At our Club AGM last week we decided unanimously to split the Club & BMFA Fees. Members can now pay their Club Fees but will need to wait until after the BMFA AGM if they want to pay both together or pay the BMFA directly.

The rationale behind this is:

1) With the Azolve/GoMembership portal the Membership Secretary can easily check who has paid their BMFA Membership.

2) BMFA Members will have multiple choice for their Membership Status with or without the £9 CAA Fees depending on what & if they fly or if they pay direct to the CAA. So the fee matrix gets a bit complicated Senior/Junior/with or without BMFA/with or without CAA.

3) Due to GDPR we doubt that the BMFA will be able to pass on Members details for registration with the CAA without their express permission. It may not be possible for the Club to give that permission on their behalf, we will wait & see.

4) We no longer have to wait for the BMFA AGM before setting the Club Fees.

5) Some Members may find it easier to pay their BMFA Fees online & it splits having to pay 2 expenses just before Christmas.

The Committee, Instructors & Examiner have all agreed to pay the BMFA Fees through the Club to ensure we remain Affiliated & we will review again next year.

Thread: Sharing models - receiver / transmitter setup?
06/10/2019 13:44:16

You need transmitters that have more than one 'model memory', most transmitters other than the very basic have this facility. You then program each model to one of the transmitters, one model to each model memory. You can then input the same program into the second transmitter either manually or with many transmitter you can use an SD card or a PC to effect the duplication.

You will then need to re-bind each model to the appropriate transmitter model memory as you swap between them. The attached photo shows the arrangement at the RC Hotel, the transmitters are shown down the left hand side & the model memory across the top. You will see that each transmitter has up to 6 models allocated to it, and every model has two transmitters which can be used. 6 models is the practical limit at the RCHotel but many transmitters nowadays have a very large model memory capacity running into dozens if not hundreds of models.

rc hotel tx.jpg

Edited By John Lee on 06/10/2019 13:45:35

Thread: XT-90
04/10/2019 17:12:40

Same issue - they are for the battery side.

04/10/2019 16:40:57

Thanks, I've just found them on Servoshop Link and 4Max Link but in both cases the resistor is in the female, battery, side. (Female in this case = the gold connectors, not the plastic shielding).

04/10/2019 16:28:44

Could you post a link please Don? I've just tried multiple searches on Steve Webb's site & can't find them.

04/10/2019 14:33:20

No. The pack of XT-90's I bought from Hobbyking had the resistor in the female side, which is the battery side. It's the battery side for two reasons, 1) it's less likely to short out by a stray object and 2) that's what's pre-fitted to all so equipped batteries I have come across.

Unfortunately that means it's no good for fitting to the model/ESC side, which is what I wanted to do as it's far easier than than removing & replacing the connectors on all my batteries. If anyone knows a source of anti-spark XT-90 male plugs I'd be interested.

Thread: Sharkface question
30/09/2019 21:39:47

Well that's 50% heavier than mine! My latest (I've built 3 over the years going right back to the original single channel in the 60's) comes in at 300grams (10.5oz) with an Axi 2208/34 & 450mah 3s battery. It's double covered in mylar film then tissue & dope so I don't know how yours came out so heavy.

Edited By John Lee on 30/09/2019 21:40:38

Thread: BEC not in use
24/09/2019 08:39:21

Paul check out this guide from 4-Max, there are several other guides on the site for various combinations. Link

Thread: Making oracover Matt ?
21/09/2019 13:31:24

The grey 3M Scotch-Brite Hand Pads work well for flattening film coverings & there is no need for additional finishing. Widely available via Amazon, EBay etc.

Thread: Greetings for a noob
31/08/2019 16:15:47
Posted by Peter Miller on 31/08/2019 12:19:11:

Well one book that is pretty good is available from Amazon


Then many of the recent plans in RCM&E have build blogs on this forum. The instructions that come with the plans are usually pretty good too.

Solarfilm used to do a DVD on covering for tche cost of 4 first class stamps.

You could try them **LINK**

The Solarfilm DVD (which I highly recommend) is now available on YouTube: Link

Thread: Unimat lathe?
21/08/2019 15:21:12

To get an indication of worth of virtually anything if you go on Ebay & search for the item & then select the 'Sold Listings' option on the left hand menu you can see what they have fetched recently.

In the case of Unimat SL there have been several sold in the last month for between £250 & £550.

Thread: What is the minimum slope for a slope soarer?...
18/08/2019 09:51:25

Years ago I flew a SAS Blob off the local 10 meter high sea defence wall and whilst I could stay airborne I quickly came to the conclusion it was all too marginal and never bothered to try again. No doubt a modern DLG would be better but I would not like to try any PSS.

Thread: KST 125 and Savox on 6V
11/08/2019 16:49:48

I've run 4 KST135MG, which I think is the same as the 125 with just a different gear ratio, in the wing of my Mini Vector for several years on 5cell NiMh with absolutely no problems. Afraid I have no experience of the Savox.

Thread: Searching for a IC ducted fan plan from the 90s Chris Golds?
07/08/2019 15:48:37

Guy, welcome & could it be this one?

Thread: Model Recommendation
30/07/2019 12:00:39

My 3s 450's are used in a Sharkface, Tomboy & Hacker Me163, all great fun & recommended. Various kits & laser cut parts are available for he Sharkface & Tomboy.

Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
28/07/2019 19:29:39

If the servos held in the pro-spin controls they must by definition have been be powerful enough. If they were not the control surfaces would have blown back.

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
28/07/2019 19:23:32
Posted by Cuban8 on 28/07/2019 12:49:42:
Posted by John Lee on 28/07/2019 12:25:21:

Inwood I used the 'JR/Spektrum switch with DSC/Charge Lead Black& Silver Front', for decades when I flew IC, not cheap now but I've never had a failure, albeit I replaced them every 2/3 years as part of routine maintenance.

Did you ever dismantle an old one that you'd changed just to see what was justifying the high price?

I never did but the cost at the time was under a fiver & they were often on offer at the shows. I was surprised to see how expensive they have become when I looked them up for the link.

28/07/2019 12:25:21

Inwood I used the 'JR/Spektrum switch with DSC/Charge Lead Black& Silver Front', for decades when I flew IC, not cheap now but I've never had a failure, albeit I replaced them every 2/3 years as part of routine maintenance.

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