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Thread: Were to buy lipo battery
19/08/2018 13:28:07

Interesting the mention of 35C discharge - I’m just replacing a few Power-Tech 2250mAh 33C 3S 11.1V Li-Po Batteries which have puffed up, and I was thinking of getting a higher discharge rate to get more life out of them, I don’t feel I run them that hard but they haven’t lasted... most brands seem to stick to 30C so is anyone else finding the same problem? Do you think a better brand at 30C would give better (safer) results? I have no issue with the power, I’d just prefer flat batteries

Thread: Anyone flying one of these? Techone S-Bach 342
04/12/2017 10:24:35

Hi all, found a good deal on this model, anyone flying it?

Thread: Recommend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
04/03/2017 17:17:13

Just enjoyed catching up this thread, I've a flamewheel 450 and looking for a smaller racer - wondering whether to build from scratch or just buy off the shelf, don't think I'll be making my own frame but hat's off to FF

Thread: So I can hover - what next
26/02/2016 10:08:01

Very interesting post, I am guessing by the number of people who've read this and the relative few that have commented that there are lots of people in this situation, I think the nano's (and mCPX for me) have given a lot of us an entry to the heli world at an affordable price and now need somewhere to move onto, it's certainly true for me.

I'm tempted by a Trex 450, although I have seen a cheap Century 500 but I'm a bit worried it's too old (spares, flybar etc) - and no-one talks about them so also worry for the help side - but it's nice and big

Thread: Is it really worth it?
13/02/2015 16:55:22

not really as the motor wasn't man enough for the job even at full tilt - I was after suggestions of power setups or coments to give up on it... don't want to buy a new motor for no return, but if someone's got a good idea os the scale of setup I'll need it might be worth considering - and as I said I want to add weight too...!

13/02/2015 15:51:00

I do have a watt meter but I didn't use it angry

It's the same setup taken from a lighter glider I have, so I thought it would be OK (same prop etc) - the real problem was I ran it full speed nearly all the time...!!! As opposed to short bursts.... doh!

13/02/2015 15:31:36

that's encouraging...

13/02/2015 15:29:19

hmmm don't do petrol, but it was smoking a bit from the initial flight disgust

13/02/2015 15:08:20

I've just dug out a 30 year old phase 6 from the attic... stuck a motor in it to see what happened... one flight later and a burnt our ESC says I didn't have a big enough motoe set-up...

My question is:

is this worth converting to electric power?

It's heavy already... so any addition has to be very powerfull to make it worth the effort... and eventually I want it to hold a camer too so there's more wieght there...

So ideas for a set-up - or just leave it - it ain't worth it !

Wingspan 66inches
wing area 540 sq in.
wing loading 11oz/sqft
weight 42oz


Thread: PHASE 6 C of G please?
13/02/2015 09:57:49

To be honest I didn't take the throws, just the C of G, and now it's all ready the weather has changed for the worst!

Edited By Lunch-time flyer on 13/02/2015 09:58:27

13/02/2015 08:19:12
Posted by Vic. P. on 19/09/2009 09:42:03:
Hi John,
I still have the original Chris Foss instructions for my Phase 6
The C of G is 4 1/2" back from the leading edge at the fuse. (The wing chord is 9 5/8" at the centre line)
The stated throws are: Ailerons 5/16" - 7/16" up and down at T.E.
Elevator 3/16" - 5/16" up and down at T.E.
Rudder 1 1/2" left and right at widest point. (bottom)
Kind regards

Edited By Vic Parsons on 19/09/2009 09:51:14

Edited By Vic Parsons on 19/09/2009 09:55:04


Hi Vic, I know this is from a long time ago but I've just got my phase 6 out of my parents atic after 30 years...!!!

it's all set up now - just waiting to maiden it (again).

Just wantd to say Thanks for the instructions - I wouldn't have set the C of G so far back without them and would've ended up with loads of weight in the nose and this is not a light glider to start with!

Thanks very much.

Edited By Lunch-time flyer on 13/02/2015 08:19:52

Edited By Lunch-time flyer on 13/02/2015 08:20:27

Thread: Lost plane is it the end
22/01/2014 17:16:08

I must admit to another satisfying if cruel feeling of a truely fantastic crash, I had a wing which I kept loading with ever faster motor and battery set-up only to find one day coming out of a dive it just folded in half and everything floated to the ground! I was the only thing in the air and the sound of full on motor to utter silence as battery went one way and motor the other was all part of the experience!!

Glued it back together, added a carbon rod within the profile, spray job and off again! Lost the battery though, just couldn't find it anywhere, managed to get everything else

I do have models that would bring a tear to the eye if (when?) they were damaged in any way... it's just that a good crash after really throwing them around is OK too!

28/04/2013 21:28:13

I know EXACTLY how you feel, I've just started with heli's and bought 2 blade micro 'copters as they are cheap to learn on (ie cheap to fix) - trouble is I like to fly outside and they get small real quick.... Cut a long story short - lost the nano last Monday, it just got away from me in some wind and I couldn't tell which way it was flying... So I cut the motor and just walked to pick it up..didn't quite see it land... Can't find it anywhere - searched all week... Gutted. Much worse than crashing. Worse thing is I know if I found it its just a new battery and off we go...


Cant decide whether to give up and go back to big fixed wings, save up for a bigger heli, replace the nano... Or just go to the top of the hill and shout!

the shouting is winning so far...

Thread: Buy a Spectrum radio for BNF or find another heli..
13/03/2013 16:50:46

Ok it sounds like the Spectrum Radio and sticking with a blade is the way to go, and the trannie only is not a hideous cost - as I want to get a 450 size eventually would you stay on the DX6 or go a bit further for the DX7? I can't stretch to an 8 but a 7 would be dooable if it's worth it. The only reason I could think of was the telemetry of battery life... very useful I'd have thought... I don't want to have to buy another radio next year!

By the way Phil that blade 450 is rediculously cheap! I'm guessing it's still better to stay small just for repair costs, but thanks for the lead!

13/03/2013 15:32:23


13/03/2013 12:53:36

I'm about to start learing the art of Heli's and have been looking at the Blade Nano and mCPX BL. But this means buying a new transmitter as I only have Futaba - is it worth the new outlay or are there other heli's as good as the Blades... ?

I know I could use a pluging for the futaba but I've not found good reports of them and I'd rather put the cost towards the price of a radio...

Happy with the choice of a fairly difficult first model (don't want fixed pitch) and looking for smaller cheaper crashes! Flying outside ong grass.

Thread: B606 powertech charger Help!!!!
03/07/2012 12:37:19

Hi there, just found this thread as I was looking to buy a POWER-TECH B606 CHARGER and wanted to know if anyone had any comments - you sound fairly happy with it. I'll have to get the additional adapter board and then another I expect to cover all the different types so thanks for the link.

I was surprised to read that you plug the power and the balancer into the unit - my current 12 volt charger charges through the balancer lead OR the + - leads but not both - have I got that right?

Anything else to add with regards my choice?

Thread: what's the quietest motor?
13/09/2010 17:22:22
Well I'm amazed by the responses, I can understand the possibilities of making a noisy set-up, and cheap motors, but what I've got used to as quiet compared to an IC engine has been completely re-written by the outrunner that's far from small and powering my Spitfire at the moment, it just purrs through the sky and can hardly be heard, which called into question the other 8-odd motors I've had before, and the reason for the initial post.
I jut thought it was an outrunner thing!

11/09/2010 16:11:02
What's the quietest type of electric motor? I thought they were all the same until I bought my first outrunner and found it fantastically quiet - are all outrunners quiet? Are there other quiet motors??

Thread: Ripmax Spitfire EP
08/09/2010 09:01:39
great, thanks.
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