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Thread: Import Duty Brexit
13/07/2016 23:57:45
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/07/2016 15:48:28:
The political debate stops now guys, or we close this.
As we have pointed out many times now this is a model aircraft forum. If you wish to discuss politics please go elsewhere to do so.


The regularity with which this is needing to be pointed out is becoming tiresome

if I might suggest, hopefully non controversially and purely in the spirit of trying to help, why do we still have a heading titled

Anything off-topic including the famous Cafe - shoot the breeze!

when that clearly isn't the case. Just redefine the "rules of engagement" by changing the title and hopefully that may reduce the incidences of warnings needing to be issued and threads being locked?

And whilst on the subject of moderation etc, what's the current state of play re "Please note our enforced langauge guidelines ............ using *** to hide language will result in your posts being deleted"? The forum thankfully doesn't get too much of that, but I do see more examples of the asterisk being used to "mask" language than I do political threads, and those don't seem to be being deleted. Ironically, the recently closed Brexit thread contains a "cr*p" that was neither commented on nor deleted smiley

NOT criticising or having a go - I wouldn't want to do the Mods' jobs for all the tea in Europe - just suggestions, that peeps are free to either take on board or ignore




Edited By IanN on 13/07/2016 23:58:54

Thread: Airco DH2
12/07/2016 09:51:03
Posted by Tim Mackey on 12/07/2016 08:27:13:

Ive just received one of those sound modules, and fancy putting it in a Vampire, foamy jet ( glider ) - anyone know if there are jet "sounds" available, or if you can add your own sound files somehow ?

Sounds downloadable from the supplier - although the downloads page is not particularly easy or intuitive to get to, in the first instance

They do an ME 262


Thread: Full Circle
10/07/2016 09:05:47
Posted by Barrie Warehand 2 on 10/07/2016 08:14:21:

. So I'm about to hit the green fields of Hertforshire with my new Diamond 1100pro powered Glider

Hopefully not literally, Barrie laugh

Welcome, and let us know how it goes

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
09/07/2016 11:45:13
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 09/07/2016 10:20:01:

Canopies ,cowlings , spinners and nacelle moulds are all the sticking points .

I was guessing that and funnily enough was going to p.m. you along the same lines.

The dilemma is obviously that to tool up to a kit you need the commitment of sufficient (was it c25?) builders, but If we can't get that no, how will we ever get to a viable proof of concept?

I'd be perfectly ok with "We do have a lot of moulds in our store so some of the above items can be approximated". if that drops the initial outlay and gets to a flying prototype. "approximated" is fine by me if it gets us off the ground.

I'd also have absolutely no problem at all with building my own nacelles and cowlings, nor with having a go at moulding my own canopy. Well up for that

So, if it were in the first instance a case of producing, say, a set of Whirlwind foam wings and fus deck mouldings - nothing else - for those of us who fancy the Whirlwind, how would that stack up? I was going to also say the only other thing we'd need would be the plan, but I'm guessing that if you do a plan it's then only a very short step from there to also getting the main components (formers e.g.) cnc cut aswell - but you'll know that far better than me

Don't know - what do you, and other potential builders think - might that be a viable way forwards?

Edited By IanN on 09/07/2016 12:17:58

08/07/2016 21:17:12
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 08/07/2016 19:00:38:

''The Ju88 has produced a great deal of wow factor from all who have seen it the air and on the ground. The simplicity of build and great flight characteristics had a good few say they would like to have one ''

There could be a great many people who have never even considered a twin as they are a rarity in kit or ARTF form, the are perceived to be expensive, complex and almost guaranteed to bite the dust if an engine fails.

With modern engines or an electric setup cost and reliability are not the issues they once were and even if one engine/motor does go most pilots should be able to handle it if the follow the right procedure and guidance on this could even be included in the kit instructions. Single engine handling would also be helped by the model (like the Ju88) being lightly loaded and not a flying brick like twins of old.

Its almost like we have to put the cart before the horse and produce a product first and then convince the punters its viable and show off its strengths. I personally don't think this would be a hard sell especially once the ball is rolling a bit.


The JU88 is already out there. Get the a few each of the Whirlwind plus another prototype, and plan for a couple of the shows - or Greenacres or similar - next year to test the water? thumbs up

Edited By IanN on 08/07/2016 21:22:43

08/07/2016 14:53:12

Excellent. I'll have my (admittedly probably not as scale as yours) version up and flying ground attack missions over Buckinghamshire whilst you're still working out your flap arrangement winklaugh

08/07/2016 13:16:06

Put me down for "team Whirlwind" then, if anything comes of that idea. I propose Jon as team leader smiley

08/07/2016 09:16:20
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 07/07/2016 18:25:20:

The Ju88 sales will influence the likelyhood of any future twins. As we said before I dont need big numbers but there is a limit !

I am excited about the twins because I feel the time is right for them .


That's what worries me slightly: this seems dependant on the JU88 which I don't think is an "obvious" winner - really do hope I'm completely wrong

I too think the time is right for the twins concept though - there could be huge potential for a genre that has been largely overlooked by manufacturers until now

07/07/2016 16:15:29
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 07/07/2016 15:31:38:

I'd still prefer to see the Whirlwind as the twin offering and, yes, I'd probably buy one even if it did come with veneered parts. I just love the design.

I know what you mean. The thought of one of these beating up the patch certainly gets the blood flowing. Just needs to be commercially viable though indecision


07/07/2016 15:19:20
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 07/07/2016 14:24:54:

Lorenz , Ian . I asked for your opinion and I value you it . You both want different things and I like both ideas .

The problem we have is numbers. How many Whirlwinds or Hornets will I sell in one year ,

Please give it your best educated guess. We can go from there.


Richard, totally understood. However, you did say earlier that the Whirlwind "Comes up in conversation a fair bit over the years smiley so it may well have legs if it ever got to production. But then again, if you're relying solely on sales based on contributors to this post then I suppose realistically you'd be doing well to shift half a dozen.

The Mossie hasn't attracted any significantly higher level of interest on here, but is obviously a little more "mainstream" - although does that necessarily translate into £ sales? (Especially based on your P51 numbers, which had me absolutely gobsmacked)

So, I guess the Whirlie is a gamble - the wild card. A lot of folks may look at it and think "wow, that's really cool, it stands out, it's practical, unusual, and not available anywhere else, I want one"

Or, does the Whirlwind maybe become the "next kit" if the Mossie is successful? You know the market better than us and if a Mossie were to become the twin equivalent of your Spitfire, sales wise, and that leads to further kits then it's win/win

I don't envy you the decision. I obviously have my preference but I'll support (i.e. buy) either. One thought I did have is is this whole thing dependant on shifting some JU88s first?

Thread: Anybody fitted and used a PowerBox SmokePump?
07/07/2016 13:36:21

Not familiar with that particular item but as I understand it the pump will send the smoke oil via a tube to connect to the muffler / cannister at that pressure nipple that you mention. That introduces the oil to the muffler, and the heat from the exhaust then vapourises (or whatever the correct technical term is) the oil to produce the smoke

I think the T piece reference is for if your engine happens to be a twin - two mufflers

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
07/07/2016 09:59:33

And, it was said earlier "Anything with compound curves is going to slow you down , ie He111 , Mossie , C47 "

Go on - Whirlwind - you know you want to" winksmiley

Thread: Digital edition now unreadable
07/07/2016 07:43:05

Working ok here this morning - desktop pc, Windows 7, Chrome

Thread: Electric propellor fatigue resulting in possible failure
06/07/2016 15:57:14
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 06/07/2016 15:32:30:
Posted by IanN on 06/07/2016 15:08:10:

Yep, just because a prop is small, or isn't attached to a noisy i.c. engine, doesn't mean it's not every bit as dangerous

Agree with the sentiment, but I don't agree literally. A smaller prop is (a) likely to be attached to a lower power source of energy than a big prop, (b) it weighs less and so has less angular momentum, and (c) for any given RPM, the tips will be travelling more slowly. So still dangerous, but not every bit as dangerous!

I have a gut instinct that props intended for electric use are thinner than ones intended for IC use, and therefore possibly sharper.

In the interests of good practise, and preserving my digits intact, I'll stick with treating them as "every bit as dangerous" wink

06/07/2016 15:08:10

Yep, just because a prop is small, or isn't attached to a noisy i.c. engine, doesn't mean it's not every bit as dangerous

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
06/07/2016 13:21:01

Fair enough. I fancied the Whirlwind but would also be very tempted indeed by the Mosquito: that would do nicely. I really do like the idea of quick build twins at this size.

Ady's JU88 flight video is very impressive indeed so the concept looks absolutely great - I just don't think I fancy the JU88 enough as a subject to take the plunge on one of those

06/07/2016 10:33:30
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 12/05/2016 11:54:12:

I totally agree Ian , on all counts.

Let me expand , The Spitfire kit was an epic to produce, because of the subject ,

Many had been done before so we knew expectations would be high , Hence the manual etc is very polished .

The twin sales , even if we went for a mossie would be much lower , So would people be happier accepting a simpler foam veneered kit if it meant that we could offer more than one design?

As you all know , you cant have youre cake and eat it !

The twins should be seen as a simpler fast build kit a lot like the old Aerotech range as opposed to the Single engined kit which will be really polished and laser cut as per the Spitfire.

By simplifying the twins we can offer them at say £180 and if not too bogged down on the manual and instructions , move relatively quickly through a few designs.

The other advantage of the foam veener kits is that once youve made one , you dont need so much guidance to make another type . But I will be guided by you .

The danger is that we get critisized for producing a "semi scale " kit or going backward from our current status.

So chaps lets hear it .

A range of simple twins or one laser cut state of the art design that cost more and takes longer to build but incorporates all of the whistles and bells.

Was just wondering if there had been any further thoughts re moving any of this concept into production?

Thread: Bristol M1 conversion to leccy?
04/07/2016 13:45:23
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 04/07/2016 11:30:13:

OK, as it says on the tin what options would forumites suggest for a Balsa USA Bristol M1. This is a 60" first war monoplane that the box quotes as 6-6 3/4lb flying weight, for 40-60 2str or 60-90 4str (load gulp at the upper limit suggestion!).

There were quite a few "lardy" builds of this one on the RC groups forum a while back. One of our transatlantic friends even put a 26cc petrol in his surprise

Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
04/07/2016 08:09:56

Oh dear indeed - especially Saturday. Plenty of time for that to change though - fingers crossed for the organisers and all who are going

Thread: Hobby King - a good result
01/07/2016 13:58:01

Absolutely thumbs up some peeps are quick to rush on here and do HK down at the first hint of a problem, so only fair to redress that

Worth saying that I don't think this is an altruistic "extra" that HK offer - I think it is something that internet sellers are obliged to do under distance selling regs. Nonetheless, glad to hear that it all worked ok and you had a good experience.

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