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Thread: Sanding Sealer use
21/11/2016 12:55:34

oopsblush, double post

21/11/2016 12:54:54

21/11/2016 12:54:35
Posted by IanN on 21/11/2016 12:54:01:

Is it bare wood at the moment? If so, I'm not seeing any downsides. The sanding sealer will harden the surface alittle due to the cellulose content, the filling properties and subsequent sanding will improve the surface, and there shouldn't be any adhesion problems with heat shrink covering that I'm aware of


Edited By IanN on 21/11/2016 12:55:02

21/11/2016 12:54:01

Is it bare wood at the moment? If so, I'm not seeing any downsides. The sanding sealer will harden the surface, the filling properties and subsequent sanding will improve the surface, and there shouldn't be any adhesion problems with heat shrink covering that I'm aware of

Thread: irvine motor
21/11/2016 07:39:24
Posted by Percy Verance on 21/11/2016 07:31:08:

I think the first of the *red* engines were manufactured in London cymaz, but for whatever reason they moved production to the far east. Given the prices the engines were then offered at compared to genuine OS products, it'd probably be safe to assume they were made in China.

I think that's right. AFAIK the all red engines with the black carbs were Mk IIIs, made in New Southgate. When production transferred to O.S. / Far East the same red engine had a silver carb.

Before they were discontinued I thought I saw some mag ad pics showing all silver engines, but I may well be mistaken on that.

Thread: Building from plans!
20/11/2016 10:51:51
Posted by onetenor on 20/11/2016 07:16:27:

Ply I can get cheaply from Enrique Iglesias in Spain

Is that the chap that came on here a while ago offering Okume plywood? Didn't realise he was still going - do you have contact details?

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
18/11/2016 22:54:06

thumbs up

Thread: Balsa - Depron Equivalent for wing ribs
18/11/2016 22:49:56

Or, as I know from some of your build blogs that you have foam wing cutting gear, have you considered the laser method? Essentially, cutting ribs from blue foam with all the rest (spars, sheeting etc) being conventional.

The best online article on this appears to have disappeared, but I have a saved copy that I've emailed to the UKCAA addy

Thread: Building from plans!
18/11/2016 16:29:52

Another thumbs up for SLEC balsa

Check for any discounts if you by up to a certain value. By thinking two or three projects ahead and buying in bulk you can make a decent dent in the price

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
17/11/2016 20:10:54
Posted by john stones 1 on 17/11/2016 19:20:02:

Same points have been raised about the Skywriter build since threads started, it keeps getting votes, what do i think ? magic can't wait to start. face 1

If some want a monoplane in there fine, convince others and let's get on with it. Knocking the most popular choice might not be the way forward though, idea's to encourage people to build not put them off.


Personally I like the Skywriter very much but at the moment there's no hangar room for a biplane. I wanted to see for myself what this two wings malarkey was all about, so I added a DB Scout to the fleet at the start of last year and racked up a lot of airtime before I moved it on, and replaced it with a yet to be maidened Flair puppeteer.

My need is for an aerobat so I will build a Fli (or two) come what may. And the Slec Funfly also looks to have a good following so I think there's a good basis for a 3 model MB. However people can still build any of those and they can still be blogged: so on one hand whether that's under the MB umbrella or not doesn't really matter. I guess the other view could be that the MB is an important stimulus, and without that some of those builds may not get off the ground, or at least won't get aired on the forum?

Like I said, I'm with the majority. Whatever is chosen, is the choice. Folks need to rub along with Brexit and Trump, so whichever model (or models) is democratically chosen for the MB then so be it - happy days! wink


Edited By IanN on 17/11/2016 20:12:51

17/11/2016 12:50:15

Re KC;s point, the designer has already said as much himself earlier in this thread

"Whilst of course I am delighted that people like my Skywriter design I do question the viability as a novice build as it does have some aspects that although will not present issues to someone with a bit of experience"

I guess that raises the question of how important is it that the MB be aimed at encouraging first time scratch builders to take the plunge? Or, once in a while should it be aimed at a different level? Certainly seems it's heading that latter way this year, which puts an interesting spin on the project

Possibly another reason for making it a 2 or 3 model MB? Don't know - I'm with the majority! smiley

Thread: curved shapes in foam with a hotcutter
16/11/2016 21:21:31
Posted by Den Moran on 16/11/2016 07:49:18:

Hi, everyone,

I'm scratchbuilding an Me 262,



Den, what size are you going for?

Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
14/11/2016 18:31:16

This is a new one on me. What a great subject - fantastic character

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
14/11/2016 17:08:24

I'm not really seeing the problem with more than one subject. Of six MBs so far three have been single design, and three have had a no of choices. Have any of those MBs been significantly more or less successful than the others?

If there is a strong bias towards two, or three, designs, and that increases overall participation over the no who fancy a go at a single design, then surely that's a good thing?

Hats off to John for stating he will have a go at the winner no matter what, but how many others would do that?

14/11/2016 14:07:30
Posted by kc on 14/11/2016 12:14:59:

I was quite surprised that Martyn's estimate for his Kwik Fli build would be as much as 50 pounds, however a quick check of the cost of SLEC balsa showed that Martyn's quantities come to 42.27 ( including a length of dowel and a sq ft of 1/16 ply ) and the carriage would add 9 pounds or so. Balsa Cabin prices would be similar. So about 50 pounds is correct! i am amazed/ horrified that it costs so much. Let's hope it doesn't put people off from building from scratch - it's not the cost it's the satisfaction you get from flying a model you built yourself that matters.. And of course any model built from scratch is usually repairable at very little cost if a disaster happens.

But I still say the SLEC Funfly at 75 pounds ( electric version) should be seriously considered for the Mass Build. A kit with laser cut balsa and lots of hardware for about the same cost as building from scratch ( when you include the hardware like clevis, rods, etc etc). Kit includes cowl, the plan, excellent step by step instructions even a sheet of polythene to cover the plan, u/c parts ready bent. Really good flyer too - competition winner in the past. It's a very good choice for a first time builder and intermediate to competant pilot.

NB that the £75 quoted for the SLEC Funfly only applies to the electric version. Anyone wanting to use an engine has to fork out £94.99, plus whatever postage costs, for the i.c. kit

That £50 for a scratch build Kwik Fli is probably pretty accurate if you're starting from "ground zero" with no materials to hand at all. Some might be doing that, but I'm not seeing many complete novices to building in this discussion so it's a reasonable assumption that many - the majority? - of us will already have a stash of wood and hardware to draw upon. So a lot of people won't need to be forking out that £50 to participate

That obviously also applies to all the other plan build candidates aswell

Thread: Free money...
13/11/2016 19:24:05

Cheers, Martin - great tip, just done this.

Like many, I suspect, this didn't apply to us in the past and when circumstances changed I didn't think to check

Thread: what colour for white skies
13/11/2016 14:38:34

The fluorescent pink, green and orange are all good

Thread: First It Was Drones-- Now It's More Hot Air.........
13/11/2016 14:36:11

We get balloons flying over quite often in these parts - there's a balloon rides operation based at a pub only a few miles away

We've had a couple land close by over the years. One in a field at the top of the road, and another on the moor down at the bottom end, but the majority just sail overhead. Very picturesque, especially when you get three or four together

Thread: Cabane repairs
09/11/2016 23:33:48

You did well to spot it. Just goes to remind us of the value of good discipline re pre-flight checks. If you hadn't been so vigilant you might have lost the model

Thread: Which Low Wing Trainer??
09/11/2016 23:28:00
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 08/11/2016 08:46:57:

I wouldnt recommend the super air. Its a great model but the undercarriage are mounted to the wings and if you land heavy you can do major damage to the wings. Once proficient with IC models it would be a good choice though.

I had two as my first low winger(s)- three if you count the one I built a box fus for and reused the wings and tail

Despite some serious abuse and a goodly no of take off and landing "learnings" - ok, incidents - I had not one jot of u/c related wing damage. One time I thumped my first one in so hard it bounced 6 feet up. The attempted recovery (lack of) wiped the nose off but the wings and u/c were unscathed from the seriously hard "landing". Second one I got a landing completely wrong and pretty much flew into the ground far too fast. The resultant cartwheel snapped the fus behind the wing but the wing and u/c were again unscathed. Did something similar with the third - the one with the o/d fus - and this time the cartwheel broke the wing: but not at the u/c mount points. In fact I still have the wings - one complete and perfectly usable, plus two halves wink

That said, those Super Airs were both bought when the rrp was £55, and I got both for £50 each. So, probably 14 or 15 years ago. The construction may well of course have developed or changed since then. But if it hasn't, I reckon an awful lot of other things will break first before the u/c gives a problem

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