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Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
09/11/2016 10:22:41

Think it was Skywriter, followed by the Kwik Fli options?

Thread: Another one going - Braincube
09/11/2016 10:21:33

That's good news thumbs up

One other aspect of Braincube that was very useful was the "price per wingspan tariff" for cnc cutting. Any thoughts of using that or similar?

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
08/11/2016 12:28:46
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 08/11/2016 12:23:38:

or if a club member can't help just buy the back-issue of the relevant magazine for it's cover price?

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 08/11/2016 12:24:15

Fleabay and specialists like The Magazine exchange are also great sources for back issues, and often still have the free plan with them

Thread: Dropped Kerbs
07/11/2016 23:49:17
Posted by Percy Verance on 07/11/2016 20:39:30:

I did my own about 20 years ago. I didn't pay any sort of admin fee and simply needed to obtain permission for vehicular access over a footpath, which (back then) appears to have been given as a matter of course.

Ditto, when we moved in and had the drive done we got the guy to drop the kerb at the same time. When we asked for the (necessary) permission for the vehicle access over the path I got the distinct impression they thought I was wasting their time and wondered why I was bothering asking

I wonder if people just went ahead and did it anyway then - provided it was "par for the course" for the location, was an ok job and didn't stand out - would anyone from the authorities actually notice?

Thread: Hacker Mustang P51-D further review info
07/11/2016 23:41:56

Useful extra info - I did wonder about some of that when I read the article

Thread: Which Low Wing Trainer??
07/11/2016 23:40:33
Posted by ChrisB on 07/11/2016 19:09:19:

For your first IC model I'd recommend something like the Black Horse Travel Air or Super Air or the Seagull 40.

+1 for the Super Air.

Slightly bigger than the Seagull 40. Nice big wing and has a wide performance envelope. it was the model I felt most comfortable with when transitioning from my trainer, and will do all you want as you progress.

You say you're joining a club. In that case I'd suggest skipping the high wing i.c. trainer and going straight down the low wing route, but via a buddy box for your first few flights - I guess when you've had that buddy session on the Boomerang you'll know for yourself which is the right route for you

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
07/11/2016 17:55:58

I'm absolutely not saying those aren't reasonable value, and nor that a plan build is necessarily much if any cheaper once you tot it all up. I'm sure it isn't

It's just that a lot of plan builders will already have ample stocks of wood etc.

Yes, I know that was paid for at some past point - it wasn't free (sadly!) - but there IS a £ difference between using stuff you've already accumuulated, rather than shelling out over and above that on a new kit

In that respect, plan builds from scratch will tick the box for many

07/11/2016 16:16:57

Isn't the trouble with the SLEC Fun Fly that it's a kit only - currently £95 (plus no doubt p&p) for the i.c. version - no plan version available?

That won't tempt many who want to use their existing stashes of balsa and "bits & pieces", or who already has a backlog of unstarted boxes accumulated over the years wink

However, who knows, if it gets enough votes then good luck to it thumbs up

07/11/2016 14:42:06

This debate, or similar, happens most years - which isn't to say its a bad thing, quite the reverse

Both of the (currently) leading contenders have considerable merit, but it would seem that each is possibly a bit "marmite" to fanciers of the other. On a quick skim, I can only see three peeps who have included both Skywriter AND Kwik Fli (variants) in their three choices

Last year the decision was to just stick to the winner. But that doesn't mean that's the way it has to be this year. If there are a very clear two (or maybe three?) "winners" then why not go for those. Plenty of precendent for that in past MBs

Just a thought, let's see how the voting ends up

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
06/11/2016 12:24:10
Posted by Erfolg on 06/11/2016 12:13:12:

When the interface is not slick, i worry what is going on in the background. From not consistently processing orders, to the awful thought and worry, is the security as flaky?

As a customer you have to be clear what it is you want,the costs of each component, in time and money, and most importantly what are the risks and how they will be managed.

Erf, good to see you back recently - we missed you when you were away during your move

Valid points that you make above, but I'm not so sure many customers give even a single fleeting thought about being "clear what it is you want" when they order from HK, Banggood etc

For a very large percentage I reckon it's just "oooh, that's the cheapest or the best value (Lipo, covering, charger, whatever) - that'll do me"

Thread: Am I missing something - Flying today
06/11/2016 12:12:20

If you're enjoying your flying then stick with what you're doing. It's always been the case that some peeps seem to have an aversion to anything stronger than a gentle summer's breeze. I've had some really good days at the field either on my own or with just one or two other like minded souls on days that - with the appropriate model - were perfectly flyable

I enjoy the social aspect of the hobby on the nice days, but it's also true that less chatting = more flying!


Edited By IanN on 06/11/2016 12:12:52

Thread: Galaxy Models Kits
06/11/2016 12:05:28

Yes, MHS took them on when Galaxy Models went under

Always thought they looked liked good value, and in the main they seem to be recommended by those who have built them

Thread: Traplet Me 262
06/11/2016 11:56:10
Posted by Den Moran on 06/11/2016 10:02:21:


What about you, are you thinking about doing it? If you are thinking about passing on it, would you consider selling the plans/edfs etc/

I'm definitely keeping the EDFs for another day, and am hanging on to the plan for now. Vague thoughts of maybe using the outline for a depron version having seen how well this (slightly smaller) one goes and looks


Traplet's pricing seems unusually miserly. Absolutely no discount on the full set - canopy, cnc pack, and plan. It's exactly the same price as buying those three components separately.

As you're in no rush you may want to bide your time. They occasionally do discount offers, and with xmas coming up there may be something in the pipeline. Alternatively if you can wait until early next spring/summer Traplet often do discounts at shows they attend. I looked pretty closely at the two I went to this year and am sure they didn't have any of the ME262 bits at those. However, if you decided to go ahead and were planning to get to one of the shows it may be worth calling them in advance of that, and asking if they would do a discounted ME 262 set for you

Good luck!



Edited By IanN on 06/11/2016 12:01:19

06/11/2016 09:52:14

I've dug the plan(s - 4 sheets) out. Happy to photo any aspect of it. If that would help in your decision pm me your email adress

04/11/2016 21:22:53

Den, hi

if you mean the Phil Noel EDF plan I've got that one. A pair of EDF units came my way and I quite fancied this so took a punt and bought the plan, but other projects have since moved ahead of it in the queue. Be aware there is a serious quantity of cutting involved and unless spending hours of cutting out a vast plethora of quite intricate parts, very few the same, floats your boat I'd say the cnc pack would be essential

From memory there is a bungee hook shown on the plan and I think I'm right in saying that it doesn't show retracts or flaps, but I'd have to dig it out to be 100% sure. Very happy to do that if it helps, but won't be able to get to it for two or three days

Have you seen this?


Thread: Destiny, My new design.
04/11/2016 12:31:55
Posted by Peter Miller on 04/11/2016 11:46:01:

When I mentioned the metal tank to a club member he was horrified.. I don't know why. When we were young you could only get the Keil Kraft or Veron tanks. They cost a lot of pocket money and never fitted what we were building so we quickly learned, burnt finger by cut finger how to do it.


Great to see that being done again. thumbs up

Back in my teenage control line years we did this all the time. I don't recall any great level of tuition - my dad gave me the iron, some metal (iirc, a few old KK fuel cans to cut up and clean), a couple of pointers and left me to get on with it. The results weren't particularly aesthestic - rough as a badgers backside in fact. But you know what? By and large they worked! Might have had the odd leak to seal occasionally, after that first submersion test, but I don't recall one ever going badly wrong - and they certainly never failed in use

Almost certainly not as hard as peeps might think



Edited By IanN on 04/11/2016 12:32:50

Thread: Good TV item
02/11/2016 22:01:29

Yes, was very pleasantly surprised when that item came up. Very well presented, very positive and impressive coverage

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Voting Thread
02/11/2016 21:58:38

1/ Kwik-Flis

2/ Striker

3/ Astro Hog

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
02/11/2016 07:48:25
Posted by McG 6969 on 01/11/2016 23:32:14:

But than, on the other end, as you stated in your profile, what about your "ambition to stop drooling about the "next" project, and instead to actually finish all the "nearly" completed models in my shed"? ... devil

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR CV Control

Edited By McG 6969 on 02/11/2016 00:08:01

Well, I actually do finish quite a lot of them, but then find that whilst I have been doing that I have somehow managed to acquire some more new and different "nearly" completed models which fill that gap. And I never stop thinking about the next project. Isn't that a perpetual state of being for modellers? smiley

01/11/2016 23:16:13
Posted by Paul C. on 01/11/2016 22:37:50:

Hi John, my thoughts on the fli derivatives is just vote for fli and you can build any of them. It's a bit like Ballerina last year when folks build big ones, small ones and foam ones. just my thoughts but I am happy go go with the flow.


Exactly that thumbs up

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