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Thread: Kwik Fli 40
01/11/2016 23:14:38
Posted by McG 6969 on 01/11/2016 22:53:38:

Hi Martyn,

As I already mentioned twice in my posts/answers to Ian, your work on the subject is really not relevant to my reaction, nor your dedication and abilities. I could only wish mine were at your level.

What I was worried about is the ‘timeline’ to get everything ready for a potential MB 2017. That’s all I was concerned about.

Due to my native language, I’m visiting a lot of French forums as well and I found a ‘guideline to contemporary building’ improvements by Christian Chauzit, the - at that time - ‘quite young’ designer of the Baron during the sixties. In fact, he redesigned his own concept with nowadays methods & materials in 2015. It’s amazing to see the different approach with mainly ‘laminates’ of different materials to win some weight and even being stronger.

For example, as you seem to have a question mark related to the strength of your bulkhead/nose wheel anchor, why not laminating a piece of 1mm fibreglass (circuit board) or thin aluminium between two thin ply formers?

Anyway Martyn, I only wish you all the best with your dedication to this project.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Improvement Control

thumbs up

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
01/11/2016 15:54:56

John, that looks pretty comprehensive - good job thumbs up

Only thing I'd say is that the Kwik-Fli options aren't "one or the other", imo. You'd probably want to lump those together as "Kwik Fli variants" or "flock of Flis", or summat similar

Voting for that would give peeps the Kwik-Fli III (50th anniversary), Flea-Fli, Flea-Fli + 10% and very probably also Martin's Kwik-Fli 40. All either elec or i.c. (which of course would also apply to most if not all other proposals), and also MkIV (Tapered wing) variants available for some of those. Probably gives around a dozen variations on the theme, though all of pretty much identical construction

Not that I'm voting for it, of course wink

31/10/2016 08:14:48

Probably getting near voting time?

Thread: my new plane build
30/10/2016 22:15:05

Why don't you ring your LMS before you set out and ask if they have a kit of your model in stock.If not, take yours along to check what fits (especially if as it seems from the comments above that the bits you need may be a non standard size)

If they are worth their salt they will be very happy to talk through the available alternatives, and the pros and cons of each

30/10/2016 16:50:27

Chris, hi.

trust me when I say that I can be as cack handed as the best of 'em wink but breaking clevises on the workbench is a new one on me. Don't think I've managed that one yet. I'd be a bit concerned about their fitness for flight, but then again I haven't seen the items in question - and there are presumably plenty of Eflite Apprentices out there getting on fine with the supplied bits and pieces

Do you have a local model shop within visiting distance? If so - as it sounds like you'll be needing some replacement items anyway - I'd suggest going there and eyeballing the alternatives (both horns and clevises) that they have in stock. Personally I only use metal clevises in all bar my small electric models, but that's just me

Thread: Low Wing for beginner.
30/10/2016 16:42:34

Not heard of this one before. Very pretty indeed. Possibly a bit bigger than most would consider for a second model - but then again, why not?

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
30/10/2016 13:16:31

You are 100% right, but those changes could have been made at any time via their "business as usual" price change mechanisms. Seems a bit odd to put steep hikes through at the same time as a major website overhaul

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
30/10/2016 12:39:39

Also should have said above - but forgot - that the point about voting for the 2017 choice is a bit "off topic" here and probably belongs in with the general "2017 Mass Build" posts. This is, after all Martyn's Kwik Fli 40 thread smiley

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
30/10/2016 12:35:29

I guess the bottom line is that regardless of the rights and wrongs of how HK have carried this out, and what their stumbling blocks have been, it's a given that they WILL get it sorted sooner rather than later, and that this will have been a temporary blip

When that happens there will no doubt be discussion re whether peeps prefer the old of the new

But surely the biggest issue (fro UK users at least) appears to be the significant price hikes? Maybe I've just been unlucky on the particular items I was after, but seems to be c20% dearer now that pre "upgrade"

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
30/10/2016 11:47:02

Chris, please don’t wear out too much shoe leather on my account, I wouldn’t want you to have to buy a new pair smiley

Your post was in response to Martyn’s q re how best to bolt the hardware to F1, therefore I thought it was fair to assume it was that particular specific point that you were referring to. It seems I may have been wrong in that assumption (sorry!) as I if I understand your response correctly I now see that your concern is rather that the whole KF40 “‘project’ might not yet be ‘Mass-ready’ for this winter build.” Ok, no problem with that: its a fair enough q to ask but imo I still think it’s wide of the mark, and would offer the following reasons to support that opinion

  • Martyn designs, draws and builds at a prodigious rate. Look up his Kwik-Fli IV on this forum – from scratch to finished and ready to go in just over three weeks, including own cowl moulding and cutting tapered foam cores. Imo that’s impressive


  • We know the Kwik-Fli is an easyish build, already evidenced by the original, the Flea-Fli and the Flea-Fli + 10%, all of which have been around for a very long time and built in numbers. The KF40 doesn’t deviate from that proven and tried and trusted construction. Not seeing where there is going to be any problem at all here


  • There is admittedly the issue of getting test flights in, given the autumnal season that we are now in but …..


  • Does anyone seriously think there is any remote chance that a KF40 won’t fly well enough? It’s a very well proven design and layout, on which tens if not hundreds of .40 sized club aerobats have been based, or are very similar indeed to


  • In any case, if for any reason Martyn isn’t 100% happy with it I’m pretty sure he would be the first to pull it. (That would of course still leave the existing Kwik-Fli variants as a potential candidate for selection any mass build - the KF40 is simply an additional "nice to do" option that broadens the appeal of the Kwik-Fli family)

Re your more general point “I can’t remember seeing a vote initiated for the MB 2017, so I’m a little afraid that by lack of interest, there won’t be a MB at all this winter”, on checking back I see that the voting for the 2015 MB started on 16/11 and 2016 MB voting commenced on 7/11. So, we’re still in the ballpark for that to happen.

I suspect this is where a gentle steer from BEB is going to be needed wink

Edited By IanN on 30/10/2016 11:49:39

29/10/2016 00:21:47

McG, re your "you're missing the MB-point of it all" comment I have to say that, with genuine respect for your views, I think that with that phrase it is you who are missing the point - by several miles

The Kwik-Fli has been around for 50 years, been successfully built in large numbers, and is of relatively simple construction by any reasonable measure or comparison. It's a perfectly suitable MB project, made more attractive by the wide range of size and power options being proposed, and significantly less complex than a no of others that have been suggested

Martyn is simply seeking a consensus of views on one fairly simple aspect of construction in order to arrive at the best solution, and in so doing to get as close as possible the very thing that you yourself are asking for - your " 'ready-to-go' product to attract as much as possible 'new blood' in the hobby." An aspect that - whatever he personally decides on - will in real life in any case vary from builder to builder depending on what hardware they have to hand.

What Martyn is asking here is absolutely in no way any different to any of the "run of the mill" qs that come up during the course of any mass build. No plan or build is ever "one size fits all" and whatever plan is published will not (and cannot possibly) be perfect for absolutely everyone. In this particular case, my motor mount may have different hole spacings to yours. The noseleg you bought from your LMS may be a better fit than the only one that I can lay my hands on. Etc etc

In a lot of ways, that IS the whole point of the mass build. People share as they go, help each other out, and everyone learns and gains experience

28/10/2016 15:29:14
Posted by Martyn K on 28/10/2016 14:28:16:

I have a question for the 'E' variant. Assuming a rear mounted motor attached to the front of F1 - normal practice. However, I need to attach the noseleg to the rear of F1 and I am not sure whether a 3mm birch ply former will be strong enough and what method is used to prevent the bolts securing one interfering with the mount of the other. I could offset the noseleg but not really happy with that idea. Alternatively, I mount the noseleg (using saddle clamps) above and below the motor mount..

Any thoughts on this?


Considering that exact same q for a Flea Fli build. Rear mounted motor mounted to front of F1, noseleg mounted centrally - no offset - to rear of F1 with saddle clamps

Having been through the "box of bits" and done a dry run over the plan I think it's poss to do that in a way that they don't interfere with each other. If one or more of the bolt holes look too close for comfort, and suggest that F1 might be unacceptably weakened, I'll bend or adapt the upper part of the noseleg to suit

Thread: What Charger
28/10/2016 09:14:38
Posted by Wes on 28/10/2016 08:43:39:

Bugger...was interested in the Icharger 308 duo from Electricwingman, but it was out of stock at £219

Requested an email notification when back in stock, and now the same charger is £269!

Edited By Wes on 28/10/2016 08:44:14

Ditto. The 306B that I fancied is now £169 - was £119 from some sources not too long ago crying

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
28/10/2016 09:11:05

Hmmm, just been on. The charger I was going to push the button on is now significantly dearer than it was a couple of days back, plus no sign of the promised 5% discount

No thanks - deleted the item from my basket and baled out

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
27/10/2016 17:07:50
Posted by Martyn K on 27/10/2016 16:54:37:

I have just started proof building the KF3 and KF4 for 40 or electric...Should be finished by weekend..


(Note: I didn't say which weekend)

thumbs up

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
27/10/2016 15:30:03
Posted by iqon on 27/10/2016 15:17:19:

...but its more likely to be UK closing......


Thread: Testing clone of the TowerPro MG996R Servo
27/10/2016 14:56:16

I asked TowerPro - their response appears to confirm that TowardPro are genuine. Response is

Yes, we do have another brand name "TowardPro" for different market.
2016-10-27 19:23 GMT+08:00 :

I've noticed some servos sold by some suppliers that are said to be Towerpro but on closer inspection the items advertised are badged "TowardPro"

Here's an example

default/towerpro-mg996r-metal-geared-standard-si.html >**LINK**

Can you confirm if servos badged as "TowardPro" are genuine TowerPro items, and if so what - if any - is the difference between those and the equivalent TowerPro badged items

27/10/2016 12:00:50
Posted by john featherstone 1 on 27/10/2016 11:33:14:

there are that many clones out there so ....... could be a clone of a real tower pro servo or a clone of a clone???????


Nb I'm NOT saying the tester's are a clone. However, if anyone does an internet search and buys servos branded as MG996R direct from China for £4 each - which you can do with these - don't be surprised if they're not the real deal. Known and trusted suppliers are your friend

Thread: Irvine 53 Carburettor oring kit
25/10/2016 09:29:38

Excellent, glad you're sorted

Odd that Slough couldn't confirm, re parts that they are selling, though. Irvine (when they were still in production), were part of Ripmax, and Ripmax and Slough RMC are part of the same group.

Oh well ....... thumbs up for Just Engines

Thread: Another one going - Braincube
24/10/2016 20:26:22
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 24/10/2016 18:12:26:

Can't say I'd heard of the Fugly but now, having looked at the excellent on-line instructions, I want one. I suppose it's rather like the problem I had at work when very occasionally the water supply was cut off for maintenance - I was immediately thirsty


Ditto, hadn't come across it before but it looks excellent

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