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Thread: Irvine 53 Carburettor oring kit
24/10/2016 20:22:37

Call Slough Radio Control - they show SK001 in stock and SK006 due in, and should be able to confirm which is which

Or, call or email Just Engines. I asked them the same q as you in early Aug and they replied

"We can supply a complete o'ring kit for the engine, they call it an "overhaul kit" for £2.25.

Just searching our website now we actually don't have them on there, if you would like to

place an order then give us a call, if you don't get through the first time please try again

as we are very busy. "

Thread: The Death Of The English Language As We Know It.
24/10/2016 11:02:21
Posted by Peter Miller on 24/10/2016 10:38:39:
Posted by IanN on 24/10/2016 08:48:29:
Posted by Tony Richardson on 23/10/2016 20:41:19:

Nice one IanN, I always understood a Nitro engine to be a Top Fueller?

I don't even know what a "top fueller" is laugh

A "Top Fueller" is the highest calss of drag racer.

I don't know what the current speeeds are but in 2002 Don Garlits' SWamp Rat 34 did a standing 1/4 mile in 4.476 seconds with a terminal velocity of 323.04 mph. (Eat your heart out Carkson!!)

Edited By Peter Miller on 24/10/2016 10:39:15

Interesting. I watched an hour of American drag racing on BT Sport a while ago. I though it would be boring and was all ready to switch off, but it was very entertaining

One of the classes was "Alcohol Funny Car", which seemed a bit of an odd title - use of English again!

24/10/2016 08:48:29
Posted by Tony Richardson on 23/10/2016 20:41:19:

Nice one IanN, I always understood a Nitro engine to be a Top Fueller?

I don't even know what a "top fueller" is laugh

24/10/2016 08:47:33
Posted by Sam Longley on 24/10/2016 08:29:56:
Posted by John Privett on 23/10/2016 17:07:41:

Peter, don't get me started on American 'English'! smile o

Why do they often miss out the preposition when stating when something happened? Eg. "Trump said something stupid in a speech he gave Tuesday". What happened to "on Tuesday"?

-I think you are wrong

Are you sure it should be "on" tuesday?--

I would agree "during " tuesday but not "on" tuesday

i think just " tuesday" is better . Tuesday being a point in time, albeit a 24 hour point. One does not say some thing will happen "on" eight 'o' clock" so why "on" tuesday? As Tuesday is a longer point & the "happening" can take place at a point in time during that day then "on" is incorrect & one should say " during" but certainly not "on"

Of course something can occur, or be said to have occurred "on" a day

That's in extremely common usage, and has been for as long as I can remember - struggling to see how that could be wrong surprise

22/10/2016 21:58:59

And - struggling to be polite about the offenders - some people unaccountably refer to i.c. engines as "nitro".

I rest my case

Thread: Another one going - Braincube
21/10/2016 17:43:11

That is sad. I've never had recourse to use a laser cutting service - although if I had Braincube were high on the list of those to be checked out. Their "price per wingspan" tariff looked pretty competitive

Thread: Another LMS gone
20/10/2016 14:33:01

Unless like me you needed 8swg saddle clamps wink

John, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're not helpful and that it's not a useful resort to have in extremis if you live within striking distance and need something right there and then. They are, and it is

Just that an awful lot of the reason for going - the viewing, browsing and selection process- has gone. It's no longer a shop in the accepted sense of the word: just a service counter

You can gauge it from this image off their facebook page. The "showroom" is the small sticky out bit with the windows, to the right of the large grey shutter - that's it

slough rcm.jpg

20/10/2016 13:54:52

This isn't actually new news as it happened two or three months back, but I haven't seen any talk of it on here so thought I'd mention it

Another LMS bites the dust - well, actually it's still open, but as a retail walk in shop it might aswell not be

I've been meaning to pop over to Slough Radio Control for a while now since their move to new premises a couple of months or so back, and had a free day this week. Love 'em or hate 'em (I always got on fine there) the old shop was a very good size, rammed full of stuff and (bar the usual niggles re out of stocks that seem to have been par for the course just about everywhere these past few years) had just about everything that you could wish to browse to your heart's and wallet's content. Many hours spent weighing up which clevises and horns to buy, pick up a few extra props and a couple of LiPos while I'm at it, and not infrequently the odd kit or larger purchase

Well, what a disappointment the new place is. Basically it's a warehouse for the online and mail order operation with a very small "showroom" at the front. When I say showroom think of an average sized living room in a 3 bed semi displaying a small random selection of kits, with a shelf of adhesives, and a rack each of film covering and some less than optimal grade wood, and some mags spread out on the windowsill - that's pretty much it.

If you want anything else you have to ask at the counter, whereupon someone treks out back into the w/hse at the rear and brings you (hopefully) what you've asked for. Archaic, clunky, and not a comfortable or easy way of shopping - especially if you have a list of quite a few items

The owner obviously sees the way forwards as online and mail order, and specifically not walk in customers - and that's fine, it's his train set so he can play with it how he wants. Interesting though that one of their facebook comments is "it is a shame we lost much of our showroom space but we have a small showroom in the front. It is a case of adapt to survive in the online age. The move gives us lots of extra warehouse space that should benefit all those who shop online with more stock available at the best prices we can".

Well, I bought the noseleg I went for but when it came to the saddle clamps it was "sorry, we were just about to order those" - oh dear, so much for "more stock available" then!

None of this is a criticism of the guys there, who were as friendly as ever - probably grateful just to see someone walk in as the footfall has obviously dropped off significantly. However, for anyone thinking of making a journey to browse or just visit, as quite a few used to at the old place, you will likely be hugely disappointed at a wasted trip

Thread: Life Today and Customer "Choice".
20/10/2016 12:00:00

Let's hope we're not starting fashion trends here. Bare midriffs on club members down at the patch is NOT something I want to think about frown

Thread: What Charger
20/10/2016 10:32:23
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 19/10/2016 23:53:55:

I'm not sure the capabilities of a charger should be expressed in watts.


Funnily enough, I'm just asking myself that same question.

My battery needs to date have been relatively modest - 2 and 3s up to 2200 - and two of these have been absolutely brilliant for that, have provided sterling service and will continue to do so

b6ac 80w.jpg

However, I've now moved up a little and have 4 x 5000 4s to play with for a project. As just one of those at 1c will take 84 watts (16.8v x 5a, yes?), and I'm (a) a fan of parallel charging and (b) would like to go to 2c sometimes, it's clear the B6AC won't cut the mustard

I've been looking at the icharger 306B, and the equivalent HK clone Turnigy Reaktor. Both claim 1000w (albeit at 23v input - although that's not a problem as I have a couple of PSUs that will deliver that) or 500w at 12v input.

That sounds all well and good as to put my 4 batteries on at 1c will need 84 x 4 = 336w, and at 2c 168 x 4 = 672w. So, easily within the wattage the charger is claimed to deliver. However, both chargers quote a charging current range of up to 30a, which surely limits me to a max of 7.5a per battery if charging all 4, so 1.5c max?

So, maybe the wattage isn't the whole story - not all it's cracked up to be?

Don't get me wrong, I still think these chargers look like very capable choices and will probably suit my needs. In reality I probably wouldn't have the need to charge all 4 at 2c very often, However, I've never been totally confident at working out the electric side of things and just want to be sure that my numbers above are correct.

Am I barking up the right tree - even if it's at the wrong cats? wink

Thread: Life Today and Customer "Choice".
19/10/2016 00:38:14

Ah, six penn'orth of chips - now you're talking! smiley


That may be where BEB wen't wrong - surely he can't live in a place benighted enough not to have a decent chippie?

Edited By IanN on 19/10/2016 00:39:27

19/10/2016 00:14:48

I completely get your drift, and sympathise - we've all had tough days when all we want is the simple option

On the other hand, some may say that a professor who is a constant source of genuine education and clarification on all matters aerodynamic to us all, is surely capable of choosing three toppings for a 9" pizza? wink

Many offers are a con. Vote with your feet and go elsewhere next time. Most supermarkets are already dropping multibuys for this very reason

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
17/10/2016 21:32:11

Any plan in particular you're thinking of, John?

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
17/10/2016 20:39:10

Martyn, thanks for the clarification re the Graupner plan. I won't be rushing to use that, then smiley

I wondered if you would be doing the IV aswell at this size. I know this started off with the Kwik-Fli III (actually, the Flea Fli suggestion) but if enough people are interested in the Kwik-Fli for the MB we now have six variants available, most if not all as free downloads

- Flea Fli

- Flea-Fli +10%

- Kwik-Kli III 40

- Kwik-Fli IV 40

- Kwik-Fli III 60

- Kwik-Fli IV 60

Sizes available to suit all tastes and pockets - whatever spare kit peeps have lying around - and the IV brings the tapered wings option to those who prefer that. Nice looking model, good club aerobat, no real complications in the build, and 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the world champs win. What's not to like?

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
17/10/2016 09:58:07

Looks like you've made a right pig's ear out of that pilot wink

Very nice model indeed thumbs up - though as a concept/MB subject, possibly a little similar to last year's Ballerina? Don't know .....

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
17/10/2016 09:39:34
Posted by Martyn K on 16/10/2016 21:43:04:

The rake on the undercarriage was lifted straight off the original. The only slight change was to adjust the wheel sizes to take standard diameter wheels - scaling downwards in diameter. The rake need to be maintained to get the wheel centre line behind the CG. The Nose leg on both variants has been moved forward very slightly as I am advocating a fixed not steerable nosewheel.

Ah yes, now I see what you mean. I was looking at the KF3 plan from the kit (Graupner?)


which doesn't have the rake, whereas this one does


My mistake, I hadn't noticed that before. And thumbs up to "I am advocating a fixed not steerable nosewheel." Although I do have one of the original Graupner twin legged items wink

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
17/10/2016 09:27:51
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 16/10/2016 21:58:43:

I didn't manage to finish my last three mass builds so will sit this one out and try and get one of them finished!!

Shuffles into line with the rest of the suspects

Similarly guilty as charged - well, one that didn't get started and one that got halfway. Having had my conscience pricked I might just dust that one off and finish it, while we're waiting for the vote/choice for this MB

17/10/2016 09:25:18
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 16/10/2016 22:17:42:

Another on my build list, C.A. de Felice's Maricardo; A 56in span aerobatic Classic updated by Paul Strawson for 40+ size 2-stroke, 52-61 4-stroke or electric conversion. Another model with a thick wing section and benign handling. The original had a bit of dihedral too which made it a good first aileron model. The only downside, perhaps a lot of people have built one already?

A classic, and very attractive. Might get some takers

Thread: A question of bears.....
16/10/2016 22:16:52

Anyway, this is a much more interesting bear smiley


16/10/2016 22:13:06
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 16/10/2016 22:08:19:

Hmm - the directions indicate that he lives at the South Pole - so he's highly unlikely to see a bear of any colour...

A bit more water with the next one, Gary?wink 2


ps Oy! You've edited your first post!!!teeth 2

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 16/10/2016 22:09:44

Surely you can't walk south from the south pole. Pete - or was that the bit he edited?

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