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Thread: Kwik Fli 40
16/10/2016 14:55:49

One other u/c related q, if I may, Martyn.

Is there any reason for the pronounced sweep back on the nose-leg and main gear - seems a lot more than on the original?

Thread: Wow.......
16/10/2016 11:17:13
Posted by Percy Verance on 16/10/2016 10:35:46:

I suspected it might be something like that C8.

I'm looking at buying a load (10+) of Hitec 82mg's, but I shan't use Amazon or Ebay etc. I'll just use one of my usual suppliers. Either Airtek or Stan at Phoenix Model Supplies.......

Edited By Percy Verance on 16/10/2016 10:36:48

Yep, there have been too many reports of clone items to risk unknown internet suppliers - especially those that are too cheap to be true. Trusted suppliers only for servos for me too thumbs up

Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
15/10/2016 13:32:05
Posted by terry westrop on 15/10/2016 09:43:31:

Ah, what memories! 1994...ish LD40s from the Newman Precision kit I suspect. Not many of these left now. I

I have one in the "to build" queue.

I believe that Ali senior had bought a container full of kits for his collection at Als Hobbies in MK, a couple or perhaps more years ago now, and was advertising and selling off all the items that weren't required. I went to buy something else, then saw the Newman Precision Aeros Loaded Dice 40 kit - which I don't think he'd got around to listing yet - so I bought that aswell.

Lucky find!

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
14/10/2016 16:49:22
Posted by kc on 14/10/2016 15:45:30:

Ian. I think we are just kicking around a few ideas before Martyn draws up his 2 plans .

I suppose we can only consider a proven design to recommend as a Mass Build so I guess Martyn will have his design ready before anybody makes a decision on which model. As the Kwik Fli is a proven design in several sizes there are no worries about how it will fly, it's just getting a plan together in a form that will show the construction that is certain to work. Frankly I would like to see a prototype built from Martyn's plan BEFORE we suggest it as a Mass Build for newcomers to balsa construction. Otherwise it would have to be for experienced builders who have the knowledge to modify as necessary. Having a clear idea whether the CG comes out OK with the rear mounted servos is one aspect.

Sure, I get all that but

- there are plenty of plans and kits already out there with things wrong with them wink

- Martyn knows what he's doing

- probably needs someone else other than the designer (i.e. someone who doesn't necessarily know what was intended by the designer) to do a test build and unearth any wrinkles

- this is based on an existing proven design so highly likely to be well "in the ballpark". I agree that wouldn't apply if it was a completely new project

TBH the point about the cg/rear mounted servos isn't really a factor imo. Sure, it's good to know that you're in the ballpark "as drawn" but there are plenty of RCM&E plans where the gear appears to have been drawn in just to give a rough idea, and is miles away from the actual placement needed for the cg - ask me how I know frown. That's part of the learning process during the build

14/10/2016 14:26:47

Absolutely loving this. We don't even have a short list to vote on for the Mass Build yet, and we've already got a positive debate going about the merits of various ways of doing things smiley

Shows that the Kwik Fli options are certainly popular!

Thread: BoB Dylan
14/10/2016 14:21:46

Lol, yes - just over 50 years ago

"Bob Dylan’s decision to go electric didn’t sit well with a lot of fans, who felt that he had sold out folk music for a rock ‘n’ roll payday. It all came to a head on May, 17, 1966, during one of the last stops on his world tour.

Read More: 50 Years Ago: Bob Dylan Stages His Infamous ‘Judas’ Concert |"

13/10/2016 20:36:01

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
13/10/2016 15:22:16

If anyone's searching for back issues I seem to remember that the Basic 3D build article was spread over two months of the mag?


Edited By IanN on 13/10/2016 15:22:28

Thread: Kwik Fli 40
13/10/2016 15:14:36
Posted by Martyn K on 13/10/2016 12:35:10:

Ian - I think this is a better size. I found the Flea Fli just a little too small so it gets overlooked. I have always liked 40 sized models, they fly well and are easier to build strong and light. Need to keep the AUW down to less that 2Kg for this if we want a reasonable aerobatic performance.


I know what you mean - and I did look at the Flea-Fli +10% - but I usually have at least one smallish model in the fleet, and being able to build the wings out of 36" sheets with no waste is a plus. So, a Flea-Fli it is

I may well go for this Kwik Fli 40 aswell though wink

13/10/2016 10:55:40

I've been promising myself a Flea Fli ever since Martyn's build, and will definitely get down to that asap. Only hanging on to see if the Kwik Fli options are selected for the Mass Build - if not I'll just crack on anyway

I do like the look of this size very much though, and with both a few red Irvines and a suitable electric motor currently unemployed I'm covered whichever option I plump for. Don't know if I'd fancy the original wing section or the reduced version. Very tempting ......

Thread: Dolly pics or drawings
12/10/2016 13:34:36

Just do a forum search for "dolly". That will bring up a no of threads which should get you started

Romeo Whisky's had a very clear pic **LINK** with a few more in his photo album **LINK**

Haven't heard of anyone powering a dolly, and not sure that would be helpful. That's an extra thing you'd need to control - or to go wrong

Thread: Verhees Delta
09/10/2016 19:01:41

Looks like a fantastic job made of an unusual subject - looking forwards to the video

Thread: hobbyking B17
09/10/2016 17:01:43

Not wishing to be cynical here - some HK stuff is absolutely fantastic value for money, and that's a lot of very nice looking aeroplane for £215 - but to have

- retracts fail

- prop blade come off, leading to damage in the resulting forced landing, and then

- motor smoking

after just a few flights doesn't sound very impressive. Fully representative of some of the operational problems experienced by the crews in WW2 no doubt so I guess it can't be faulted for that aspect of "true to scale" wink- but hardly what I'd want to be experiencing with my new purchase down at the patch

Thread: The Kamikaze Hunters by Will Iredale
08/10/2016 22:41:48

Hadn't heard of this book - sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up, Dai

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
08/10/2016 22:14:14

A line in the A.M.A. biography of Phil Kraft says "Kwik Fli III: World and National Champion winning aircraft, Model Airplane News, 1965".

However that is very probably a typo as it is the Feb '68 issue of M.A.N. that features Phil and the famous orange and black Kwik Fli III (along with his Kraft radio) on the front cover

What is not in dispute is that it was in 1967 that he won the World Championship with the Kwik Fli III - so yes, 2017 is indeed the 50th anniversary of that



Edited By IanN on 08/10/2016 22:28:57

08/10/2016 13:46:06

I'm liking the Kwik Fli variants so far. Choice of 4 wing spans (so far), i.c. or electric no problem. Though I definitely wouldn't be brave enough to put LEDs in and fly at night - I already struggle enough even in full daylight laugh

08/10/2016 13:10:00

Undoubtedly a good club sportster but no thanks, unless a plan is available.

I just checked on slec's website and the i.c. kit is £87 including shipping. I doubt that would get many takers for a mass build project

Thread: Fall In The Value Of The Pound
07/10/2016 22:26:50
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 07/10/2016 19:55:59:

Christmas toys (including model airplanes) are already in stock, next years Easter eggs are already made and in the warehouses waiting for January and there's a surplus of household goods in the country. So, unless stores take advantage, prices will not be going up in the near time.

What, retailers take advantage, of course they won't ,,,,, errrr, will. They have a legal duty to their shareholders to return profits, and prices will move according to what the market will pay

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
07/10/2016 20:56:02

Not wanting to get ahead of things here (although there does seem to be a lot of enthusiasm for the Kwik Fli, Flea Fli, intermediate / .40 sized KF3 combination) but if anyone is interested another way of getting a Flea Fli plan is to scour ebay and the second hand mag sellers. It was a free plan in Dec 1968 RCM&E

Don't be expecting any detailed build instructions in the (brief) accompanying article though- there aren't any! - though tbh they aren't really needed

07/10/2016 16:11:07

Three different sizes of the same model sounds like it might have some appeal

Construction almost identical on all, which ticks the "everyone building together" box, with the size options widening the appeal depending on which peeps fancy, and what gear they already have available

Could be a winner

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