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Thread: 2017 Mass Build
07/10/2016 15:27:40
Posted by Paul C. on 07/10/2016 15:09:22:

I am looking at the flea fli as I have a number of 3s 2.2 lipo's on only one model at the moment. Just thinking if we had a Fli for the mb and folks could pick either the flea, Kwik or scaled down Kwik, might increase the numbers.


Beginning to sound like there might be some impetus growing behind a flock of Flis wink

07/10/2016 14:54:10
Posted by Martyn K on 07/10/2016 14:49:28:

Happy to redraw the KF3 for a 40 ic or 4S 3300 electric. It would make a nice sized model of about 54" span


Mass build subject or not, that might prove a popular model thumbs up

Thread: Petrol or Glow
06/10/2016 14:51:57
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 06/10/2016 13:16:40:

Ok guys im done.

This thread was intended to help people get the best from their engines and for a reason i cannot begin to understand i am more or less being fought at every step to justify every word i write. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do that.

I design and manufacture engines for a living and yet apparently my advice cannot be trusted. How dose that make sense?

Sorry to hear that but tbh I was amazed you kept at it in this particular thread for as long as you did. the words "patience" and "saint" came to mind at one point

I generally find your info thorough and informative - many thanks, it's appreciated thumbs up

06/10/2016 12:24:09
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 06/10/2016 10:55:11:

Reading the various contributions to this thread I am reminded of a chap I used to work with. When I first met him, he was a keen photographer, but as time went on his interest became focused on the cameras themselves. He collected them, read about them, compared the merits of one against another to the point where talking photographs became secondary.

​It seems to me that in any hobby there is a danger of excessive contemplation of a single issue at the expensive of a wider view.

I don't think that's ever been any different

Your photography example is one. Others would be HiFi buffs who obsess over the kit rather than the music, so called cooks who are more interested in the gadgets used than the flavour, and whole legions who are useless at golf but have many sets of clubs, each one the best until it got discarded in favour of a "better" set

No reason why our hobby would be any different. Every clubs got a couple of "equipment collectors" - and if that's what turns them on and they can afford it, then why not?

I don't think that's what this thread has been about, though

Thread: Plan copies
05/10/2016 16:46:25
Posted by kc on 05/10/2016 16:22:15:

Of course check that your copier gives actual size and also does not distort in one direction.

Excellent advice thumbs up

I once learnt the hard way - after cutting out several parts - that the prints off my scanner were slightly scaled: not full size crying

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
05/10/2016 16:40:50

I'm 100% with you KC - I'm very firmly in the "cut it yourself" camp. smiley Just saying not everyone might see it that way

Currently £60 for the CNC pack (which I guess is just ribs and formers), £35 for "additional wood pack" (the rest?) or £120 for plan and full woodpack which puts it firmly in - actually quite a bit above - WOT 4 territory

Plus would anyone who has (or has had) a WOT 4 - quite a few - be that keen on building a Basic D: what does it offer that's different or better?

Not criticising the choice, I think it's likely a very good model, just posing the question

Thread: BRC Hobbies
05/10/2016 16:29:40
Posted by John Rudd on 05/10/2016 16:17:19:


I never had occasion to use their net service, but do recall that some of their net orders were fulfilled from the shop when I visited... Unless what I saw was something other than net orders?

Edited By John Rudd on 05/10/2016 16:18:01

Don't know. Depends when - BRC would have despatched their own orders until they came under the Robertbirds umbrella in autumn 2011

A bit "after the event" and probably redundant info now, I know, but when I first called in there (would be some four years ago or so) the guy told me back then that all BRC mail orders - phone, online, or whatever - were all despatched from Robotbirds. And I also ordered from BRC a couple of times and arranged collection from Robotbirds when I was in their vicinity

Shame the shop's gone - it was a great source of advice and data

05/10/2016 15:52:06
Posted by John Rudd on 05/10/2016 15:47:57:

BRC was based in Swalwell near Gateshead/Newcastle.....their stock being supplied by Robotbirds. Now the shop has closed, internet buying is redirected to Robotbirds and orders fulfilled that way.

Its a shame the shop closed, was near to my daughter's so great for stocking up when up that way...


Ah, I now see the shop is indeed closed, looks like for good? - pity

NB though, Joihn, BRC internet orders always went via Robotbirds

Edited By IanN on 05/10/2016 15:54:07

05/10/2016 15:51:02

Totally agree. Haven't called in there since the recent temporary closure (and change of team?) - haven't been up in that part of the country lately - but whether calling in person, or on the phone, or just ordering direct online they have always been A++ in my experience of quite a few purchases thumbs up thumbs up

Thread: 2017 Mass Build
05/10/2016 14:46:15

Not seeking controversy here, just offering a thought to those proposing the Basic 3D

It looks like a good design and I've considered it a few times - but isn't the concept a little bit "wot 4ish"? That's not a bad thing so, to put it another way, if peeps were adding up the cost of a Basic D scratch build and then looked at a Wottie kit or - perhaps also likely - already have a WOT 4, might that be a disincentive to join in?

05/10/2016 12:26:44
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 05/10/2016 12:18:28:

As has been said before looking back over many MB's now I think the most sucessful ones have been the ones where everyone built one design - OK with many" variations" and "improvements" - but basically one design. I think the trick with the MB is to find that one design that the experienced will find interesting enough to build, but at trhe same time it's achieveable in a reasonable time by a first-time builder.


That'll be the Flea Fli then wink


Thread: How do you make the DECISION.
05/10/2016 08:22:02

1) Can I afford it? *

Obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering it

2) Do I really need it?

Probably not, otherwise you’d have bought it already

3) Do I have a suitable place to fly it?

This one’s a showstopper. If the answer is no then move on

4) Do I have a suitable place to store it?

Never a problem. If you really do reach crunch point just sell a couple of others – all part of the natural rotation of the hangar

5) Do I have anything similar already?

If you did, and it already ticked all the boxes, then you wouldn’t be thinking about this new purchase

6) Do I have existing spare gear/batteries I can use in it?

Minor detail, you’ll find some or buy some

7) Do I have time to build it?

Not a factor. If you don’t have more boxes than you’ll ever get round to building then you’re not a “normal” modeller

8) Does it have favourable reviews?

If it had stinkers you wouldn’t be considering it. Otherwise not an issue

9) What will the resale market be like?

No point in factoring this in. Anyone can have a “whoops”, and the resale market for stuffed aircraft isn’t great. Any sell-on value is a future bonus, not a consideration for here and now

10) Can I possibly stand not having it?

Well, as you’re doing all this prevaricating it seems you might. How do you decide – ah, that’ll be back to question 1 then …….. laugh

Thread: RCM&E Plans Service is on the move
03/10/2016 21:16:02

I don't think it matters under whose roof the plan service sits so long as the operation remains viable and the plans remain available

And on the plus side, I grew up in the area where Traplet are located, and still have family there, so I can get any future purchases collected ready for visits home - no more p&p for me smiley

Good q re the X-List Martyn K. Who knows, it may be better off under the new ownership - they might actually publish the index and plans classifications, without which the X-List is impenetrable unless you actually remember details of the plan you're after, or have some old plans handbooks

Woodpacks might be one "wait and see". Don't think I've ever heard much negative about MHS woodpacks, but I've heard of quite a few issues re Traplet's - including two acquaintances whose purchases were so poor they sent them straight back as beyond any level of reasonable fettling or redemption. Hopefully those were the exception.

Anyway, all the best to the new operation and long may plans continue to be available. It's probably long been a declining market - hence no doubt the rather steep prices that pretty much preclude buying a plan to peruse it just out of interest. However, we should be grateful that they continue to be on sale

Thread: Petrol or Glow
29/09/2016 23:04:18
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 29/09/2016 21:20:07:
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 29/09/2016 19:31:01:

Don't worry Jon, I would follow you into the jaws of Hell smiley thumbs up

That's where I'm likely to end up so ill save you a seat devil

Would you mind leaving me your engines before you head down that way. Can't see four strokes - even Lasers - being much use down there angel

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
29/09/2016 12:13:38
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 09/08/2016 13:36:04:

Space is relative.

Einstein said that ...

Richard, have PM'd you

Thread: Petrol or Glow
27/09/2016 12:22:20

??? surprise

I find Jon's post on this forum thorough and informative re all matters engine related, not just Laser

Not really sure what the point is of the above post. The question was "Petrol or Glow". I suppose offering recommendations fro an electric alternative might be helpful to others, even if it's not the question that was asked, but I just don't see how

"electric flight is a clean delight and just about all I fly is thus powered" and "I'm glad delivery times are long. It will give me time to come to my senses "

contribute. Sorry

Thread: Balsa bashing
24/09/2016 10:27:56

Cracking looking Hurricane thumbs up I'd be very proud to have produced that

Thread: Aluminium look
23/09/2016 12:26:42

Mick Reeves Models Metalcoat might be a contender, about halfway down this page ......


Thread: Free Flight Ray Malmstrom Skygipsy with AE 0.2cc
21/09/2016 17:05:57
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 21/09/2016 17:00:54:

That's a proper model aeroplane.

+1 thumbs up

And diesel - a proper engine aswell !

Thread: crazy ebay
19/09/2016 23:20:17

I think it depends what you're after

My dad was seeking another Futaba FAAST Tx a few months back, and it quickly became obvious that used 2.4 FAAST 6EX's were commanding a strong premium, with Futaba having abandoned the bottom end of the FAAST market with no further new stock of those available

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